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  1. Artec it is then. Makes me wonder how cheap the stock EB0 pickup is !
  2. I have one of these (in another country currently) and bought the extension bar for the bridge, (can't remember the brand for the life of me!). I think the strings will go through it first and then through the stock bridge. A cheap trial in any case. Is the Artec mudbucker worth a look? I was looking at the DiMarzio model 1. Mine is strung with flatwounds, but tempted to go round! Can't wait to stick it through a fuzz pedal.
  3. Mad idea... a short scale fretless neck on an Epiphone EBO....
  4. What guages do you think would work well for short scale? I can't imagine what light guage would be like. I suppose medium guage is always a safe option...
  5. Any suggestions for strings for a modded Bronco bass? It's all stock currently, but I have a new pickup and bridge etc to go in sometime this year! Open to flatwounds, or tape wounds, though I have no real idea of the difference between those. Would be mainly a rock type of player, but will have a 34 inch bass which will most likely have round wounds for that. Also have an Epi EBO with flatwounds.
  6. I know this was a project for the video poster but it sounds pretty cool. I love the weird look of it, headless and acrylic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yVW9UNUfXI&lc=UgwPe0CtHaz9ZuDNQ_d4AaABAg.9NH5AZynRqS9NHYtD_2jWT Also gassing for this:
  7. @NancyJohnson There is a desperate streak in me at times
  8. @Cosmo Valdemar This is similar to the one I saw for sale. Set neck I think. But no idea of the neck profile on these ones.
  9. Safe to say the new 60s Epi has the thinnest neck profile out of the Epis?
  10. I spied a 2005 tbird with what looks like a regular high mass bridge and a smaller headstock. Are the neck profiles thin on these as per the Epi 60s new one? Do the Epi Pros have comfy necks? As in which one to avoid with a baseball bat neck ...
  11. I’ve seen folk on demos commend on the extra reach to the 1st fret. Any truth to this ? In my situation i’m 6ft odd
  12. If they made a legend version of the p only config I’d be all over it! Can’t justify a 1k splurge currently 😛
  13. I wonder how it would be if you were stuck for space down in the Dog and Duck ...
  14. Just from vids , it looks like a “big” guitar but sounds great and looks great !
  15. How does the 60s reissue play? Bridge looks a lot better than the 3 point ones on other models ...
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