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  1. ianrendall

    Bass head for studio & Home practise

    I’m going to throw the GK MB200 in. I’ve just got one myself as a backup for my massive 600w Trace and it really does punch above it’s very light weight. I’m actually using it at rehearsals and gigs more than the Trace now Astounding tone, more volume than you would think and very quiet operation.
  2. ianrendall

    US made super jazzes

    I think by the look of the Satin prices on Guitar Guitar they have added (and of course, they should) the HMRC another costs to the final price. I think my best bet is to buy in the UK second hand. Wonder if I can find a 5 string PJ fretless...
  3. ianrendall

    US made super jazzes

    Thanks for the heads up. I thought as much. So I can assume that if I buy from a UK Sadowsky dealer like Bass Direct they will have priced accordingly to take Customs into account?
  4. ianrendall

    US made super jazzes

    So I’ve pretty much decided I’m getting a Sadowsky. A new NYC Satin is doable with my budget, but has anyone ordered direct from Sadowsky? I’ve a feeling I’d get stung by the gentlemen at Her Majesty’s Customs.
  5. ianrendall

    What do you think about when you're playing. .

    Easy question..when I’m not considering how to fiddle with my EQ, this:
  6. ianrendall

    British built custom bass

    Ok guys, here is where I’m at. I’ve had extreme unicorn GAS for as long as I’ve been playing bass for a Sadowsky. The blame lies with Will Lee and Walter Becker. I’ve decided this is where my heart lies and as we all know, GAS cannot be be reasonably satisfied by a third party. I will by a damn Sadowsky and if I don’t like it I’ll be bloody well back. Thank you all for your suggestions, it has opened my eyes to what is available in the UK. I’ll probably sell the yet to be acquired Sad in a few years anyway and get a custom.
  7. ianrendall

    Favourite basses and back pain.

    What strap are you using? Try getting the widest most padded strap you can find - spread the load.
  8. ianrendall

    British built custom bass

    You are correct. However, the idea of an Everson custom with an MM J config is becoming more appealing by the day.....and then I look at a Sadowsky again and I’m back where I started 😂😂
  9. ianrendall

    Steely Dan UK tour 2019!!

    Yes I’ve heard this. It’s probably the only time I’ll get to see them live though. They have been touring very heavily for years now, can’t be easy to keep up the enthusiasm and freshness for that long. I’d rather a new album to be honest.
  10. ianrendall

    Steely Dan UK tour 2019!!

    True enough, but the musicians will be absolutely top of the line.
  11. ianrendall

    Steely Dan UK tour 2019!!

    Steely Dan are coming to the UK in Feb 2019. Wembley Arena, Birmingham, Dublin and Manchester. Got my tickets!
  12. ianrendall

    British built custom bass

    Those Everson’s are extremely attractive instruments aren’t they?
  13. ianrendall

    British built custom bass

    Thanks to this thread and many helpful basschatters I’ve discovered that there are so many custom builders that could build me something within budget, albeit a basic model. Trouble is, I could get a second hand NYC Sadowsky within budget or order a new NYC Satin (HMRC notwithstanding!). I’ve really given myself a lot to think about.
  14. ianrendall

    British built custom bass

    More very useful info thank you. My purchase is many months away yet, but already I am obsessing! Gives me plenty of time to think
  15. ianrendall

    British built custom bass

    Thank you so much, really useful info. I think if I do go the custom route it would probably be Shuker. If anything he is nearer to me should I want to visit.