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  1. Haggis neeps and tatties with a Whisky ju and a wee dram of Cardhu 12 yr old.👍
  2. According to Royal Mail Track and Trace - my parcel was delivered today 23/01/21 at 11:57AM, Amsterdam Netherlands. Just waiting to hear from the recipient to find out if there were any problems 🤞👍
  3. My parcel to Nederlands, one week on, apparently in customs NL, with no further information available from postNL Track and Trace - Track your Item Check the progress of your deliveries Tracking no. RY012345678GB Your item has been presented to Customs on 21-01-2021 for assessment. More information will be available once the assessment is complete. Service used: International Tracked and Signed Handed to: Delivery partner Continue tracking There may be more information on our delivery partner's website. Updated on: Thursday 21 January 08:24pm. Your item is currently with Customs in the destination country. Netherlands Thursday 21 January 08:23pm. Item Received Netherlands Saturday 16 January 02:02am. Item Leaving the UK LANGLEY HWDC Saturday 16 January 12:59am. Item Received by Royal Mail LANGLEY HWDC Friday 15 January 07:36pm. Item received at Gatwick MC Friday 15 January 04:52pm. Accepted at Post Office Thursday 14 January 02:26pm. Sender preparing item
  4. Even Amazon Prime can't cope in the UK! A friend ordered a very nice whisky and a equally nice bottle of champagne for us, whisky to arrive before Christmas and champers for New Year. They 'lost' the whisky, wouldn't let her re-order the same one, agreed to refund and she ordered a different bottle. Long story - but the 2nd choice whisky turned up about the 8th of Jan, the champagne a couple of days ago, 16th I think. Meanwhile she sent us a online voucher to use so we could get a bottle in with our Waitrose delivery, which came Sunday 17th. She's still fighting Amazon for refund/s! Cheers 🍸 S
  5. I have a small parcel on it's way to The Netherlands, Royal Mail International Traced and Signed. Received at local Post Office 15/01/21 16:51 Tracking so far shows 'Handed to Delivery Partner' but postNL seems unable to find it at the moment, early days!
  6. Happy Birthday young'n - I'll not sing - you're alright 🤭
  7. "being of the order of 20 years old (its near impossible to accurately date CIJ Mustang Reissues). " HTH Your guitar was made at the Fuji-gen Plant (for Fender Japan), Japan in 1993 - 1994 Production Number: 83824 https://www.guitardaterproject.org/fender.aspx GLWTS
  8. Get down to the second hand shop, see if you can get a third 😁
  9. Hi Gareth, I answered in your other thread, then I saw this one. All mine are 5.0 head, 2.3 dia. 36.6 O/A length, 34.4 thread. Cheerz, John
  10. Hi Gareth, All mine are 5.0 head, 2.3 dia. 36.6 O/A length, 34.4 thread. Cheerz, John
  11. @GarethW I'll have a look in my drawers tomorrow for you. Cheerz, John
  12. Jack sent a pedal to me for repair, great comms and instant payment, perfect, a real basschat good guy 😎 Cheerz, John
  13. Needs wood knobs, they look rubbish!
  14. That looks nasty, sharp edges on anything is/are a pet hate of mine, but finding that where you are certain to put your hand is bad - very bad. Do you know if later cabs are better, has the metalwork been changed?
  15. This conjours up a picture - bass guitar, ear + superglue = taxi to A&E 😁
  16. I was just nodding off 🙄 Yeah send it down - I'll have a butchers
  17. Hi John, thanks for the enquiry, I will PM you. Cheerz, John
  18. From what you describe it's a shielding issue, here's a useful article that helps clear thing up; https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2015/04/15/solving-bass-hum-problems-grounding-vs-shielding/
  19. Here's a good article that may help - Grounding vs. Shielding) – No Treble If you need a wiring loom you can fit yourself - PM me. Cheerz, John
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