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  1. Can't be done this week or next, sorry. I'll get back to you in a fortnight.
  2. Well, I was about to nab one for my SRF705 , but I'm sorry to say it wouldn't fit - the tuner arrangement is different. Shame, it's a clever idea.
  3. Fretless? That's going to be demanding to play, given the short scale.
  4. You'd probably be better oiff putting this in the Accessories and Other Musical Items forum. If you ask one of the mods nicely they will do it for you, I should think
  5. I bought John's SRF-705. All well and I'm a happy punter. Recommended. Thanks John!
  6. He's maiden interesting attempt, but my interest is over. Bye!
  7. Relisted at £25, and has four sets. . But be wary, the main listing says "number of strings: four". https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373557691887?ViewItem=&item=373557691887
  8. The headstock would be enough to put me off. That appears to be original
  9. Not a fan. If those were the only basses available, I'd be playing something else.
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