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  1. 'Dummy', Portishead. Rather passed me by when it appeared, but I catch on, slowly.
  2. Ah, I understand; you were selling two basses. I came to have a look, and the first thing I saw was "SOLD". I didn't look any further than that.
  3. Fretless? Sounds different, new ways to play...
  4. I could courier from Devon, on Thursday only, and bring it to North Wales at the weekend (I am going anyway), so long as someone covered my costs (fuel from Dorset to Devon and back). I'm expecting to be in Wrexham on Monday morning.
  5. There will be a Fury II and a USA Millennium along reasonably soon...
  6. Paul's original sale thread (sadly without pics, they were way better than mine):
  7. Peavey Fury. A nicely-made, uncomplicated, quality bass, made in the USA in the mid to late 1980s. It's a passive, bolt-on four-string with a ridiculously skinny neck (37mm at the nut) and an aggressive P-sounding pickup. Weight is 3.9 kg, or 8.5 pounds in old money. Controls are tone and volume. I've no idea what the strings are. The action is reasonably low; I'm sure it would benefit from a setup. I had it from BCer Paul S in 2014, on my quest for the skinniest neck known to man; since when it's mostly sat in a case. I've never gigged it. It's not being used, and I need the space and the money. It has some minor dings, but nothing major; it's in good nick for its age. The trussrod turns well (a Gibson TR spanner fits it). When I plugged it in a week ago I couldn't get any sound out of it; I took the scratchplate off and applied some contact cleaner, and it's been fine since then, but I've reduced the price somewhat to reflect the possibility it will need the electrics looking at. The volume pot has a whisper on it when the volume is changed. £150 plus shipping (at cost), bank transfer preferred; I'd prefer not to send outside the UK. I will pack it in a cardboard bass box, in a cheapo unpadded gig bag, all suitably stuffed with bubblewrap; or I can use a battered generic hard-case if necessary for an extra £10 (it's very battered ). Alternatively, I'm happy to meet in a 50-mile radius, and I'm intending to go to north Wales late this week.
  8. And John the drummer is down here...
  9. I'd like it, but having been laid off last month I'm not able to buy at the moment. If that changes I'll be back
  10. Could you please edit the title of the item (not the text) to indicate it's sold? Thanks
  11. Bass, cable, amp. Occasionally a wireless setup instead of the cable. I need a new tuner, the clip-on doesn't work on a headless
  12. Bloody hell. A guitar pickup...
  13. Slightly off topic, I asked Thomann whether they would sell HB necks separately. No dice - apparently the manufacturer won't do it. So if you need one as a fault replacement Thomann will do it, but not as a thing on its own.
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