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  1. Well it's all a bit off topic for the thread but basically it comes down to the owner of the property, if you cover it over with screed for example then had kitchen fitters in to fit a new kitchen you'd be responsible for letting them know what's under the screed before they drilled into it. Of course you'd only be liable if you knew they contained asbestos which they might or might not. Paper suit and a mask, damped down with water and double bagged with bags from the local council is all that's required, the council used to take small residential amounts and provide the bags for free but I'm not sure if that's still the case. Funnily enough vinyl floor tiles came up as an example at the last course we did, the dangers and course of action required if any isn't calculated on the individual substance but the condition of it and it's likelihood to become damaged or damaged further and become airborne, the points from high heeled shoes were shown to release fibres from these tiles. They are one of the lowest risk regarding the fibres but score highest from the likelihood of being broken scale, anyone that's dragged a washing machine over them and watched them shatter knows only too well. Something like a factory roof would score high on the nastiness of the product but low on the chances of it being damaged providing everyone follows the asbestos register. A building like a school would keep a record by law and any responsible tradesperson should check the register and sign it before carrying out any work. Good old asbestos, I've already had a few lungs full over the years! After many of these courses what I've learnt is other than something that can be removed and bagged whole, like an airing cupboard door for example or clearly low risk like the floor tiles just don't touch it and get the professionals in.
  2. Oooh no you're well out of touch here young Douglas! Asbestos in the UK was in use legally until 1999, I've slept through about ten to fifteen asbestos courses I'll have you know. 😷
  3. I thought the same but you'll see if you scroll back to the previous page. Asbestos vinyl floor tiles too,lol.
  4. Most of them will come from Europe even if you buy from a uk seller. Finding a good used one is the best bet but that's not always easy! Check out Gedo, a few of us bass chatters have them and they cover a variety of price points.
  5. Anything by Royal blood, Motorhead or Primus maybe?
  6. I switch between the fender and the EBMM no problem these days, go for it!
  7. Could the button you're pressing actually be a b as in b flat or # sharp?
  8. It even had us baffled for a while didn't it! He'd probably be even more surprised to find out she makes Donuts in a bakery and he might have got away with it at any other time!
  9. It's only an OLP version but it's nice enough, came with a Slash Seymour Duncan humbucker worth more than I paid for the whole thing!
  10. Five strings ftw, I've sold all my four string basses and various budget basses that never got played and condensed everything down to this. This is my 11th year with the Blue SR5, it's just a proper tool for every job and does everything I'll ever need, but you've got to have a modded Jazz too so that's staying forever too. I think I'm done buying anymore basses. Five strings and active, job done.
  11. Same here, we went out almost every night and it was run really well. I suppose some places were full of "eat out to get whizzed down the pub with your mates" which wasn't the idea, we arrived just the two of us, ate, then left.
  12. Everyone said the organisers of the Isle of Man were jumping the gun when they said they'd have two years off last year, turns out they were bang on.
  13. I work in people's houses quite often, with the dirty holes some people choose to live in I wouldn't expect anything less.
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