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  1. Here is my Pedaltrain Classic fro sale, in bag and in good condition. fitted with velcro already! Yay! Dont waste your time with Helix, get yourself addicted to effects pedals, and improve your life! ( if not your bank balance.....) please add £5 for delivery, cheers. ( might even throw in some extra velcro and a few cable ties if you ask nicely) cheers, Mike
  2. A little fretless bump! Open to offers!
  3. Here is a really nice Cort C4, which i had professionally defretted. It has nice ebony inlays in place of the frets, and plays very sweetly. intonation is great, and accurate, and has had a pro set up at time of defretting. only selling as i need to cull some of my basses, and tend to grab my other fretlesses first. this is a brilliant introduction into fretless, or a great second bass. these Cort basses are really nicely made, have a superb neck ( kind of jazz, but faster) and also feature the Markbass active circuit. currently fitted with flats. can come with a Sandberg gig bag for an extra £25. price includes postage. bit of a bargain really.........
  4. Hi all here is the Battalion i bought recently from another basschatter but surplus to requirements. pretty awesome bit of kit though with loads of functionality and a useful noise gate. it comes in original box, with instructions and power supply and in super condition. price includes postage within mainland UK cheers all.
  5. Hi all as i am not loving the N3 pups, fender preamp combo!but love the bass , i am going passive. i tend to use a tech 21 sansamp for preamp tone shaping anyway. so the plan is to fit a new vol/vol/tone/tone loom from John at Kiogin ( top bloke imho), and was considering Ironstone pups as do t want to spend a fortune. any thoughts or experience having do e a similar thing, gratefully received. thanks
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  7. Perhaps it was the amp combo? Mine are much less hifi than the mb’s and headroom improved straightaway. each to his /her own says i.
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