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  1. Combined cost of equipment

    Yes just wondering if it's worth flogging or burning??
  2. Combined cost of equipment

    Following on the tail of the Gas thread. I was thinking what the combined cost of our equipment is here on BC is? If it’s just bass equipment I estimate mine to be the best part of £7000. That’s all basses, amps, cabs, leads, pedals etc. It’s obscene!
  3. Help to motivate to play when depressed

    Well hopefully sending the post is the first step? Talking about it here or elsewhere is important. Although reading some of the threads on here may not always improve your mental health. 😀 playing wise take it hour by hour. Maybe revisit some of the music that sparked your interest. It may trigger something positive. Aside from that. Be good to yourself.
  4. Floor monitor

  5. Floor monitor

  6. Floor monitor

    Do you run the signal to you amp via the Aux?
  7. Floor monitor

    Cheers for this ead
  8. Bilbo blows in technicolour

    Thanks for posting. Sounds great
  9. Floor monitor

    Your right EBS freak. One of the QSC speakers on the FRFR thread has two inputs. And Di out. I’m thinking bass bone > QSC then Di to desk. Then Aux from desk to 2nd input for general mix?
  10. Floor monitor

    I know!
  11. Floor monitor

    Brilliant thanks
  12. Floor monitor

    Hi all. Im using my bas rig less and less. I’ve used my bass bone for several gigs now. Whilst some venue monitors are excellent others are hit and miss. I was wondering what you guys would consider to be the best floor monitor for bass?
  13. Zon Sonus Custom 5 FS

    I’m in love again
  14. Bass Collection JZ modell

    SWEET!!!! love the pick guard GLWTS
  15. RIP Jóhann Jóhannson

    Really sad to read about the death of this amazing artist. He’s compositions are truly beautiful.