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  1. dont know what your budget is but i use fretfx work very well for me I wouldnt be without them
  2. Pretty sure I bought it from Marcus , only had it for a while (surprise) , cant recall who I sold it to though sorry ,lovely bass!
  3. I had one of these , why I sold it I will never know , if I had the space and cash would buy this in a heartbeat. Whoever buys it will be happy.
  4. I have one of these an early one, love the tone the from it , one of the best I've had from many amps
  5. It is more than good to see that user name on here again! Great shame you are selling, even greater I have no money! Anyone thinking of this, this is a great bass and a great guy!
  6. Wow , these look fantastic , really keen to try one of these, not cheap but I bet they have tone to die for.
  7. A few things have come up so could do with shifting this now so price reduced to £650 including delivery. Thanks
  8. Really lovely bass, American Fender jazz from 2001. Great sounding. Good condition overal , few small signs of use, only thing of significance I can find (which isnt really imo) is a small knock on the back of the neck behind the 11th fret on the back of the neck , see photos. Think this is just a small chip in the lacquer, not affecting the wood. Comes with original Fender teardrop case , looking for £750, welcome to make offers , not really looking for trades at moment. Based in Bristol, welcome to try out. Thanks [attachment=246024:DSC_1379.JPG] [attachment=246025:DSC_1359.JPG] [attachment=246026:DSC_1380.JPG] [attachment=246027:DSC_1381.JPG] [attachment=246028:DSC_1377.JPG] [attachment=246029:DSC_1382.JPG] [attachment=246030:DSC_1383.JPG] [attachment=246031:DSC_1367.JPG]
  9. I bought this new from thomann, mid to late last year, soon after i bought it something else came along that I had been after for some time so as good as this is it became surplus to requirements. I think I did two gigs with and a small number of rehearsals (3 maybe). So pretty much unused. It has not left the house since then. I paid over £1k for it , currently it is here; https://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_classic_70s_jazz_bass_mn_3ts.htm?ref=search_rslt_fender+jazz+bass+classic+japan_371985_1, at over £1100. It is a lovely bass, very well balanced, very powerful pick ups and a real looker. Im after £600 for it , there is no case but it cant be sent and will be packed very very well. Based in Bristol, tryout welcome [attachment=246014:DSC_1370.JPG] [attachment=246015:DSC_1371.JPG] [attachment=246016:DSC_1372.JPG] [attachment=246017:DSC_1374.JPG] [attachment=246018:DSC_1353.JPG]
  10. Bought a cab from Gillento, really good guy to deal with, good communication well packed, would recommend no problem. Thanks
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