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  1. I went to see the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow a few times back in the 90s which included The Amazing Mr Lifto. Guess what he did...
  2. The Ashdown JJ-500 doesn't do any driven sounds at all. It's a very clean amp, being based on the Mark King Ashdown. Live he has a JJ-500 and an ABM, of some variety, not sure how the amps are split across the 2 4x10s and 2 1x15s.
  3. Vocalist in an old band I was in regularly got naked, as did some of the audience (males only) Here he is pre-naked, but with an elephant posing pouch.
  4. I started listening to Clutch after hearing two tracks on the Earache Records compilation 'Naive', back in 1992. My favourites are: Impetus EP, Passive Restraints EP, Clutch, Elephant Riders, Robot Hive/Exodus, Blast Tyrant, Psychic Warfare & Book of Bad Decisions. All the albums have great songs on though. But some albums suffer from slightly off production (Beale St and Strange Cousins are the worst offenders for me). Their live albums are worth listening to as they tend to spice things up a bit. They're an incredible band to watch live, as are their alter-ego The Bakerton Group.
  5. The debut album from The Utopia Strong (Steve "Interesting" Davis, Kavus Torabi (Gong/ Cardiacs/ Knifeworld/ Guapo) and Michael J. York (Coil / Teleplasmiste / Guapo)) is released today. So while I wait for the vinyl to arrive I'm listening to it on Bandcamp. Here's a sample:
  6. I had 2 Ampeg PF-500s go pop with in a few months, got a full refund after the 2nd one and replaced it with an Ashdown JJ-500. I'm beginning to become very tempted by the idea of an all valve amp and it will be a CTM, not an SVT.
  7. I did a gig where the soundguy had called in "sick"... has had all the mics and mic cables...
  8. Sat in the car, whilst my girls are in Taekwondo class, listening to:
  9. bartelby

    DIY Effects

    Not really an effect. But this is what I just built. you can power a single module from this and send various control voltages for testing/calibration purposes.
  10. ANTA is another, although @joegarcia isn't on the forum much these days. I think he's too busy with his recording studio business. Anyone who's into the proggier side of post rock should check them out. https://anta.bandcamp.com/
  11. That pretty much sums up my thoughts. Out of Maynard's 3 main bands Puscifer has become my favourite.
  12. Here you go; https://store.hmv.com/music/cd/fear-inoculum
  13. My first bass, when I was 16, was an Aria Pro II CSB Deluxe. It was a really nice bass. Medium scale, which is something I didn't realise until I traded it in for an SB Elite. It was kind of let down by being plugged into the amp I had at the time:
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