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  1. Haven't been to download since 2006, but been to many other since then, As a punter and playing. Guess it's just a case of what you enjoy doing, or not in some cases. This year will be the 3rd time I play Bloodstock and around the 7th year I've attended and camped for the weekend, less broad than download so the mix of people isn't so bad, Last year i did Wacken in Germany which was cool and thankfully the weather was awesome, although they do things more efficiently there! I've done a shed load of smaller indie ones too, 3rd Year Amplified Festival is on this year and playing that, Call of the Wild in Lincolnshire just happened, that was reasonably ok. I love a bed and a clean porcelain bog, but aint nothing wrong with slumming it for a few days!
  2. For Sale or Trade. Flattley Bass Chief. £175 incl Postage Cool Bass Drive/Fuzz Pedal, can get a range of tones with help from the EQ, blend and gain. Has some great sounds. Gigged Twice has feet removed and velcro on the bottom. Excellent Condition! Here's what the site says: The Bass Chief is an analogue overdrive pedal for bass guitar with true bypass. It has a special paint finish in a 1590 BB enclosure and it takes a standard 9v power supply. It has 5 controls which include a 2 band equaliser section, blend control, gain and volume. The blend knob allows you to go from a full wet signal to a full dry signal which allows you to dial in your required amount of oomph. This pedal has plenty in the tank and can give the bass guitar some tube amp style smooth tones but still give you a growl when you need it. Interested in cool fuzzes, small cabs, mutli effect if interested in trades 🙂
  3. Cool so you can run both off the one head down to 2 ohms, Well, i'm no expert, what you will get is more air being pushed by more speakers so it will be "loud" as for voicing, there may be issues but you don't know until you do it. I'm sure speaker experts could add some insight into this. But from a safe power perspective there's no reason why you cant do it 🙂
  4. Firstly that would be cool, but you need to check the impedance of the amp and the cabs, If they are both 4 ohms, the head to run both would need to run down to 2 ohms. unless your head has a line / power amp out, that way you could run one head into one cab and slave out into a power amp to run the second cab, something i have done in the past.
  5. It's a Marmite bass, immensely beautiful, but didn't fit my sound nor band
  6. Erm, I traded it for a Warwick Thumb. I am immensely happy
  7. Barefaced one 10 for sale - Gen 3 Silver Cloth Front with Roqsolid Cover. Hardly used and no damages, dinks or anything like that. Will upload better pics when i get home, but you know what these look like 🙂 I have the original box for delivery. Amazing Speaker. Delivery - £15 insured. Thanks
  8. For Sale Mooer Tender Octaver MKII - £50 + £5 Postage. Up and down octave with clean blend and 3 voices, tracks great on bass. Rockboard by Warwick Power Pit £75 + £5 Postage - New - without box Specifications: Multi Power Supply Powers multiple effect pedals world wide max. 1280 mA Display with output voltage information Load-dependent voltage (LDV) controls for simulating battery behavior input voltage 110V 240V, ideal for touring Protection fuse, exchangable Input: 110/220V AC IEC plug (male) Outputs: 1 x 110/220V AC IEC socket (female) 1 x isolated out with selectable voltage (9V/12V/15V/18V), max. 150 mA 3 x isolated 9V outs with selectable output voltages (7.9V to 9.4V DC) via LDV controls, max. 210 mA each 4 x 9V outs, max. 500 mA total
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Thanks dude that but makes sense, just how it would work from the amp with most being 4 or 8 ohms man
  11. Thanks man that's my custom babe. Ambler custom guitars. Based the feel on my 97 Warwick corvette complete with emg j set, but full rock n roll tbird looks haha
  12. Cool man, Will look into that, it all depends on if i sell this or get something for trades etc
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