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  1. Wal custom MK1

    I'm sure you've the best intentions, but to be honest not publishing any details just makes it look like you're concerned it's been nicked and worried someone will be able to identify it ... Then you'll have to give it back. I'd be trying to find out if it was legit ASAP by putting all the info out there. Although I obviously wouldn't be handing it over to anyone without extensive proof that it belonged to them. Anyway hopefully it all works out and you've got yourself a wonderful bass, none better in my book
  2. Wal custom MK1

    Just stick the details up... The reluctance to do so makes no sense to me. If anything it'll give you peace of mind it's not stolen.
  3. How many strings does your go-to bass have?

    Only sixers for me... One fretted One fretless
  4. Absolutely... To be honest I rarely listen to music, but when I do it's invaribly something from my youth and very heavy. With the bands I work with I look for the right kind of people over the right kind of music. I play originals as a hobby (work comes first) and it's difficult to find a balance of people who are of a decent enough standard without trying to be rockstars... I'm also a stubborn git and flatly refuse to play anything with the bass parts already written. This obviously narrows down the number of people I can work with, so I can't really afford to be too picky about the style of music I'm playing! As a result I am currently playing in a band best discribed as "Dad Rock"... Top bunch of guys though and I'm really enjoying it
  5. Burl Blindness

    My main bass looks like a grandfather clock... it is also a similar weight... Also, what's happened to BC... I havent been here for ages and looks like a young person has been let loose with the site and updated the look of everything.
  6. Anyone found their perfect bass?

    Wals for me... tried pretty much everything out there on the journey to get here though. I no longer own anything else.
  7. I had a Glockenklang Blue Soul for a bit and it was awesome... crystal clear, deep punchy bass... I only sold it as I couldn't deal with the fact it overhung my One10s. Silly really but there we go 😕 I've an Epifani piccolo at the moment which I also like but it's not a patch on the Glockenklang.
  8. [quote name='hiram.k.hackenbacker' timestamp='1507932830' post='3388949'] Ha ha. Heathy lives there 😂 [/quote] Blimey... presumably he doesn't go out after dark?
  9. [quote name='Heathy' timestamp='1507921438' post='3388863'] No. I tend to get 'Braintree singles' and 'Russian dates'. [/quote] Faced with a straight choice - go for the Russian ... I've been to Braintree 😐
  10. Post your pictures, Lets see what you all look like.

    [quote name='spectoremg' timestamp='1507914097' post='3388807'] Nice pics. What's the photo effect in the first one? [/quote] I've no idea I'm afraid... singist paid a photographer to come along and take some shots for us during the gig. Really pleased with how they came out. ... hoping to use them for flyers and stuff. Our last band photo was laughably poor and made us look like a daytime TV garden makeover crew 😕
  11. Post your pictures, Lets see what you all look like.

    From last weekends gig at The Grove in Battersea. Wasn't a bad gig really considering it was definitely a venue better suited to classic rock covers than originals... seemed to go down OK though Another from the same gig... must have been during a bit I had to concentrate on
  12. What do you own?

    Sixes for me... one fretted one fretless. I like to take both to gigs depending on how far I've got to travel as certain songs suit both. Both of them in a double gigbag is bloody heavy though, so I usually just take the fretted. I tend to rotate them for rehearsals, it's useful to see which suits which song
  13. Earplugs?

    Aside from sounding better do fancy expensive earplugs actually offer better protection than standard 5p foam plugs? I grab the foam ones from work and they are supposedly designed to be used on building sites so must offer decent protection? Or am I just kidding myself and I might as well be using nothing...
  14. Anaconda Basses

    Was lucky enough to witness someone playing one of these in another band at last nights gig. A fretless 5, looked and sounded fantastic with Barts and a Glock pre I seem to remember... great player too... Got chatting and it turns out the man whole built it was in the audience. Top chap and an obvious passion for the instruments he makes. We really are spoilt for choice in the UK for home grown bass builders
  15. Earplugs?

    I've been using these since I was 13... Defenitely far more technical options out there but they work for me