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  1. Interesting stuff... What with this, the elf and the new Warwick one things are progressing quickly on the useable tiny amp front. Ive started using a GSS baby sumo (600w), but that requires a preamp. Something useably loud in a single box is not far away me thinks...
  2. Plastic control cavity covers. My Wals have them... I wasn’t aware that Poundland sold control cavity covers but evidently they do 😐
  3. Great stuff 👍 I’m sure there would be a queue of BCers who could maintain the heard for you, keep them fed and watered etc, if you take to the canals for a bit... Tough job deciding which one to take with you for company though... 😕
  4. @kodiakblair Do you still have the vast collection? #lifegoals
  5. Must be a higher percentage of sixers among boutique basses I would have thought? There look to be more sixers than not on the The Fodera, Ken Smith and MTD Instagram feeds.
  6. That does look like a lot of bass for not a lot... 😍
  7. Keep an eye out for a used Yamaha TRB or a Spector Legend if you’re not looking to spend to much... Great basses both for not a lot 🙂 ... Some of the higher end Ibanez stuff (good value used) as well if you don’t mind a tighter string spacing.
  8. I can’t remember what I had for breakfast 20 minutes ago... I have also completely forgotten every song from all bands past. I only seem to remember the current set list. My memory is terrible. Mrs C often explains to me things we’ve done and places we’ve been and I’ve absolutely no recollection. ... think I must have done too many drugs in my youth 😕
  9. 0/4... Sandberg sounded the best to my ears with the Harley Benton a close second. The Sire sounded like it had the world’s oldest strings on it though so likely not a fair comparison...
  10. Gotta love black and maple... 😍
  11. Looks fantastic 👍 Interested to heat the verdict once you’ve had a decent go through your amp. Great electronics package on these by all accounts 🙂
  12. I had a Carlsbro Viper in the mid 90s and it was absolutely pants... underpowered, weak and weedy. It’s only redeeming feature was that it was 100 times better than the HH bass baby which proceeded it... dark times 😐
  13. In the same situation myself... it’s impossible 😐 Between hacking coughs this weekend I’ve purchased a baby sumo and Fishman platinum pro to accompany it... 🤦‍♂️ ...In a pitiful attempt at justification my setup is now a single carry though, with a One10 in each hand and my amp bits in the gigbag (utilising the mono tick). Hopefully I’m better next week as I cant even spuriously justify anything else 😕
  14. This is me as things currently stand. Adding a Ken Smith Black Tiger 6 when he gets around to building it later this year...
  15. If he’s looking for an acoustic instrument for chords and song writing, would an acoustic guitar not be a better tool for the job?
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