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  1. But you also need his and Albini's production skills!
  2. With multiple mentions of Billy Gould in the Basses you like thread: I'm starting a FNM marathon.
  3. Lovely!! During the 1st lockdown last year someone on facebook was selling a black Integra DLX for £85. It was an hours drive from me, I ummed and aahhhed about it. When I contacted the seller it had gone. Had there not been a lockdown I'd have been contacting the seller as I was driving over..
  4. He used a couple of Aria Integras. I'd love to have one of the early Integras like he usedL
  5. Steve Harris' Blue Sparkle P ( I own a Fender SH blue sparkle): Cliff Burton's Aria Pro II SB B&G (I own a SB B&G): Mike Watt's Gibson EB3: Jason Newsted's Alembic Elan:
  6. Ah, should be much better than fluorescent tubes.
  7. aren't those lights going to cause noise issues?
  8. I've just discovered the deluxe version of ... And Justice For All is on Apple Music. Listening to the rough mixes... You can hear the bass!! It's not full in your face, but it's actually there.
  9. I was messing about yesterday evening and with then gain at 12 o'clock I can get a nice grindy tone, but the master is only at 7:30 (7 o'clock being volume off) so the power stage is barely ticking over. With the gain at 8-9 there's, not surprisingly, a big change in sound when you turn the master from 7:30 - 8 o'clock. So whilst I can get a grind tone at home volumes, it not as full sounding as it can be...,
  10. To me it sounds good at all volumes. Through a 4x8" and 1x15" is what I play through at home, so it has to be quite low volume wise
  11. I know what you mean. About 10 years ago I'd have been disappointed that the amp was too loud to get that grind at acceptable volume levels. But these days I'm not so desperate for that sound. The clean sound from the CTM-300 is just so bloody nice, I'm happy I can get that at gig volumes. Any dirt can be added...
  12. I know my CTM-300 is massive overkill, but it was cheaper than a CTM-100, so I thought "Hell yeah!!"
  13. This is the first album that I think they’ve managed to get the 3 guitars thing to actually work.
  14. I didn't say it was a bad song, just the weakest of the album Yes, it's the best album since Seventh Son. No, it's not as good as anything pre Seventh Son...
  15. I’ve listened to the album 3 times today. For me The Writing on the Wall is the weakest song.
  16. It's much better that I'd expected!
  17. ^^ this is true! I’m wondering just how far I’ll get to push my CTM-300. Still, I don’t think I’ll ever run out of headroom! once the old credit card is down to a sensible level I’ll be looking out for a CTM-30 for home use…
  18. Are you sure the 4x10 is still operating at 8Ohm? It was a dodgy 4x10 that killed my 2nd PF-500.
  19. Yep, when I had the all valve amp itch I went with Ashdown as I'v never had an issue with their stuff.
  20. I've only had 2 Ampeg PF-500 fail on me, but they were kind of expected...
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