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  1. What an incredible resource. Very diligent individual
  2. Great Bass. I bought one for a Quo Tribute band I play in several years ago. Not a Travis like Alan Lancaster used but a great looking instrument. I would snap this up if I had the cash.
  3. KingPrawn


    Mint. Love that bass.
  4. Incredible instrument. I wish I had the funds!!
  5. I’ve gone through various stages with this. Firstly I can’t see the smaller venues having live music as an option for the near future. They have a real challenge on their hands. The bigger venues we play would be easier for us as a band as only being four of us, we can maintain a distance from each other on stage/ back stage also no contact with guests. The risk is very much for the guests. Also three of us have all had the virus( although no solid evidence to support being less of a risk) we have a few weddings booked, which I had written off. However talking to wedding planners, the industry is working on some processes to enable weddings to go ahead. One wedding package actually includes tests for guests 3 days before the events and temperature testing. One of the main ingredients in all our gigs, which does increase risk is alcohol. Peoples inhibitions reduce once the ‘groove juice’ kicks in. We’ve all experienced the impact it has, both good and bad I just don’t know
  6. That pretty much looks like 60% of the venues we play already. We have clearly been advocates of social distancing for years!!
  7. After a bag of cans, I play like that!
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Some great songs mentioned. My personal favourite is this. Not only does it remove all family from my space. I use it at the end of gigs to clear the venue and restore my musical balance. I think it's the resonance that gets them.
  10. I would suggest you have a serious look at Sandberg basses. The build quality is excellent and they are very versatile. The California T or VM are great to play. There are also some really good secondhand deals to be had.
  11. Second for the Shure. Its consistent and built out of military grad material. It will survive anything.
  12. Incredible news! Really looking forward to this. Jellyfish are one of the greatest bands I've had the pleasure of seeing live. Ive followed all their careers since.
  13. Watching Masterchef I drew a comparison between those Michelin star chefs they work with and bass playing. I have decided I'm greasy spoon and a little bit Greggs. Im consistent and you know what you get. The stuff I play is mass market and goes down well, makes people happy. I've got a bit of Waitrose in me but no one ever seems to need it. Your thoughts?
  14. Spot on that is. Really enjoyed it. Great bass tone
  15. This guy is loving life and he loves his bass. Excuse my ignorance but I had no idea you could make a Rickenbacker sound this way. This guys a star!
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