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  1. Could someone advise me on putting a new neck on my Musicman SUB. The neck that is available is quite expensive(£450) it’s from a Stingray. Don’t want to buy it and find it doesn’t fit or intonation is out or something else. I assume if it’s slightly big then a luthier could fit it. The bass in question is a back up (bought it on BC years ago). I still play and like it it but would like to upgrade the neck.
  2. Spent the last few days tweaking the JE pre. Starting to come good. Struggled with the E string, A was far too prominent but getting there and loving the tone. Feels good to make progress.
  3. I think sound is very high on the agenda for most bassists and I certainly am always looking for ways to improve it. It was one of my lockdown goals in fact, to move my sound forward. That’s the reason I went for this particular bass/pre combination. I first saw it on the Maruszczyk range. When you see the demo of someone who knows how to use the pre it’s very impressive and looks intuitive! I will persist and get to know it better...as I said, it’s a hidden art in itself. Thanks for all the feedback....now back to the bedroom noodling and tweaking.
  4. It’s very bright. Great for funky pop stuff etc. I was hoping to get warmer and rockier tone out of it as well. To be fair my amp / speaker combo is also quite bright..quilter bass block /Greenboy but tried it through my EA micro as well. Maybe asking too much or have to spend more time on it. Just put new Newtone strings on which I love. Maybe they need playing in a bit more.
  5. I have messaged ACG . He reckons it’s perseverance. It’s possibly a skill in itself
  6. He designs them for Alan Cringean. Don’t think it’s built by JE?
  7. Bought a 2007 ACG Recurve with a retro fitted John East designed 02 pre. I think it had the 01 pre earlier, all the work done by John Cringean. I have had it a couple of months but I am struggling with it and am on the fence about punting it. I don’t want to tbh, it’s such a lovely player. Very comfortable, lightweight and best neck I’ve ever played. I am of course used to big standard bass controls and I realise this pre is different. I have followed the set up instructions but still not happy. So much tweaking to get a sound! It is so sensitive, the slightest dial movement totally changes the sound.
  8. Yes, I’ve had two instruments purchases go missing recently. I put in down to incompetence but this accusation by Joe Lycett takes it to a major criminal accusation. Sorry...don’t watch TV so no idea who Joe is or his credibility. They are still in business so some people still appear to use them
  9. Watching the above video made me realise that high humidity is as bad as low. We are temporarily renting a damp house (50%). We have used a dehumidifier and a humidifier in various places. Wonder if there is anything out there that does both....I have googled and seen very complex whole system solutions but looking for something cheaper and smaller
  10. I have a 120 year old DB that I am concerned about. I have been using one of these humidifiers that you wet and hang inside the f-hole. I read that these aren’t great and stopped using it. Noticed last week that the spike hole is now loose and the spike is coming out. Might be coincidence? If these humidifiers are a bit crap (not sure either way) is there something better. I know you get something for guitars. I always thought the ones that hang inside are awkward.... I rarely remember to wet them!
  11. Hi. Jimmy in Scotland here. Do you have any idea of the cost to mail this to the UK. I understand there would be 20% VAT, 3% import duty plus shipping on top of the price?
  12. Got into my head that I need a Maruszczyk Elwood with Times Square pups. It’s the one. NOTHING else will DO! Bit like the madness when you fall in love. well, I can’t find one ...well not at my budget. So I wondered if it would be possible to change the pups on another Elwood? My concern is that the sound is achieved at the factory when it’s set up with the electronics and changing them post production would fall short of that sound. The Time Square pups are outrageously expensive but I have seen Elwoods at sensible prices. I have also considered the possibility that I have developed tunnel vision that excludes other possibilities. Bit like falling in love.
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