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  1. Just seen that they’ve also launched a cheaper Mexican alternative, the player plus, retailing at £999
  2. That’s kinda where I’m at, thinking that the versatility may be perfect for the covers work I’m doing at the moment
  3. There doesn’t seem to be a great deal of them around on the used market, not that I’m in any great rush tbh. Any purchase would definitely be in the new year. Cheapest I’ve seen the white/tort/maple model is £1769.
  4. Having been relatively GAS free for quite a while, I stupidly had a browse through the basses for sale a little while back. I happened to click on @Lozz196 ad for his black P bass elite, big mistake! Since that day I have been constantly hunting out reviews and sound clips for the US Ultra P bass. To the point that I’m actually thinking that, in the new year, I may thin the herd down and go for one of these. The sparkle white, tort and maple combo just looks awesome. I owned a 2005 USA P bass from new and tbh I didn’t really use it that much. I just can’t help but think that Ultra P, decent drive pedal, EBS TD650, Barefaced Big Twin 2 would be a mighty fine set up. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  5. I have one in my Dingwall NG2, and I believe rather than the traditional bass/mid/treb boost and cut, it’s actually bass/lo mid/hi mid boost and cut
  6. Which reminds me, I lent my Spector bass to someone about 2 years ago, and they’ve still got it. Must remember to ask for it back! 😄
  7. I didn’t even realise the album and movie soundtrack were 6 years apart!
  8. Aren’t there basically two different versions of the Quadrophenia soundtrack. The album I have is a different bass track to the version of The Real Me that’s in the OP clip. I thought Entwistle re-recorded the bass tracks with a much grittier tone, using an Alembic bass?
  9. He should probably change the title to “bass tones that suck on their own, but sound perfect where it matters” . When you hear the Newstead tone in isolation though, it makes you realise what a shame the mix on that album is, because his bass sounds great. Fieldy’s tone probably wouldn’t work in any other situation, but it’s an integral part of the Korn sound. That anyone would single out the legend that is James Jamerson, just makes the poll a bit laughable. A man who’s tone provided the foundation for some of the greatest songs ever released.
  10. Here’s a live version, as well as Welcome to the pleasuredome. Ryan Molloy does a great job as the front man, and Mark O Toole sounds great on bass
  11. You can play that Paganini piece on bass?? That is impressive! I agree with you that writing and composition is hugely admirable and should be highly commended, but I also think that natural ability plays a part. A lot of artistic people have a natural ability to write and compose. I have a friend who’s a fantastic songwriter and incredible drawing artist, it’s not something he’s particularly had to work on, it just comes naturally. The piece I posted impresses me due to the sheer amount of work and practice she must have put in to get it nailed. Not saying that anyone who writes doesn’t put the work in, far from it. The fact she’s 13 also stuns me. At 13 I was probably still eating mud and trying to impress girls by doing impossible stunts on my bmx, usually resulting in broken bones and cuts and bruises. I almost can’t compute the amount of bedroom hours she spent learning that at such a young age.
  12. There are some super talented kids around for sure, some of the YouTube vids are mind blowing. Must admit though, some of the super fast, honky bridge pickup noodling leaves me a bit cold, a bit like watching those ‘Got bass chops?’ videos. Not meaning to take anything away from the players, they’re far more talented than me, it just all sounds a bit the same to my, admittedly cloth, ears.
  13. I remember seeing this for the first time and thinking wtf?! She was 13 at the time
  14. I’m not entirely sure about their used value right now. If it’s a Stealth model, they are quite hard to get hold of, so I imagine would be worth a bit more than a more standard colour. That’s only a guess though tbh
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