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  1. Amazing basses! I miss my Stealth. I always thought the desert gold and tangerine colours would look epic with black tuners and bridge. Glwts
  2. I had a USA P bass, probably about 10 years ago. It was a great sounding bass and lovely to play. Alas, the GAS consumed me and I traded it for a Warwick. Only other P bass I’ve really played was a Squier, and I think the USA def had something about it that made it feel better. I recently tried an American Ultra P bass, and have to say, I was blown away by just how good it was. The gas is back
  3. These are so much better than the BDDI, that parametric mid control makes so much difference
  4. I’d be interested to hear how close to the real thing that Harmonic Booster sounds
  5. For gear reviews, I really like Amos Heller. Goes in depth without it getting too boring
  6. That’s not a bad idea. Other option is but a used one, on the condition that one of the amps has to be sold within a month
  7. I think what’s stopping me is that I made a rule for myself a while ago. Any new purchases, apart from consumables like cables/strings etc, have to be either paid for with money earned from gigs, or something has to go to fund it. The EBS amps are quite hard to come by now, and I’d be kicking myself if I sold it for a ABM and then regretted it. I’d be having to scour the used market for another EBS
  8. Haha that’s true, although the amp was only half the reason for it. It was also down to racing 500cc Evo class motocross bikes back in my early days
  9. I love my amp, I’ve got a EBS TD650, but I’m getting more and more tempted to try a ABM600 EDIT: I’ve also got a very early ABM500 Evo RC, and I think part of it is me wanting to see how much better the 600 is
  10. I should stop visiting this thread, every time I come here I end up looking for ABM600’s for sale! 😂
  11. Very nice! Is that a DiMarzio Relentless pickup?
  12. Sorry to hear that. I’ve never dealt with them directly, but have seen a lot of people hear singing their praises.
  13. They really are fantastic amps
  14. Even when their gear was getting a slating, people calling it ‘crash down’ etc, their customer service always got rave reviews. They do seem to have an impeccable customer focus
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