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  1. I can confirm we also had Kiss in our set too, lol.
  2. In ears and no amps, it's not the future, it's now!
  3. The Beeb could just show any of the previous year's hootenannys on BBC2 to save money towards Skanks ubernanny on BBC1, other than mikel no one would notice anyway!
  4. I realised after starting the thread that I might not have any pictures as I would be too busy playing, whoops.
  5. And home....... starving so I'm going to raid the kitchen then bed! Happy new year.
  6. Who's up to what then? We're playing a tickets only pub ,van is loaded up ready to go shortly. Normally this particular pub is a pain to get loaded in with half cut/cooked up punters watching the football that won't move out the way that thankfully don't stay for the gig but as it's NYE the pub are closing at 6 PM before opening again later so we should be able to load in to an empty pub,we will see. Pics and a review to follow, please add your own.
  7. Maybe, and then their fingers chopped off.
  8. Some kid in China will probably be having their fingers chopped off once the bass gets returned!
  9. The two worst basses I've ever played were also the lightest, a Ric and a Thunderbird, spending all night stopping the headstock wanting to head to the floor have me more back ache and wrist ache than a previous 13lb Stingray 5 I once owned.
  10. Or a hacked account was my first thought when the wife showed me?! He'll need all his guitars back that he gave away now and I wonder how his health is?
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