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  1. I am thinking about importing a bass from the EU (Maruszczyk)Bit confused about the VAT and import duty thing. I notice, for example, that some suppliers include 21% VAT for example. I assume that this is the tax you pay in that country? You have to then pay VAT to get it into this country? I notice that some suppliers (Bass Direct possibly) offer a VAT free price if exporting.....assuming the country that it will be sent to will charge the receiver VAT. I haven’t seen that in other suppliers. Do you also pay VAT on used basses? All a bit confusing. I last bought something from the US several years a ago and was billed by the PO when I picked the item up but unclear about the EU....particularly with the Brexit stuff. Has anyone done this recently?
  2. I am 18 months into lessons with German but my teacher is. French player. I bowed open strings for over a year and if I wasn’t so damn old I would probably bow open strings for two years. For me it was all about tension. Start with the back, shoulder and in particular the triceps....a muscle often overlooked. Then the (controlled)limp wrist.....also used in drumming and rhythm guitar playing. I still struggle but worth every practice hour
  3. Gonna check for loose screws before I call.....just in case. It’s a great cab. I bought it cos we did a tour to Amsterdam by public transport. It’s so light with nice warm sound and enough volume for a pub. 2 acoustic guitars, eguitar, cajon and 4 vocalist. On and off trains, ferries, trams etc. One hand lift ...walked miles...be sad if it’s damaged. I have a Greenboy fearless for bigger gigs but miss the one10 for convenience.
  4. Seemed to manage ok .....it’s essentially an acoustic band with cajon so not loud.
  5. Had my BF one10 from new since November 19. It has started to distort badly only on the low E only. Been using a euphonic audio double head and an Empress ParaEQ but never had it past number 4. Changed the battery on my active MM SUB....still distortion . Got another head (Quilter) still distorting. Tried EQing it out...distortion. Tried compression....distortion. Daisy chained a bigger cab onto it...it distorted ...bigger cab ok. Thought it might be the instrument but no distortion using a 12ins speaker. Haven’t tried another bass but had an eguitar through it and that did not distort. I love this wee cab and have gigged it with great results but it now distorts in the low end....ideas?
  6. Excellent thread this. Been looking for recommendations. I thought that Scott Whitleys YouTube stuff is the best teaching of anything anywhere. Like the look of SBL as well. Will certainly cast my eye over the others
  7. If I remember right ....I was under the direction of someone...I opened the ASIO settings and changed the buffering.
  8. Well if in the international violin shop don’t have it then it doesn’t exist
  9. The top (I think it is called) of the bass is really paper thin. Any amount of pressure on the f-holes will break the ends off. I know what you are saying and if it’s not recommended then I won’t touch it. I have gigged it and probably will again but I guard it with my life. I was hoping for something like a wax that may penetrate the finish...which is very thin and matt.... I maybe should not have polished it.....as I really don’t know what I’m doing
  10. my double bass is getting a bit tatty....which I quite like incidentally....but the colour is kinda faded....the pic below is just after I polished it so doesn’t look too bad. I was wondering (must be old guy lockdown mentality) if I could treat it with something that deepen the colour? That is without sanding it down to clean wood. It’s not a top drawer instrument but I like aspects of it. I have a 1901 Hawkes and when they are in the same room this guy looks like he could do with a spa day.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I loosened the truss rod by less than a quarter turn. Already a big difference as you said. Think I may have to slightly raise the action of the A string but problem solved. The intonation has also corrected. It was slightly flat .....spot on now without correction. I really like this bass even although the neck/fretboard is not the best...it sounds great and cost me £380 on BC. I took it into a shop and compared it to a few new and old fenders and other brands ...it sounded just as good and better than some. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks for the help. The MM truss rod is on the body close to the high end of the neck. I assume to loosen the truss rod it is turned anti clockwise? I also assume that you loosen the strings first?
  13. Thanks for the help. The MM truss rod is on the body close to the high end of the neck. I assume to loosen the truss rod it is turned anti clockwise? I also assume that you loosen the strings first?
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