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  1. My cover for this week! 



    1. Phil_T


      very nice 

    2. SonnyBassPlayer


      Thanks a lot!!!


  2. Foo Fighters mood.


    The G&L is a beast.


  3. I waited some time to cover this one..



    1. TheGreek


      I made the mistake of going straight to the YT link - managed to let it get to the first note before stopping it....can't get people's fascination with Foo Fighters.

    2. SonnyBassPlayer


      That's why I put the clickable link first.... but usually hope people like it ;)

  4. I just demo-ed the COG Effects Knightfall 66!



    1. Phil_T


      great demo and and great sounding pedal. I've just ordered a joyo orange juice but if I don't like it i might splash out on one of these

  5. I'm sorry to write this but I have to chime out - I have a more urgent purchase on list (new bass cab, current one losing vital signs...) In case it will be still available later, I'll let you know
  6. 90's grunge rock EQ settings help.

    Reading your signature I would suggest P bass + Orange Terror with a good amount of preamp gain: just start flat EQ and add some grit to it. Not the old school "farty" fat grit but some higher end grit. Just in case, something like a VT-Bass pedal by Tech21 totally nails those sounds IMHO. Those bands are all different but since it's not a tribute but I guess a cover band (since you play more artists) you could keep it fingerstyle with a basic tone for all and eventually buld some spefic sounds for specific songs.
  7. Thank you very much for the availability. I'll see what it takes to get it down here, if shipping will be priced reasonably I'll PM you!
  8. Current MIM P bass neck

    I own a 2011 MIM P and a 2008. The older is slightly chunkier but it actually feels better to me; nut width is the very same. I find it very "in the middle", as I find jazz measures too thin, and Classic 50s (44mm) too much. I think what makes MIM necks great comfort is the C shape. My Gibson's neck is 42mm but D shaped and it feels much bigger than what it is actually.
  9. Good day, would you ship abroad? (to Italy) Looks gorgeous.