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  1. So many to choose from. One of my biggest challenges recently has been using a pick instead of fingers. I’ve struggled to get the same speed. The start of Town called malice was a right nightmare in the beginning. With fingers faultless with pick ridiculous. I agree regarding leaving the line for a period always seems to help.
  2. There are loads of great preamps on the market. I use a Radial Bassbone OD. 2 channel with a handy eb section. Really simple and great quality. Might be worth looking into some preamps
  3. Whilst the late 80’s music curriculum had its limitations, particularly lack of instruments. I was lucky to have a music teacher who encouraged all us who had a passion to hang out in the music rooms. We talked about all the music we were listening too out side of the normal chart stuff. It’s construction and why we connected with it. She also brought in players from The Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra to give us individual lessons. It gave us the opportunity to play in lots of youth orchestras and in my case brass ensembles. I fast forward to visiting the music classrooms at my children’s school and it’s littered with technology and creative spaces. So much more accessible. Allows all abilities to create their type music.
  4. Completely agree. You so right to mention the PA quality. Even on our small gigs I can get away with it as we have a decent RCF setup, which has 15” speakers to carry the bass.
  5. I think I’m in a transition period. I find myself either using my Radial preamp into a desk with a FRFR monitor or IEM, in most venues. The only time I love a big old amp is the festivals or big stage where you need to feel the air. Most other venues I just don’t need one.
  6. I heard this on the radio yesterday and guessed it was a Wal bass. Not just the sound but also the year as they were so influential at that time. It is a great bass line. Bit harder these days to guess the bass as the options and quality preamps and pickups is so varied. Made me think, is it really the pickups I’m predicting ( Jazz, P, MM) than the actual make of instrument?
  7. Haven’t got a video. Just have some sound Recorded at Metropolis studios in London for a Swedish band. I think it sounds like a load of musicians falling down a flight of stairs There money I took it A gigs a gig in these troubled times https://www.dropbox.com/s/09otv9xkx3blm4d/For Sean.mp3?dl=0
  8. I saw them support It Bites. Just mind blowing. If anyone doesn’t know them. Please please get on it.
  9. Evening all. For sale these as new BOSE earbuds. I was bought them as a present recently and sadly will never use them as I have a set of BOSE in ear I just do not want to part with. They have been put in my ears once. I promise I'm a clean boy! These retail at £179. They as you would expect 5 star reviews. ( See below). You can see from the pictures the box is in perfect condition with all the extras buds and charging lead still to be opened. https://www.whathifi.com/bose/soundsport-free/review Price includes postage to UK. £95 Take Care
  10. What an incredible resource. Very diligent individual
  11. Great Bass. I bought one for a Quo Tribute band I play in several years ago. Not a Travis like Alan Lancaster used but a great looking instrument. I would snap this up if I had the cash.
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