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    South Wales
  1. Black basses

    Finally had chance to take a few photos of my latest acquisition. Ever since seeing photos of Cliff Burton with one back in the mid 80s, I’ve wanted one. Got some new Rotosounds today, first set I’ve bought in years. Man, do they feel rough 😂. It’s in very good shape. Yes, is has some chips and plectrum marks, but it’s 34 years old! I’m so bloody happy, I grin every time I see it! I need get some tiny gold screws for the trussrod cover as they were pretty chewed up.
  2. Finally had chance to try out the SB Elite Black & Gold...

    Holy poop!! It's massively more punchy than my SB Elite ever has been!

  3. Aria Basses - fallen from grace??

    I’d still love an 80’s Integra like Billy Gould’s
  4. Aria Basses - fallen from grace??

    So my white one, up there ^^, can stay as it is. As today I traded my Musicman Stingray, that wasn’t being used much, for this (that I didn’t even see was on here, Hi Dave!). I’ve been after one for decades. Just never managed to nab one until today! I’m beside myself with joy, just looking at it gives me a huge smile!!
  5. Favourite Movie Music

    Love Carpenter's films and scores. I saw him perform some a couple of years ago. It was fantastic! I love the score to Interstellar. I'm also a massive fan of Clint Mansell's film work (also a HUGE Pop Will Eat Itself fan). Pi, Requiem For a Dream, The Fountain, Moon... all amazing...
  6. For no good reason

    Oooh, that's nice!
  7. GAS For an Ibanez BTB

    I had BTB405 for a while. It was a beast of a bass but so comfortable to play. It's a shame* the BTBs are all natural finishes these days. *by 'shame' I mean 'fantastic' as i have no GAS for a new BTB...
  8. Ashdown job hunting

    Maybe copy reading is also a requirement and this is the first test
  9. Commission Sales - 15%

    I reckon I could have got a little bit more out of them. But I got back what I paid for it, so was happy.
  10. Thomann - delivery times

    The 4 or 5 orders I've had from Thomann have been delivered in 3-4 days. The orders have ranged from knobs and a switch to a 5 string bass
  11. Music shop fails

    Years ago I ordered a radio for the kitchen from amazon. Came home from work to a card from Yodel saying the item was left in the recycling bin. I looked, bin was totally empty. It being bin day an all. Emailed amazon, they sent a replacement that arrived the next day. Two days later the neighbour knocks on my door. ”hiya, sorry about the delay, I’ve been away with work, but I took this off a delivery driver just as he was putting it in the recycling bin. He said he’d leave a card explains where it is” So the neighbour and I had matching radios in our kitchen from then.
  12. Frustrating

    I played with the same drummer in two different bands. In the rock orientated band he was fine and played what was needed, in time and at the right tempo. In the more punk band he was a bit of a nightmare. Songs that started with guitar or bass would jump 20-30 bpm when the drums kicked in. He'd overplay and the fills would throw the time/tempo even more out. Song dynamics went out the window too...
  13. It’s not that I didn’t like it. Just not the sort of tone I’d have gone for in that band. I’d have had a little less sparkle to it. Not much less though
  14. Here's a ropy shot of the amp settings. Listening to that video reminds me of Greg Christian's awful bass tone on Testament's Practice What You Preach, except it's slightly better than his was...
  15. Some kind of Ibanez SR, and I'll guess at stock p/ups a red one of these: http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Ibanez_SR_700.html