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  1. bartelby

    Rare Basses

    I'm not normally one for non solid colour finishes. But this is bloody lovely!
  2. bartelby

    Best postage company in uk to uk

    Fixed for you. I'm currently chasing down a parcel that was out for delivery on Monday...
  3. bartelby

    '80s' Hair Rock Basses ...

    That Kramer is a thing of beauty!
  4. Just walked by my Aria Pro II SB Black n Gold. It put a big grin on my face.
    That's all... thanks.

    1. mart3442


      Fab Basses, mine was stolen in 1992... Could never find another, and by the time they reissued them, I was a dyed in the wool Fender guy.

    2. bartelby


      I'm taking mine to the grave/furnace!


    3. Marc S

      Marc S

      It's a great feeling, when a bass has that effect on you. Very pleased for you sir :)

  5. bartelby

    Warwick Customer Service = Excellent

    A few months back I had the same sort of thing. After years of using D'Addarios I decided to try Rotos again. The E was like an old rubber band. Rotosound's response was "yeah, larger gauge strings are prone to that sort of thing. But we'll send you a replacement" 2 weeks later an E string arrived. Put it on the bass, it was dead. So I ordered some D'addarios...
  6. bartelby

    Bass Strap Width (What do you prefer?)

    I had a Mono Strap a few years back* and didn't really get on with it. (*10 years back in fact. I was trying to replace the 4" leather strap back then. Even though I wasn't vegan. I bought it from Bass Direct, and was told I was putting it on bass that didn't really need it... 😆 But that's a whole other thread...)
  7. bartelby

    Bass Strap Width (What do you prefer?)

    I've had a 4" wide soft leather strap, off ebay, for about 10 years. It's the only strap for basses I have and I'd like another 1, or 2, that similar. But being vegan now I don't want leather.
  8. bartelby

    DIY Effects

    My wife got me this for my birthday. A soldering and rework station. I have to say, I’m impressed. The ability to desolder smd ICs in a couple of seconds is fantastic!
  9. bartelby

    DIY Effects

    Yeah, I can already see the flaw with this... 😆
  10. bartelby

    DIY Effects

    An inventory? Now there's a good idea!
  11. bartelby

    DIY Effects

    I may have, but I'm not home until Saturday morning.
  12. Having a week away in Dorset. Place says it has free wifi. Except 4 of the 5 hubs you can connect to don't have an internet connection.

    So everyone is using the one that works and it's slower than 1990s dial up...

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    2. discreet


      @Chienmortbb: WiFi be a WITCH. BURN IT! :crazy:

    3. bartelby


      Burns-bass I am enjoying the holiday, but after walking 6-7 miles walking along beaches, stooped over, and occasionally bashing rocks, fossil hunting with 2 kids in tow. I was hoping to relax watching some films on Netflix. 

    4. bartelby


      This morning I remembered I can use the BT Open wifi side of the hubs. Whilst not broadband speeds it's still 9 times faster than using the other side...


  13. bartelby

    The bass centre wapping!

    I definitely walked up some stairs when I went 29 years ago. None in the Bass Centre though, but the lifts were out of action in Wapping Tube station...
  14. Lots of people on here have called them digital amps in the past.
  15. bartelby

    Date my body

    well this thread isn't what I expected... Discreet is going to be disappointed..