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  1. Not everyone’s cup of tea. He’s the master of shred on the violin. Guy Christian Nsangur is just brilliant.
  2. What an emotional bunch we are. I could add to this thread for hours. So my offering is this amazing version of blood of Eden by Peter Gabriel. Particularly at 3minutes in section starts that end up resolving beautifully.
  3. A friend sent me this. He knows it’s my thing. However their interpretation of GAS puts a whole new spin on the same affliction. I fear I have both strains!
  4. Hello it might be worth messaging @paulbkeeves He,s the go to player for many musicals He’s also a really super guy.
  5. Ditto. I was so so close. Beautiful bass
  6. Have you thought about using flats or some foam to mute the strings? An octave pedal would provide a nice sub effect?
  7. Evening all. I’m looking to change the control loom for a squire jaguar vintage modified. It’s the jag with the stacked pots. Each pot has volume and tone. The bottom control of the stack has a dial ( click when turning). However I don’t really need to keep that feature. Where should I be shopping for this? The parts thread has not been updated since the new site migration took place. Cheers
  8. Another endorsement for RCF. We bought the Art 745. Does away with a sub. Great projection. Easy to transport. What motto love.
  9. I really admire all those wonderful players who are consistently push technique and strive for excellence. In my younger days they were inspiring and I spent hours diligently trying to emulate them. However as @Bilbo has stated. I have never used the techniques in my weekend warrior playing career. I imagine if I were endorsed and had to promote a product or did clinics I’d defo have some slick runs and fancy techniques to impress my audience and paymasters. I feel there’s a place for us all in the choir. These players spark interest and inspire the next generation and no doubt those young players will go on the same journey as many of us and if they are lucky end up content playing the music they really enjoy
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