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  1. Could make a day of it though and fire up a bbq in the car park... 🔥
  2. I shouldn’t go really, although it does sound like a fun trip. Ill wait to see how much the one I’ve ordered actually ends up costing 😕 ... although it’s going to be gone by then isn’t it... probably to someone from this road trip 😕
  3. Sounding like you might have to hire a bus 😕
  4. If I go with you two I can tell Mrs C some bigger kids made me do it... 😐
  5. That’s the one 😊 I couldn’t t post the pic on my phone... The tort is the only reason I didn’t go for it in the first place... wonder if I could get them to swap it out for black 🤔
  6. I’d end up taking home that White Emperor standard classic 😕 I have a black one (preferred colour) reserved from the next batch arriving at everyone’s favourite German music retailer in a couple of months time. But that gets more expensive by the day with the slide in the value of the £ 😕 with every £100 my reserved one gets more expensive, that white one looks more attractive 😕
  7. I’ve looked at going a few times on the train from London but it looks a bit of a hike from the station... Could get a cab easily enough though I suppose.
  8. I have an M80 but it’s pretty heavy, sits a bit high on the back for my liking too. Makes it difficult getting on buses, tubes etc. Also the bottom of the bass doesn’t sit quite right at the base of the bag. It pushes out slightly at the front bringing it in front of the most padded bit along the bottom edge. Put a scuff in one of my Wals when I put it down on one of those knobbly bits they have near the edge of tube platforms as a result... 😡 Next time I’ll get a Vertigo. Looks like it’s got a good solid rubber boot type thing on the bottom.
  9. Well it is a plan rather than a steadfast rule... 😕 With you on the space issue. I live in a London shoebox and space is comically limited... My poor parents have all my hardcases etc in their loft 😕
  10. I have a setup that give me what I want and I have disposed of everything else. Doesn’t stop me GASing for new basses though... I’m really interested in bass gear, it’s my hobby so I don’t mind really. Said to myself I’m going to order a bass each year (funds permitting), so that’s the current plan. Who knows though... could get bored, sell it all tomorrow and take up fishing instead. If I have the money I just buy what i want. I don’t worry about trying to justify it to myself let alone anyone else.
  11. No matter how many times it gets asked though we still haven’t decided which bass is best for metal... 😐
  12. Got Sadowsky GAS now... 😕 Whats the deal? Order direct or through a dealer? Build time etc?
  13. There are a lot of splits in our little world of electric bass. Fender aesthetic/non Fender aesthetic; active/passive; handmade/CNC etc... One of the big ones is; built to a price point / not built to a price point. With Sadowsky falling into the later category, it’s fair to assume they are a step up from anything in the former. Whether they are better than anything else in this category (Wal, Fodera, F Bass, Alembic, MTD et al.) is purely subjective personal preference.
  14. Horses for courses and all that 🙂 I’m way more interested in gear than I am in someone else’s playing.
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