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  1. The first studio recording I ever did I lumped my Ashdown rig along and mic'd it up in the vocal booth to "get my sound" , the next time we went we used a guitar Vamp like that for the guitar tracks and I used the bass version (was it green?) , I've never recorded a physical speaker since. Stingray plumbed straight into the desk and I'll play along to the track via the studio monitors in the control room.Job done.
  2. I was chuckling to myself mid way through a song at the last gig as it sounded so good in my ears, especially the vocal harmonies you'd struggle to get even with good wedges and impossible with back line amps as front of house.
  3. The mistake I've made in the past is ending up with a mixture of the wrong stuff, by that I mean we could argue all day over passive or active speakers and there's no right or wrong in reality but I ended up with a perfectly good passive desk and passive speakers which is of no use to anyone without an amp. Make a decision early on which way you want to go and stick to it, you might get a mixer from one place, speakers and stands from another, but you don't want to end up with a nice passive mixer only to find a great deal on a powered euro desk the next day or a pair of powered RCF speakers after you've bought the powered desk!
  4. No the point I was making is that no matter how good, cheap or expensive the bass rig is it's still only monitoring the bass, no matter what pa you are going to use with it you'll need foldback for the other instruments and voices.
  5. How does it sound when you put all the vocals, guitars, keys and percussion through it at the same time as the bass?
  6. He plays upright sometimes hence a hat is compulsory, it's actually an offence to not wear one. I've not watched the recent series but they are a great band, all of them.
  7. And acoustic guitar amp, electric amps, keyboard amp, vocals, backing vocals, horn section, percussion, mandolin etc etc etc.... They're not something you'd have for the dog and gun.
  8. I think EV do a professional range that I've used a few times but there are others, D&B monitors cost around £6k each , you'll need a tasty rig to get close to those! Like most setups is more about how it's used imo, if the whole band are using wedges up front then you aren't trying to make your wedges fight the guitarist's Marshall stack pointing at your ear holes!
  9. I've heard plenty of stage monitors that can out perform a typical bass rig, it's not that they aren't out there it's knowing if there is going to be one at your gig or not.
  10. Here's my level of football knowledge for ya, why are they wearing Aston Villa kits? Ha
  11. They look very smart, loving the wires too!
  12. Nothing if you use the built in router, as the others said use a separate one, I use an old one that used to be our house one, I found it in a drawer just before ordering a brand new one!
  13. Having owned and still own a selection of Fender and Musicman basses I'm surprised I've never had a G&L, there's still time I suppose.
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