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  1. There's modwiggler.com (they finally renamed it from the cringingly named muffwiggler). It is mainly discussing modular synths, but there are other sections for non modular synths. They even have a guitar/bass/amps section...
  2. Some people find lines help, personally I find them a bit of a distraction. Side dots and mainly ears...
  3. I was quite disappointed by this album after Ungod. But over the years it’s grown on me.
  4. Those bits are very much of their time, but who can edit out Chris Barrie's slightly dodgy impersonations??
  5. I haven't heard that album for over 30 years, but I seem to know the majority of the lyrics!! And it does seriously need a remix.
  6. Yeah, she's awesome. Carina and Maynard as a pair are what make Puscifer for me.
  7. My love of Puscifer has now overtaken my love of TOOL: I love how Maynard has a horn to censor the naughty bits in this:
  8. What if you're required to drop mid song? IIRC, Billy Sheehan used that as one reason he had D-Tuner fitted.
  9. Oh he doubled down on it too when I said I had an old Warwick and an Aria SB Elite. "Yeah, Sell them all and get a proper one. My aim is to educate people with multiple basses, to sell them and get a premium bass that covers it all" It took me a few years to buy something from them again.
  10. I find BD quite a strange business. Last year I went there and got an Epiphone EB-3 that was advertised as a 30" scale bass and they were astounded when I said it was 34" (they even got the tape measure out). I was then left totally alone to noodle on it, which is quite nice, I then had to get someone to actually sell it to me. Just after Christmas I went to get a pedal board, but the one on the website didn't exist in their stock. They did have a different board that they didn't even know they had. My first experience with them was back in 2010 when I went to buy a Mono Strap. Mark asked me what bass it was for, when I told him a Fender Steve Harris P he scoffingly told me I should buy a proper bass. My first online experience was to get a Polytune. I had to call them after a week to ask where it was, to be told it was sat on his desk as he'd forgotten to post it. Yet, the quality, and diversity, of stuff sold it pretty much unmatched by anyone else.
  11. A bit longer as they have another unit for storage, some used stuff is kept there. But your point still stands.
  12. I got 10 seconds into this before swiftly ordering the album!! I though they'd peaked with Mariner, then again with A Dawn to Fear. I guess I was wrong!
  13. I love the anodised plates. Not sure I could ever describe them as rough...
  14. during the COUM Transmission period she spent most of her time naked… as a minimum.
  15. I'd forgotten just how f**king good The Selecter were/are!!
  16. I was just wondering if IRC24 was the recording. But I guess not: http://brainwashed.com/common/htdocs/discog/irc24.php?site=tg08
  17. Was that in Butler's Wharf? EDIT: Just noticed "Charing Cross"
  18. SPK and Birthday Party, too awesome (as is TG & SPK). I'm jealous!! oh! I've got the SPK set on a cd in 7 CD boxset!
  19. Love Big Joanie! seen them live a couple of times.
  20. I loved the film when I was younger. Not seen it for a couple of decades now…
  21. I was born and raised in Coventry: Adorable Blitzkreig Zone Bolt Thrower Cathedral Clint Mansell Delia Derbyshire Dragster Hazel O'Connor Ludicrous Lollipops Martin Atkins Russell Haswell Terry Hall The Enemy The Primitives The Selecter The Specials Or you could just browse here: https://sites.google.com/site/bandsfromcoventry/coventry-bands-a-to-z I lived in Newport for about 15 years: 60ft Dolls Cowboy Killers Darling Buds Desecration Dub War Feeder Flyscreen Goldie Lookin Chain Hobgoblin Novocaine Pizzatramp Punk Action Shotgun Skindred Where I live now:
  22. So version 1 of my pedalboard got a quick test yesterday. Currently: in -> Hyper Gravity -> StroboStomp -> Godeater -> LS-2 in -> LS-2 out -> Zoom B3 -> NUX DI -> out LS-2 loop A is a dry parallel signal LS-2 loop B send -> HM-2 ->Trace Elliot Quad Chorus -> EHX Memory Man -> loop B return The Zoom is there while I figure out if there are any other types of pedal I need (ignore current patch) and the Hyper Gravity might go. Just waiting for a 2.5mm dc barrel to arrive to make a 2.1 to 2.5 lead for the Quad Chorus then I can ditch its dedicated wall wart. Then I can neaten up the all the cables with some cable ties and such.
  23. What made you mount the speakers in a breeze block? 😉
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