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  1. I agree with most of what you say, but personally I feel the impact that the neck joint on things like sustain and punch has little basis in reality. I think the idea probably came about in the '70s because typical bolt-on basses (Fenders) were 'punchy', and neck-through basses (Alembic, Rickenbacker, Spector) did have sustain, but to attribute this difference to the neck joint when not taking into account things like pickups and their position, bridge and nut materials (massive brass bridges probably do give more sustain than BBOTs), and yes, even wood choice. I'm sure there is a slight difference in sound between neck-through, set-neck and bolt-on, but it's subtle and has very little to do with punch and/or sustain. I have found that neck-throughs have more consistency in sound on all areas of the fingerboard, and some people say they sound more 'compressed' (I can't say if this is true or not). A few years back Fodera built three basses, with identical body and neck woods, pickups and electronics etc. A neck-through, a bolt-on and a set-neck. I think the conclusion was that there was very little difference in tone between them (and that might not even have been down to the neck joint; the neck through would have had more maple in the body than the others due to its construction).
  2. Apart from Brazilian Rosewood they're not really. Alder, maple, mahogany, Indian rosewood, poplar, pau ferro are relatively cheap, not exotically figured and not in short supply. Ash is becoming a problem due to the beetle which is decimating trees but for most of the last 70 years has been abundant and inexpensive. Ebony and purpleheart are more expensive but do show up on relatively inexpensive production instruments. More exotically figured woods typically used as tops like buckeye burl, poplar burl, figured maple, etc., are generally not considered to be tonewoods. Most builders say that a top has little to no effect on tone.
  3. I've just seen that Fodera have listed the Ryan Martinie bass as available to order on their site. It list for $11,700 which is obviously very expensive, but cheaper than I was expecting with that laminated top. Looking at the options on the bass (bolt on, Hipshot bridge, EMG pickups), I'm pretty sure they'll release a Ryan Martinie standard model with a painted Ying Yang-ish top sometime next year which would probably retail at around $6-7k. Still pricy but if anything cheaper than Warwick custom shop. Could be a smart move by Fodera to try to drum up some new business from the rock and metal fraternity - imagine how Wals Tool/Flea fans would have bought if the supply had kept pace with the demand.
  4. 16k Euros would be a fairly high spec model, and would include all the import taxes duties into the EU/UK. The Thomann UK site has custom 5 strings generally between £10-11k. However, these basses are essentially Ying Yang models (albeit slightly altered) and there is a massive upcharge for that (it's the only thing on the Fodera pricelist which is POA), so I reckon 16-26k for these basses would not be far off. And he got two of them. I know some people won't believe me but they do not give away basses to endorsees. I heard that Victor Wooten once got a free bass, but endorsees typically wouldn't get more than 10% off.
  5. I saw people talking about this over at another site and was surprised to have not seen it here yet. I have no affiliation to the auctioneers or Peter Hook but it may be of interest to some. The Overwater seems particularly interesting. Link here: https://bid.omegaauctions.co.uk/auction/search/?au=45
  6. Belka


    Most of my basses are on the heavy side. I have a couple of custom 5 strings that come in at 4.5kgs/9.9lbs, a StingRay 5 which is 4.7kgs/10.3lbs, but my 6 string is the real heavyweight; 5.9kgs/13lbs.
  7. https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/songs-with-ghost-musicians.270544/ Interesting read here. Of course some of it will be true, some will be hearsay, and in many cases the producers themselves may have forgotten who actually played on a track. I've heard the rumour about Steve Bailey playing Duff's parts on Appetite for Destruction before, but I'm not sure I believe it myself - perhaps he did play some stuff that wasn't ever used, or perhaps pre Pro Tools/Logic he was overdubbing mistakes.
  8. Hi all, just writing to ask for advice. I have a new set of pickups that I want installed in my bass, and am in need of recommendations of an electronics expert who could do the work as I think it's relatively complex as far as pickup swaps go. At present I have a set of non-splittable humbuckers in there (Aguilar DCBs). They're wired to an active preamp with the normal three band eq, volume and passive tone and blend knobs, and two switches, a kill switch and a passive.active switch. The new pickups are splittable dual coils, and I want to install a three way switch to go between the outer coils in single coil mode, parallel humbucking mode, and the inner coils in single coil mode (I know this is possible as I have it in another of my basses). To avoid any drilling I'd probably replace the kill switch with the three way one. I'm located in Bristol and would much rather drive somewhere than ship the bass. Will be happy to hear any recommendations/suggestions. Thanks
  9. Floating thumb technique is perfectly applicable to basses with ramps, it doesn't hinder it in any way.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. The seller is going to work out the shipping charges so I should get an idea of how much it's all going to cost. Sounds like Fedex or UPS may be a better option than USPS/Royal Mail, although I presume that'll add a bit to the cost as well.
  11. Hi all, Just wanted to ask for some advice. I'm thinking of buying a set of pickups from a private seller in the US. I have experience of buying from companies there and the VAT/duty was easy to do as invoices/bills of sale came with the items, and HMRC contacted me to ask to pay the duty. However, I'm not sure how this would work for a private seller - would them stating the value of the pickups on the parcel be enough? I have no intention to undervalue the items to avoid the VAT as I don't want to run any risk of them being held up at customs/confiscated. The price second hand would be around $400 US. I presume I can pay this through PayPal, but would there be any charge for transferring money abroad? Before anyone asks about buying them here, they're Seymour Duncan dual coils from their custom shop - pretty hard to find and new would be considerably more expensive. Thanks in advance for any pointers.
  12. Looks like alder to me - I think the maple toneblocks they use are nearly always flamed - the flash photography probably makes it look lighter than it really is.
  13. Thanks for posting. I think I read that this was recorded with the fills done as punch-ins, but it doesn't sound like it here, sounds as if it could be one take.
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