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  1. Borrowed one of these once at a multi band night. As soon as I got home I bought one and stuck my mesa boogie M6 carbine up for sale. Didn’t regret it one bit. Brilliant head for very little money. Have a bump.
  2. One of the best value and sounding heads I have owned was a Hartke LH500 it’s insanely simple but the tone was amazing. I actually sold a Mesa Boogie M6 carbine and moved to the hartke and was in a happier place. If I were to go back to amplifiers I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up another one.
  3. Thank you all for the advice. I’m now even more torn on which way to go 😂. I have found an old 900 for £300 but may hold out and look for a premium one. It seems criminal how much of the value deteriorates on these.
  4. Hi all wanting a bit of advice from Ibanez sr users. I have made my mind up that I want to get another sr bass. I have the 300e at the moment but want a higher spec model. I was wondering if you would recommend a brand new 500e say or a second hand 900 but an older one without the switch on the pre amp. Which would be the better bass? Many thanks in advance.
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