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  1. alyctes

    It's back!

    I suspect that would be seen as fraudulent. It's not as though you could provide the goods in question, after all. So it would be high risk if you had any sort of reputation.
  2. alyctes

    Steinberger Doubleneck

    That would be a stupid idea if someone made it in his shed. Asking for money for it? - that's perilously close to fraud.
  3. alyctes


    I thought he was a Womble?
  4. alyctes

    Don't tell AndyTravis

    In Loughborough... I think that might be within his range, as well.
  5. alyctes

    Ibanez SRF705 Fretless - Reduced

    ... aargh ...
  6. alyctes

    £40 for a plextrum used by who?

    I always thought their idea of a pick was who would be in the team...
  7. alyctes

    And today’s oddity is....

    So did you give it away, or was it a customer? (I mean, I certainly would, if I'd got it.) Inquiring minds, etc. etc..
  8. Do nylon-coated strings survive picks well? I'm thinking about trying this, but I'm not keen to write off a set of strings in the process. Anyone else tried? Thoughts on pick stiffness and material? All Most thoughts gratefully received
  9. alyctes

    Custom ESP bass

    Hm. I wonder how it compares to this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/aria-pro-ii-bass-Guitar-ZZB-deluxe/254049411117?hash=item3b2686602d:g:eREAAOSwNeVbgFup
  10. I'm not sure that will help...
  11. alyctes

    An electroacoustic thing.

    So more in a musique concrete direction, then?
  12. alyctes

    An electroacoustic thing.

    Interesting to hear, but not really my thing. I do like some of the other stuff on their Bandcamp site, so thanks for that
  13. It's amazing, isn't it?
  14. ... if any prospective buyer can get over the shape of the headstock, that is. Astounding. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Framus-Les-Paul-Bass-Bj-68-Vintage-selten-Hofner-Klira-Bassgitarre/362523232934?hash=item5468118aa6:g:JRIAAOSwpEdbXfFY