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  1. The Pop Will Eat Itself Cure For Sanity. 30 years old today!
  2. and to complete the Warren of Snares trilogy:
  3. After getting up at 6am to let the pup out and feed him. Then some play and a long walk I’ve settled down for the Moto3/2/GP
  4. Just finished watching the original Watership Down with my daughters.
  5. bartelby

    Show us your rig!

    Yep. It’s still going strong.
  6. Morrow and Moose are both massively underrated bassists.
  7. Pearl Jam, Birmingham, 1992 They basically played the album Ten, plus State of Love and Trust and Leash. Neurosis, Birmingham, 2019 a short 40 minute set at the Supersonic Festival.
  8. And they’ve never sounded better!
  9. Some Nephilim... http://youtu.be/tDmFb6W4jjI
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