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  1. I’ve always thought that men in suits do more damage than men with guns.
  2. https://juliensauctions.com/exhibition-press-release?id=296
  3. I think it’s too late. There’s a GAS leak.
  4. It’s sounds to me @bubinga5, that you have your heart set on an Xotic. You know what you have to do..
  5. Sadowsky? Yes, I am a fanboi. But seriously, I don’t know your budget, but the Metro express basses have been very well received. And of course MM’s Jazz was heavily modified with a version of the current Sadowsky pre.
  6. Another old fender. This time a 66 Mustang.
  7. I don’t actually know! I’ll weigh it tomorrow and report back. Watching Sex and the City 2 (guilty pleasure) at the moment with the wife. 🤷‍♀️
  8. I was astounded at the lightness of it. I didn’t get an NYC just to be frivolous and show off (well, a bit) but because I get a bad back, otherwise I might have got a Metro.
  9. Roger must have his reasons, but I’m quite surprised that Sadowsky don’t do 6 string basses, not even as a full-on custom build. I’m not interested in a sixer but I’m sure they’d sell pretty well. A new Trace Elliot class D of at least 500w with a valve pre. Bass cabs that are 8/4 ohm switchable. All active basses legally obliged to have easy access battery compartments a la Stingray.
  10. Would you believe the cardboard packaging actually weighs more than the bass. Lift up the Gator case it came in and you’d genuinely think there wasn’t a bass inside! Light as it is, it STILL plays the same wrong notes as all my previous basses.
  11. Damn. Should I not have bought it from AliExpress? I think I know why my import bill was so much lower than it should have been. The Sadowsky invoice that customs would have looked over was $2000 short! A 1 instead of a 3! Lucky mistake or deliberate middle finger to ‘the Man’?
  12. More pics later, promise xx
  13. That’s cool. I’ll tell my enforcer, Brutus, to look out for you 😜
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