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  1. Young and up and coming bunch aren’t we... 😕
  2. Surely insurance is there to cover when your gear might get stolen? I don’t need cover for when it’s safely locked away 😕 Im not suggesting Insurance should cover me placing my Fodera outside the venue with a “please steal me” sign on it, but I will need it to be covered for situations that occur during the course of a normal gig
  3. I think the question is would a bass / amp etc be covered if it was left in an unlocked back stage room. All multiband originals nights in London (and I imagine elsewhere) have an unsecured area (generally little more than a broom cupboard) in which bands have to leave gear whilst the other bands are on stage. Being unlocked and unmonitored this is by far the most likely place gear will be stolen from so cover for this situation is critical.
  4. Will someone buy this so I don’t keep seeing it and reminding myself of the £1k I could have saved if I’d waited a fortnight... 😡
  5. I originally read this as “Back in the early 20s” We’ve met and you didn’t look like you’d already received a card from the queen... 🤔
  6. Thanks for getting back to me. My comments echo MS above. Essentially I need my instruments to be insured when they are vulnerable to theft / damage. Not when they are safely locked away.
  7. Well this is promising... I guess the questions are pretty much what other insurers won’t cover a bass for. Of course what’s ‘covered’ doesn’t really count for a lot so my questions would be have you ever paid out a claim for any of the following. A bass stolen from a back stage room whilst the owner was elsewhere in the venue? A bass stolen from an unattended vehicle? A bass stolen from the venue when the owner was using it “for professional use” having received a few beer tokens for the gig? A bass stolen or damaged on public transport? I’ll probably think of a few more than that, but it would be good to know if you’ve ever paid out a claim for any of the above 😊 Additionally I’m assuming basses in the home would be covered for theft and damage as per a usual contents insurance policy, along with full cover when outside the home?
  8. At the risk of turning this into a pervy old man thread I’m more of a Oti fan myself...
  9. We should go out together and bond over it 😐
  10. I don’t really like other people so try to avoid socialising wherever possible. 😐
  11. I also play originals and we don’t get people on stage either, but to be honest that’s mostly because there are often more people in the band than the audience... 😐
  12. There is zero chance of anyone having a go on my bass... They inevitably think it’s a guitar and will inevitably attempt to play wonderwall on it... 😐
  13. He’s a great player... I like strictly anyway, but some funky bass always makes anything better 😊 ... can’t agree with you on the hat being cool though 😕
  14. That’ll be the sprouts... 😐
  15. In the interests of not derailing this one we should probably have a separate 2020 gear wish list thread 🤔
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