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  1. Didn’t know about this group. Now joined 👍
  2. Excellent! I hadn’t thought of that one.
  3. I have a GK MB200 which up till now I’ve been really pleased with in terms of both volume and tone. I have recently got a Sadowsky, which does sound fabulous through it. But the trouble is, it sounds more fabulous through my 700RB, which I think is down to the boost control and less baked in mid scoop. I’m looking for a micro amp, or possibly a combo for backup and rehearsals that is very firmly within the same price bracket as my MB200 that is capable of a bit of grit. I don’t have any more money to shell out because the Sadowsky NYC means I’ll be living on baked beans and fosters lager for the next 2 years Not interested in FX pedals in any way shape or form, but perhaps the BH250 with a gritty toneprint? What are the Eden Terra Nova heads like, as they seem a lot of bang for ones buck?
  4. “Roger, you are well known for making both high quality basses and guitars. Would you say that basses are when your heart lies?” “Honestly, my heart lies with flat top acoustic guitars.” Awkward. Interviewer not done his homework methinks!
  5. They are very useful and musical frequencies so I understand. IMO, it’s the ability to use the VTC (basically a tone control with added marketing BS) while the bass is active that the magic happens. I’ve always shied away from treble controls as they always sound a bit too harsh or piercing for my liking, especially with new roundwounds. With the VTC dialled back a tad I can still retain treble without the harsh edge.
  6. Being able to understand them funny foreign words and yet still reading everything as Presto and FF much to the chagrin of our MD
  7. Very similar. I do try and find a chord sequence and a lead/vocal part to give me some grounding. I have just begun transcribing big band stuff. Currently working on Lady Day and John Coltrane then hopefully Thinking by Louis Cole. If I ever get my buttock area in gear that is!
  8. I ordered my NYC Satin on March 1st this year. It was ready on June 19th. Mind you, mine wasn’t a full on custom job apart from the colour so YMMV.
  9. Definitely the finest pre-hiatus Dan album.
  10. Not only are there two people with the staggeringly awesome name of Stylon Pilson, but there are two Stylon Pilson’s on BD’s books.
  11. Well, all in all it’s just another brick in the wall really.
  12. I’ve always thought that men in suits do more damage than men with guns.
  13. https://juliensauctions.com/exhibition-press-release?id=296
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