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  1. If you are only putting up with the downsides of gigging to keep other bands members happy it's time to move on. If the diary is already fuller than you'd like I can tell you from experience that the more gigs you do for free the more free gigs you'll pick up and it will snowball until you crack, you then look like the bad guy because you won't play the little festival for the donkey sanctuary!
  2. Had a practice in a new wedding venue yesterday, I honestly think without our ampless in ear setup you'd potentially have to cancel the gig in there! Awful echo, Little drumkit sounded like it was micd up at Knebworth.
  3. I think my reputation for not playing any gigs for free has finally got around everyone that knows me, I used to get asked loads but haven't for a while now. All that exposure and opportunity missed, ah well.
  4. Would sir like the last few drunken idiots that won't leave to stand outside smoking in the doorway right in the way?
  5. I wonder if there's a bag for something else that will work?
  6. I had one of those amps from Tandy! Paired with an encore elec guitar, strangely you can still buy those weird batteries in Home Bargains.
  7. I bet they've got gigs and a recording contract already agreed along with a world tour too!
  8. I had an early British built Ashdown bass rig, I was glad to see the back of it tbh.
  9. All my gigging basses have been built in california, have been since 2002.
  10. I'm not doubting it doesn't happen, I'm saying you're a douche bag if you're one of those that does it.
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