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  1. What he doesn't know is the number of people (like me) who take one look and go "Why would I want to deal with this guy??!" and avoid him like the plague thereafter.
  2. That seller seems to run a 125% markup on all sales. This item, maybe 250%.
  3. Factory relicing. Will not touch it.
  4. I agree with almost all of that, except that a tort pickguard seems to go very nicely on a blue bass. Weird.
  5. Just down the road from me... but I have two already. And no income.
  6. If I had an income, and space for more basses... ah well. Not this month, and probably not this year..
  7. Or so the seller says; I wouldn't know. Looks interesting. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2007-Roberts-Savage-Pro-bass-with-OHSC-prototype-mint/283823919489?hash=item4215395181:g:qfEAAOSwl0xed6Qy
  8. I want, but I'm in a new job and not at all sure I'll be staying there...
  9. Back up for the same price yesterday evening.
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