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    Ehx green Russian - sold Ews bass mid control v1 I believe. Boost or cut mids between 120 Hz and 3khz. No box but packaged appropriately. £50 posted All sold
  2. Stofferson


    Hx effects for sale. Amazing bit of kit. Boxed with power supply, power adapter if you want to power it with a pedal board supply. Unfortunately no usb cable, but they're relatively cheap to grab, I have a wee adapter with it also just so it's easier for the usb to plug in if plumbed into a tight board.Velcro underneath, signs of use, a couple of the scribble strips have a few dead pixels but does not affect performance nor ability to see what's on display. £240 posted. Or collection if you're unfortunate enough to live close by. All sold thanks
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  4. Just my wild guess, potentially so much at that same price point which bassists already know, TE, TC, Warwick, GK, MB, Ashdown. etc. Tough Market to crack if it's your first foray into bass amps.
  5. I used the Unity Combo with the extension cab at a gig a while back, did a good job, can't really say much more than that, Sorry!
  6. I dunno it's pretty cool, the vu design, unfortunately I have s lot of stuff to get rid of at the moment 😓
  7. Thanks dude haha, glad I can help, I think it's a laser engraving, are they not all like that?
  8. Yeah it's a beaut, I'd hang on to it but life says no at the moment, and I don't want to sell any actual music gear lol
  9. Selling my beloved Ashdown watch, purchased in last year's Ashdown warehouse clearance, unfortunately due to life I need to get some cash flow going. I've never worn it, but I put a new battery in, still has the plastic over the fascia of the watch. Case and sleeve are quite old, I guess it was in a dark corner of Ashdown Hq but the watch itself is clean, tidy and unworn. Free postage mainland UK
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