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  1. The red sub that Andy Travis mentioned is in sunburst in this video. The bridge pickup isa bit big though. (27) RedSub HB Bass Guitar, Sunburst | Gear4music demo - YouTube
  2. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/uk-visa-free-work-musicians-eu-brexit-b1784600.html This should have been a shock but it wasn't.
  3. Right, some of the pots are dead so I'll order some replacements and all being well I'll be good to go. Thanks again for your advice.
  4. Thanks for that, I'll have a go and see what it shows. Frank
  5. I got out my aria bass after a bit of a layoff while I concentrated on the VM fretless jazz and it seems something has gone very wrong with the pots and or the preamp the only pot working properly is the volume the others do nothing or virtually nothing and one crackles and disconnects. I've helpfully forgotten which is which and as they're not doing anything I can't work out which is which. The battery is fresh and fully charges. I've also tried contact cleaner. My options seem to be either replacing the pots and seeing if the preamp is fine or replacing the whole lot bearing in mind that the bass although very nice is not worth a great deal...... and I'm fairly broke. I've not managed to track down an ME3 preamp online so I'd be grateful for suggestions. Is it worth doing the pots first or is it likely to be a waste of money? Suggestions gratefully received.
  6. John Entwistle classic tone, classic riffs
  7. Just did a search on the la bella site for LaBella M42S and there was no result in the search, maybe they don't make them any more?
  8. The Modern Jazz Quartet perhaps The Complete Last Concert?
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