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  1. That was why I bought a Peavey T-40 - or at least why I originally wanted one. Passive, but capable of making any (fretted) bass noise known to man. But by the time I actually bought one, I had well over a dozen basses.
  2. Ah, interesting. Hadn't occurred to me as a possible source of "wrongness".
  3. I really like that. And I've seen the photo of the glittery pink Retrovibe. It's a sight to behold.
  4. Thinking about it, this does sound familiar. I just put it down to my shoddy playing.
  5. Thanks, folks. It's not major, at present. I'll feed back as things proceed.
  6. I'm beginning to find my index finger on the right hand is sometimes curled tight when I wake up. So far it's freed up OK without major discomfort. Has anyone else had this? (I'm right-handed, and I play fingerstyle or using my thumb.) I'm sure this has come up before, but I've searched BC for "trigger finger" and "tendonitis", and not found anything. The relevant Wikipedia article suggests it will probably go away on its own, eventually.
  7. I bought strings from Andy. All went well and I'm happy. I'd cheerfully trade with him again. Thanks Andy
  8. I want a double bass. They're outside my budget, I can't play them, I haven't got space in the house, I'd need a new car, my neighbours would hate me if I tried to practice...
  9. Not much. But I'm mostly playing fretless, and not tuning it properly is another obstacle to playing in tune.
  10. I change strings when I can't get reliable harmonics off them to tune.
  11. Um, typo?, "active circuit does appear to work"?
  12. Cromwell's troops would have used it for firewood. Which, to be fair, might be why the punter needed a table...
  13. What size is the neck pocket, please? I have a Revelation fretless neck I need to find a home for.
  14. It's very nice, but I should have known better... Glad it's gone to a good home.
  15. Almost nil. What does it sound like, can I play it (nope... i.e. is it too heavy, does it balance, etc.). Occasionally, is it seriously cool (I have a Westone Rail :) That's pretty much it.
  16. That's a gratuitously silly shape. Fabulous
  17. Personally, I don't think I'm all that good at this bass malarkey.
  18. I really, realy dislike Frank Zappa. And I went off Foo Fighters very quickly. Some decent tunes, but a wash of hi-hat in absolutely bloody everything... He's supposed to be a good drummer??!
  19. I wish. I haven't got the space for even a compact kit, though.
  20. Does the jack mount swivel? I seem to remember it did on the Amplug I used to have.
  21. "Ravaged By Mice": new band name.
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