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  1. No buddy. I am a Yeovil boy and regularly went to woods though. Use to play there loads in an old band called soul73 and I did pa for the sundays when they use to have multi band days. Our paths have crossed I’m sure. Definitely mutual friends locally.
  2. So do you see an amp as a way for you to hear yourself or a way for the audience to hear the bass? Every gig I do the bass is going through the PA system so in theory the amp is there only for my listening pleasure. So in reality any amp will do. Do you see the value in a nice amp or is it a vanity thing?
  3. This is what it was like before the blue refinish. I was lucky enough to own it twice. Once before the refinish then once after. I bought it from Mansons guitar shop when they 1st had it then traded it back in with them and i believe that’s when Stuart got his hands on it. I then bought it privately a few years later off of him. That’s when we discovered i was buying back my original bass.
  4. Hi. Is this still available and is shipping to the uk possible?
  5. Borrowed one of these once at a multi band night. As soon as I got home I bought one and stuck my mesa boogie M6 carbine up for sale. Didn’t regret it one bit. Brilliant head for very little money. Have a bump.
  6. One of the best value and sounding heads I have owned was a Hartke LH500 it’s insanely simple but the tone was amazing. I actually sold a Mesa Boogie M6 carbine and moved to the hartke and was in a happier place. If I were to go back to amplifiers I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up another one.
  7. Thank you all for the advice. I’m now even more torn on which way to go 😂. I have found an old 900 for £300 but may hold out and look for a premium one. It seems criminal how much of the value deteriorates on these.
  8. Hi all wanting a bit of advice from Ibanez sr users. I have made my mind up that I want to get another sr bass. I have the 300e at the moment but want a higher spec model. I was wondering if you would recommend a brand new 500e say or a second hand 900 but an older one without the switch on the pre amp. Which would be the better bass? Many thanks in advance.
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