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  1. Been following the podcast since episode one and I've listened to all of them save for that one. Seemed to have no sense of humour and even less a sense of humility. Lasted 15 minutes before I bailed.
  2. I've got BA55 SCS. I play bass in a band called Second City Soul. Just hoping I never get sacked.
  3. For sale is a set of EMG45 pickups, a TW (splittable) and a J plus a quick connect wiring loom (V/V/T/T). Also included is the quick connect push pull pot and the connector I ordered from EMG for the TW as well as a loom. The TW gives some great tonal options with the J. I brought these a couple of weeks ago in order to swap out a pair of 45DCs in my Yamaha but have since realised I prefer the original pairing. In terms of wiring the push-pull, there's wiring diagrams on the EMG website.
  4. Harley Benton do an exact copy of it, called the FXL8 Pro. I've got one and it's worked amazingly and has served me very well over the years, only stopped using it when I retired my pedals 18 months ago and moved to a Helix Floor. @FarFromTheTrees it's available for sale at a VERY reasonable "make me an offer as I need the space in my parts drawer" price if you're interested! 😂
  5. Loving that. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a modern Fender PJ with the Noiseless pickups. Guessing a Kemper floor? Can't quite make it out but the Kemper seems a logical 'nowadays' choice for going straight into the desk for modelling stuff.
  6. Howdy all, Anyone know of a reasonably priced UK based person who'll make me a tort scratchplate for my G&L SB-100? It's obviously not a standard P bass shape and size so will need custom making. Could try and make it myself but it'd be a bit too much of a faff and end up looking rubbish.
  7. There's a WHOLE LOT of issues with my Maggie May's bottom end. It's all over the place. Can you get Will to get his wood sorted?
  8. Took a punt and it arrived this morning. Apart from the damage to the paint, it's a great bass. Proper P-Bass vibe to it. Quick setup and it's playing and sounding ace. TBH, the fact that the paint damage was on the back was the reason I went for it. Can repair/make good it in due course with a bit of work (aka a furlough project), just doesn't bother me that much at the moment. Everything else is good on it and I've saved 60 quid.
  9. Where did you find the exdemo one on the site?
  10. Wow. That's a good spot. Have just decided I need a decent but not expensive P bass for some recording and that could fit the bill quite nicely. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Russ taking one for the team again. How can our lug holes ever repay him?! 😂
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