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  1. Great pedal, absolutely monstrous low end! Glwts
  2. Yamaha bbt 500. I was young I didn't know anything. Sounded poo, had no power
  3. I had one of these last year, really light in comparison to similar stuff in its age range, sounded awesome too, great cab all round
  4. Not done this in a while but just done a 5 day stint as main support. Wednesday we played the Dome in Cardiff. The headliners used their own desk and engineer as they all use in ears and no backline. The in house engineer was totally on point and with 45 mins before doors had us all rigged back up and our "normal" set up of back line and monitors all ready to roll, great gig and cool venue. Thursday the Garage in Glasgow. Monster 7 hour drive in storm Debra or whatever. Got there with time and loaded in, engineer this time had nothing ready and really are into our soundcheck just before doors, sound was off on stage and he ended up blowing the house subs somehow, which meant the headliners had to piece something together to crack on, overall a bit tinny but they managed it. Cool venue, had beers across the road after and headed back to the hotel. Friday Leeds brudenell club. Another monster drive aqua plaining sideways down the m73 but all good. Love a venue with a dedicated car park and good beer. The room was awesome, engineer was great and sound was killer. Saturday - standalone gig for us in Colchester - Soundhouse at the Bull. Pretty much a shed outside from the main pub, cool metal place not as cool as being treated to the previous nights stages. No monitors but a small room so we made do, big sound in there and went down well for us headlining and all bands from outta town. Sunday back to being tour support. Crap drive through the big smoke to the Dome Tuffnel park. One of the coolest venues yet, nice square room, big donkey stage and good beer. Engineers this time we're militant and awesome, separate main engineer and monitor engineer, made all the difference. All killer shows, I'm knackered now though. All week I used my bf 410 and alternated between an Ashdown Hod and an ABM 600.
  5. Deffo an on stage ripper, my apologies to the rest of my band
  6. Vibrations maybe? I have no idea, microphonic maybe? But yeah put the head on it's side next to the cab and played as I did and seemed to work
  7. Quick Google may suggest it's the pre amp valve? Might change that and see how it is
  8. Hi guys, ABM 600 into BF410. Playing at home at the "neighbours aren't in volumes" and noticed it was proper farting out on particular notes, C on the A string mainly, proper weird, anyway, took the amp off the top of the cab and tried it again. . no farting, is this a head issue? Really weird
  9. Time for a change! For sale /trade. Cash or trade for something similar, 4x10, 4x12, two 2 x 10's etc. Message me! Barefaced four10, monster of a cab. With padded Cover. Never let me down. Lightweight fridge killer! Great condition, suffers from Rolex shrinkage as per older BF models but never really noticed, has some minor scuffs from use. Info from site below. https://barefacedaudio.com/products/four_10 No boxes for shipping but happy to deliver or meet, located M1 j28,28,29.
  10. Oh my, just up the road from me . . Glwts.
  11. For Sale Cherry Red Epiphone EB3 - Excellent Condition. Gorgeous sounding and playability. Never been gigged, hardly played, no mark or buckle rash. No case or packaging unfortunately. Collection or meet up, pm for details. Close to m1 J27,28,29
  12. Slight delay on mine. Had the head since last January, cab since last July. Never been happier!
  13. Looks the same on the surface, aside its bigger, has the output VU and the DI now on the back? The Site is updated with all the new stuff, the RM800 is back, an Original 500, and a 200 watt "ant" for pedal boards amongst more stuff
  14. Off the top of my head, it would be running a 3rd of the watts based on what it would put out at 4 ohms? Correct me if i am wrong, i am no expert say your amp kicks out 200 Watts at 4 ohm minimum, at 12 ohms, its would be around 67 watts. Probably not noticeable but you'd want to give the speakers more watts to be more efficient? They have the 12 ohm option on there so you can use multiple cabs for modular set ups. 3 x 12 ohm cabs will run at 4 ohm etc.
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