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  1. That long wedge is a work of art. Must have taken a while to plane it so accurately. Would definitely consider this as an option. My main concern is that the neck has possibly shifted over the years.
  2. It’s an old orchestral bass (1901) and bigger than 3/4 ....I know little about materials used. String height at the end of the f/b is 12mm I was advised that lowering the bridge would lower the volume of the bass and possibly the quality of the tone...and a new bridge would cost around £200. Bit reluctant to alter the existing bridge but I realise that is the most obvious route initially.
  3. Just window shopping at the moment. My DB has really high action and I know that there are a couple of directions that I can go...alter or change the bridge or a neck re-set. I know the answer to the first (concerned about changing the sound..although it would be the cheaper option)...anyone have an idea of how much a re-set costs ish. Don’t really want to ask my luthier at this stage for a couple of reasons.
  4. I need a gig bag for my MMSub. Doing a mini tour using public transport so need it to be not too heavy but padded enough, shoulder straps and waterproof of course. Maybe even space for my Ys. Someone selling a Protection Racket bag nearby but it looks too heavy (in the pics). Any recommendations ?
  5. Yes...I have been holding off hoping to get a used one but I think in general folk hold on to them. I am not in a hurry as I have a wizzy 12 and a Greenboy fearful but looking to go light..especially for the public transport tour
  6. AER bass one is out of my budget at mo. I can get get a crazy 8 for £420 ...will probably do that...I have an EA doubler that I am happy with
  7. Thanks... I did suspect this. I have been looking for a s/h crazy 8 for over a year...missed one a few months ago on BC...thinking about Phil Jones as well
  8. Been offered an AER compact 60. I am looking for something like a crazy 8 or Acoustic Image coda firstly as a practice/rehearsal amp and secondly for a short tour where we are using public transport. The AER 60 is an acoustic guitar amp but wonder if it would take a ebass and a DB. Gonna try it out next week but wondering if I am wasting the sellers time?
  9. The Contrabass Shoppe appear to be helpful. He gave me good info on my Hawkes
  10. Interested in this but I am in Scotland. I am flying to Norwich for the weekend on the 5th June but still don’t know how I would get it on the plane. Obviously if a buyer turns up then let it go but if nothing before the 5th then I will try to work something out....I have a case that it should fit.
  11. Thanks will have a look. Had the bass set up. I just don’t think that the scale is long enough for a standard B string. The 150 on it looks massive compared to the others but it is still too loose to use
  12. I have a 5 string short scale Ibanez Artcore. Problem is that the B tension is so loose that it is unusable. It is size 150 but I cannot remember the manufacturer. Will try and find the wrap. My question is whether different string sizes in B strings have differing tensions and if so which one has the highest tension?
  13. Interesting thread this. I am gonna try sticking my bassmax piezo double bass pick up poles to the body of my hollow bodied ebass. The pups should pick up vibrations coming through the bridge onto the bass body? Might sound like poo right enough
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