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  1. I’ve only seen the once. That was the first time they toured the UK.
  2. Whilst the style isn't quite my thing, I have to say this is one amazing looking bass. I'm looking forward to hearing it.
  3. Yeah. I’m really looking forward to shifting mine about. Especially as it means that if I’m shifting it about more, it’ll need to be in a flight case.
  4. ooh, that's rather nice!
  5. My Ashdown CTM300 makes me grin every time I switch it on. I bought it at the end of the first lockdown last year so I've not been able to get close to it's full potential sound wise. But even at low volumes it's lovely!
  6. Yeah. I remember that documentary. Totally ignored all the groundbreaking female composers of the time, but it was still quite good.
  7. I have an Aaron Armstrong in my SB Elite. It’s a nice pickup, but as Doctor J said, not much like the original. I’ll get one of these one day: https://www.rautiaguitars.net/aria-pro-ii.html
  8. The Mission were also Metal Gurus:
  9. Neurosis and Tribes of Neurot I saw LDOM supporting GBOA. Fantastic!
  10. Bloody Admin privileges!! Also, why are people still taking the bait on this thread?
  11. If I ever won the lottery that’s the bass I’d acquire... Exhibit B:
  12. I can't pick two but black or gold are my preference, but most of my basses have chrome...
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