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  1. I’m really enjoying this series. It looks into the fringes of musical performance across Uk. Not everyone’s cup of tea but I find it really exciting. Today’s was especially good A guy who up-cycles stuff he finds out walking and turns them into drone makers https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0006132#play
  2. I want that bass! whos the maker??
  3. Turn back before the GAS gets you. Save yourself!!!
  4. What a beautiful bass. It's in! I suppose some of the mass-produced have their moments. I'm not against them at all. My JV Squire is among the future elite in my opinion.
  5. Evening everyone. I have recently managed to get hold of a Mayones B4. I owned one years ago and should never have let it go! I know its all relative, but is there a bass you own now that whilst, not a mass produced brand name, you feel will be the high-cost sort after basses of the future? let's say in 2060? .
  6. Mark Hollis death has really stayed with me. Such an incredible talent and one of those individuals that I felt I connected with, however knew nothing about him
  7. The guys a genius !
  8. I made the jump from 2 rcf heads and Sub to the 745 about 6 months ago. Aside from the obvious of less weight to carry and set up time. The clarity and depth are really good. we play venues between 150-300 and they do the job. We get so many compliments about the consistency and level of sound. The bass is not lost at all
  9. I used to put it on the floor but as my eyesight got worse. It looked like I was bowing to the crowd after each song. The lads got me some binoculars as a Mikey take.
  10. Such sad, sad news. He was such a huge influence on me growing up. He's album Drift is incredible. His work with sunn o))) is brilliant. Mark Hollis now Scott Walker. Really sad.
  11. Personally I wouldn’t play any of his music. Purely because I dont want to collude or imply there’s any blurring of values when it comes to child abuse. He was clearly a troubled individual, for lots of reasons.
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