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  1. Love this... what a looker 😍
  2. Not my bag, but as others have said above. It’s each to their own really Its one of a long list of things I find aesthetically unappealing on a bass. Along with; Gold Hardware, Fender type basses without pickguards, Ramps, PJ pickup configuration, Headless basses... The list goes on... I’m sure the kind of instruments I like would be anathema to others as well. Takes all sorts
  3. Great basses L2000s. Had a couple of tributes myself and they were really good instruments. Selling anything is always a matter of price. If it’s priced 3/4 or even 2/3 of the price of a new one, you’re only going to get interest from people who want that specific bass (in that specific colour). When the price gets down to around 50% of a new one you’ll get people who were thinking about a different bass interested as it’s a bargain Opening up far more buyers and the element of “I’d better buy that before someone else does”. Depends how quickly you need to sell it
  4. I play bass because I was the least cool out of my group of mates when we formed a band when I was 13. Unfortunately 25 years later I’m still the least cool, so I’m still on the bass 😐
  5. Much to the chagrin of various singers in my bands over the years I’ve never had the remotest interest in lyrics... maybe that’s why I’m a bass player 🤔 Even lyrics others consider good just seem really cheesy to me. Although I’ve always found poetry laughable as an art form and I suppose lyrics aren’t really all that different. Mrs C says its cause I’m incapable of emphasising with the emotions of others 😐
  6. Yes if I’m honest I thought they were a bit less than that last time I looked. Someone locally may have one they don’t need 😊
  7. I once received a curbow fretless 4 from a gumtree seller via Hermes packaged in two bin bags with a hair band in the middle of the neck to fasten them. Not a scratch... which in hindsight wasn’t that relevant as the bass was s**t 😐 I also once received a fender jazz (via DPD) in one of their new style hard shell cases which are great and very heavy duty. Arrived with one of the corners crushed and smashed up to such an extent that I had to open the case with a crowbar... Again the bass was OK though. For any bass worth more than a few quid, I really wouldn’t want to ship without a hard case. You can buy one from Thomann (and others) for a few quid. I’d do that and add it to the price. Would give you the cardboard outer sleeve too. That Eurosender link looks good. Next time I’ll use them 😊
  8. It’s really difficult isn’t it... I really hate being that guy, but I try to stick to collection only. It’s such a lottery with couriers. I did send a bass to Europe once a few years back supposedly “Fully insured” via UPS but it cost an absolute fortune. Remember it being circa £300. 😕 I can’t think of another industry where you have to pay extra so they don’t smash up your stuff 🤔
  9. That’s the one. What an instrument...
  10. This is the second bass you’ve put up that I would have bought if it wasn’t for the import tax and VAT 😭
  11. Get him to sign up here, that’ll put a stop to that nonsense 😐
  12. I’m no expert but there is no way I’d be putting my bass in the hold in my M80. I got a dent in my Wal using it on the tube... Also regarding string tension. I’d leave it as it is. Reckon loosening them off would be worse for the neck as the truss rod would be straining against nothing... ... I’m sure someone who actually knows what they are talking about will be along in a minute though 😕
  13. I keep doing this with P basses. Telling myself I must have one as it’s the classic bass 95% of people want to see / hear. I even had a Moollon built a couple of years back which was as fine an example of a P bass as you could ever hope to find. Still didn’t work for me... I never picked it up in preference to other basses I preferred the tone of. ... I also don’t currently have one and consequently find myself looking at each one that crops up in the classifieds 🤦‍♂️
  14. I’ve never had a full custom. My Wal builds and incoming Fodera build are more basses built to order with a few aesthetic choices rather than full custom build jobs... Given an open choice I’m not sure I’d want anything different to what i can already get from various builders. Thinking about a Marleaux Contra six or possibly a Claas six as next years bass purchase and I’d never have specified those from scratch.
  15. The Gallery had a redwood burl Nordstrand six a number of years back I very much regret not buying... Don’t see Nordstrand basses very often.
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