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  1. I love my Radial Bone OD. An amazing pre amp. 2 channel and a great Overdrive section. Loads of great features
  2. Man that’s a prime gig. Dunnery is a legend Richard Nolan is one of my bass hero’s.
  3. Hey Linus27 Refreshing to read your post. I can’t help but think is it really your music that is the issue? On the surface it sounds like your in a great place. You’ve experienced lots of different stages musically. If you took away your music would you see things differently? What would you replace it with? You mention heading towards 50. Is this what’s driving your current state of mind. Is it triggering some sort of negative response?
  4. 1. Love shack ( needs to end at least 16bars earlier) 2. Walk of life by dire-rea straights 3. Majority of late 80’s soul
  5. Top transaction. Deal with confidence
  6. Morning BCers A few more items from the yearly clear out. Collection is fine and i can arrange postage at your cost. 1. I Rig Pro: £60 2. Pro tools M powered essential £30 3. Log Jam Prolog £ 45 4. Behringer Powerplay P1 SOLD
  7. . I have a clear-out and have a few pedals & EBOW to move onto someone who may actually use them. All working. Any questions PM Me Collection is fine and I can arrange postage as long as you cover the costs. 1. Mark Bass Super Synth £60 2. TC electronics Polytune 2. £ SOLD. 3. Mooer Bass Sweeper £ 20
  8. Thank you iKay. It worked. I thought id try tightening the truss rod. 3 half turns later. It's very close. Could maybe take another half turn, but don't want to push my luck. Thanks
  9. Thanks all. I’m going to talk to Sandberg directly
  10. Hello my genius BC’s. I bought a lovely new Sandberg recently. I’ve owned several and just love them. When I look down the neck there is a dip. From the nut to fret 3 there is a definite dip. I thought the truss rod may need to have the tension reduced. I gave a half turn to discover its slack. Dropping the bridge pins will not work as the upper fret action s ok. My question is should I shim the neck to counter act the dip. If I’m right what do I use? As always. Look forward to your advice
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