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  1. I thought these were both fab and uncommon, and that one at £300 would be snapped up. I guess I must have missed something? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-TRB-4-11-Bass-Guitar/302605823567?hash=item4674b66e4f:g:PnYAAOSwXEdaVgFC
  2. Fender Performer Bass

    That's much better-looking than most Fender basses.
  3. Feedback for graham1945

    I bought Graham's La Bella flats. Nice easy deal, no issues. Thanks Graham!
  4. More Tea Vicar?

    Well you could put a whole bottle of wine in it, which is more than you can say for a pint glass...
  5. Sold - ESP PJ Fretless

    The DiMarzio looks as if it might have come from a Vox Standard; quite a lot of Standards were cannibalised for the pup, IIUC.
  6. More Tea Vicar?

    That's bigger than my teapot.
  7. Went for £72, it appears. Anyone here nab it?
  8. Radio 4 Bass. What is it?

    Vaguely reminds me of the Money Programme theme. Same writer, maybe?
  9. And one of those layered hats, I hope
  10. Epiphone Thunderbird for £100

    Gone. (Probably just as well, really...)
  11. It would be quite portable, I suppose.
  12. Hohner Sabre Copy?

    Nor me. Might be someone's perfect bass, though - at least for gigging.
  13. R-Bass 5 String Singlecut

    I'm very glad that's not fretless, and so is my bank manager... GLWTS!
  14. Not one for the pedants

    Including the invoice...