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  1. Looks to me like the advert has worked perfectly, those with ideas above their station are triggered whereas the ones that are happy to do as they are told and take the money aren't bothered. If I refused to work for every person I thought was a bit of a [email protected] I wouldn't have many customers.
  2. Plenty of other high Street shops have five string basses, even ones much smaller.
  3. Same here, if I was joining another band in future this is the sort I'd be after, no messing about. Learn your parts, turn up on time with decent kit, play and get paid. I've done my share of practicing with bands that will never get out of the rehearsal studio with one member that hasn't learnt the parts they were going to learn last week, and the week before all to get a freebie charity gigs for "exposure".
  4. If I was looking for a local band to join for fun and a few beer tokens I might not read the advert fully before messaging them, if it was an interview for my actual job I'd read it ten times over then get someone else to read the application and my reply just to be certain.
  5. That's the point of it, a weekend warrior that wants to spend the next three years rehearsing isn't what they want, someone that reads their messages, learns the parts before rehearsal and does as they are told is what they want, if that's not you then don't apply.
  6. This particular shop had decent quality guitars in stock.
  7. To me it just says they are looking for someone to do the job rather than be a bunch of mates in a band that never gets beyond the practice room.
  8. Both the basses I use were purchased after just walking into a shop, USA Jazz five string and Musicman Stingray five string, both from PMT Birmingham a few years apart, I paid full retail for both. Guitar guitar had a good selection of Fender, Musicman and Lakeland too on the same day I bought the Jazz.
  9. The shop in question was quite large with a decent selection of everything else, not that many basses though.
  10. It's that why they are all closing down, retired and just spending all that money they've made? Lol
  11. Yeah Birmingham guitar guitar and PMT stock and sell plenty, I know because I've bought a few!
  12. It's not truthful, it's a view from twenty years ago. It's not much of a kicking really is it? I haven't even named the City in the title or the shop at all!
  13. They've based that whole business model on one bass they had in stock, maybe it was just a rubbish bass?!
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