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  1. For sale (or trade), my Musicman Stingray 5 (1992) in Burgundy Red with a Maple Neck. Had this for almost 5 years, it's a terrific bass. Replaced the Alnico 5 with a Nordstrand Alnico 5 but the original pickup is included. Also comes with the original MM case. In great condition for it's age, a few dents and wear on the body (pictured) but a real cool semi vintage vibe. Lovely yellowing neck. A previous owner looks to have added a p-bass thumb rest, hence the holes in the pickguard. Only selling it as I've decided I want a change of scenery. Ideally a sale but any trade options include 5 string Sadowskys, Dingwalls, Warwicks Thumbs or super Jazz thingies. Hit me up, I can only say no.
  2. Price drop to £800 for this flag-ship modeller
  3. Having a clear out so up for sale is my Future Impact V1 with updated firmware. In great condition, an amazing synth pedal. £190 plus delivery to UK only. Bank transfers or cash on collection only.
  4. Because of a change of needs live and recording, I've decided to let go of my Line6 HELIX Floor. Had it from brand new, just turned 3 years old. It's in great condition, has been flightcased for all of it's life. Is running the latest 3.15 firmware. Comes with the original inner and outer box, delivered from PMT. Looking for £800 plus carriage for a quick sale, bank transfer or cash on collection.
  5. Not using the Helix anymore, just going 'bareback' from the bass into the EBS Microbass then straight into the X32R via a guitar lead. May use the Sony DWZ-B30GB wireless but probably not likely if it impacts latency. Looking at the specs on the Sony... Narrow band mode: Approx. 3 ms / Wide band mode: Approx. 6 ms
  6. tonyf


    Oh lordy. Have just done a few YT reviews of that. Sounds flipping awesome. ABSOLUTELY want now!!!
  7. https://xvive.com/audio/product/u4-in-ear-monitor-wireless-system/ Have spotted these recently in terms of IEM transmitters. Wondering whether anyones tried them? Using an X32R, me straight wired into that nowadays with a EBS Microbass DI pre. Think latency will be an issue? It's saying it's about 5ms on the Xvive, plus whatever the X32R is doing. @EBS_freak is it worth a crack to get above the cheap LD Systems I've been using for a while? Have gone wired with the P1 recently and like that but it's a phaff having an extra lead strapped to me.
  8. Been following the podcast since episode one and I've listened to all of them save for that one. Seemed to have no sense of humour and even less a sense of humility. Lasted 15 minutes before I bailed.
  9. I've got BA55 SCS. I play bass in a band called Second City Soul. Just hoping I never get sacked.
  10. For sale is a set of EMG45 pickups, a TW (splittable) and a J plus a quick connect wiring loom (V/V/T/T). Also included is the quick connect push pull pot and the connector I ordered from EMG for the TW as well as a loom. The TW gives some great tonal options with the J. I brought these a couple of weeks ago in order to swap out a pair of 45DCs in my Yamaha but have since realised I prefer the original pairing. In terms of wiring the push-pull, there's wiring diagrams on the EMG website.
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