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  1. I see there's understandably quite a few people with matching guitars to the basses we know people for......
  2. I was going to start wheeling out the puns about grass roots and sowing the seeds for new musical projects but I'll get a handle on myself.
  3. Tbf that's more than give for one,lol 🤣
  4. We have a member here that plays professionally full time, he has one of everything at his disposal from vintage to single cut things with weird preamps, I think his Lakland like yours goes out on every main gig. A proper tool for the job no matter what that job turns out to be. Excellent!
  5. Amps....? Cabs.....? Nah can't remember them.
  6. No I can't tbh although I've seen various widths about anyway, my old 2002 Teal was quite narrow iirc, it's not something I've ever been hung up on, my Fender USA Jazz V is like a scaffold plank with strings with wide spacing at the bridge but I'll swap mid set between that and a my Ray 5 which some people find too narrow and tightly spaced!
  7. I can confirm we also had Kiss in our set too, lol.
  8. In ears and no amps, it's not the future, it's now!
  9. The Beeb could just show any of the previous year's hootenannys on BBC2 to save money towards Skanks ubernanny on BBC1, other than mikel no one would notice anyway!
  10. I realised after starting the thread that I might not have any pictures as I would be too busy playing, whoops.
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