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  1. Here is a nice demo by Andy Irvine https://youtu.be/g7NKTmwFOqI
  2. Handbox R400 in as new condition, mainly used as a backup so not many miles on the clock. Great sound, simple easy eq, compact and reasonable weight. Collection from Preston or meet up within reason preferred, no trades thanks.
  3. Excellent condition double 4, home use only. £270 Inc UK mainland shipping orcollection from Preston Lancs welcome. The Phil Jones Double Four BG-75 Bass Combo Amplifier is a single channel bass amp with an incredible compact design and remarkable tone. Dual 4 inch speakers pump out a sound so huge it's hard to believe it's coming from such a small amp. The Double Four amp also features an auxiliary input for ipad/ipod, mp3 or drum machine, 3 band EQ, headphone out jack and a line out for recording. Phil Jones designed the amp to be ideal for both 4 and 5 string basses. The cabinet of the Double Four BG-75 amp may be as small as a shoe box but it is built to the same standards of all PJB cabinets, heavily braced internally and damped with acoustic damping materials to prevent cabinet coloration that can kill the true sound of your instrument.
  4. Pedal train Metro 16 with hard case. Excellent condition Price includes UK mainland shipping.
  5. Hipshot EB4 Xtender D tuner (chrome) £45 Inc UK mainland p&p
  6. Blackstar ID Core BEAM Bluetooth Combo Amplifier is an exceptional piece of kit. BEAM stands for Bass Electric Acoustic Music and as you might have guessed, you can play your electric, bass, and acoustic guitar through this little beauty. As part of Blackstars ID:Core range of amplifiers, it is filled to the brim with fantastic features that put the fun back into practising, and recording. Mint condition, home use only, price £120 Inc UK mainland shipping.
  7. True bypass loop switcher. Quality gold contact relays to give you this ultra-quiet and compact totally professional double true bypass looper. Two separate loops in one box, superb build quality. Powered by 9v adapter only, ideal for bypassing pedals which would otherwise 'suck tone' if left permanently in line. Connect 2 or more pedals in each loop. £55 Now £48 Inc UK mainland shipping
  8. Thanks for the comments chaps, these cabs can boast build quality and sound second to none IMO.
  9. Great news Sean, all the best
  10. Excellent condition, boxed. Price includes UK mainland shipping. Offers the same high-quality electronics that are built into Sadowsky basses EQ section only works as a bass and treble boost Switchable mute for the instrument DI output to connect the pedal directly to the PA or a mixer Bass + 18 dB boost at 40 Hz Treble + 18 dB boost at 4 kHz True bypass Volume, treble, bass controls Ground lift switch Bypass foot switch (On / Off) Mute foot switch Status LEDs Metal housing 6.3 mm Mono jack input / output 6.3 mm Jack tuner output XLR output DI Power supply via 9V battery or optional 9V DC power supply, 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel connector, polarity (-) inside Current consumption 11 mA Dimensions (L x W x H) 106 x 107 x 61 mm Weight approx. 780 g
  11. SD AJJ1 active jazz pickup set, neck and bridge. Includes everything in the pic. Original perspex box damaged but will be well packed. Pickups have been installed then removed from a bass when I sold it on a few years ago. £60 Inc p&p mainland UK
  12. Superb mint S212 4ohm 500W cab, with padded TKS cover. 21kg 52 X 76 X 40, lightweight but beautifully built. Black tolex with oxblood cloth, stunning and sounds fantastic. This is a recent purchase and a reluctant sale as I need a modular system due to back issues. Collection from Preston Lancs or meet up within reason, thanks.
  13. Immaculate 120W valve head 16kg/35lbs I bought this quite recently and absolutely love the tone but simply can't manage even one of the lightest valve heads on the planet, due to back problems. The Handbox WB100 was created for players who want the power and authority you get from an all valve head but in a compact, portable solution. Preamp....3xECC83(3x12AX7) Power amp....4x6L6 120W output, James style 2 band tone stack Passive contour filter Bright switch Drive switch 3 position feedback switch allowing for quick tonal changes Rear panel 2 speakon connectors 4 or 8ohm. Collection from Preston Lancs, or meet up within reason thanks.
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    Lovely bass, pm sent
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  16. Well done that man, hope you enjoy the new band and your back holds up.
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  19. I have a 74 V4 which I have gigged with the original 412 cab without PA support in medium sized venues and been plenty loud enough. When you factor in two guitarists using valve combo's, keys and drums that's pretty good. A modern super efficient 212 or 410 would be even better I would think.
  20. It is indeed a monster but quite compact and easy to manage at the same time
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