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  1. PB-50 Headstock Re-shape

    That's not going to work and it's also a blatant violation of professional ethics. For god's sake, man, offer him a cup of tea!
  2. Caption Competition

    Is it good for metal?
  3. PB-50 Headstock Re-shape

    Never knew those existed. I'm off to Amazon! Thanks
  4. PB-50 Headstock Re-shape

    Nice work. I do like the Tele headstock, and this looks way better than it should to someone who doesn't like sunburst
  5. I Hate Tobacco Sunburst

    Not a fan of bursts of any colour. Having said which, I had a nice cheap tobaccoburst J-alike which I'd have kept if I could abide the neck (weird almost triangular cross-section), and I have a matched pair of fretted and fretless Peavey Foundations in TSB, and I will buy an Ibanez SRF705 some day... And I rather like reverse bursts, preferably grey-white. So, I conclude I am probably not even playing the right instrument. :wanders off looking for Bassoonchat:
  6. Hohner Nanyo copy?

    I have a Hohner B Bass B, which appears to be the J-J equivalent of this. I've been meaning to sell it, I'll get some pics up.
  7. rattly truss rod (I think)

    Thanks gents. It's fretless, so I'm reasonably confident in ruling out fret rattle I'll have a tweak of the TR and a careful listen to the tuners.
  8. I have a Yamaha BB400F which has a rattle when played unamplified. I believe (from the sound and feel) this is probably the truss rod. How worried should I be, and is it fixable? Thanks
  9. Eve Proto bass (Unique) Price drop to £600

    Got a bit of an Affirma vibe there.
  10. The list has been stable for a while; 7-8 items including a single bass (5-string fretless). Yesterday there were 26 up, for about 5 minutes..
  11. Top Tips and DIY Hacks

    If you're using a webbing strap, run a couple of stitches through it where it doubles. That stops it changing length unexpectedly.
  12. New decos up now And gone! Blimey that was quick!
  13. Handmade 6 string

    I like that as well. I think it's that can-opener shape, somehow. Just as well it's got too many strings for me!
  14. GAS - Yes, But Why..?

    This, exactly.