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  1. For the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about how much I regret selling my Warwick, then I log on here and see all these tasty Warwicks for sale!! Good luck with all the sales!
  2. GK MB Fusion 500. Although I’ve just bought a Darkglass M900, I’m gonna get a few gigs in with it before I let the GK go
  3. Mine was one of the first BT2’s out of the factory, and it still impresses me now. I’ve used it with a variety of heads and basses and it never fails to sound epic
  4. ern500evo

    Show us your rig!

    Thanks! I’m well happy with the deal, and Matt is a top top bloke too! Got my first gig with it tomorrow night, so I’ve only had one rehearsal to compare it to the GK. The main reason was to ditch the pedal board, the two Microtubes effects should replace the two drive pedals on my small board. I’m doing predominantly covers with it, mainly rockier stuff but a variety of genres. I was really impressed with the clean tone, the DG pre on the Dingwall makes it easy, had the amp set flat and made small adjustments on the bass. Will report back after the gig!
  5. As others have said, if you love the sound of it that much, I’d be looking at a lighter cab to offset the weight of gear you need to carry. We all want that tone that just works and makes us smile, if you’ve got that, then I’d be looking at a lightweight cab. I’ve been using a Barefaced Big Twin 2, since they first got introduced, and it’s an epic cab for something so small and light. The warmer more vintage voicing of their 10’s may suit you better, maybe a pair of Barefaced Retro 210’s? Good luck in your quest!
  6. ern500evo

    Show us your rig!

    The latest incarnation, changed the GK MB Fusion for a Darkglass M900
  7. I’ve trimmed my collection down to 5 basses. My Spector is on a long term loan at a friends house, as his daughter is learning to play. Of the 4 I’ve got at home I only ever take 2 to gigs, and always the same two. Use my Dingwall NG2 primarily, and my Yamaha Attitude Ltd comes along as a spare.
  8. Thanks Cameron, I’ll check them out.
  9. Hey guys, I bought a couple of sets of Dingwall strings for my NG2, and although I quite like the feel of them, they seem to lose the brightness pretty quickly. Have any of you guys tried other brands, I have a set of Elixirs on my Yamaha Attitude which still sound like new after several months. I looked at Elixir strings data but couldn’t see what length the E string is, which I obviously have to be wary of with the Dingwall.
  10. Has anyone pulled the trigger on the M900v2 yet?
  11. Seems like the only issue some people have had ordering from MP, is that the delivery times can be a bit longer, but when the heads are £1069 most places and they are advertising them at £855, a slight delay wouldn’t be a huge issue, considering the saving.
  12. Yes that was my initial thought, but I did a quick search for Musik Productiv on here, and it seems BC’ers have bought basses from them at much lower prices and had no issues!
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