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  1. ern500evo

    Later with Joolz last night

    Only caught some of the show, actually really liked the performance by The Record Company.
  2. ern500evo

    The bass centre wapping!

    Bought my first brand new rig there, a Trace Elliot AH350SM, plus 2103H and 1518 cabs. I remember having to do a job in Gloucestershire in the morning and all I could think of was getting it done as quickly as possible so I could then go rushing off to Wapping. Made sure I parked my work van where I could see it while I did the job, as the envelope full of cash for the rig was in the glove box.
  3. ern500evo

    iPhone 6s & 7 Plus owners - call volume..?

    I’ve got a 7 plus and I’ve never noticed any issue with volume during a call.
  4. if you’re always gonna use headphones, i’d buy a Behringer BDI21 Di pedal and a small cheap mixer. You’ll have an aux in on the mixer for phone/iPod, and an headphone out socket.
  5. ern500evo

    Trying basses at Bass Direct

    I bought my Dingwall NG2 from them. Had very good communication with them via email beforehand, just to check what they had in stock. Traded my MM Bongo in, and the whole thing was a pleasant transaction. Mark wasn’t there, but the two younger guys were both very friendly and professional. Set me up through a Genzler amp and cab, showed me the various controls on the bass and then left me to it, occasionally popping his head back around the door tomask if I was ok, and did I have any questions. I wouldn’t hesitate using them again, in fact have just ordered some Dingwall strings, but they only had one set in stock (I ordered two sets), had a very prompt email asking if I wanted to cancel the order, take the one set now and wait for the second, or wait and have both at the same time. Very professional in their approach to everything.
  6. ern500evo

    Ashdown ABM600 Evo 4

    Covers band at the moment, covering a variety of styles. I guess, for me, a lot of it comes down to heavier amp plus pedal board, or lightweight amp and no pedal board. Strange this is, if I’d tried a M900 before I used my ABM for these couple of gigs then I think I would’ve snapped up a M900 without hesitation, I really did like the sound of it.
  7. ern500evo

    Ashdown ABM600 Evo 4

    I’m really torn at the moment. I’ve really liked using my ABM500 for the last few gigs, and I’m sure the 600 would sound killer. However I had chance to have a play with a Darkglass M900 and it sounded fantastic! Two very different beasts. I love how fat the ABM sounds, but I also love the zinginess on tap with the M900, and the DG would also give me the opportunity to ditch my small pedal board, which only contains 2 drive pedals and a switching pedal for the channels on my GK amp. Decisions decisions. There are worse problems to have I guess!
  8. ern500evo

    Ashdown ABM600 Evo 4

    I assume the rackmount RC version is now discontinued? It shows up on the list on Ashdowns website but if you click on it, the page is empty. Also noticed that the only place selling them is PMT. they’re £100 cheaper than the normal version, which is quite tempting as I’ve already got a rack case that my current ABM is in.
  9. ern500evo

    Ashdown ABM600 Evo 4

    Used the ABM500 again last night. It really is tempting to go for a 600. I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but the 500 sounds so different with this bass and cab combo. If the improvement in the new models is that big, it should sound killer!
  10. ern500evo

    Ashdown ABM600 Evo 4

    I think that’s pretty much where I’m at Lozz. The brightness and zing from the cab and bass, coupled with the warmth of the amp, seems to be a good match. Think I’m gonna try it again tonight, but maybe use my Yamaha Attitude Ltd and see what the results are like. This is definitely an unexpected bout of GAS!
  11. ern500evo

    Ashdown ABM600 Evo 4

    I do like a fairly modern, bright sound but not all of the stuff I play requires it. Maybe that’s the reason I stopped using it originally, but that was with a passive bass and through a MAG cab, whereas no I can get pretty much all the zing from the Dingwall and BF, while the ABM seems to bring the warmer element, and it worked quite nicely. I’ve yet to see or hear anyone have a bad word to say about the 600, which is always a good sign!
  12. ern500evo

    Ashdown ABM600 Evo 4

    After a lot of years using various Class D amps (GK MB Fusion, TH500, RH450&750, GB Shuttle 9.2) I decided, for some unknown reason, to dust off my old chrome fronted ABM500RC at the weekend and use it for a gig. I used my Dingwall NG2 and ran through my Barefaced Big Twin 2, and I really liked it! I’d estimate that it’s 7 years+ since I gigged this amp. I stopped using it when I bought a Warwick Tubepath, and then eventually moved to class d amps. Now this has got me thinking, I always used to use a drive pedal in front, to give it some edge and brightness, but that was with my old MAG810. I noticed on the gig that even without any pedal switched on it sounded a lot different to what I remember, much clearer. A lot of this is owing to the darkglass pre in the Dingwall and the BF cab no doubt. It’s led to me looking at ABM600 s, and most of the reviews I’ve seen say it’s a fairly big improvement over the 500 series. So I was wondering if any of the BC collective are using the ABM600 through a relatively hifi cab? Reading reviews and watching YouTube vids is all good and well, but if any of you guys can offer some real world thoughts, it would be much appreciated!
  13. ern500evo

    Dingwall Porn

    Latest addition, NG2 in Laguna Seca blue. Loving it so far!
  14. ern500evo

    Ashdown fan club

    Cool, I’ll have a listen when I get chance, thanks!
  15. ern500evo

    Ashdown fan club

    I only really stopped using it as I wanted to go more lightweight. As I said, Saturday was the first time I’ve ever gigged it through my Barefaced Big Twin 2, and it just seemed to work. I always prefer quite a bright, modern type sound, but I’m guessing the combination of Dingwall NG2 and the BT2 provides as much of that as I need, and the ABM gives it some girth and warmth. Reviews I’ve read and watched of the 600 Evo 4 all seem to be very complimentary.