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  1. That's probably an eBay algorithm seeing it listed as "no damage" and, being a lazy and stupid algorithm, seeing only the word "damage". If the seller is honest then it should be in good nick.
  2. The headstock isn't ugly on the fivers
  3. I suppose I should put this up here rather than adding a whole new thread. SGC Nanyo SB310. Inverness. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sanyo-Bass-Collection-SB310-Bass-Guitar/223722231450?hash=item3416e2569a:g:XqsAAOSwOIpdtJoM
  4. That's a fabulous colour GLWYS!
  5. One to quote from an extensive thread on TalkBulb.
  6. These are fab, especially if you're strapped for space.
  7. I suppose it might be handy if you wanted an entry-level EUB. But so far as I can tell its main selling point is that it's really easy to kill with fire
  8. I liked it. It did what it said on the tin, looked good, played well, decently built given the cost. Neck dive, yes, but that goes with the territory. I just wasn't using it. I'm glad it went (back) to a good home
  9. I had a BBN5 (old series). I should have kept it If that stays in that sort of price bracket, it's a steal.
  10. I've got one. It's very nice and I really like the range of tones. I don't play it much - I'm mostly fretless - but it's light and compact and versatile. I also really like the fact that it's perfectly balanced for carrying using one rail if you shove the pickup down to the bridge end
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