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  1. Gerry bought a set of j pickups form me. Great transaction
  2. Evening. I have two Kent Armstrong 4 string jazz pickups for sale. JBEF-1& JBER-1 These were never fitted so are essentially brand-new. All original packing. £60 delivered to a UK address.
  3. Hello. 250-400 size venues. The desk is on stage with me
  4. Afternoon all. i want to use Q Mix with my Presonus studiolive desk. Any suggestions for the most reliable router to create the network ? Thanks
  5. His influence on Jaco was massive. I love this track. Two incredible players and how it resolves at the end is beautiful.
  6. I really enjoyed this.
  7. This topic strikes a chord and goes to the very heart of many a bass players vulnerability. Over the years I've owned them all. 80's fads, 90's fads, 00's fads etc, etc.Headless, 5 string, 6 string. Jazz, P, new world, extended range. All colours you can imagine. Ive spent a small fortune on basses and related stuff to meet my desire to be better, and find the tone!!!. My conclusion is this. Pickups matter, electronics matter. My ability and ears dwindle. The rest is a version of the emperors new clothes. Having said all this, I'm returning to my deluded world and and very happy here
  8. Evening all. Any recommendations for purchases please? TA!
  9. Spot on. leave it alone. looks mint
  10. Thanks for the input. I’ll take a look at your products. The part I think I’m overthinking is the relationship between the choice of pickup and the impact the cap will have on the tonal range. So if I buy for example some Delano PMVC 4 AL H. Pups. What cap& pots etc will give me the best pairing. I guess I’m overthinking it. I usually do.
  11. Evening chaps. Have any of you had any dealings with this outfit? I like the look of this loom. Its for a P bass hence so 250K is ideal. Like the idea of Audio Taper Pots. Can any one vouch for the Sprague " Orange drop" CAP? thoughts please Incorporates: Matched* CTS USA Custom Audio Taper 250K Split Shaft Volume & Tone Potentiometers - smooth linear volume and tone change (no bunching or on/off effect) 0.022uF Sprague "Orange Drop" Tone Capacitor** - removes the thinness and harshness inherent with budget capacitors Quality Jack Socket Bridge earth wire supplied with heatshrink tube to twist join with exiting earth, solder and insulate
  12. After many years of debate, (with my inner voice). Ive think I've decided? Great Disco/Funk intros where the bass just drops in and all is well in the world. This is very Herbie H inspired? Whats your contenders?
  13. Can’t access pictures? Would like too see this beauty
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