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  1. Yes as Chris said the classic black/chrome knobs only fit the Fender/CTS FullPhat pots and they are the only ones that have the 250/500K volume/tone. The easy option of Altec or similar mini pots have their own peculiar shaft sizes, their knobs, like the CTS are pot specific, smaller diameter, available in single colours, black, chrome or gold. They're a cheaper option and won't need the routing enlarging, but you won't have the look or feel or quality and longevity of the pukka pots. Cheerz, John
  2. 50 years ago today I was released from hospital after a motorbike crash on 20th May. Got home and opened the garage to see my wreck and cried!

    Still here πŸ˜‰

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    2. gjones


      I have a couple of friends who have both suffered severe motorbike accidents, which meant a long stay in hospital to rebuild them.

      Both of them got a large amount of compensation/insurance.

      With the money, both of them went out and bought a more powerful bike than the one they had the crash with.

      You didn't do that did you, you're far too sensible?

    3. KiOgon


      My Dad 'knew' a solicitor and offered to put me in touch with. Total waste of time F'ing useless, long story short = I got nothing.

      However I did rebuild my bike and raced it for 3 years. It was ex works production racer, I got it straight from the factory via local dealer, 1964 Norton 88 500SS, racing at mostly Brands and Lydden, won a few, beat lots of Manxes, G50s, Speed twins etc. and many 650/750s.

      Can you call that sensible? Probably not, but it was fun.

    4. SpondonBassed


      After one of my accidents I used my legal insurance to pursue my uninsured losses.

      My injuries were not life changing but they were assessed by a couple of medical experts, including one appointed by the driver of the vehicle that wiped me out.Β  He'd come across from the other side of the road the day of the accident.Β  My injuries, although fully healed, significantly increased the odds that I would suffer arthritic pain in later life.Β  My insurers added a claim for compensation due to pain and suffering to the other losses.

      It takes a minimum of three years before a case involving personal injury can be brought against someone.Β  Approaching the three year mark, I was offered a settlement out of court.Β  That was less than the amount claimed.Β  I declined.Β  On the day the date for the court case was announced I got an offer for the full amount.Β  I accepted.

      I bought myself a nice machine then.Β  I enjoyed many miles of enjoyment with that, my last motorcycle, until I hung up my leathers for good in my early forties.

  3. Another fine transaction with Paul, can't believe it's over ten years since I started his feedback thread! Same as ever, smashing guy to deal with, recommended to all. Cheerz, John
  4. KiOgon

    funkle's feedback

    Pete bought a P-bass kit, great comms. and instant payment, perfect transaction, good guy a pleasure to deal with. CHeerz, John
  5. @AndyTravis Lovely to have those 11 years of photo's, unbelieveable how time flies. I struggle to remember my boys at that age, wish we had taken more pics. They're 40 and 37 now, damn I feel old πŸ™„
  6. Other Fender Vintage style wiring kits are also available πŸ˜‰
  7. @Happy Jack you'll have to get a cat, those boxes are our cat's favourite 😎
  8. They're very commonly available, ebay, any online music shop or PM me - I can send you one. Try the suggestions above first. Also worth mentioning - and I've soldered a few over the years - nothing else solders like a Switchcraft, some are made of such shyte that you end up in tears trying, not saying Harley Benton ones are bad, but they are about the cheapest made basses etc. on the planet, so chances are - - -
  9. The only Jack socket worth thinking about is Switchcraft, nothing else. Full stop. The end. IMHO, YMMV, etc.etc. There's a reason why there are 50 and 60 + year old Fenders around still working with original components 😎 (Other makes of guitars and basses are available, apparently 🀣)
  10. Dead right above ^ but if the plug pushed in cuts out the sound it's likely the tip of the plug is pushing the sprung contact of the socket into contact with the surrounding cavity, if that's shielded with copper or conductive paint it will short the signal out. Try unscrewing the control plate and lifting/moving it so the controls and wiring are out of the cavity, then plug in and see if it works OK. It the socket is good, it may only need moving around a bit so the tip contact can't touch the insides.
  11. https://support.fender.com/hc/en-us/articles/214034783-Instrument-Finish-Color-Chart Beaten to it!
  12. Sean bought a Tone Switch from me, bit of a problem with the courier saying it had been delivered - but it hadn't, replacement sent by post. Alls well that ends well, great guy to deal with. Cheerz, John
  13. Too little information! What bass? Is it mounted on a scratchplate/control plate or through body, top or side and is it a open or enclosed, (barrel), type?
  14. Gareth bought one of my Tone Switches with custom caps to suit his fretless, super transaction, great comms and instant payment. Cheerz, John
  15. Or you could send it to me and I'll fix it for you 😎
  16. Dave bought a P-bass kit to upgrade his Squier, perfect transaction, great comms, instant payment, pleasure to deal with. Cheerz, John
  17. I suggest having a word with Ashdown, their customer service is the best!
  18. I do stacked knob kits that work independently! With knobs like a 60s Jazz, not witches hats 🀣
  19. Today I am mostly - building a clock πŸ•°οΈ PS It's a valve driven clock 😍
  20. @Beedster Yes can do a mini toggle with solderless terminals for you if that's what you're looking for? PM me 😎 Edit: Or a concentric mini pot?
  21. Flats every time for me, call me crazy but - like big gauges on a big old 1 3/4" neck, medium gauge on the 42/43mm, 'modern necks' and guess what - - - From GHS Precision 55 - 110 to TI Jazz JF344, 43 - 100.
  22. Often - Trade Chemicals Ltd. [email protected] or search ebay for best price.
  23. No wars intended, I buy 25Kg bag or 10Kg tub as and when, use the same for everything, but particularly in my Koi pond to maintain the KH as a pH buffer, our tap water is less than 1, barely shows on any test kits.
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