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  1. Reason i ask is I have something similar on my '82 4001, two bolts either side of the bridge where presumably the previous owner decided to put a Fender-style bridge cover over it (???!)
  2. Mmm, very nice! What are those odd little bolts between the pickup and the bridge for?
  3. Extremely cheap, these were a grand when they came out! Loads of oomph in a small package... least my one does anyway
  4. Blimey, I thought I was the only RS210 Combo owner in Norfolk! You live and you learn
  5. That pillbox red one is one of a run of 25, theres one of them in the Norwich store too. A very silly price. I paid significantly (like, a lot) less than that for my BRG and that's also a limited run of 25. You also got the vintage funky shiny silver case with mine, not so with the pillbox red ones... you just get the standard black Ric case which is nice 'n all but not "special" or going anyway towards justifying that price tag. Maple neck is something of an oddity on a 4003 as well, i tried it and didnt much like it (yet I love my maple necked Fender Geddy Jazz!)
  6. I wasnt *planning* to, then a friend who knows I am weak willed pointed it out. Then, umm, it turned up at my house. Ive gigged it a few times, its pretty damn fine sounding but because its "special" (or : just too dear for pub gigs) I only take it out every now and then. The Burgungy glo is the go-to weapon of choice!
  7. Your old SVT sound was the best live bass sound ive heard. And that, my dear friend, is a fact! (although im not going to pay for your chiropractor if you buy another one )
  8. i had one of these and loved it. Great tone and FOUR different coloured lights, which of course is A Good Thing. The "Eg" fell off the front of mine though so it just said "Amp" which caused much hilarity in my band, who suggested i was endorsed by a firm simply called "Amp".
  9. very nice 4003s bridge pickup bezel included as well? Handy!
  10. I thought id go with the two classic colours of Christmas a month or so ago...
  11. Bought a TC footpedal from this fine gentleman, delivered in super quick time and well packaged
  12. I am in the capital of East Anglia - lovely old Norwich.
  13. Would you be willing to post this, sir... and if so how much?
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