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  1. Blind test: MusicMan StingRay 2004 vs Cort GB75JH

    Now I was going to say Cort as 1 first but then you said the Ray was in series, that makes me think 2 is the Cort doing a very good Stingray impression and 1 is the ray in series, very cutting but lost a bit of the fatness that a parallel Ray would have had? I could happily gig either.
  2. Does anyone make a Stingray 5 replacement neck?

    Does it need to fit a genuine body pocket?
  3. Interesting new Ibanez's for 2018

    Sounds like my cheap Stagg, looks nicely made.
  4. New cab day!

    I like the look of that!
  5. Gigging without full mobility

    Contrary to what I said in the driving thread I'd be happy to help out a band member in need. A drummer with a massive kit that can't drive because they enjoy drinking too much is different to one whose car is out of action.
  6. Running 2 cabs out of here

    Correct dc provided by the batteries in the continuity tester, it does not give a reading of impedance. If the sticker on the back of a cab is missing or you have a selection of cabs you want to use like the OP you can take a continuity test across the proposed load to find the resistance, you'll need a lab to find it's impedance.
  7. Running 2 cabs out of here

    If I test a speaker using a continuity tester I get a result of "resistance measured in ohms". It's a continuity test performed with DC voltage from a test instrument. Continuity is measured as resistance not impedance. Testing the terminals of a cab is not Testing impedance, that requires much more technical kit. So you either know the impedance as its given on the cab, or you have a lab to check or you know the 'resistance' measured in ohms, "the ohmage". You can then take "a guess at the impedance based on the resistance".
  8. Gigging without a car

    Can we make Def Leppard jokes?
  9. Gigging without a car

    So when you say "you can drive but don't" unless a gig comes up in that other country actually you can't drive, lol.
  10. Running 2 cabs out of here

  11. new bass on the way day (almost)

    I'm not really into wooden looking basses but I do like Wals.
  12. Gigging without a car

    I'd be unlikely to even invite a non driving band member for an audition, but I'm not in a city and not are our gigs generally (ok Lichfield is technically a city, just).
  13. Rotosound Broken String!

    The only good thing is that a new set should sound just as dead and lifeless as a 16 year old set within two gigs

    Is it a parking eye or some such nonsense? Pop it in the bin if it is.
  15. ?Anybody identify the Bass..

    It's not very often you see one pointing upwards