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  1. Hi Mike - apologies for delay...yes, £875 is good for me, thanks 🙂 my 'phone: 07851 280090
  2. Hi Mike - it's Paul (based near Cardiff airport, have been in touch via ebay) I'd like to offer £850 for the bass if that works for you..? Can collect: cash or bank credit.
  3. I have the SWB-1 Pro but also own a Gibson SG EB3, short scale re-issue...the SG is really good to play (slaps easily too) & the quality is exceptional - would recommend trying it out..cheers, Paul
  4. Just a heads-up for anyone buying a GK MB/MBP cab from USA - which I did a few weeks ago as I was unable to source one (MBP115-11) from any UK outlets. My cab arrived within a week (well done FedEx) but was 115Vac type; I emailed the relevant fella at Sam Ash, Miami & he just said that I should buy a converter (step-down transformer)..! I wanted some sort of refund - he offered $25......I refused & we had a few more exchanges. Then, I decided to open up the amp section of the cab (I'm a qualified electronics engineer btw) to check for a voltage selector & on the PSU/amp board was a jumper enabling either 115 or 230Vac....! I moved the jumper to 230Vac position & all is good - cab works fine on UK voltage supply. I hope this info will be of some use to someone finding themselves in a similar situation :-) Cheers, Paul
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