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  1. No, but I've sold two back to their previous owners Nothing expensive, mind.
  2. Never heard of them, (probably did hear them on Peel show back in the day, but if so have completely forgotten it), but that was fine
  3. Put extra effort into tuning; don't just pick it up and think "oh I tuned it this morning". Otherwise it will mess your head up. Also check your intonation with octaves and harmonics and open strings when you're practicing. Personally, I'm a Mick Karn fan. Much as I love Bakithi Kumalo on 'Graceland', Mick is the man.
  4. I bought some strings. Clean easy uncomplicated transaction, good comms, no hesitation in doing business again. Thanks Pawel
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bass-Collection-Guitar/223476842210?hash=item340841fee2:g:1b4AAOSwzUxcrPMJ Seems to be passive so it would be an SB301.
  6. And guess why I was coming here... ah well. Another day.
  7. Ahh, thanks - I thought I was having a senior moment there for a minute!
  8. How do you hang it on a strap? I can't see any buttons.
  9. My nephew's drummer might be interested in this; where in Devon are you, please?
  10. Some of it must be inexperience. If you've never sent a bass, and you can't package it because people might ask for photos, etc., you don't know what the cost to send will be and a lot of sellers are going to overestimate just to be sure it's not going to cut into the amount you're expecting.
  11. I looked at the "collection preferred" and thought "oh the M27's quite near me, I thought AndyTravis was up north..."
  12. I bought a radius block, fret-pullers and a couple of gauges from Aidan. Good comms, good packaging, quickly sent, happy me
  13. That finger anchor is clever.
  14. Personally the "too loud" bit would definitely be a bullet dodged; I need my hearing. For the rest, it's generally how you say it and whether the deck is stacked against you (as others have said).
  15. That's a truly horrible colour. I love it
  16. I have a Duke and an Alien. The Alien has an aluminium neck, which was a bit of a surprise because I'd always been told that they had wooden necks.
  17. I'm a bit confused by the pricing. I can't see prices for either one.
  18. Jon does like the shiny though
  19. Having two octaves under the hand makes a big difference to me.
  20. I'm sorry to hear it.
  21. I don't usually like sunburst, but that headstock is tidy
  22. I didn't get as far as his feedback; just the evident dekos, overpriced and dishonestly described.
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