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  1. This meme: Resulted in the obvious choice of music:
  2. That's a balanced XLR input (as was the XLR on the MK-500 and JJB-500).
  3. And given how the controls interact with each other, it does take some getting used to.
  4. This is something I measured earlier. This setting is: Mellow - IN Bass - 12 o'clock Deep - OUT Mid - 3 o'clock Shift - IN Treble - full Bright - IN With my Steve Harris P is sounds huge. With the CTM-300 I'm too scared to crank the volume to full and use the gain for loudness. Even with both at about 8 o'clock it's getting too loud for the house. But it is a subtle EQ, this has the Mellow - IN and all others OUT and then the Bass Mid and Treble at the following percentages.
  5. Yes, the eq is quite subtle. One day I’m going to do some frequency measurements on it.
  6. I’ve got a CTM-300 and it’s glorious. I’ve not even had chance to run it at rehearsal/gig levels, due to Covid. I wanted the 300 so I could have plenty of clean headroom if I wanted to be loud without breakup. I got it from the Ashdown B stock sale for 1/2 the price of a new one.
  7. It just looks like an updated MK500/JJB500
  8. Hasn't that threshold been scrapped now? EDIT: oh, apparently not, but it's now £39: if you’re sent a gift with a value of £39 or less, which complies with the rules shown in section 2.4, it will be free from Customs Duty and Import VAT (gifts of alcohol and tobacco are subject to the limits shown in section 2.5 and gifts of perfumes and toilet waters are subject to the limits in section 2.6)
  9. ooh, have you got a link?
  10. Laibach did a full album of covers:
  11. Just remembered this one. Five Thirty's version of Come Together:
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