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  1. Thank you D'addario

    Great strings and not too pricey either. I had a problem with a rogue medium scale that had found its way into my long scale set. A quick tweet and 3 days later a whole new set arrived. This is the sort of customer service that generates return custom.
  2. Trace preamp valves

    Thank you for all your replies so far ive decided that I definitely want early breakup.
  3. What Trolley do you use

    If you own a Trace then I’d recommmend one of these. One careful American owner.
  4. Gig Disasters

    I did a gig on 8 pints once. I sounded great. No one else thought so.
  5. Trace preamp valves

    Thoughts on this? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F183186481526
  6. Trace preamp valves

    Oooo early breakup sounds like a lovely option. Especially if her indoors nixes my Barefaced 15” fancying.
  7. Trace preamp valves

    I’ve recently got hold of a Trace AH600SMX, nicknamed ‘The Herniator’ and was wondering about valvage. Neither I nor the previous owner have any idea how old the valve is, so it could be 20 years old as it’s a ‘98 amp. The valve is a 12ax7 Golden Lion. I’d like to replace it and am looking for recommendations. Am I right to assume that all 12ax7/ECC83 valves are designed to a certain spec and that any tonal variations are manufacturer dependent?
  8. valve glow...when is too much?

    Pull it out. Clean the jets, needle and float bowl with some carb cleaner, reassemble and add some fresh fuel.
  9. Is There A "Correct" Way To Play

    Unless, like me, you end up with bits left over 🤪
  10. NAD - and bit of a clean up diary - Trace AH600SMX

    Superb thank you! Another question. There should be four rubber feets on the side of the case. They are absent on mine but the original screws and washers are plugging the holes. Can anyone tell me the diameter and height of rubber feets needed?
  11. NAD - and bit of a clean up diary - Trace AH600SMX

    I shall have a go with that when I get a chance. Can you tell me, the EQ level control, what does it do, in layman’s terms? Does it mix between dry (0, no EQ) and wet (10, all EQ)?
  12. NAD - and bit of a clean up diary - Trace AH600SMX

    I previously posted a picture of my Promethean amp on top of the Trace. Here is another.
  13. NAD - and bit of a clean up diary - Trace AH600SMX

    My current EQ setup.
  14. NAD - and bit of a clean up diary - Trace AH600SMX

    Actually, I think this may explain that it is normal operation?
  15. NAD - and bit of a clean up diary - Trace AH600SMX

    Can I just confirm something that’s been niggling. I plugged my cab into one of the speaker outputs on the rear panel, let’s say the left output. There is no sound unless I turn up the left line out volume control on the rear panel, regardless of the volume on the front panel. Is this normal operation?