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  1. bartelby

    Westone Thunder Bass

    A Thunder Jet, IIRC
  2. bartelby

    Be careful

    I got scammed by a seller with 98% feedback on over 200,000 sales. Ebay/Pay Pal did f all when I raised it with them as his feedback rating was good enough. Fortunately I only lost £10.
  3. You know what would make that sound awesome? a Tonehammer!😬 glad to see see a happy ending!
  4. bartelby

    What are you listening to right now?

    I've been listening to Fields of the Nephilim a lot over the last few days. I loved their gigs back in the late 80s/early 90s. These tracks flow into each other. Tony Pettitt is very underrated
  5. bartelby

    Ten String ThunderBird (5x2 multicourse)

    The Schecter Stiletto Studio 8 only has a 40mm nut. Which gives me some hope I can mod my Dean Edge 4...
  6. bartelby

    Ten String ThunderBird (5x2 multicourse)

    Yep. I know. But where is the fun in just buying one?
  7. bartelby

    Ten String ThunderBird (5x2 multicourse)

    I've been looking at this thread, looking at my cheapy Dean Edge 4, looking at this thread, looking at my cheapy Dean... About £120 worth of parts and some work and I could have an 8 string.... Hmmmmmmmm...🤔
  8. bartelby

    What are you listening to right now?

    Been having a bit of a goth evening. Been through Bauhaus, The Cure, The Mission, Sisters of Mercy and I’m currently with The Fields of The Nephilim. excuse me while I shuffle back and forth for a bit...
  9. bartelby

    The FireDragon Triplets

    maybe they were talking about: https://www.duckbrand.com/products/duck-tape/colors 😉
  10. bartelby

    Who did you see live last?

    I went to see Einstürzende Neubauten at a free frestival in Ypres, Belgium on Saturday. It was part of a series of events that are commemorating the end of World War One. I then saw them again in Heerlen, Netherlands, last night. Have a restful day today, then a long drive back to Wales tomorrow..
  11. bartelby

    Dave Hall has passed away

    Oh no, that's terrible news. I had a VT2 EQ for a while, loved everything about it but the size. Sold it to fund something else, possibly the only pedal I regret selling.
  12. bartelby

    80s Pop Synth Sound in a Pedal

    Fortunately all my future funds are heading towards expanding this. Or maybe that’s unfortunately...
  13. bartelby

    80s Pop Synth Sound in a Pedal

    Oh derrière! I've managed to avoid most demos for this pedal... Why did I watch this?!?! I used to have a Deep Impact. Whilst I liked it, it was a bit limited. Now I have GAS for a Future Impact. Cheers buddy!
  14. bartelby

    DIY Effects

    My time recently has been spent building some modular synth modules...
  15. bartelby

    JV Squier Precision bass ID

    I've not read through the page, but you may find your answer here: http://www.21frets.com/squier_jv/jvprecisionbass.htm Apologies if you've already looked at the page...