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  1. Two years later and this is still nonsense, lol
  2. I ended up the only original member of a blues band I only joined as a stand in favour for, very weird.
  3. I wonder if the ones from a new Classic Ray will fit? Bass direct can probably get you some if so.
  4. If you're a band member then all ideas from other members are suggestions to be taken on board or ignored as seen fit, if the person asking is paying you directly then that's different.
  5. Same here, I find my plain double bass easier!
  6. Surely 'not hearing the fiddle' should be added to the positive reasons to use IEMs?
  7. I started with an amp and cab, then left the cab at home, then tried a Behringer bddi mainly for the xlr output to the desk previously on the Genz heads, then decided I preferred the sound when it wasn't switched on so I've got a phantom powered di box, a lead and my bass! Digital desk allows me to send the bass signal to two channels, one mixed for FOH, the other for the in ear mixes only. EBS_freak sorted it all out, I wouldn't have a Scooby!
  8. I have nothing other than the active preamp in my basses between me and the mixer, I love it!
  9. KZ ZS10 and a Behringer P2 belt pack, it's the default bass chat setup.
  10. As much as I'd have shoved the extra few hundred up where the sun don't shine at the same time where do you draw the line? This happens in the classic car world too where people ask for first refusal, the new owner is honoring their part of the deal by offering it back but what if "the market has moved on" as you say, A Lotus Cortina ten years ago was £10-20k, now they are £50k+, should the buyer offer it back at 20k, not offer at all even though they promised or offer it back but at market value?
  11. Until the cash-bass exchange is done I don't pin my hopes on anything be I the seller or buyer. Don't count your chickens as they say. I get that it's annoying and I'm the same as you Dave, I bought an electric van earlier this year which got me in a panic about the range soon after leaving the deposit, it was the first thing in my life I'd cancelled the order on, normally I'd have sucked it up but I felt even if I lost the deposit my mental health was more important. I sold a few basses this year and one guy was practically as good as a done deal, someone else offered me the cash and I took it as the first buyer went a little quiet on me, many people would have waited a little longer for his reply and I did feel a bit bad, but, four months later he still hasn't replied!
  12. I was trying to be generous, the A is optional then ha!
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