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  1. I spend hours buggering around with configurators.
  2. Have you set the midi channel on the track in Logic to the same as the one the TD12 is outputting on?
  3. But Belgian beer is so much better than French...
  4. I remember seeing the Rollins Band, many years back, and one guy kept getting on the stage. Obviously he'd wait for Hank to be over the other side before doing it, then leap off as Hank moved towards him. The guy then got his timing wrong and Rollins caught him in mid air and pulled him back on the the stage. For the rest of the song Rollins held the guy, one handed, behind him. The song lasted about 8 minutes. At the end of the song Rollins just stared right in to the guy's eyes and without saying a word threw him off stage.
  5. Of all the people to flip with, JJ would be right near the bottom of my list...
  6. To be fair, you can only choose Black from the drop down box and the main photo on the page is this: So they're not doing a bait and switch...
  7. either the bridge is off or the neck needs realigning....
  8. I wonder it there's someone out there who's the kind of twit twoo'd bid on this...
  9. Seriously tempted by Faith No More in Birmingham next year...
  10. Whilst I was in the record shop earlier I picked up a copy of Siouxsie and the Banshees Tinderbox, to replace the one I lost many years ago. So now I'm listening to:
  11. Popped to the record shop to pick up a record the wife has wanted for 27 years, but it didn't officially exist until now. And in now a limited RSD release... So I'm listening to it. Pearl Jam - MTV Unplugged.
  12. I'm hoping this will be showing what I listened to on my journey to the office this morning (I can see the videos on YouTube, but the embedded versions get blocked by the office web system) It should be New Model Army's Vengeance and Thunder and Consolation albums
  13. yes: pretty much anything that isn't in the list below maybe: natural wood finishes No: modern style single cut, massive headstocks
  14. No. from my post in the HPF thread...
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