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  1. Agreed, but when you just wanna hear what the amp sound like, slapping a 3 octave arpeggio or finger tapping a neo classic arrangement when in reality you just wanna hear 4 bars of G with fingers or a pick 😂
  2. My mate does a few review vids without erm over playing
  3. Came this morning, just fitted it! Relatively simple!
  4. Thanks dude, should be arriving tomorrow, mines currently a 4ohm cab, think the video Andy put up earlier covers both!
  5. I sent an offer, probably expired now, I'll maybe hold off incase an 800 comes up
  6. Thanks dude, I wondered if there was much difference in the different power section's haha, let's not open that can of works lol just saw a 220 on eBay for cheap lol
  7. Hey guys anyone got one? Any experience with one? Would it suit a bf two10? Cheers
  8. I know right. . Ugh I like both or maybe I just make custom ones. . . Dammit . .when will this end!
  9. So I guess this answers it . .
  10. It's a 4 ohm that's been converted from 12, but I'd like to get the switchable kit so I can flick between
  11. Dammit! literally just bought one or i'd have it! good look with the sale man!
  12. Then I doth my cap to said bass player. Not all heroes wear capes
  13. Ahh awesome, that went quick too dude! I would have had it but an 810 would kill everyone I think lol
  14. Haha yeah man, I think I set a notification for "barefaced". I messaged within minutes got permission from the Mrs (yeah I know but still ) and cracked on with it hehe
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