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  1. I think pretty much all of us have way more gear than we need!
  2. Seen a few of the later AH1200 and 600’s get snapped up recently
  3. Some of the old Trace gear seems to be becoming popular again
  4. I used to have a AH350SM, with the 1518 and 2103 cabs, weighed an absolute ton but sounded great!
  5. I just fancy a heavy old lump again. I’ve had loads of class D’s and just fancy a change. Transporting it won’t be a problem, it will live at our rehearsal space, and we all travel to gigs together in a van so plenty of hands to shift stuff.
  6. Very true, and I’ve told myself all these things each time I look at the ad for the TD650! 😂
  7. No worries mate, like you said, the market isn’t great at the moment. I think everyone is feeling the pinch
  8. Yes it’s not the best time to be selling really, but I’ve got a EBS TD650 in my sights so it’s a case of at least trying to sell it. Tbh I’d rather keep it than have to take anything that low for it. I’m not desperate to sell it, I’ve still got my Darkglass M900 and Ashdown ABM, so I’m not in desperate need of the EBS
  9. It’s probably an awful time to try and sell it, but there’s an EBS TD650 available so i at least have to try! The Fusion 550 is one of the amps on my bucket list, they’re so hard to find at the right price though
  10. Thanks Damon, it really is a great little amp. To be honest the only reason I’m keeping my Darkglass M900 and not this, is the ability to take just the amp to rehearsals and not have to take drive pedals/pedal board. The urge for a TD650 has gotten too much though, and something has to make way!
  11. The urge for something big and heavy isn’t going away, so it’s time to part ways with this little fella. It’s been an absolutely cracking little amp, and if it wasn’t for the fact I can’t justify having 4 amps, I’d probably just keep it as a spare. I’ve had several class D’s, incl TC RH450 & 750, GB Shuttle 9.2, Aguilar TH500 and a Darkglass M900 and I’ve kept this one far longer than any of the others, this has been by far my favourite class d amp. Two channels with independent gain and volume controls, plus a preamp with 3 x 12ax7’s make it very versatile. Set one up for classic GK sparkle and one up for valve driven warmth and change between the two with the click of a footswitch. It’s in great condition, has just been serviced by Martin Bailey. There are a couple of small scratches on the top(which I’ve included in the pics) but apart from that it’s unmarked. It comes with a SKB gig bag, the zip is a bit dodgy on one corner but it still zips up fine, and a generic footswitch. Tbh the footswitch, I’ve never used, it takes up a lot of room in the bag so I just bought a tiny Arachnid Audio latching switch to go on my pedal board. The price includes UK mainland delivery, and is pretty fixed tbh, it’s a great little amp for that price delivered. I will take £20 off if someone wants to come and collect it or meet up within reasonable distance of Bristol, say 40 miles. Not looking for any trades as the money from this is going straight towards an EBS TD650.
  12. That will be awesome. Glad to hear you’ll be back playing through a rig that you think so highly of. A friend has kindly offered to lend me his ABM600 for a couple of weeks, to A/B it against some other amps. Really looking forward to doing that, once travel restrictions relax enough for me to actually go collect it!
  13. The itch needed scratching again huh Lozz?! I did wonder how long you’d last before getting another one! 😁
  14. That’s very interesting, a lot of what I’ve read implies that unless you’re running a 2ohm cab, the TD650 isn’t much different to the HD. The first EBS I ever heard live was a TD650, it sounded awesome. There’s a used one on Bass Direct website at the moment
  15. I think that’s the plan, pick one up and then take the opportunity to A/B it against some other amps at rehearsal
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