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  1. Semi hollow body bass - suggestions please!

    Yes, that's a BEX 4. Rotten pictures, the last is the only decent one. I'm reckoning £350 is about the most you should pay for one, personally. But I'm notoriously cheap. (That's not mine, I'm not selling!)
  2. Stunning Warmoth/Allparts fretless

    Yup. Personally I wouldn't be too worried, though I suppose you'd have trouble putting a scratchplate on it.
  3. Semi hollow body bass - suggestions please!

    Yamaha BEX 4 if you can find one. Piezo and magnetic pup. They are Mine were worth every penny.
  4. Tempting... I'm not too far off either. And I have basses to sell.
  5. OLP Musicman Stingray bass, black £200

    It may just be my shoddy technique. And yes they are.
  6. How far do you travel to practice?

    Almost exactly what Marvin said.
  7. Hohner B Bass B - £80

    Open to offers.
  8. Call that a knife...?

    I don't think I could even test that without wrecking the remnants of my hearing.
  9. another bitsa P bass - £160

    Fixable, I reckon; plug and redrill.
  10. Music Man Stingray Classic 4 Raspberry Sorbet :)

    I feel this demands a pale blue scratchplate Sadly that will have to be somebody else's project. GLWTS!
  11. I guess new board would be the way to go, but it's going to be a big job.
  12. I looked at that. My mistake