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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I like the cut of that markbass combo in previous post.
  2. Budget. ooo, not too sure, but wouldn't need to spend a whole lot. I am thinking of buying used, might offer good value, around £400 roughly? or €400 where I am! I would like to play alt rock covers, or heavy blues, that kind of stuff. But I did play trad before, so would be interested in that scene too. Anything really! It doesn't have to be lightweight really, but I think the days of lugging heavy amps are over with what's available these days no?
  3. Anyone ever try these? I'd love to hear an audio demo.
  4. Howdee all, long time no post. Been getting back into bass in the last year or so. Well, I never really left it alone, just I've been gigging for years as a guitarist and the odd bass gig. Did have a regular gig years ago with a trad rock folk type thingy which was a ball of fun. Amps in the past were a 1x15 Peavey combo and an Ashdown head and cab. Both ok, I suppose a pain to lug around. Having a monitor was a rare thing. Assuming we can gig again in the future, I'd like to go back playing bass live. I will assume I'll be playing in places with small stages, or tight corners to squeeze into and monitors may not be a regular thing. Any ideas of a nice handy combo or head/can to gig with that wouldn't break the bank or be total rubbish either? I have been thinking of Markbass, or the Trace Elliot Elf head, but wouldn't rule out any of the other brands either. Peavey, ampeg, etc. Don't really mind if it's a head and cab or a combo. I suppose a head and cab might be handy in that I could always mix and match cabs but would see nothing wrong with a combo.
  5. I'm back down to a Bronco (with mods gathered and awaiting assembly) and an Epi SG with flatwounds.
  6. On looks alone, I don't like the latest t-bird they have out, with the really big headstock.
  7. @BigRedX That's a good question. What makes a t-bird for me? Probably the shape, and based on previous experience of the Epis where I played gigs as a guitarist with guys who has the Epi, it sounded pretty solid live and recorded. I am not sure what model Epi they had though tbh.
  8. Epiphone bolt on t-bird worth a look at all?
  9. I thought the same thing, that they were very close to an Ibanez.
  10. barrycreed

    Cort B4?

    Tyre kicking / GAS attacks, came across this. I have always heard good things in general about Cort basses and guitars. This has good hardware, and is a good price. Too good to be true? I would imagine the resale value would be lower than the big brand names, and it's not the "coolest" looking bass in the world, but looks like it would function pretty well.
  11. I saw those on eBay but €€€€
  12. No I had not considered one but would have no problem trying one.
  13. Hoping for anything new next year? I’m hoping that Epiphone might reissue the Rivoli or Grabber/Ripper or LP Junior Bass...
  14. I may hold out for the kickass based on your previous post!
  15. @soldersqueeze yeah, was going to go for 17mm as it seems to be based on the original. Whatever I go for doesn't necessarily have to look vintage either, as long as it's better than stock. For whatever reason, I am slow to spend the new price on a hipshot (as the bass itself was cheap)! HS Kickass is a lot cheaper than the vintage, 17.5mm might work too for spacing? This is my second bronco, and seems to feel better in general than the previous one I had.
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