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  1. Had a Sansamp in some shape or form on my board for as long as I have been playing. Usually last in the chain aside from any comp, I have it to set my standard tone prior to going into my amp which I use for room EQ, plus Sansamps just make any dirt pedal sound so much better. Currently and for the past few years I have the BDDI v2, set and forget.
  2. Only in comparison 🙂. Aye love my ABM, not a touch in my old trace gear weight wise. Totally agree though built like tanks and the best customer service in the business
  3. Hey dude, It's early so bear with 🙂 The Abm models you can consider the flag ship, Class A/B solid state power amp (old school heavy type), Big, loud and versatile. They have a pre amp valve for a blended drive section and a fantastic and versatile EQ The RM are the light weight equivalent, 300/500/800 watts Class D Lightweight Power supply, I'd describe as a valve emulated blended drive, Just as good EQ Both have a useable one knob compressor, Sub octave generator for some nice lower end growl. You can more or less get the same voicings out of each, it all depends on whether your happy to go big large and heavy or have a nice light weight amp.
  4. Skint after the purchase of the year last week 😂, will see what I can muster this year, got my eye on a new custom build
  5. it's all about the angles mate 😉
  6. Haha, not 100% sure that's how I left it, but it's not far off tbf. Below is more realistic
  7. Got the 220. Love it with my BF 210.
  8. Best stay off the veggie curries during load in and out then aye hehe
  9. Yup 810 lol weird lift, neo speakers but chonky wood lol can't wait to crank it haha
  10. Too late guys, sorry! Just got this bad boy safe and sound to its new home.
  11. My apologies, I've been very good / patient waiting for the right thing to pop up. Of course! I'll certainly attempt a demo
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