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SOLD: Epifani UL310 - series 1 Cab SOLD
West Sussex

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Cab now SOLD - many thanks! 

Hi Folks 

For Sale only, an Epifani UL310 series 1 ultra lightweight Bass Cab with padded cover. 

This is an excellent sounding Epifani UL310. It's the older (better-sounding) series 1 variety, loaded with B&C drivers.

Tech Spec as follows :

Dimensions: 23" (H) x 21.5" (W) x 16.5 " (D) 
Power Handling: 750 watts RMS (1800 watts Peak) 
Speakers: (3) B&C 250 watt RMS Cast Aluminum Frame 
100 watt RMS Tweeter (variable) 
5.3 OHMS
Weight: 47 lbs 

Have added a couple of stock images from Google for now but will put up some pics of the actual cab itself tonight.  Real pictures of the cab now added below. 

Great condition, all original and sounds brilliant with either my Ampeg V4BH head or my Hartke LH500 head. It's also a very easy one handed lift.. 

Only selling because I'm just not using it enough due to infrequent gigs and when I do, I tend to always use my Ampeg rig.. 

Viewings welcome in Littlehampton, West Sussex and yes, happy to send by courier (at buyer's expense) if absolutely essential. 

Any questions, please ask here or send me a PM. 

Thanks for looking.. 😊




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I've just picked one of these up and it is unbelievable. Paired with my Hartke HA5500, it sounds superb. Best cab I have ever owned. Plus, they are super light and as already mentioned, a one hand lift.

Nik's also a lovely guy so buy with confidence, someone is going to get a great cab at a great price. Good luck with the sale.

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7 hours ago, Stofferson said:

OOh, 5.3 Ohms, hows that work out?

As I understand it, its done by dividing the ohmage of the drivers - in this case 16 ohms - and dividing it by the total number of drivers, i.e. 3.

So, 16 ÷ 3 = 5.3.

Hope that helps.. 

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Great, great cabs.

I have even composed a PM but then realised that I have no power amp, and then I would have to buy a power amp........ etc etc.........

But this is a great cab that weighs next to nothing and can happily keep up with Mr Noisy on the drums.

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