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  1. Russ taking one for the team again. How can our lug holes ever repay him?! 😂
  2. Come on then, spill the beans. What are they like?
  3. Up in front of a couple of thousand folks last night at the Beer on the Wye festival in Hereford. Last on, the crowd were in fine form having seeming sampled quite extensively from Great Britain's finest breweries 😂 WHAT a hoot. Did an hour and a half set finishing at 11pm and the crowd wanting more. Due to the curfew, we couldn't oblige unfortunately but we'd have loved to have carried on. One of those "wow, that was really special" gigs. We were preceded by a great band called Fired Up. Brilliant set, if the bass player is on here, terrific work fellas.
  4. Bumping like a bumpster. Still available. Price drop and postage included.
  5. Bumpitty bump! Still available!
  6. Shifting pedals that have made way for the Helix on my pedalboard, I've got a Line6 M9 Stompbox Modeller for sale. Fabulous pedal, which I brought when I downsized from the larger M13. Full of top quality Line6 goodness for bass. It's been indestructible and dependable and has formed the centre point of my pedal board for a few years. The only issue is that I've lost one of the parameter knobs. Comes with box and PSU. SOLD
  7. Another one of the "now got a Helix" sales, my Source Audio Envelope Filter Pro + Hot Hand. It's in great condition and I've loved using this envelope. Sounds fab and the ability to program it is so useful. Comes boxed with a Hot Hand which apparently (according to the vendor) has a fault whereby it doesn't turn off so once on, it'll keep powered on until the charge runs out. As I didn't buy the pedal for the Hot Hand functionality, and have consequently never used it anyway, I've no idea whether or not it's faulty or not. £110 + postage from Solihull.
  8. Having recently gone down the Helix route, my TC Spectracomp is now surplus to requirements so is for sale. Great condition. £60 INCLUDING UK postage from Solihull.
  9. Having recently gone down the Helix route, my MXR Bass Octave is now surplus to requirements so is for sale. Great condition. SOLD!!!!
  10. Having gone down the Helix route, I'm no longer using my EBS Microbass II so it's up for sale. In good condition, sounds fab and comes with the original box. Velco on the bottom but can remove before shipping. £145 INC UK postage from Solihull.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. Blimey, why on earth didn't I look at the Bass Direct website?! Doh! BD is just a half hour down the M40 from me and I know Mark really well. Wish I'd realised they had them or I'd have popped down earlier. That'll be my treat for tomorrow morning.
  12. If you don't mind me asking, where did you order your 735A from @Al Krow? Online or shop brought? Really interested in one now but feel like I'd want to give it the once over in the flesh first. Being Midland's based, don't mind getting in the car for an hour or two if I can find somewhere with one in stock.
  13. @EBS_freak turned me onto this last night. For the money, it looks an amazing pedal. The only major downside for me is the lack of MIDI switching. I use my FI a huge amount for the weddings/functions band material as I switch it from the loop switcher via MIDI. Shame about the MIDI as the UI looks so much simpler on the Mono Synth and would have quite happily swapped out the FI for one of these other wise.
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