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  1. Just bought a Jack Casady Signature from Bogleshake. Great bass, as new and as advertised. A very enjoyable experience and great to have a (socially distanced) face to face with a top dude.. Would highly recommend yer man for any transactions in the future. Very happy NBD customer.
  2. Thanks mate. Appreciate the prompt reply. It looks beautiful. Enjoy
  3. One for the Genz Benz gang. Shuttle 6.0 210T and 112T on a Gramma pad for smaller gigs. Biggies get the works Shuttle Max 12.2 into 2 NX212s .
  4. Maxcat

    PauBass' Feedback

    Just bought 2 Genz Benz NX 212T cabs from Pablo. Excellent condition of cabs, great comms and very nice dude to deal with. Would buy/sell with Pablo any day. Top experience.
  5. [quote name='waynepunkdude' timestamp='1344196546' post='1761140'] I doubt you'll find many on here who don't swear by Dave's leads. [/quote] + lots. Great product, great service, great gent. Er Just Great really
  6. I use a Genz Benz Shuttle 210 with a Tonebone Bassbone. shuttle is set pretty flat, EB into channel 1 of the shuttle and DB or EUB into channel 2 which has a v powerful EQ. Match channel volumes and youre away. It also has a very good DI as does the shuttle.
  7. I didnt realise it was new. that doesnt sound right at all. Mine went after over two years of giging.I use quite a bit of dirt on the gain as well.
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