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  1. Such a beautiful bass. I let one go, some time ago. Warwick in its essence but completely unique. really light. this Bart picks are incredible. GLWTS
  2. Get some Quo in there. Great for roots and solid playing. Both left and right hand technique. I use it loads with new students.
  3. Thank you. It’s great. Do you have the chords you could post? Happy Christmas
  4. My Nephew took me too see this guy at PMT in Birmingham many years ago. He was incredible
  5. Ok .I took the output from my Mac into the Aux and used my headphones. it rumbles perfectly well and you can adjust the sensation and intensity of the rumble. So in answer yes it works.
  6. I have no glue on either account. All I can offer is this clip?
  7. I'm not going to lie. Ive had a few beers so my mojo is running near 10. Have to add this bass line. https://youtu.be/wHL51iL9N0c
  8. Ive had a bawbag of a week. Can be got over etc, just need to dig in. This tune and bass line always help. Its just oooooh. Take me to another hypnotic level.
  9. The Beato Ear method this is bonkers
  10. KingPrawn


    For sale. In great condition. £50 price includes postage inside uk
  11. Up for sale. This super BackBeat. A rumble subwoofer. It’s in perfect condition. I’m only moving it on as Covid pressure and Christmas coming. £210 inc postage in UK
  12. Hey all. Hope you're well? I never get tired of hearing this arrangement and how it resolves. Please bring you best resolutions to the yard! For me it starts at 3.04 resolves around 4.07
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