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  1. Apart from heft of course... heft trumps objectively verifiable science every time 👍
  2. That’s definitely a BC bash. You can tell by the level of diversity 👍
  3. Ive written a few over the years... it would devalue the beauty of the others if I were to single one out as the best. 😐
  4. I have never encountered a reasonable provided back line... it’s always sh*t. I always take my own now. Rehearsals and Gigs. You work hard on your bass parts, acquire instruments that allow you to express yourself with the tone you want, then you end up running through some Ashdown monstrosity which renders all notes an ill defined wooly mush. FOH issues are even worse and have so nearly lead to me packing this in on numerous occasions. I suspect some day it will be the death of my time gigging. It’s completely out of your control. A surprising number of FOH engineers seem to think bass guitar is something to be seen and not heard. At least not at the bottom end. Clank is fine... you can have loads of that... oh you want it to sound like an actual bass? No sorry can’t do that. 😐
  5. I saw that on the MTD Instagram. What an absolute peach 😍 I see an MTD build in my future at some point... unless the economy tanks beyond repair following Coronavirus 😕
  6. MTD 635-24 - Brand new, unused. Free including delivery. 😐
  7. Going to work same as usual with a identical number of people crammed on the tube every morning... Think they must be taking those empty train station photos in the middle of the night 🤔
  8. The Guardian on the borderline of neutral 😂
  9. I am at peak practical spatial bass capacity at the moment. Any more and I’d have to buy another stand, which I don’t have floor space for anyway 😕 Ill have to get rid of something... ...Do I really need a fridge 🤔
  10. Went to a BBC 6 music thing with Mrs C on Sunday with three bands so painfully vanilla I can’t remember anything about them... including what they were called. *edit - I’ve remembered something else... They attempted to get a mosh pit going at several points to band about as heavy as Ed Sheeran.
  11. Design Manager in Commercial Construction. A role so boring I can’t bring myself to describe it...
  12. At lot of you guys are far more professional than me and if I were in your situation I’d be as dedicated, but I play originals for fun so my outlook is somewhat different... I would never miss a gig (or rehearsal / other band commitment) and I will always turn up prepared having worked on my bass parts etc. But... music is not my job... I have an actual job (which keeps food on the table) and is my priority. Therefore it’s not surprising I once turned down a three week van tour of Europe... singer just stood there aghast... I could see it in his face. Couldn’t comprehend for a second why this might be an issue. 🤦‍♂️
  13. I think these days not using woods from ethical / sustainable sources would be frowned upon... If I were setting myself up as a builder I’d be making sure everything was kosher on that front as a given. As for wood making a diffrrence to the tone of an instrument - I’ve been firmly in the “It makes no difference whatsoever” camp for a while now but I’d need to qualify that. In a band context, live, as part of a wall of sound containing other instruments, amplified to a sufficient level, I would challenge anyone to differentiate between the woods a selection of instruments may be made from... However with isolated bass at home (and to a certain extent in the studio) there is an appreciable difference between the core tone of my basses. I have two recent build Wals one with ziricote facings and one with maple facings. The two basses have identical components, mahogany core and ebony boards. Although obviously the core is not from the same piece of timber so it could arguably be that which is imparting the tonal character rather than the facings. The maple faced bass sounds richer at the lower end. Not more powerful, just a greater complexity to the sound. Very difficult to express in words but clearly obvious with a simple demonstration. The ziricote faced bass has a cleaner more clinical tone with a brighter top end. Obviously being Wal basses the tonewood is neither of these instruments defining characteristic, that comes from the pickups which make by far the biggest difference to the tone of a bass bar the strings IMO. As for which I prefer, I like both is the simple answer 😊 I like heavily figured wood finishes and I also like the traditional fender aesthetic. Only thing I’m not keen on is going very close but not actually the same as Fender... Fender basses with a different headstock or no pickguard look weird 😕
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