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  1. @Maude I hear you. Funnily enough I find that semi hollow guitars sound very similar to solid bodies. The JC might be the one, but sorely tempted with that Samick, which I believe is semi hollow as well... I have a Rockinbetter Ric faker and a Gibson short scale SG (which I may or may not hold onto), and a Vintage brand P bass which I will probably sell down the line, so as long as the new one sounds different to those, I'd be happy to justify it! I'd love to gig any bass, whenever we can do so again!
  2. Right, I´ve narrowed it down to the following: This Samick *maybe* : https://guitarshop.es/producto/samick-bass-sab-tb-90s/ An Epiphone Jack Casady Maybe, but might rule it out, as it doesn't shout "wow, cool!" to me is the Ibanez abg200. One potential issue I have with Jack Casady is based on the video demos, it can sound like a conventional solid body, to my ears anyway, but I like the simplicity of 1 pickup and they three gain options switch. Flatwounds might set it off too. The Samick would tip a hat to the Rivoli, and I'd be taking a chance ordering online. With the neck pickup, it would at least sound very different. I'd be adding fuzz, wah, reverb, delays, or at the very least experimenting with them with whatever I get. The Ibanez? No other reason than they are reliable and it's a medium scale...
  3. Jackson/Charvel need to reissue the surfaster! I had an Eastwood Stormbird guitar but didn't hold on to it. It looked cool, but felt a bit toy like, maybe it was the finish? Well, just wasn't for me, but they do have some cool looking guitars and basses.
  4. @Grahambythesea I’m in Spain currently and am tempted by one of the Merikens. I notice both models have slightly different pickups and while the specs on the website state they are 34” I was under the impression these copies were medium scale. They have two Epi Rivolis listed as sold which also seem to be 34” according to the website specs. I had a full scale Ibanez semi hollow years ago and it was ok, just remember feeling it a big thing to get around! A short or medium scale would be very comfortable. The Jack Cassidy also seems tempting but back to my original post, so does the Hofner club ! Decisions decisions...
  5. I’d be using an amp with whatever I get. Anyone ever play the Samick Rivoli copies?
  6. @andruca interesting experience you had with your journey! What did you think of the Ibanez basses? I am looking for something that sounds like a semi hollow or hollow body. I have solid body basses, so something sonically different would be great. I am tempted by one of those Epirphone Rivoli copies, but I am in Granada, and they are in Barcelona!
  7. Sounds awesome, and I know I know, it's most likely a vintage bass, played through vintage equipment, and the mudbucker might essentially be doing with my Gibson SG bass is doing.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oil1xrRIEWI I'm in Spain at the moment, for the foreseeable future, and these are for sale in a store, but no idea what they're like, or worth a punt to be honest. https://guitarshop.es/producto/meriken-sab-bass-by-samick-90s/ https://guitarshop.es/en/producto/samick-bass-sab-tb-90s/ Those 3 point bridges seem to get an awful slating from what I've read.
  8. @yorks5stringer thanks for the link. I'll have a browse!
  9. I think one of the Hofner ones might be suitable. Went through some video demos, and while I shouldn't take the audio as gospel, it gives a rough idea at least of what they can do. I'd go for non violin body, so very thin or club. Not sure whether to go for a centre block or full hollow. Wouldn't be too bothered by long v short scale either. I did see some Ibanez models too, not sure if anyone has ever tried these? The fixed bridge one especially. https://www.ibanez.com/eu/products/model/agb/ https://www.ibanez.com/eu/products/model/afb/ Epi Casady and late entry for the Chowny, and think I'd keep it narrowed down to all the above for now...
  10. Hi all, looking down the line, and it'll probably be a while before there are any gigs again, but thinking about a hollow or semi hollow bass for home use. I have a Gibson SG faded short scale bass, and like the thump off the neck pickup, but beside my Rockinbetter and P bass, I'd probably just as easily choose those over the Gibson. I will say the intonation and neck on the SG is nice. I might have it sold in a month or so when the buyer has money together, will make a small profit, so think a hollow or semi hollow would or could at least offer something sonically very different. Thinking of the Jack Casady Epi maybe. Something with a fixed bridge for sure I think. The Hofner beatles bass sounds cool, but I'm not sure I could get on with the body shape. It does sound good though, and maybe the contemporary could also be thrown into the mix. I know Epi did make a hollow or a semi hollow with a mudbucker, but long since discontinued. That could have been a contender. I had an Ibanez semi hollow, or was it a full hollow about 10 years ago or so and couldn't get on with it. Any others to look at?
  11. I thin k it might have been my comments on another FB page. I wasn´t trolling, but get the feeling someone took issue and reported me. I'll have to sign up again.
  12. I got booted off Facebook as I was not using my real name or photo. I was "Perro Loco" on the Rickenfaker FB group. I'll have to keep checking in here instead, but might have to sign up again just to keep an eye on the classifieds there!
  13. I notice the fretboard on my Vintage has started to fade. I can't recall what the fretboard material is on mine. It's not rosewood. Doesn't bother me, just an observation. I got mine earlier this year, so not sure if it's the weather, my sweat etc... A lovely stock guitar I have to say. Based on my experience with their guitars, I thought I would have had to do a few small upgrades, but I'd happily gig it stock.
  14. A question some short scalers might be able to answer. I have the Gibson SG bass, which can be seen in above photos, and I notice there's a rattle of the neck pickup when playing. Even if I place a hand on it, it still rattles, so might be something inside. Anyone ever experience this? Also, should I be going flatwounds to really get the best out of this? Has a real retro vibe and sound. The bridge pickup is nice blended in with the neck which can be a bit too much sometimes!
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