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  1. Sean sold me some strings. All went smoothly and I'm a happy punter. This is the second time we've traded, and just as smooth and simple as the first. I'd be pleased to do so again. Thanks Sean! (Edit: He appears to have three feedback threads, which is why you won't find feedback from our first transaction above. It's in this thread:
  2. We're clearing my mum's house, and there is a wheelchair ramp from the kitchen into the garage. It's quite long, substantial, purpose-made by a professional, and screwed to the floor. If anyone wants it, let me know. You would have to collect.
  3. Mine was an Ibanez GSR-180. I sold it, but I can't remember who to. Probably my then-colleague Kev, who died a couple of years ago (before Covid).
  4. It's still here. I should sell it, it's sitting under my bed.
  5. In my experience plateau is the way it works for me. I stumble about for a while (several months), struggling with stuff which I know is too ambitious, get depressed and leave it for three or four days, and discover that while the stuff is still too ambitious, I can suddenly do something else vaguely related. That's happened several times now.
  6. That's a cracking piece of work, IMO Could you fit a brass plate on the back of the "headstock"? (Or the front, for that matter.) That might even up the balance a bit.
  7. Doesn't work... tape on the board acts like a very worn fret. I suppose that might help anyway, if it was in the right place?
  8. No fret wear, little if any finish damage on the neck; neck change?
  9. I've been on the receiving end of this problem (Kramer The Duke, I'm still trying to get rid of it). Short answer, you can't use rounds with it. Whether anything else actually works I am not certain.
  10. Closed. Apparently there was "an error in the listing". (No, I'm not either.)
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