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  1. RAT distortion in a cable?!

    Bet it's not got an LM308 in there...
  2. Every Saturday and Sunday morning I spend an hour or so sitting down and listening to some records. And once I’ve done some housework on a Wednesday I do the same
  3. 12 and 8 String Basses

    the Schecter Session Riot 8 looks like it has a similar bridge to the Spector:
  4. Electro Voice 15L speaker - Repair or Replace?

    was just about to post the same.
  5. I joined an originals band 4 days before a gig, with only a cd walkman and an unplugged bass to learn the songs on. We were having loads of work done to the house so were living at the in-laws. I had to climb a wobbly ladder to grab a bass from the spare bedroom, no way of getting an amp and cab down. The one practice we had was the soundcheck, and it was the first gig in 10 years I'd played. Nervous? Hell yeah, I was pooping myself until the end of the first song.
  6. Sampling.. but is it proper music making etc?

    I was seeing if I could find out how Bowie used his Fairlight. But I failed...
  7. Sampling.. but is it proper music making etc?

    I was going to post something similar, but I couldn't stop laughing...
  8. If £2k is burning a hole in your pocket....

    I'd spend a whole day here https://cymrubeats.com/shop/ trying and buying...
  9. Sampling.. but is it proper music making etc?

    As some people here seem to think only rap and hip hop use samplers. Large portions of this are manually triggered samples*, tell me this isn't original or creative... *for clarification: everything but the vocals and the drums are samples, of one form or another, and they're all manually triggered. No loops.
  10. 12 and 8 String Basses

    Here's the Gretsch 12 being demo'd nicely
  11. Really flexible electrical flex

    Artic cable is designed to be flexible at low temps, maybe look into that. But not all artic cable is the same. Either read the reviews, if buying online, or check out a couple of makes in stores if you can.
  12. DIY Effects

    I love populating the pcb, don't mind drilling the enclosure. The decals would be fine too. But the sodding wiring... urgh!! I have 3 or 4 projects that have stalled at the wiring stage...
  13. Collection in person

    Or is it couriers accept no responsibility for any damage caused by them. So the risk is too great.
  14. I thought he meant the Smashing Pumpkins track, which would fit the bill...
  15. Wal custom MK1

    Now that's something I can agree on.