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  1. A very fair price indeed. As clean as a whistle
  2. Cheers Big Rob. It is truly amazing. One of the fastest necks I’ve ever played.
  3. Cheers Soledad. You don’t need to explain yourself to us. The more J basses the better
  4. Hello For sale this beautiful and rare (1991) Status Matrix 4 string. I have not owned it long. It was an impulse buy and whilst an incredible bass. It's not my usual style, so I am moving it to a better home. Ive included a close up of a couple of marks around the strap lock. Nothing unusual give the age. · Spec's · •Carbon graphite/composite through neck. · •Phenolic fingerboard, 24 fret. · •Scale length 34-inch scale. · •String spacing at bridge 19mm · •Composite graphite body · •Black gloss finish · •1 x Status Single coil pickup, 1 x Status Split Coil pickups · •TB42 eq with bypassswitch. · •Controls: Volume, Pick-Up Balance, Stacked Bass/Treble · •Status Brass bridge, Black · •Gotoh Tuners, Hipshot Xtender Key, Black · Weight is: 8lb 6oz/3.8kg I'm more than happy to meet up within a reasonable distance to Birmingham or your welcome to try. Price includes shipping within UK. No trades, please.
  5. Geert bought my Zon Fretless. I can only echo what others have said. A really easy transaction and most important brilliant communication. A pleasure to deal with.
  6. Get In Nancy Johnson. Just Get In !!
  7. Saw these live earlier this year. They were all amazing. Bass player was solid
  8. Thanks, They are indeed incredible instruments
  9. To all who have sent messages bear with me please. It will be Sunday Evening before I can reply
  10. I can't really bring myself to tell you how GUTTED I am to have to sell this bass. It's my adolescent dream fretless bass. The sustain is unequalled. Whilst playing once I hit an open D. let it ring, got peckish nipped off for the buffet. went back realised I wasn't needed and popped out to get my hair cut. came back to an empty room. bass still going strong. These are legendary basses and having owned a WAL fretless I would choose this every time. In great condition. Currently strung with flats. Amazing tone and lovely neck profile. Postage included in the UK Happy to meet within a reasonable distance of Birmingham or Burton on Trent during the week. PLEASE NO TRADES
  11. Another beauty. This incredible B4E. These beautiful basses are built in Poland. In my opinion, these are the basses that compete with Warick thumb all day long. MEC pups as per Warwick. Nice neck profile and comfortable fit. Comes with a soft case ( Not Mayones) Weight 7.4lb £425 inc postage to UK Meet up a reasonable distance of Birmingham or Burton on Trent weekdays Please do not offer me trade you, bad bad boys!!
  12. Evening all. I'm thinning the heard tonight. I've spent weeks trying to avoid this but here we go. This beautiful Sandberg TT4. I love Sandberg basses. Anyone who has tried them will tell you the build quality and out of the box tone is sublime. These are the all in one bass for tone and style. Very good condition and comes with a soft case. I have used this as a back up to my main Sandberg so not an awful amount of use. great action and I love the depth of the 3 tone paint job. One picture shows a tiny dink on the neck. Weight: 9.4lb Location: Birmingham / Burton on Trent Happy to meet up at a reasonable distance Sipped with UK. Happy to look at international at buyers extra cost. PLEASE, NO TRADE FOR ANYTHING!!
  13. I don't hate gigging per se. I gig in a 70's/80's disco-funk, a staus Quo tribute band( we were a question on the chase) and a trad Irish band. Love it all until! I'm so busy at work I cant prepare properly The venue ( even though we have a checklist) lie about the capacity and quality of the venue some tw*t of a sound guy tells me stupid excuses for their lack of knowledge e.g. " Yeah the subs are under the stage and like it resonates and like that's why I push more mids through your wedge" Punters get twisted and start thinking they own you. lack of respect from gaffers, they take ages to pay or you have to chase them around the venue. Basically, there's a Fu**in huge chasm between being pro and a weekend warrior. It's still my choice to put myself through this sh*t. I just hope I recognise the time to knock it on the head.
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