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  1. I usually go for carbon fibre. Helps to cancel out the weight of the engine and wings. Be sure to mount the engine at the headstock end to ensure even weight distribution.
  2. I can attest to this. Pretty much anything Rodgers & Hammerstein or Gilbert & Sullivan. I used to call it ‘crotchet, rest, crotchet, rest’ music!
  3. One of a few sources reporting that he has died. https://www.cbc.ca/news/entertainment/neil-peart-obit-1.5422806
  4. We have it on every year in our house and have done for the past 10 years. We call it the ‘Annual Rowland Rivron spotting contest’.
  5. Deleted. Lack of interest probably because I’m not one of the forum big shots haha.
  6. The live version is well worth a listen as well.
  7. Two Against Nature has some beautiful Stingray work on it too.
  8. Here is my first ever recording session! Sadowsky NYC direct into a computer thing. https://niederrad-16.bandcamp.com/track/britest-nite
  9. I guess we’ll need to come up with a colloquialism for this new breed. Sadwick? 😁
  10. This is what concerns me. Sadowsky concentrate on making instruments, Warwick concentrate on making sales.
  11. Indeed, a couple of current employees already have their own thing going on. Pablo runs Valle Guitars, Erik runs Truss Guitars and Lukasz runs LPGunia Guitars.
  12. Perhaps I jumped the gun a little. None of us know what went on behind closed doors to lead to this decision, but I don’t think Roger would have made his choice to use Warwick without careful thought. I do feel for the staff in NYC that may be let go though. Having Sadowsky on their CVs and learning from one of the best in the business will stand them in good stead though.
  13. That doesn’t sound like a company that has its house in order.
  14. Well, the word over on the other site is this, posted by an employee, probably Lisa We're just moving the Metro and MetroExpress lines there for better worldwide distribution. It's no secret that we've been having issues getting the MetroExpress basses into the hands of players. This should hopefully eliminate the back orders and delays on that line. And We are moving the Metro/MetroExpress from Yoshi/Japan to Warwick/Germany for better worldwide distribution. Another reply from the same employee says that shifting of Satin basses to Warwick is TBD.
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