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  1. stingrayPete1977

    Rare Basses

    I don't think there are that many StingrayClassics with five strings in the UK and mine is Tobacco burst which was only available from the first run in 2010, I've never seen another.
  2. stingrayPete1977

    NBD! Woohoo!

    I was half expecting you to say that! It will take some messing around with the EQ to get it right but once you do I find they cut through better than most basses. Amp set as flat as possible, boost the bass a bit, middle about centre and treble boosted a tiny bit for finger style and cut a bit for pick for me.
  3. stingrayPete1977

    Should I upgrade my RCF 712a’s to 735a’s?

    Same here, we bought the 735s with a view of adding maybe a single sub but we haven't needed to and we put everything through the pa including the bass and kick drum. Coupled to an xair mixer and two powered monitors we've got a compact system that will blow an old fashioned system out the water not just for volume but quality of sound out front, I haven't heard vocals as clear from any PA!
  4. stingrayPete1977

    Should I upgrade my RCF 712a’s to 735a’s?

    The 735 and 745 are a totally different animal, the vocals barely gets anywhere near the main driver like the smaller models and typical cabs like Mackies.
  5. stingrayPete1977

    NBD! Woohoo!

    Excellent choice 😎
  6. stingrayPete1977

    5's and 4's

    Strangely I play four string upright without thinking about it but an electric four string bass confuses me totally.
  7. stingrayPete1977

    NBD, and advice needed.

    I don't think they are different enough tbh, certainly not at a beginner level. But you wouldn't know as you've "never played one", maybe you shouldn't rush your judgement? 😉
  8. stingrayPete1977

    US "touring band" gets found out in Bristol

    But now he has actual media coverage, its possible that people will start to listen to his tracks, view his YouTube clips and attend the gigs?
  9. stingrayPete1977

    NBD, and advice needed.

    As I said before, any teacher that won't teach you on an EUB isn't a teacher you want if you have an EUB, if it's because they've never played one or just snobbery it doesn't matter really the student will be better off without that teacher, if that teacher can't or won't teach the basics of left and right hand technique of a DB to an EUB player I doubt they'd be great at teaching anyway tbh. I use every technique Jake Newman has taught me in the same way on my DB and EUB other than putting my knee behind the body.
  10. stingrayPete1977

    Stingray Classic Natural (or Vintage Sunburst)

    I've had people after gigs telling me they enjoyed it and my playing then ramble on about some band where the bass player uses a five string and how I've proven that you don't need five strings etc etc, I've never had the heart to tell them.
  11. stingrayPete1977

    Name that bass ?

    Did he get to the gig in a kayak?
  12. stingrayPete1977

    Stingray Classic Natural (or Vintage Sunburst)

    You need to see the ClassicRay in the flesh, the quality and finish are a step up again over a regular USA Ray, which are already excellent. Mine has a single slab of wood for the body and a gloss birdseye maple neck and fingerboard.
  13. stingrayPete1977

    Later with Joolz last night

    Ahh beat me to it!
  14. stingrayPete1977

    Later with Joolz last night

    Is this a wind up?