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  1. If I really want it I'll offer to pay the extra fees to pay with protection, of they refuse to accept that then you know it's going to be a scam, same as being refused collection in person when an item is local.
  2. He's not related to Mick Mason in Leicester is he? Not far away and sounds like the same scam?
  3. There's quite a few agencies called function junction and another band called funktion junction in Essex I hope these people are aware of Mr Mason?
  4. I like how he's even cropped his own face off, first time I've ever seen that on a band's promo site, almost as if he's usually up to monkey business.
  5. I haven't played since march anyway!
  6. Will you go to the police if you get the money back anyway? I suppose its easy for us all here to say what we should do to him but it's not our home address a convicted criminal has.
  7. £5 says he's already rejoined. People like this are actually lower than those that rob old ladies. Is he really a musician, surely no-one would give him any work?
  8. Love it Ped! Almost makes me want to hunt down another classic ray 5 but in white this time.
  9. I wouldn't recommend the OP orders a Rickenbacker any time soon 😂
  10. Hang on I think you've been swizzed? How can one person hold it up unless all the insides have been removed?! Ha
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