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  1. Nice!. Just about in my price range... but it's got all those frets. Luckily for me
  2. Is it good for metal?
  3. Den sold me a wireless system for not very much. It arrived quickly, well packed (with some added padding which I've sworn not to mention ) and was as advertised. I'd be very happy to deal with him again.
  4. That's lovely. Too heavy for me, sadly. Good luck with your sale.
  5. I wan't it but I haven't got the space and I need the money... Second dibs, please.
  6. That's very tempting. Are you sure it can't be bowed? (Pretty cat )
  7. Might be crap, might be a rarity, might be both. Doesn't immediately look appalling. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Schmucker-Wotan-E-Bass-fur-Liebhaber/173921357101?hash=item287e854d2d:g:YvIAAOSwccFc9BKS
  8. Yamaha TRB 4-string. IIUC these are fairly uncommon and this seems to be a low-ish start price. Not far from me. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bass-Guitar-Yamaha-4-Trb-II-Japan/254245438740?hash=item3b32358514:g:LzYAAOSwlR5c7BG5
  9. Shame it's not a five
  10. A little optimistic perhaps... by about 120%. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-TRB5-Bass-Guitar/173908971789?hash=item287dc8510d:g:aKcAAOSwrMhcxy36
  11. I have a Duke (and a Hondo Alien). eBay sellers seem to be trying for £400+ , which is about twice what I paid for mine, and seems to be more than people will pay. There aren't many about though. It definitely makes a different noise to a wooden neck; IMO it's more like a Les Paul stepped down an octave than a conventional bass.
  12. Rails are fab (though the balance is a bit strange till you get used to it) I got mine from a member here, it's not going anywhere.
  13. I think it should be fine - though I suppose some brands might be better than others? Please do let us know how you get on
  14. "You will never see something this personal to Lindsey for sale on eBay ... " Yup...
  15. Just a quick query - aren't these 28.6" scale?
  16. Or they might be good for percussion
  17. Those pickups are definitely the right colour for 80s DiMarzios, if my Vox Standard and its more expensive but less interesting cousin are anything to go by. Perhaps that's why the seller thinks it might be a Vox?
  18. No, but I've sold two back to their previous owners Nothing expensive, mind.
  19. Never heard of them, (probably did hear them on Peel show back in the day, but if so have completely forgotten it), but that was fine
  20. Put extra effort into tuning; don't just pick it up and think "oh I tuned it this morning". Otherwise it will mess your head up. Also check your intonation with octaves and harmonics and open strings when you're practicing. Personally, I'm a Mick Karn fan. Much as I love Bakithi Kumalo on 'Graceland', Mick is the man.
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