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  1. I'm struggling to find a multi bass hanging rack system, similar to the one pictured. Can anyone help? Thanks
  2. Once again, how does set up and performance work? A heavy speaker cabinet can't be carried by two people unless the handles are 2M apart. All musicians must be disciplined enough during performance to stay apart from each other - easy to forget. Any staging has to be delivered, unloaded and constructed with people staying 2M apart.
  3. Lights? Sound? Crew? 2m wide speaker cabinets so they can be carried safely by two people?
  4. Yes, everything you say is completely normal for me. In fact I clean my bass with polish before every gig and wipe it down afterwards.
  5. Essentially, he left his meat and now he can't have any pudding.
  6. Does anyone here know the origin of Leland' Sklar's name? I presume he has some Scandinavian heritage. Can't find any info.
  7. Dougie Thompson's playing on this is excellent. The instrumental section of 'School' in particular. A perfectly composed and executed part.
  8. One would hope that a top session player would have played it the same, since it's what works for the track. I don't hear any 'mistakes' anyway.
  9. "You! Yes, you! Stand still laddie!"
  10. Not as if it's unknown, but worth mentioning that Tom Scholtz's bass playing on the first two Boston albums is superbe.
  11. I love Ian's bass playing on that album. Very Glascock-esque. (Or maybe John's parts were heavily directed by Mr. A, but I don't think so.)
  12. Me neither - can someone explain? And is David's wife really reading stories on the site?
  13. I hate to break this to you but....
  14. Nothing, but I do have something against the fairly widespread (in my experience) opinion, that as a bass player, you somehow just ought to slap. Even that it's the "proper" way to play bass. In Call Me Al and Carwash, I don't slap the bass breaks, I do something that's fun, fits the song and suits my playing style, but according to some people, that's wrong.
  15. How can I get my mirror to do the washing up?
  16. I had just about given up on the postponed King's X gigs from last year being rescheduled. Then 'this' happened and I considered asking for a refund. Lo and behold they then announced new autumn dates for which my original ticket is still valid. However, I'm not optimistic about them actually going ahead. I've also held off buying tickets for Steve Hillage later this year.
  17. The Story of Rush will be showing 18 years earlier.
  18. Gloves are essential when carrying anything with any weight to it. I've known this happen before with shower screens, including in situ, for no apparent reason - worrying. I wish you the best for a speedy recovery.
  19. Quickly passing someone in a supermarket aisle is not a problem. Stopping and chatting is. Snogging too.
  20. And about time they corrected the spelling mistake on the back of their packets: "Designed and built in the companies (sic) R & D department."
  21. "Essential travel" includes travel to work, if you cannot work from home. If you earn some or all of your income from music, you would be permitted to travel for the purpose of collecting or delivering items relating to your work. However, it would be responsible to consider whether it is strictly necessary.
  22. Interesting to hear Lee's observation that he played Stratus just a couple of times in the studio and then never again, but meets people all the time who have been performing it regularly for many years in covers bands!
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