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  1. alyctes

    Bolin NS5

    It's just as well it's got frets!
  2. alyctes

    Vocalists , is that what we call them ?

    This. Rappers are vocalists but not singers (usually).
  3. alyctes

    Unique Mk2

    Yes, been up for a while. Some of his stuff doesn't look too bad (check out the Zeta lookalike) but this is not one of those.
  4. alyctes


    I'd be a bit more impressed if the three 'buckers had matching cases. I still wouldn't like it, but it would help.
  5. alyctes

    BC Rich (or claims to be)

    Ah, OK, thanks. I don't pay much attention to them, so I'd missed the new production.
  6. alyctes

    speaker isolation riser

    Ah, thank you.
  7. Collection only. Seller seems to think it's going to go fairly cheaply? I'm suspicious, personally, but that may just be me. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BC-RICH-EAGLE-NJ-SERIES-NECK-THRU-4-STRING-BASS/263804138976?hash=item3d6bf3b5e0:g:~McAAOSwpdBbQpZ1
  8. alyctes

    speaker isolation riser

    Their useless "finished so here's something completely different!" system has pointed at the relisting of the same item... but you can't tell whether the price etc. is the same. They are taking the proverbial.
  9. alyctes

    Partial to Aluminium ? Acrylic ?

    Indeed. Make me suspicious, it do. Arr, me beauties.
  10. alyctes

    Partial to Aluminium ? Acrylic ?

    If I had any intention of thinking about buying it, I'd be put off by the fact that the back and front plates don't match.
  11. The fours come up occasionally, but this is a rarity AFAICT. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-BX5-BX-5-80-s-type-headless-5-string-bass-guitar-with-hard-case/223040898494?hash=item33ee4605be:g:-OUAAOSwZrdbOS61