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  1. I know what it is. My sports teacher used to hit us with that in the early 80’s didn’t half smart
  2. Can you imagine a new member eagerly checking out a thread on tone settings to achieve the ultimate sound. Reading through the thread as the real life madness unfolds. This is the colony that are the members of BC.
  3. Hello all. I know there are a huge amount of factors that impact on the final tone of any bass tone. Bass, amp.cab,player, finger, pick, strings, effects, studio/live, pickups, preamp, passive , active, new world vs old etc etc Putting all those nuances to the side for the purpose of this thread. How do you get a basic tone for: Rock Funk Jazz slap punk motown so regardless of bass type what would you advise a new player who wanted to achieve a good baseline tone for each what are the EQ rules ?
  4. Hello All. Up for sale this incredible Banana effects synth pedal. Very hard to come by in the UK. Possibley the smallest synth pedal with the most incredible range of functions and tone. Mint condition, just plug in and away you go. £120 Following clips will give you an idea of thew scope of this pedal. https://www.guitarpedalx.com/news/news/japans-banana-effects-is-helping-to-redefine-the-role-and-status-of-mini-pedals
  5. Keep it coming im intrested!
  6. They are incredible. If I’m honest the longer it’s for sale the more I’m thinking I should withdraw and keep ?
  7. I sold Paul a QSC monitor. Flawless transaction. We had a short but enjoyable chat. I hope you didn’t spend to much at BD.
  8. I’m committing fully to IEM system as gigs return. I’ve used this as my personal monitor a a couple of gigs. Really powerful and is a true FRFR monitor. Comes with padded cover. In excellent condition. £515 collection from Birmingham B14 QSC K12.2 12'' Active PA Speaker Details Integrated 2000 watt class-D amplifier module delivers class leading sound Intrinsic correction loudspeaker management ensures a smooth power response Advanced directivity matched transition technology gives uniform coverage Equally suitable for floor monitoring and front-of-house applications
  9. As I’m heading back to gigging I’ve decided to go full commitment to my IEM set up. So this beautiful cab is up for sale. So much power and lots of headroom. Pushes loads of air. Comes with fitted cover. All in excellent condition Vanderkley 210 LNT 1200w 4ohms collection only from Birmingham B14 £565.
  10. It’s very normal to feel this way. As you said the last year has impacted on all of us and our live performance. You sound to me like your good to go. Your fingers are gig ready ( mine aren’t). I would say. Prepare your gear well. Spend time getting a tone your happy with at sound check. One method I’ve always used is to visualise the set. Particularly tasty/ prominent elements. I visualise structure and my finger positioning. It’s basically a mindfulness exercise. Keeps me anchored and in the moment. What’s gone is gone. What’s to come has not yet happened. Stay in the moment.
  11. What if there was no bass? Would we be noticed more in our absence than we are in our presence and feel?
  12. For those learning the relationship between bass and drums, the early combination of Lancaster & Coghlan was so consistent, solid and a great engine room. As a band l know the lineup changes have divided their fans and as a fan in my youth. I didn’t really follow them, with the same intent from 86 onwards. Kept an eye on output but not as enthusiastically. I’ve been a member of QuoMotion for over 10 years. A guilty pleasure that has been great. We play a lot of festivals and the reaction to many of the early classic songs is incredible. So not sure about how significant they are for everyone, but they have a place in the choir.
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