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  1. And he had a hissy fit and smashed his bass?
  2. Coco Em https://cocoem.bandcamp.com/releases
  3. That's so irritating. I had a mate with a Hamer Diablo, the action across the strings differed by a couple of mil. Not in linear way, but randomly.
  4. Nice!! During the first lockdown someone an hour's drive from me was selling an IGB-600 for £75, they were just advertising a "90s Aria Pro II bass". I wrestled with my conscience for too long and missed it...
  5. Thanks @Paolo85, looks like I'm in the mood for German Power Metal this morning! 😆
  6. After @Paolo85posted in another thread...
  7. I used to be a big fan of Helloween, they have a great sense of humour. These days I never seem to be in the mood for German Power Metal.
  8. Yeah, naming conventions of footprints and symbols is a biggie. Several times I've had to start from scratch as I've forgotten what I've called things
  9. Yeah. That’s the learning curve bit. 😁 I’d just got the hang of it before I had to shelve the project I was working on. Now I’m back to square one with it.
  10. I really like KiCAD https://www.kicad.org Bit of a learning curve, but then there is with all stuff like this...
  11. This is up there with "Jaco only needed 4 strings" for tired old trites. Surprisingly not every bass player wants to be like Jaco...
  12. So they weren't really that much different..
  13. As the Horace Andy track has put me in the right frame of mind and @Reggaebassposted them earlier. I'm checking out Black Uhuru. I've only recently really started delving in reggae and dub properly. So discovering lots of great music...
  14. The new Horace Andy track: There's a proper video here: https://bandcamp.23video.com/9891472.ihtml/player.html?token=de65303995c88017dc415b48f57424ca&source=embed&photo_id=76499202
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