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  1. Well, that's definitely on my wishlist... I don't think I can justify it at the moment, I've already bought a bass this month. Which I don't really need. Gah... Something tells me it won't be here long anyway. Good luck with it
  2. Rushbo is a member here. He knows his onions, and he's a decent chap.
  3. In the fullness of time, I'd really like to play some Morphine covers
  4. Wow... I'd love it, but I haven't got the space either at home or in the car. You're a gentleman and a scholar, John.
  5. Okay, "standard" guitar tuning but down an octave and with lighter strings than a bass. Which is what you said before What sort of band are you looking to use it in? Would there be a five-string underneath?
  6. Thanks. I'm beginning to feel there is no sensible way of naming stringed instruments other than by spelling out the intervals and octave. Annoying.
  7. She doesn't frighten easily She played viola as a teenager, no wind instruments (except recorder). I don't think she's interested enough to work on it.
  8. Isn't that a baritone? Or have I misunderstood?
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