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  1. I've considered several letters to my MP. Three F's, a U, a C, an O and a K.
  2. This has come to our attention because we are musicians, but have they made similar requests for other work at the festival? Bar and restaurant staff, ushers etc? Not making a point (I agree with the majority) but perhaps there are similar ads for other staff, of which we are unaware.
  3. He did a great job and was singing a semi-tone higher than usual since GnR tune down.
  4. Yes, but he taught the band to play 20 years prior to that.
  5. Well I have several, but the main one is used for almost everything.
  6. RS66 sets no longer have silk at the ball end for this very reason. Is this an old set?
  7. Can you get away with it? I have gigs shortly after my return and would like to practise. Have not yet been brave enough to broach the subject - it's alwyas been a "No!" before!
  8. I think not taking drugs on any flights ever is rather sensible advice. As is not having anything whatsoever to do with drugs of course.
  9. With a 4pm start and big queues expected, it might be difficult to make it back to Shepherd's Bush for the Steve Hillage gig.
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