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  1. I was thinking of the Cherrystone. I did find the Sandalwood up on eBay, but it obviously wasn't the same. Possibly it's just really light? Some people might think that was enough, perhaps?
  2. Couldn't find one on eBay. I'll keep my eyes open. Possible they're not made any more though.
  3. I like it. Just so long as it's not in the same room as me. :reaches for garlic, stake and crucifix:
  4. These or something extremely similar pop up on eBay now and again, new I think. I can't remember the price or the name. (Helpful, me.) Possibly the bouts are dismountable for travel? Don't remember this as a listed feature though. Possibly someone tried to work out what it was and saw pics of an Aria Sinsonido (dismountable wire bouts with foam padding) and thought "Oh that's it"...
  5. Moved jobs since then, but yeah, collection would be a snip. Ah well. Sorry
  6. Nice! If I didn't have a BEX-4 I'd be after this. I do like that white lining in the F-holes, very elegant
  7. Erm, "no income" is not a first-world problem! Good luck with your sale!
  8. Bloody hell. From bitter experience, I know that cracking in the hard outer shell of the luthite body acts as a weakness and makes the lower horn very fragile. And the upper horn too, I have no doubt. Avoid like the plague.
  9. Somebody demoing a Vox Standard. YouTube video. A pro, way better than I'll ever be.
  10. Social distancing by having a bloody great cab next to you. A system we can all applaud
  11. I think that's more mauve than lavender? Purple, anyway. (Disclaimer: I have no idea what Sandberg calls that colour )
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