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  1. Hello For sale a mint condition M80. Super high level protection for your bass. Really light use. Bargain at £100 willing to meet up local to Birmingham Thanks for looking
  2. Nice Marcus Miller Fretless https://www.andertons.co.uk/black-friday-bass?#facet:&productBeginIndex:0&facetLimit:&orderBy:&pageView:grid&minPrice:&maxPrice:&pageSize:&
  3. Ok so the notorious Deals have started. Thought we could give each other the heads up and share what we find. Guitar Guitar have started. https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/clearance/?Ordering=2&Colour=&Shape=&Pickup=
  4. The most beautiful Fretless I have ever played. Incredible instruments
  5. Hello Everyone Im selling this excellent HX Stomp. Im having to sell due to me reducing my gigging and to show my wife and can stop buying stuff!!. Ive used this live twice and it really is a very useful and versatile piece of equipment. In as new condition as you will see from the pictures. I found it really easy to set up and navigate. it enabled me to leave my amp at home on the couple of occasions I used it. I went from the stomp to my Radial Preamp straight into a desk. I thought it performed brilliantly. It was great just my bass and a pedal board. Liberating! £340 Inc delivery inside UK 7B0A71B4-962E-46AA-8C58-3AF377D57D76.heic F0AE3894-91C6-4C75-9AEB-25EC25F98ECF.heic
  6. Thanks all. Ill try the laptop PSU. Thanks for the offer @pete.young unfortunately I’m in Birmingham. I might drop Marc at Bass Direct an email. That’s where I bought it from.
  7. Hell all. Ive emailed their site a couple of times, without success. Has Anyone an alternative email address and experience of customer service? My lovely little double Four has stopped working. Not had it long and it’s never left the house. I’m hoping it’s the power supply. I’ve been trying to contact for advice. Thanks in advance
  8. Sunno)) on Saturday. Enough said!
  9. I love my Radial Bone OD. An amazing pre amp. 2 channel and a great Overdrive section. Loads of great features
  10. Man that’s a prime gig. Dunnery is a legend Richard Nolan is one of my bass hero’s.
  11. Hey Linus27 Refreshing to read your post. I can’t help but think is it really your music that is the issue? On the surface it sounds like your in a great place. You’ve experienced lots of different stages musically. If you took away your music would you see things differently? What would you replace it with? You mention heading towards 50. Is this what’s driving your current state of mind. Is it triggering some sort of negative response?
  12. 1. Love shack ( needs to end at least 16bars earlier) 2. Walk of life by dire-rea straights 3. Majority of late 80’s soul
  13. Top transaction. Deal with confidence
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