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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. He is a stunning player. Although an unusual bass presentation for a lefthander. His work with It Bites is also wonderful
  3. Any where you like really. Most are set on a single pole with sub then speaker on top. The sound from a sub is omnidirectional. The frequencies are generally below 200HZ. So it’s an almost 360 degree sound. Not to close to walls and corners can some times make them sound louder. There are calculations about distance to walls and radiation and Phasing issues however generally anywhere. Depends on the venue.
  4. What great ideas and advice BC comes to the rescue again
  5. Morning all. I need to develop some promo posters for a number of gigs. I was wondering, what software or Apps do you use? Nothing to complex and cheap as chips. Ta
  6. I know what it is. My sports teacher used to hit us with that in the early 80’s didn’t half smart
  7. Can you imagine a new member eagerly checking out a thread on tone settings to achieve the ultimate sound. Reading through the thread as the real life madness unfolds. This is the colony that are the members of BC.
  8. Hello all. I know there are a huge amount of factors that impact on the final tone of any bass tone. Bass, amp.cab,player, finger, pick, strings, effects, studio/live, pickups, preamp, passive , active, new world vs old etc etc Putting all those nuances to the side for the purpose of this thread. How do you get a basic tone for: Rock Funk Jazz slap punk motown so regardless of bass type what would you advise a new player who wanted to achieve a good baseline tone for each what are the EQ rules ?
  9. Hello All. Up for sale this incredible Banana effects synth pedal. Very hard to come by in the UK. Possibley the smallest synth pedal with the most incredible range of functions and tone. Mint condition, just plug in and away you go. £120 Following clips will give you an idea of thew scope of this pedal. https://www.guitarpedalx.com/news/news/japans-banana-effects-is-helping-to-redefine-the-role-and-status-of-mini-pedals
  10. Keep it coming im intrested!
  11. They are incredible. If I’m honest the longer it’s for sale the more I’m thinking I should withdraw and keep ?
  12. I sold Paul a QSC monitor. Flawless transaction. We had a short but enjoyable chat. I hope you didn’t spend to much at BD.
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