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  1. And here it is. https://liamgaughan.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Silk-Sonic-Leave-The-Door-Open.pdf
  2. His Tiny Desk gig was amazing. This is my current favourite of his songs. It’s like Curtis Mayfield born again. Superb.
  3. I had a big old 600 with my Midget. It really sounded great. The weight of the Trace got the better of me quite quickly though.
  4. Up for sale is my GK MB Fusion 500. It’s in nice condition and really quite loud even at 8 ohms. No box or foot switch. Three 12AX7 valves power the pre, and there are two identical channels so you can set one for a clean sound and one for grit. Nothing wrong with it at all, just fancy a change - something Genzler or Tonehammer shaped. Happy to post UK only, say a tenner.
  5. I had one. Very heavy. It was black with blocks and binding on the neck. Rosewood board. Previous owner made a right hack job drilling a hole on the edge next to the jack and badly gluing in an XLR output.
  6. I took the time to find a suitable forum. This does not disappoint. It’s almost a carbon copy of Basschat…but for pipes! There’s even a small section for cigars, which must be their equivalent of the guitar. https://pipesmagazine.com/forums/#main-category.1
  7. I have often thought about this, and went a bit further with my detail. I thought of a Stingray, given its pickup position, as a RWD V8 muscle car. A P bass as a dependable front wheel drive car. A J bass as a 4WD.
  8. I think they should apply a sticker to every Sadowsky sold.
  9. I kind of see why people mention Sadowsky. Although they are of high quality and have a dependable sound and reputation, they aren’t the ‘magic bullet’ that everyone thinks they are, despite the almost evangelical outpourings on the Sadowsky Facebook group. I still wouldn’t part with mine though.
  10. I keep quite an active interest on the Sadowsky Bass Owners Facebook group and I haven’t yet heard of any complaints about the finish. The surface does feel more robust than it looks however.
  11. First time back out to rehearsal since last March with my Satin tonight. Very excited!
  12. How do they justify that price? You can get an actual full-scale ‘Ray, with 3 band EQ for $300 less. They be smokin’ from the marketing BS bong.
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