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  1. Nice. Does the switch ever get moved by accident?
  2. Probably worth closing one of these adverts, since they seem to describe the same bass ... ?
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rare-Ibanez-RDGR-fretless-active-bass-Complete-with-hardcase/184137021362?hash=item2adf6bf7b2:g:mjgAAOSwfl1eJd6S Claimed to be rare; I wouldn't know; but it looks nice. Might be worth a punt.
  4. Whoa... just as well it's got frets! Good luck with your sale
  5. alyctes


    I sold Kev my Yamaha BB400 fretless. All went well, and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with Kev again.
  6. I'm not sure this is a viable business model, TBH.
  7. Nowadays I have one which was modded with an extra P pup at the bridge before I got it (a Wilkinson, IIRC). Gigged it a few times. I want to put a fretless neck on it, which is on my vast list of Stuff I Will Never Get Round To.
  8. Hm. One and a half, usually. This one is self-funding, is a better singer than he thinks, and a really very good rhythm player. The half is not so much fun to be round, but writes. Both of them have gone really quiet recently. To the point I wonder if I've been fired but they are too wimpy to tell me...
  9. One of my guitarists has a Breedlove fretted six-string. Lovely thing.
  10. I grant you I jumped to conclusions. I shall try to be less harsh in my wording. But honestly, I think it's only the wording.
  11. Mm. So, what does it cost to get someone to do the hard work for me? I'm guessing in the £800-1200 bracket.
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