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  1. YeastieB

    Geddy in the Guardian

    A bit weird to see Geddy in the Guardian. Like they've finally allowed in from the cold which is a bit ironic given Neil has stopped drumming. What are your favourites ? https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/dec/24/geddy-lee-on-rush-greatest-songs
  2. YeastieB

    Albums you've really tried to love...

    Goes with their need to always be progressive. Likewise, I tried and tried with the more recent "back on form" albums as I've loved nearly every album with the exception of Presto. I like the fact that they've moved on and not taken me with them rather than have fourteen repeats of earlier re-incarnations.
  3. YeastieB

    Albums you've really tried to love...

    Tried Bruce Springsteen a few times and while I can admire the songcraft, energy and playing, he just leaves me cold.
  4. Thanks for sharing, wow, she's really inspiring. Agree she should be a household name. Someone should commission a series about her adventures in sound.
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-43967923 But looks like it's other parts of the empire that have gone bust as guitar sales are up 10% ! So the demise of guitar-based music is not yet a reality.
  6. YeastieB

    Cab borrow near cambridge?

    Just outside Cambridge, but no cab sorry.
  7. YeastieB

    Best NYE Band?

    Loving Chic on the BBC's New Year's Eve coverage. Jerry Barnes is amazing. Good to see NIle Rodgers having the time of his life.
  8. YeastieB

    How was your gig last night?

    The one and only gig of the year for the Yeasties, at our works Christmas do. So a lot riding on it, wanting to give people a good time but not mess up in-front of work colleagues, and play as best as we could. Sound man managed to get a decent sound given in the works canteen is just a glass-box with a roof and wooden floor. We had a good balance on stage just from the backline. A bit nervous to start, some slight fluffs from all of us at various points, two pedal failures (rhythm guitarists and my switch pedal-thankfully in middle of last song). But great night, everyone was jumping and dancing and I just didn't want stop playing.
  9. YeastieB

    'Your' band

    Definitely Rush. I remember listening to the start of "The Trees" and knowing that I wanted to play bass from then on. They always felt like "my band" in particular because no-one else seemed to like them.
  10. YeastieB

    Best cover you've heard?

    [quote name='la bam' timestamp='1507661500' post='3387102'] I watched a band called 'The Hamsters' years ago in Bolton. During their Hendrix set they played All Along the Watchtower, and to this day i can still remember the power of how they played it. Absolutely awesome - real next level stuff. [/quote] I think I remember seeing them at what was called the Guildford Festival of Folk and Blues in the mid 90s. They were just fantastic, not a tribute band but channeling the Hendrix vibe and adding their own energy.
  11. YeastieB

    Your first ever gig

    Location/Venue: Live Aid (ok, not that one) -a school version in the big hall. Your age: 16-17 Your bass: An Antoria Jazz copy. It was fantastic, bought it from Smithfield Market in Belfast for not that much. Your amp: Can't remember if it had make, though it was big, black and heavy. The set list (some of it): We only had two songs: Paranoid and Whole Lot of Rosie. Anything else that might be funny/interesting/embarrassing. We were probably terrible as we had only practised once or twice. The audience showed their appreciation by continually spitting on us, so I glad we only had two songs before the next band was on. That was the one and only outing of Hank Shank and the Merchant Bankers. The school made a video of it. God forbid that ever sees the light of day.
  12. I think it depends on the relative gap. I volunteered to play at an official work's ceremony, thinking it might be fun. However, the others were all classically trained, so had no problem sight reading the music they chose. And certainly didn't have time for me to get up to speed. I was felt floundering at the cello parts, losing my way, questioning the idea I really knew how to play anything, perhaps I was kidding myself and it time to just give up.
  13. YeastieB

    My first gig

    Remember everyone is coming to enjoy themselves, so you might as well too. You've rehearsed and earned your right to that bit of stage. It's such a great feeling to play live. Once you start you'll not want to stop. Good luck, and here's to your first of many.
  14. YeastieB

    Manchester benefit gig

    [quote name='Rich' timestamp='1496608331' post='3312709'] According to Farcebook, the bassist is Eric Ingram. [/quote] Got there before me. Loving his lines. [url="http://www.thepicta.com/media/1492131514544323641_405685436"]http://www.thepicta....23641_405685436[/url] He and presumably the rest of the band are Ariana Grande's Tour Band.