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  1. bartelby

    DIY Effects

    I had a Ernie Earplugs Yam Hand that was basically that setup, but without the switches. Lend it to a mate in Denmark, who turned out to be a bit or an derrière and he never sent it back...
  2. I saw them support Anthrax in '88 and then on their own tour (with an unknown Stereo MCs as support) in '93 or '94. They were so much better in '88, Muzz was a much better fit...
  3. Fortunately he’s never used it against me. but he has used the fact that he had to sell his Cortina GT just before my sister was born, 2 years earlier, against her...
  4. What's annoying is my first bass could have been my dad's '62 P, that was resprayed "Salmon Pink" before being sent to the dealer, and his custom made 50w valve amp and homemade 2x18" cab. He paid about £150(predecimal) for the bass from George Clay's in Brum, then sold it 10 years later for £75(decimal) Why did he sell it? Because he hadn't used it for about a year and he needed the cash. Why did he need the cash? Because I was about to be born!
  5. These arrived today. The CDs to compliment the vinyl...
  6. For my 16th birthday I bought a 3 or 4 year old black Aria Pro II CSB-Deluxe and a Laney Linebacker 30. Lovely bass, horrible amp. I didn't realise the CSB was medium scale until the following year when I part ex'd it for and SB Elite and found frets weren't where they should be...
  7. The Warren Ellis series stuff is meant to be very good. Niche market, but good products.
  8. Back on topic: I had the car stereo on shuffle on the way to work this morning and after a couple of tracks it skips to The Switch by Senser. So I took it off shuffle and started it the album from the first track. I forget how good that album is. This was always my favourite track of theirs back in the 90s
  9. I used to live on the top floor of some flats above a shop, only 3 floors of flats. The guy on the lowest floor, didn't work and slept all day, so used to play horrible 70s and 80s easy listening stuff quite loudly through the night. I worked shifts at the time so when I needed to be up at 5am it was a bit annoying. The middle floor was empty at the time, so I'd hook up a drum machine into my bass amp and leave it playing a bassy kick drum and then go out for the day. Then one day the middle floor was occupied by a single woman. She seemed to retaliate by having very loud sex, multiple times a day (and night), with different people. Fortunately she was only in the flat for 2 months before getting evicted for "running a business" from the flat... Then the guy on the lowest floor got evicted for setting fire to his kitchen... twice... in two weeks...
  10. Rothko and Frost would be worth a try https://www.rothkoandfrost.com/decals-c1
  11. Now listening to Flotsam & Jetsam's Doomsday for the Deceiver for the first time since 2006, when the 20th Anniversary edition was released, having bought the album first in 1986 based on the Kerrang! review. Used to love this album, but these days the vocals grate quite a lot...
  12. I was very much underwhelmed by Sol Invictus, to me they came back after a long time away with an album full of playground songs. EDIT: That was a bit unfair. I've been listening to it today. I'm still underwhelmed but not all the songs are childish... I actually prefer the second half of The Real Thing (The Real Thing onwards) but, due to buying the vinyl on release and the cd many years later, War Pigs and Edge of the World are very much add ons...
  13. Recently it's been lots of Faith No More. Albums multiple times, except Sol Invictus which I'm not a fan of. The bass tone and production is really nice, but the actual songs are weak as flip...
  14. I was tempted to go the Coventry Cathedral gig in July. But prior engagements makes it a but impractical. I met Terry Hall a long time ago, not too long after they'd split in '81, I was about 9. He was friends with one of my dad's work colleagues, whom I had a bit of a crush on. She'd just had wisdom teeth taken out so I persuaded my dad it might be nice to go and see if she was ok. I took her a bowl of butterscotch Angel Delight . When we knocked on the door of her flat Terry opened it. He was a very nice chap.
  15. Rare 2018 “wide necked” 6 string guitar from legendary eBay luthier. Utter bargain: £2500
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