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  1. Mine is Romanian, it might get deported!! hopefully Boris will have a bit spare from the £350m a week to buy me a nice British made one?
  2. Not asking for much are they?! I suppose they'd like it delivered to the gig by an attractive blonde too, lol.
  3. We flew back from Barcelona a few weeks ago with easy Jet, as we were boarding the lady at the gate said my wife had to pay €60 for her hand bag as it counted as a second piece of hand luggage, at this point we are surrounded by dozens of people with hand bags and carry on stuff, to add insult to injury we'd already paid for the empty seat next to us! The previous time we'd used EJ ages ago we said it we'd never use them again, we only did this time as someone else booked it originally.
  4. Maybe he's designed a set of golf clubs he's promoting? , square rather than round tubing for the shafts, no rubber on the handles, all the weight at the wrong end and some sharp metal bits where you normally hold them.
  5. I'm not sure anything other than the typical Fender stuff will go up in value much, I certainly wouldn't invest in any modern basses with that in mind.
  6. Sold and delivered a Genz Benz cab to Jay, great communication and cash ready and waiting for me upon my arrival. Another great bass chat member you can safely buy and sell from, thanks again Jay. Pete.
  7. Yeah but at least if you buy it at an auction needing work there's a possibility of making a profit, bargain hunt is backwards because they buy the stuff from a quiant little shop at full whack then sell it at an auction where only dealers will buy stuff at bottom price.
  8. I have friends that work on bargain hunt, I pointed out once that the logic of the show makes no sense, buy from a shop or fayre at full retail price then put it into a random auction to try and get more for it than they paid in the shop!
  9. Maybe it's been through auto tune since the original airing!?
  10. I caught that performance on GN, well I managed about half of it, the wife was in the bathroom and shouted "what the hell are you watching!". Terrible.
  11. That looks like a great project, it's a shame these things are so bulky and delicate, it would make a good 'bass chat introduction to double bass' upright that could be leant to people that fancy trying one out and taken to bass bashes etc
  12. Hi Jay, yes I see you're my eBay messager! Looking at your postcode I could drop it off to you on sunday if you paid for the fuel? Send me a private message on here if you think we can sort a deal out, thanks, Pete.
  13. I don't know what to say really, people will be paying nearly a grand for a new 2x12 that in some cases probably isn't as good as this. You'd think a rehearsal studio would snap it up at this price? Oh well.
  14. Sold a Genz amp to Paco Jastorius (Jesus), a true gentleman with great communication in Spanish or English, a pleasure to deal with, feel free to send items over to Spain hassle free. Muchas gracias, hasta la próxima, Pete.
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