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  1. Its Mr John Paul Jones for me. His live sound is fabulous, BBC Sessions and How The West Was Won feature this in front and personal to the listener!
  2. Hey guys Anyone got any experience of these small and very cheap basses? Im thinking about getting one for a family member for Christmas... she's expressed a wish to give bass guitar a go for the first time. Now, obviously I dont want to get her a Fodera ( ) but has anyone got one of these Harley Benton things? These seem to fit the bill for a starter, and the short scale part of it is important given shes has pretty small hands (has complained about my Ricks being far too big in the past). There is zero chance of her actually gigging one and probably not much chance of ever amplifying it to be honest so I was thinking we might have a cost-effective idea here. Cheers - Stag
  3. If you can try out one the 90's Diamond Blue ones then they are superb, and look cool. Always had good comments on the tone of it. Only got rid of mine because 100w and a single 15" cone wasnt enough to do the venues I ended up doing. Also completely randomly I was just cleaning out the loft.. and for some reason ive still got the original manual, happy to post that to you if you get one!
  4. Afternoon all! Im really struggling to get a decent Rick tone out of my Staccato 51, which in essence is an RH450 with a slightly changed EQ.... so has any one out there got any good settings they could share to get the classic Ricky tone on an RH450/750? Im usually lots of bass, very low mids and high treble and that does the job on most amps, but not this one! The odd thing is if I plug the Jazz in, that actually has more top-end bite to it than the Ric (!?). The Ric just sounds really bottom-heavy and doesnt have a lot of clarity in the tone. I know im not going to get "the Ampeg sound" from it, but I cant lug that around everywhere Any suggestions you have are more than welcome
  5. Sure looks purdy DJV... I dont think I can afford the Michael Flatley dance lessons ill need to actually use it properly though!
  6. [quote name='Cosmo Valdemar' timestamp='1484863171' post='3219308'] I was eyeballing it for quite a while! The blue one too. It's one of the most stunning fretboards I've ever seen! [/quote] I eyeballed it for months (literally!) then had to give in and get it. Nick is a top fella to deal with as well, excellent service.
  7. [quote name='Kev' timestamp='1484861532' post='3219279'] That fingerboard is gorgeous!! [/quote] Thanks Kev! That board is what really sold it to me to be perfectly honest. It plays as good as it looks as well... very very nice indeed. This photo (attached) shows the grain of the wood in the board a lot better (amazing how much difference not using flash makes...!)
  8. [quote name='Cosmo Valdemar' timestamp='1484861607' post='3219280'] Was that from Nick's? [/quote] It was indeed... were you interested at any point?
  9. Hey-ho peeps! Been a while since I checked in on here... so long actually, that ive had TWO NBD's recently and not put them on here! Disgraceful behaviour... Well, here is the first NBD. Id been after one of these for a while but getting hold of 4003S's in the UK at the moment is a bit like trying to find golddust... particularly if you want Jetglo or Fireglo. Finally came across one at a dealer's and took the plunge. Its a great bass indeed... but what really sold it to me was the fretboard on it. Dont think ive ever seen a nicer looking board on a Ric - the first photo with less flash shows how the dark grain sets it off! With no further ado... the pictures! Only a few, and my camera skills arent that great. Cheers, Stag
  10. That is bloomin' lovely. If I wasn't already putting money aside for another R*ck*nb*cker I'd be seriously considering it... GLWTS sir
  11. Mmm that's very nice... If I wasn't saving for a 4003S I'd be seriously considering this so I could have a Gibbo back in my stable... GLWTS!
  12. Still got my B-20, now just use it for odd tuning situations. Top-heavy is an understatement, remove your hand from the neck and it spins like ZZ Top in concert
  13. These are great and for the price it's a lovely cheap bit of extra oomph if you are currently just running one 8ohm cab!
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