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  1. When I was a tiny wee cello student, I was taught that you never touch the bow's hairs with your fingers because the grease makes the bow slip on the strings. For the same reason, you bow on the bit between the bridge and the fingerboard, and pluck above that. I never worried about rosin dust, except to clean it off the cello before lessons
  2. Done. Follow-up would indeed be interesting.
  3. It might be worth editing the title so that people can see the price is reduced?
  4. Oh well... Another year, I guess. Good luck with the sale - I doubt it will take long.
  5. ... And me with cashflow issues. Damn it. Any trades?
  6. More strings from John (yes, I have too many basses). Fast and seamless, as before, and I've no hesitation in dealing with him. Thanks John!
  7. Most listened-to, ever... Hm. Possibly Hawkwind, the 'Space Ritual'. I played it to death in the 1970s, still dig it out every couple of years. But the answer is Talking Heads, 'Stop Making Sense'. That's never far away. Honourable mentions for: The Weavers - Live at Carnegie Hall (the second reunion record, the titling was quite confusing when I lat checked) The Cramps - Smell Of Female.
  8. That headstock is very Aria. It's not that far off a Westone either. TBH I don't think it's either, but I'm not really Up There with this knowledge.
  9. Oh well. Barring a sudden unexpected influx of dosh, that's me out, I'm afraid. Good luck with your sale
  10. What sort of thing would you be after trade-wise?
  11. It does look like a five-string Peavey Grind. Even down to the knob positioning. Though I can't remember if that was neck-through, and I don't remember seeing a fretless one. Peavey closed down their UK operation in about 2015.
  12. I had one of these for a while. (Not this one.) I liked it a lot. If I was playing fretted fives I'd be after it.
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