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  1. Interested in this but I am in Scotland. I am flying to Norwich for the weekend on the 5th June but still don’t know how I would get it on the plane. Obviously if a buyer turns up then let it go but if nothing before the 5th then I will try to work something out....I have a case that it should fit.
  2. Thanks will have a look. Had the bass set up. I just don’t think that the scale is long enough for a standard B string. The 150 on it looks massive compared to the others but it is still too loose to use
  3. I have a 5 string short scale Ibanez Artcore. Problem is that the B tension is so loose that it is unusable. It is size 150 but I cannot remember the manufacturer. Will try and find the wrap. My question is whether different string sizes in B strings have differing tensions and if so which one has the highest tension?
  4. Interesting thread this. I am gonna try sticking my bassmax piezo double bass pick up poles to the body of my hollow bodied ebass. The pups should pick up vibrations coming through the bridge onto the bass body? Might sound like poo right enough
  5. Yes I have had problems...thought it was my age but wondering if live music...the backbone of my youth and life is not as important in people’s...in particular young folks lives as it was 30 years ago? So many other ways to have fun now. Big towns like Edinburgh seem to be full of action but not smaller places. I got a band through Bandmix a few years ago that turned to mince after a year, one contact through FB that didn’t happen. Both my (non gigging) bands at present are word of mouth.
  6. Turns out that it is. My insurance will only cover individual items up to 3k.
  7. I just looked up Allianz and it gave an option for unattended vehicles. It think it also states that if you can see the items then they are not covered...ie has to be a van...will call a couple of companies in the morning. Quote from web site not working.
  8. I take it that the policy includes all instruments whilst gigging but not unattended vehicles?
  9. Is that specialist musical instrument cover?
  10. Just got hold of a new instrument. By coincidence my house insurance was due for renewal. They want an extra £100 a year to insure this one instrument....and that is only at home/damage etc ...it is not covered out of the flat. It is quite valuable but I didn’t pay anything like the valued number. Is there any other way of insuring instruments? Musicians union only cover up to 2k I believe? Has anyone tried specialist companies...particularly claiming from them?
  11. That is not good news. I decided to go to a private consultant.....got an appointment the next day. He was not particularly optimistic but he could not give me a time frame. He described it as being like the head of the Hydra...if you remove a nodule then it will come back twice as big. His advice was leave it alone until it gets in the way and if I do have it treated it will return within two to three years. He also said that stretching would make it worse. My left hand is swollen for some reason....probably too much bass...but this has nothing to do with Dupuytrens. The consultation was less than 10 mins and cost £200! Ouch n ooya !
  12. I have a friend who waited two years. Both her pinkies had completely contracted. They did one (general anesthetic) then she had to go back on the waiting list for the second. Mine is not as bad but since it is not life threatening you wait a while. I sort of agree with this...it’s not the worst thing to happen to man....unless your a musician!
  13. Hi. Resurrecting this old post out of curiosity as to whether the contributors condition has deteriorated or improved or remains unchanged. My own disease seems to have suddenly worsened over the last month. Private surgical intervention is going to cost a bawhair short of £3000 so not something to be undertaken lightly! There Is also some kind of collagen injections which are available privately? The question from a playing perspective is whether to act now or wait? It may stabilise and the expense wasted or there may be a more positive outcome with early intervention. Gonna go see a consultant anyway. I am finally starting to get playing projects off the ground so this comes as an inconvenience to say the least but of course many people live with much worse in their lives.
  14. I have been playing around 7 years. Recently moved to DB but then joined a rock band 6 months ago so have been playing a lot of ebass. I mostly use my thumb and forefinger. I can alternate with two fingers but find the thumb much more comfortable and fluent. I think Jamerson originally played DB and moved to ebass and used a lot more open strings? Yes a one off. Bet he never volunteered to do the dishes!
  15. Thanks will try some of this stuff. I have a an Ibanez artcore short scale 5. The string tension is high and may account. I tried lighter strings but they seemed floppy to me. I like the feel of flats but not a fan of the sound. I might dig in too hard although I mainly notice the problem when practicing at home. Will take note at the next band practice. I read somewhere that old DB jazzers ...when they needed some lube on their plucking fingers mid set would rub said fingers down the side of their noses...presumably their own noses....I have tried this with some success....I don’t think that my own nose is greasy enough though....might have to bother the drummer
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