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  1. Don’t have pics but seemed to my untrained eye in pretty good condition. I am looking at it because I want an instrument to play, not as as an investment but obviously don’t want it to lose value. Originally I was going for a USA deluxe (Swiss army knife syndrome) but after playing one I decided that my MM SUB sounded better so I am keeping that and going for a classic pBass.
  2. Was looking at a ‘76 USA precision. The owner said that a jazz pup had been fitted ‘after market’ I think was the expression he used. It was very reasonably priced at £1400. Would altering the instrument in this way affect the value or is this the correct price....I have seen them at a higher price on BC. I think that this was the build era that was a bit dubious in the Fender factory? The bass sounded great btw and if I can get the cash together I may buy it if it’s still unsold.
  3. I have a Hawkes Parnormo from 1901. It has a great tone, loud and deep but for an amateur like me virtually unplayable because of the action. It may have been set up like this but I have seen pics of similar instruments with ‘normal’ action. I am thinking of addressing this...had a new jazz fingerboard put on my other (German) bass and it improved it ten fold. My concern is a bit Shallow Hal! If I change the bass radically will it lower the monetary value of the instrument. I don’t intend to change the fingerboard as such...possibly change the bridge (If the sound quality can remain unaffected) or maybe put a wedge under the fb. I have a very good luthier called Bill Kelday who will do a good job but I don’t think that he could comment on the resale value....btw I have nil intention of selling....just something in the back of my mind
  4. Additionally our guitarist effectively used a tiny Roland combo 6 for these pub gigs. It has made me completely re think the whole concept of what gear you actually need and what gear you choose.
  5. Reviving this thread to report on my purchase. We did a very nice tour of Amsterdam plus additional gig in Newcastle....on public transport from Scotland. I ended up buying a Barefaced one10 after recommendations from BCers. It was an excellent choice. Very light and manageable to carry....we trammed/bussed/walked miles and miles without effort. We put an el bass pedal through the cab at the same time through my EA doubler. It easily filled large pub venues. Sound quality and projection excellent although I wouldn’t put it up against a loud drummer...we used a cajon/bass pedal. Highly recommended
  6. Yes.. I suspect this myself...I never had purchase interest (got an old Hawkes)...it looks like a quality instrument that has been severely treated. I think the family was hoping it was valuable....don’t really want to be the one to break the news but someone should
  7. Don’t intend to buy. I think that my mate reckons that it has value. Don’t really want to be the person to break the news....but it looks interesting. His dad played it professionally in the 50s/60s.
  8. This is a friends bass. His dad left him the instrument. I have asked if I can see it but he seems a bit guarded and doesn’t seem to want to answer the obvious questions that I have asked...internal /external markings etc so I have let it go. I am interested to know a bit more about it. It looks like it needs some serious repairs.
  9. I would say that one to one with a teacher twice a month for at least 6 months is absolutely crucial ...whatever bow you choose...my teacher is a french bower teaching me German...only cos the bass I bought came with a German and I didn’t know any better ... I think that he would have preferred to teach me french but I had already started teaching myself (bit stupid but I couldn’t wait and couldn’t find a teacher)
  10. Just sold my 1973 champ for 300..I loved that baby...tiny and weighs less than zero...floats by itself into your pocket..lovely clean tone and great overdriven. Don’t hardly play guitar anymore and needed a small bass cab
  11. I suspect my MM SUB needs a set up but would putting a capo on first or second fret throw out intonation? I play in a couple/3 of bands and one of them down-tunes a semi tone. We play one night then the following night the other band then two days later the other band etc...so being a lazy bugger I just use a capo...not to gig ...just practice...but I have discovered that with the capo on, intonation is affected....or could I possibly need a set up?
  12. There is no animosity between me and our guitarist whatsoever. Really just wondering about the thumb/finger technique. Tried to upload our first rehearsal. I think it sounds OK...thumb thing
  13. Yes his technique is a combo of both..very relaxed as well
  14. I think that I am too far down to re program comfortably anyway...was just wondering if other people play like this.
  15. I have been playing for 12 ish years. I have tried two finger plucking but always come back to thumb and fore finger and am comfortable playing like this and uncomfortable plucking with two finger. I realise that you get a slightly fatter sound with fingers only but I like the percussive feel of thumb/forefinger. I do sometimes play with two fingers but struggle on the E string. Anyway I have joined another band and the guitarist (very accomplished) is ‘encouraging ‘ me to use two fingers. I know that most players use fingers but was wondering if anyone else plays (almost) exclusively with thumb/forefinger(other than slapping)? Should I see this as a problem and fix it?
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