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  1. Friday - Charity gig with originals band at the Hairy Dog Derby, was great made over £600 for the Teenage Cancer trust Saturday - Covers band gig, Local again, New Cross Sutton in Ashfield, . . .oh dear . . still got paid. Sunday - Covers gig, Nag Head Ripley, great little pub, got to try out some new covers. Shouts of "Freebird"! around the place, better than get off i guess! Back hurts after lugging 5 speakers in and out of the car. 😞 all in all still fun
  2. Had my Four10 Since July, The single best cab i've had, love it! enjoy dude
  3. Could be wrong, who knows, guess we'll see when it lands next month then!
  4. Emailed the UK Distribution, RRP and timings etc. Anyone need a kidney? I got 2??
  5. Originals band, once a week around 3/4 hours, write new stuff and talk business, Gigging at least a minimum of once a week, so rehearsing the set is't needed, Covers band, 2/3 times a year close to a gig to iron out any kinks, play through a couple of new ones, Gig sporadically once or twice every 2 or 3 months.
  6. Hi, Probably about 18 years off where you are now, i'm 32 I've been playing for 18 years, It's only the past 4/5 years it's become a lifestyle, 100+ gigs a year with our Originals band, moderate success and still chasing the "dream" Earn enough to cover costs e.g. fuel, merch stock up etc. day job pays for everything else. Love what i do but i know it's not sustainable at this level, realistically would we make it? not in this day and age haha, I do have amazing memories, experiences and plenty off the bucket list, I totally understand what you mean though. Maybe try something completely different? Perhaps something to get your teeth into to reignite any flames? teaching? band management or advice? certainly taking up Upright would be great, or perhaps studio work, take all the things you enjoy from creating music and remove the things you don't? i know a fair few musicians who just do studio stuff only, barely gig it live. Anyway, I hope you find what you're looking for 😎
  7. Sheffield 02 academy Saturday night, very warm and loud was awesome
  8. Thanks dude, I have one of those power amps that Maplin did in the rehearsal room class D, loads of watts, interested to see what a class a/b power amp feels like. If it's reliable then bonus.
  9. Afternoon, Looking at a cheap modular set up, on my internet travels i came across the Subzero brand from Gear4music https://www.gear4music.com/PA-DJ-and-Lighting/SubZero-PA1200-Class-AB-Amplifier/2J1J Cheap? yes, reliable no idea? anyone have any experience with this brand? Cheers Stoff
  10. Check out King Hobo too, also featuring Jean-Paul, it's the singer and guitarist from Kamchatka, ex keyboard player from opeth on Hammond then bass and on the first album a really cool session bassist.
  11. Awesome, great place, reasonable stage, but the onstage sound was perfect, awesome monitors, lighting not so great but that's a matter of preference. Most importantly very cheap local Ale! Enjoy dude it's a cool place
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