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  1. I was given a Marlin Slammer a few years ago. The aim was to clean it up, fix the electronics and donate to somewhere. But the neck was totally screwed; twisted and had frets so lifted they'd folded back over the board. So I turned it into this: Slammer body and sprayed pickguard, left handed Harley Benton neck (nut flipped), shitty Chinese MM p/ups. It actually plays quite nicely. But the £12 electronics let it down, unsurprisingly...
  2. The singles off Out of Time were the worst tracks on the album.
  3. Well that looks like quite a beast!
  4. For me it's everything up to Monster (maybe even some of New Adventures.... But then the quality rapidly drops off. Who knew losing a drummer would have such an impact.
  5. ... for a reason https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-Squier-Precision-Bass-1982-84-Japanese-Vintage-JV-Series-VBC/113853602189?hash=item1a8234198d:g:amcAAOSwmcNdVEW2
  6. I came close to buying one of those a few times. But bottled it. Mainly because I wanted to jam a DiMarzio Model One at the end of the neck, and those basses deserve better.
  7. That's a wig? I'm so disappointed now...
  8. It's also not without its risks: https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/articles/deathsrelatedtovolatilesubstancesandheliumingreatbritain/2001to2016registrations
  9. There’s no right or wrong (except slap 😉) I use whatever sounds best. The upside about using both for any song is that if you fumble the pick mid song, you just carry on finger style.
  10. I jumped to the images and then went back and read the text. I was about to post "Lovely bass, shame about the red bits" I guess that answers the question for me.
  11. I can’t. Not sure how this metric determines how good a bassist is, to be honest.
  12. lots of noise in that signal...
  13. Stupid question, but is that not just the base colour (of the sunburst) before the red and black are sprayed?
  14. Yeah. I should make the effort too. I’ve seen them on each album supporting tour.
  15. I was inspired by this: https://youtu.be/8VkNmcjPHRE
  16. I did read they’re reissuing everything on vinyl again soon... hopefully not Tool’s version of soon though.
  17. I love the little abstract tracks (I'm currently listening to a live bootleg with an improvised interlude). Many years I fell asleep listening to AEnima, after a heavy night in the pub, (-) Ions penetrated my dreams to such an extent I woke up, drenched in sweat, convinced the house was having electrical issues and I ran an flipped the main circuit breaker 😂
  18. I'm well aware of how they sound. I've been listening to them since Opiate was released. To me each album has been an evolution on what came before. This track hasn't got that, when I listened to it again last night it sounded more Lateralus style than 10,000 Days, IMHO. I'll still buy the album.
  19. Nice!! I live just outside the Beacons park down on the South East part that sticks out.
  20. Just listened to it. Sounds like a track that didn't make the cut for 10,000 Days. 13 years on and there's no progression. I hope this isn't typical of the whole album...
  21. Yeah £13k is a little excessive. I once got a couple of quotes from Shuker for a black PJ with a chrome plate and a Blue Sparkle PJ with a chrome plate. I was about £1500 - £1600 for either option
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