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  1. I'm away from home at the moment. so can't record... again. I'll need to do two when I get chance... 😁
  2. without hearing the track I guess it's a Stone Temple Pilots one?
  3. if actual instruments aren't allowed in this then the Hipshot D-Tuner I bought in late '88 or early '89 is the item I've owned for the longest.
  4. ah, ok. my only excuse is that I now have the low rumble of T'PAU sound checking that's breaking my concentration...
  5. But non English rock has always existed, you just had to look for it. I think it's more a case of the wider audience, promoters, media have finally begun to accept non English language music.
  6. There's a gig tonight in a park next to my office. They're sound checking at the moment. 20 mins for a drum check, 10 mins for guitar, 10 mins for keys. about 45 seconds for bass... Now on to vocals. Turns out it's Sister Sledge... Time to put my iPod on...

    1. Nibody


      used to work in Brum near the Villa ground. Remember Springsteen soundchecking.. no ipods there (mind you it was 1986 ish...)

    2. shug


      Sister Sledge are WAY cool. Never mind your ipod, get yourself a ticket....


    3. ead


      No iPods in '86 for sure, but I do remember my Sony Walkman with great affection.

      +1 for @shug 's comment :)

  7. You did check your spam folder, didn't you?
  8. I don’t have prime just for shipping, although the amount of stuff we get from amazon means we pay less for shipping... we use Prime Video, Music and the Kindle library
  9. Don't need the distraction of lyrics today. So lots of film scores are on the cards... Starting with:
  10. when you click on the 4 new from you get: So nothing cheaper there, except the first Prime one.
  11. But that's a Prime item isn't it?
  12. But then you have to pay for delivery, and that's where the seller makes the money back. Unless it's free delivery that takes a few days. I've never found a non Prime item to have an overall cheaper price. Unless it's used, which doesn't count.
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