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  1. Any takers, any offers, just need the space! For ref, cab is great works fine Head does not work and need fixing, I'm no techy though.
  2. Beast of a cab, if I didn't already have one I would have it 😎
  3. I don't think there is an answer or scenario that would appease all bass players. We all play various types of venues and different genre's as well as having our own preference of how much we want to hear ourselves. I know what I like and it works for me, but I am sure someone somewhere will have an opinion on it and that's cool. Anything like this i would say go out and find what best works for you, I like loud, I like power kicking me in the back. I would love to play a gig where the monitors we're perfect, or I'd be comfortable to get away with going straight into the desk, although it very rarely happens. Just work out what you need for your performance to work 🙂
  4. My mates modest YouTube channel has done a piece on this. https://youtu.be/UdLpUp4FQiw
  5. Been using an Ls-2 for some time now for a fuzz with clean blend. I've had various incarnations of pedal mixers on there, My favourite was the EHX Green Russian then into a boss Eq pedal with prominent mids. Then like suggested have the second chain just for clean blend. Octave then Fuzz works well too, Octave, Fuzz and mids works very well haha. Currently got an Orange furcoat in there now, but I am also looking at the Tyler too for even more control.
  6. For sale. Old school bass rig. Laney dp150 head. Lights are on but no one is home. Was working few months ago but can't get a sound out if it, a lot of the switches are bent and EQ has a few bent faders and missing end caps. Turns on but no sound, I'm no techy so maybe a project waiting for someone. £50 Ono for spares and repairs. Laney DP 4 x 10 bass cab From what I can fathom it's 200 watts and 8 ohms. This is in full working order. Smaller and lighter than its counterparts from the same era but still quite hefty. Plenty of marks for its age etc but still plays fine. £50 Available to view, meet up / collection from Mansfield. Happy to drive within a few junctions of M1 j28. Open to offers etc. Pm me
  7. I use a few fuzz pedals and a bit of gain and bass wah for parts of the songs I write. These are just editions to my standard clean tone. I wouldn't say I can get a fuzz tone with just my technique, would have saved me a few quid over the years 😂 Never been into time based effects, just not my bag. Always been of the mindset of whatever floats your boat man, there's stuff I don't like and stuff I swear by, each to their own.
  8. No worries mate, weird the issues you guys had, I'm on chrome in a Mac and just got in fine.
  9. In short yes. Long answer, Im a 33 year old Metal head, mellowing out, I like the groove so Im into Stoner rock and stuff, but getting big into Blues and stuff like that, I have just discovered Ten Years After (older folk dont shout at me!?) and they're from my neck of the woods too, thought we just had Statham and Richard Bacon as "famous" people from here.
  10. I had the pleasure of using the combo and extension cab at a gig last year, was nice, I did ask when they'd bring out a head, didn't fiddle as I just chucked my pedal board with Sansamp in front. Still, seems like most entry level Class D heads on the market nowadays.
  11. Mrs is out, the neighbours have moved out. Test time Can confirm its does loud!
  12. Not had chance to push past living room levels, but does feel like it has plenty on tap for what it is, it won't certainly replace the ABM but will be good for smaller gigs
  13. I'd say so, I've had the v1,the programmable, the deluxe, the VT deluxe etc. Same solid sound, more tweakable. Has a button to switch mid freq as well as the bass freq too for 5 stringers/down tuners
  14. Another plus for the Sansamp pedal from me. I have the bass driver V2 with mids. Sounds great straight in. Easy to dial in and very responsive
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