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  1. EXTREMELY long time no post. Anyone here tune their short scale bass to standard D (often to dropped C). I am toying with the idea of picking up another short scale in standard D, but feel a 34" might be less hassle with floppy strings.
  2. Might have been posted already but anyone see the new Aria Pro II DMB 206? Looks cool anyway.
  3. @Obrienpthanks for expanding on this. I suppose that should have been my query. Would higher tension strings help. Just as well it was just a thought and I did not go ahead and try it yet!
  4. Long time since I posted but has anyone ever tuned a short scale bass to D / drop C? Would the short scale not be suitable for lower tunings? I have yet to try and the only bass I have now is an Epi EB0 with flat wounds which I don’t think would work at all!
  5. yes, that could work , had not thought of that !
  6. I have to say my modded Epi EB0 sounds and plays and feels really nice. A lot better than the Squier Bronco and Ibby Talman I had (it's all personal I suppose). I have been playing it through headphones mainly and a warwick gnome and it sounds fine. For sure, it'll be different through a cab, I tried it at low volume through a Peavey Bandit guitar amp and it sounded pretty good, a lot bassier obviously. The pickup upgrade is a Retrovibe and a brass nut.
  7. I have this pickup lying around and looking for ideas of what to do. (Something basic maybe) I suppose I could ask a luthier to mod a P Bass body and stick this in there? Any thoughts? Here is a link to the pickup and how it looks on one of the website builds. https://newperspectivesmusic.com/shop/ols/products/custom-vinyl-record-basspickups
  8. Hmmmm, 25.5 inch scale...? https://ruach-music.com/product/ruach-skellig-bass-guitar-ebony-macassar/
  9. Just got my Epi EB0 back from luthier. I got a brass nut, a retrovibe humbucker and the little extension bar behind the bridge (a cheap improvement on stock). Wow. The sustain is fantastic. Notes ring out for ages. Very happy with the upgrades and can’t wait to try it through a proper bass amp.
  10. @javi_bassistdo you use a FRFR speaker as your "amp" as well? What if the venue doesn't have monitors?
  11. I have one of these on the way from Tides guitars (TTTides officially), but it'll take a year to be finished. It's going to be 30" scale, pickups will be single coil in thunderbird housing and moved closer to the neck, with a series/parallel switch, and will either be a wood body or composite wood. It will be neck through. Can't wait! This is what the pickup positioning should look like.
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