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  1. Vital is indeed a monstrous thing. I bought it when it came out, never having heard of them. Blew my head off. I'm still a fan, 40 years later.
  2. Presumably intended as an anti-theft measure...
  3. Oooh... I have a defretted one, and I'd like another. Any trades?
  4. The only other design I can recall with a movabile pickup is the Westone Rail; which does not look traditional at all... Good luck with your sale
  5. Sizes would probably help ... ?
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RIF-021-Rare-First-Series-Wandre-Etrurian-Bass-Vintage/174016976624?hash=item28843856f0:g:XioAAOSwEFJdbSVc A rarity. Probably for good reason, it must dive like a centre-forward and I'm guessing its not particularly well made. But the design... Utterly bonkers. I love it
  7. Fragile and Close To The Edge, in that order. Close To The Edge is the better record, but Fragile has better songs.
  8. Fairly crude defret job, but I guess that's fixable.
  9. Some people would tell you that this is just normal pricing for R*ckenb*cker... three times what the thing is worth... I wouldn't know, never played one and never likely to.
  10. Indeed. Links are broken.
  11. Low start price for a P-copy with a hard case: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STAGG-BASS-GUITAR-WITH-SPIDER-HARD-CASE-Reduced-for-quick-sale/362731900633?hash=item5474818ed9:g:FF0AAOSwPCtdQDeM
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