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  1. @wateroftyne I've only ever tried GHS Precision flats on my p-bass. How do they compare with others, in particular the tension and TI jazz flats?
  2. Lardy

    Feedback for TKenrick

    'Just bought an mxr bass octave from Tom. Exactly as he described, was in the post and arrived way before I expected (I was in no rush, but thank you). Excellent communication all the way. 'Much appreciated. J.
  3. Thanks Cordwangle. Related but not quite OT - as we're due to return to the UK next year, you prompted me to look into my gk mb500 fusion. I bought it here in the US, used, when the pound was doing well and I needed to know if I can convert it or if i need to sell it. I found two jumpers (blue one and black one) and seemingly obvious alternative "230v" positions - which means I can keep the amp (it will still have the 110v notice printed on the amp body, but I'll just put a sticker on it). Caveat: when I do it, I shall have a good look round to see if I missed anything, and I shall avoid those dangerous-looking capacitors. I love this forum, great info, banter etc. So 'hope this info helps someone. Should I post it as separate topic? J
  4. My first gig on Friday. Early evening, short set, 'works' venue. Indescribably good fun - if a little nerve-wracking - and really satisfying. Audience of forty or so, colleagues, friends of friends etc, so a 'sympathetic' crowd who danced, sang along some and gave a big cheer at the end. 'Made plenty of mistakes but the other band members just smiled and were pretty sanguine, kept it going and the audience didn't seem to mind (or even notice). During one song I even managed a laugh (well all of us did) as it sounded as if the drum kit was being violently destroyed - but the drummer was just 'in the zone' I think (he's stunningly talented so it was all good). I really should have picked up an instrument thirty or forty years ago, not last year! I've taken quite a few leaves out of the 'book of basschat' - learned lots from contributions to this forum so much appreciated. And hats off to those who this sort of thing regularly and do it well!
  5. Thanks again for all the encouragement and tips (I've cut and pasted a few of them and taped it to my music stand to keep me going/amused). [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1460328687' post='3024762'] Good man..! Don't rush things; slow is the new fast. Don't forget to breath (more important than one imagines, and a permanent problem of mine since infancy...) Take breaks; I recommend Earl Grey and Rich Tea or Digestive biscuits, but a glass of milk is fine, too. Every hour of practise, take a walk around the house (yes, outside...) for 5 minutes. Raining..? Pah..! It's only water; it'll wash off. As you were; carry on... [/quote] I've been practising until 1.30am (with headphones), or until my fingers nearly bleed (whichever is the sooner) - I take it that's what you really mean.
  6. I simply didn't realise that this was a common experience - I thought it was just me! Thanks again for all the comments and advice. (And I've been hammering away at Dad3353's practice material).
  7. Thank you for all the advice and encouragement - it makes a big difference at this stage (I'm about a thousand miles out of my comfort zone). FinnDave - I enjoyed that! Easier to follow than the very 'busy' version of Crossroads that I've got (hmm, Stanford-in-the-Vale. I seem to remember getting stopped there one night by the police on the way back from a Hawkwind concert...). Dad3353 - I'm overwhelmed - thank you so much. That's given me something that I believe I can really achieve - in steps. I'm now going to annoy the family and get on with it. J.
  8. Uncharacteristically, I put myself up for this. Though a different type of experience, I think I was encouraged by this post [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/281860-beginners-corner/"]http://basschat.co.uk/topic/281860-beginners-corner/[/url] where 'Ashweb', despite being a beginner, had bravely just ‘gone for it’ . So thanks to him and his (apparent) mentor Bassman7755. Anyway, I got to hear about a chap who was inviting any musically-interested people in our ‘community’ (work-related) together for a bit of fun. After a few emails (including my reservations as a beginner), a few suggestions of songs, and a three frantic evenings of practice by me, he got about half a dozen of us together in a room he’d booked on Thursday evening. I'm not sure if it was really a jam (how would I know) or just an ad-hoc rehearsal by people who've never met, never played together. I’m very much a late-in-life beginner, ‘been learning about a year (big gap of 2-3 months when we moved) so I’ve been doing very basic practice routines, and I’d never tried much more than short riffs etc. Whole songs, at song-pace, no way! It was TERRIFYING! ‘Arrived late (well, in fact, they started early), whilst [real] musicians were merrily singing and playing their way through a song. ‘Set up then couldn’t work out how to play anything bass-like for the remainder of that song (I can read tab at home but I think I went ‘tab-blind’ there). ‘Next one I’d practised - but then they told me they changed key FFS! Later, Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black saved the day at the end as I could actually keep up (-ish). ‘Actually enjoyed it (though from the concentration expression on my face you wouldn’t have known it). I was sweating profusely through the whole experience. When I got back home it took me a bottle and a half of wine to recover. Despite the headache in the morning I was glad I’d done it. I’m always encouraged (and entertained) by what basschat members have to say here on all manner of topics, and I almost certainly wouldn’t have ‘gone for it’ had it not been for basschat, so ‘thank you’ to all. Now then, so that I don’t get ‘expelled’ at the next session (perhaps the one after), can anyone suggest a really simple way of getting through Crossroads by Cream?! The very capable guitarist has suggested it. I’m completely out of my depth, I know, but I’m thinking of just playing the same riff all the way through (and hoping that I can get to any kind of decent speed), based on following a chord chart* and the chord changes (there’s no way I could read music or tab quick enough, never mind play it). *Sorry, I haven’t really expressed this very well.
  9. Just weighed my SR300 with baggage scales: 3.35kg (without strap). Its a 2015 model. Hope this helps.
  10. From Mrs Lardy, three things that will challenge me (as a learner) [attachment=208223:IMG_0985 (2).png] And one day I'll be able to play and do it justice [attachment=208222:IMG_0965.png]
  11. 'Really grateful for the responses. My inclination, then, is to stretch to a Fender P-bass, taking advantage of being able get one at an affordable-ish price whilst I'm out there for a couple of years (still - a bit extravagant for a learner). Try them out in a shop as per gary_mac (very useful step-by-step advice for a newbie). I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks - 'much appreciated.
  12. <newbie alert> I'm a real newbie, started learning in January, never played an instrument before, lessons every couple of weeks. 'Love it! I probably pick up and 'play' my bass 4-5 days a week (sometimes just a few mins). We're moving to the US for a while so I'm committed now to putting the bass in freight which I won't see for about 8-9 weeks (yeah, don't ask...). I've not been inclined to sell the Ibanez sr300 (not least because I bought it new* and also one of the kids might show an interest in due course). I'll sell the practice amp (not US voltage) next week, probably on this forum. As I shall be without my bass for some time, I can see withdrawal symptoms looming. I'm toying with the idea of getting another bass as soon as I get out there... soooo... Putting yourself in my position, what could you suggest I could buy (for modest cost) that would complement the Ibanez, i.e. be quite different? (bear in mind that "I know nothing'). I tend not to sell things on (hoarder) so it might be something I would keep forever. Should I be jumping at an opportunity to buy a fender or squier (price-wise 'cos of US $ price)? I'm never going to be that good a player so I'm not going to 'invest' in something very expensive, that's for sure. And 'trying' stuff in a shop to establish what I'd prefer is problematic as my playing still so c**p that I'd be embarrassed to 'play' anything in a shop. [And then of course, I need to get a practice-amp/amp/cab ... again, possibly things that I'll keep until I peg it.] Or is the simple answer "just get a fender/squier **-bass?" Sorry, this is probably all a bit woolly and there are probably a whole host of answers. However, I've lurked on the forum for some months now and would really appreciate some advice from what appears to be an enormous bank of experience and knowledge. Thanks.
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