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  1. ern500evo

    New Darkglass A/O amp

    Anyone seen a decent demo/review of the M900 v2 yet? Would be nice to see a decent in depth review rather than just Patrick Hunter ragging the s**t out of that green fender with a pick! 😂
  2. ern500evo

    New Warwick Tubepath 10.1

    I had a Tubepath 5.1, i only moved it on as I wanted to try out some class D stuff. I remember at the time of buying mine, there were a lot of reviews saying that reliability was an issue, but only with the 10.1. From what I can recall, the 5.1 was actually a really nice amp.
  3. ern500evo

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    Wow, that must’ve been horrible for you all. I’ve down a few gigs over the years where fights have broken out, one which was particularly nasty. I grew up on a pretty rough council estate, where pub fights weren’t unusual, but it still gives you a shock when you’re at a gig and seeing chaos erupt in front of you. Hope singers daughter isn’t left with a scar, poor girl. I don’t really see why he’s venting his anger at the band members though. I think if I was doing a pub gig now, with my wife present and could feel a atmosphere developing, I’d ask her to leave.
  4. ern500evo

    SOLD Asbdown ABM 600 Evo 4 £300 Shipped

    Bargain! So tempting!
  5. ern500evo

    New Darkglass A/O amp

    Gear 4 Music have both amps up on their website at £1069, with delivery estimated between 9th and 16th Feb
  6. ern500evo

    New Darkglass A/O amp

    Any idea of the retail price on the V2 yet?
  7. A guitarist friend of mine was the Angus Young in a AC/DC tribute band for many years. He earned fairly well out of it, and they did some epic gigs all over Europe. He struggled a bit at first, with how authentic everything needed to be, but once he got to grips with that he had some truly great nights with them.
  8. ern500evo

    Forgotten gems that your band plays...

    That is fantastic Russ! Great song and great playing!
  9. ern500evo

    Tina Weymouth BBC bass programme in Jan

    I enjoyed it, was a little bit surprised that there was no mention of Larry Graham though.
  10. ern500evo

    Later with Joolz last night

    Only caught some of the show, actually really liked the performance by The Record Company.
  11. ern500evo

    The bass centre wapping!

    Bought my first brand new rig there, a Trace Elliot AH350SM, plus 2103H and 1518 cabs. I remember having to do a job in Gloucestershire in the morning and all I could think of was getting it done as quickly as possible so I could then go rushing off to Wapping. Made sure I parked my work van where I could see it while I did the job, as the envelope full of cash for the rig was in the glove box.
  12. ern500evo

    iPhone 6s & 7 Plus owners - call volume..?

    I’ve got a 7 plus and I’ve never noticed any issue with volume during a call.
  13. if you’re always gonna use headphones, i’d buy a Behringer BDI21 Di pedal and a small cheap mixer. You’ll have an aux in on the mixer for phone/iPod, and an headphone out socket.
  14. ern500evo

    Trying basses at Bass Direct

    I bought my Dingwall NG2 from them. Had very good communication with them via email beforehand, just to check what they had in stock. Traded my MM Bongo in, and the whole thing was a pleasant transaction. Mark wasn’t there, but the two younger guys were both very friendly and professional. Set me up through a Genzler amp and cab, showed me the various controls on the bass and then left me to it, occasionally popping his head back around the door tomask if I was ok, and did I have any questions. I wouldn’t hesitate using them again, in fact have just ordered some Dingwall strings, but they only had one set in stock (I ordered two sets), had a very prompt email asking if I wanted to cancel the order, take the one set now and wait for the second, or wait and have both at the same time. Very professional in their approach to everything.