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  1. hatori


    Approximately six years ago from a guy in manchester. One of the bridge anchor pins had shifted so i had that repaired and the electrics serviced plus fret level and polish. I considered going the whole hog and having the bass refinished but it has so much character i couldnt bring myself to do it.
  2. hatori


    My much loved mojo machine. Not much of the original finish left on it.
  3. Brand X 'Manifest of destiny'.......Percy Jones bass thundergod.😀
  4. Gentlemen, my profuse apologies for miss spelling her surname.
  5. We both happy boys....for now.....until the next ' must have' comes along ☺. Thank you for the feedback Ian it was a pleasure.
  6. hatori

    Gibson Porn

    ' Baba Yaga' 1968 mojo monster.
  7. How about the Empress parametric eq with boost ? I wouldnt mind giving that a try.☺
  8. Pulled the trigger on one today.
  9. I have a hipshot d tuner on one which gives me CGCF if required.
  10. Both of my Precisions tuned DGCF with 45-105's. Im running bi amped and loving the low end.☺
  11. I would like to see a reissued eb3/eb3l with an upgraded neck pickup, also an EB1 . i have a 68 EB3 and i love it even though theres hardly any of the original finish left on it.
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