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  1. YES!!. That was my instrument in school. I wanted Trumpet but Craig Gardener got the last one. I ended up with Trompone, which i adored but my family not so much. Still love it
  2. Supersonic festival this weekend in Brum. Then Bongolian at the Night Owl in Brum. Then i have 4 festivals im playing at, so myself unfortunately.
  3. Best basses ive ever owned GLWTS
  4. Stunning Bass. The best fretless bass i have ever owned. GLWTS
  5. See recent response. As bass players do you think we could make it sound better? Or does it have to be wood?
  6. Completeley understand the reaction. I think hes a guitarist. Do you think you could find its sweet spot?
  7. This is one of the best posts ever on this site. FACT!! Thanks
  8. Quality Matt Love the no nonsence approach. Clear view of neck and view of finger style/ plectrum. Great you used a variety of basses. I was wondering if a fairly new player stumbled on the site, would it be benifical to add your tone options or effects used to create the sound? For example 'walking on the moon" A newer player might appreciate a link or something? Just a thought. I really wish you the best of luck. Good for you
  9. Once I got over the initial “wtf” moment. I’m thinking why not? If this bass were used on a song I’d heard. Would I know it wasn’t a traditional looking bass?
  10. I saw a bit of a wayne Rooney documentry once and he had several guitars hanging up. He was asked did he play? but admitted he didnt, he was given them as gifts from other famous people such as Noel Gallagher. I remember thinking what a waste.
  11. I yearn for the days of going local. In Birmingham when i was young, there was so much choice. Most shops carried a fair stock of new and second hand. the latter was the section i had to choose from. I knew everyone! They tolerated my stupid bass playing and lack of funds. They stuck with me until i earnt a few bob to spend!! It has changed and had to change. Its not just a stock issue its distribution and the market leaders buying up all the small guys and spitting them out. The market reflects consumer needs and choice. Im happy to go with both, However i do miss my wasted days learnig about gear and stuff.
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