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  1. ianrendall

    Dedication for you

    Putting up with two miserable tenor sex players week after week. We nicknamed them Statler and Waldorf. and Happy Birthday hun xx
  2. ianrendall

    Fun little 30 bass comparison

    More exotica here! 😊
  3. ianrendall

    Trace Elliot EQ slider ends required

    Somebody could have quite a good little side business 3D printing these things.
  4. ianrendall

    Whatever happened to??

  5. ianrendall

    Went to Bass Direct this morning.

    God only knows why, but I’d had Samuel L Jackson in my mind!
  6. ianrendall


    Yes it was. Made my day.
  7. ianrendall


    Well I already got meself some hattage.
  8. ianrendall


    I saved up wherever I could for about 2 years so far, which isn’t easy when you’re a self employed B&B and Cattery owner. Actually, it’s my wife that does that. I saved up my bass money walking people’s dogs, and that’s no word of a lie. 😊 Granted, I could have got a Metro or MetroExpress for less but my 20+ year GAS was for an NYC. I thought this over very hard. I COULD get Metro. But the NYC gas would still be there. Also granted, I could have got a really good used ‘real’ NYC for the money I’m paying for a new Satin. But I wanted the full on experience of ordering a new Sadowsky, dealing with Roger and Carl directly, even the build time, on this, the year of my 40th birthday.
  9. ianrendall

    Tower of Power

    Bear in mind that the What Is Hip chart is, so I’ve been informed, a semitone higher than the recording, which makes the bass part a real exercise. On the 13 horn version we use anyway.
  10. ianrendall

    Tower of Power

    Speaking of big band jazz flavouring, here is a selection of ToP charts arranged for big band. http://www.mindformusic.com/big-band/80-artists/345-tower-of-power
  11. ianrendall

    Rim Custom basses now sells ladies shoes

    Somebody else was asking about flats to go with their bass. They might find something to suit them here. Edit: Also, any good for metal etc....
  12. ianrendall

    Flatwound strings.. what make/model recomnended?

    Another vote for TI’s. Some people say they are floppy, but I’ve not noticed any difference in tension from the D’addario rounds I had on before. I had no need to adjust the truss rod either but YMMV.
  13. ianrendall


    I can’t wait. They’ve never done a Pelham satin before so mine will be the only one in the world - for a while at least. I really like how morado looks as well - like rosewood that’s been given highlights!
  14. ianrendall


    New Bass (Order) Day!
  15. ianrendall

    Exoctica? pah! gimme a p bass

    All joking aside, the Yokken ClangHammer was superb. They did a limited edition with a crispy bacon scratchplate and a neck fashioned from house bricks. The neck dive was atrocious but it sounded so meaty.