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  1. Stofferson

    Trace Elliot AH400 SMX and 1015H cab

    Of course, drop me a message and we'll talk
  2. Stofferson

    Ashdown ABM 2000 Watt head

    This still going?
  3. Stofferson

    Trace Elliot AH400 SMX and 1015H cab

    Ha the cab is one of the lightest I've used, but yeah sounds immense. Upgraded though so I need it to go 😪
  4. Stofferson

    Trace Elliot AH400 SMX and 1015H cab

    Open to offers 🙂
  5. Stofferson

    Feedback for Largo

    Bought a cab from Largo, great to deal with.No hassle at all! thanks!
  6. Stofferson

    Feedback for Walshy

    Completed a purchase from Walshy on a cab. Spot on communication, pleasure to deal with Cheers
  7. For Sale or Trade for an Ashdown head. Trace Elliot AH400SMX Head And 1015H Cab Excellent Condition. Condition is Used. Collection in person or can deliver or meet up within reasonable distance of M1 Junction 28 North or South. The Head is an older version with the Jack and XLR speaker outs, no buzzing on any switches, all original nobs in tact. Signs of use but no wear or tear. This has been well looked after. The Cab is fantastic condition. Surprisingly amazingly light to carry. Comes with original case, slight tear in one corner but doesn't cause an issue. Variable tweeter on the back. Fantastic Rig. Head Info: 400w @ 4 ohms GP-12SMX preamp section, featuring: Switchable active / passive input jack. Input gain control with signal peak LED. Variable valve and transistor pre-amp gain controls. Pre-Shape 1:+6dB at 50Hz and 2kHz, -6dB at 400Hz. Pre-Shape 2: +5dB at 100Hz, +3dB at 3kHz and -5dB at 650Hz. 12-band graphic EQ with panel switch and master volume control. Balanced DI output, switchable pre- / post-EQ. Variable high- and low-frequency compression. Dedicated tuner output. Effects send & return jacks. Cab info The 1015H is intended to be a 'stack in a box'; i.e. one cabinet that can handle the full power at 4ohms from an amplifier and deliver full range sound without being unmanageable to move around. The two 10" speakers and variable high frequency horn are in a sealed chamber which allows the 15" more internal volume and is tuned down to 32Hz. Overall this is rated at 800W TRACE ELLIOT 1015H 2X10 AND 1X15 BASS CAB FEATURES: 800 Watts RMS, 4 Ohms. Two 10" (254mm) and one 15'' (381mm) special design Celestion speakers. High frequency horn with variable attenuation. One Neutrik® Combination Speakon® / 1/4" (6.35mm) jack connector. 10" speakers and horn mounted in separate sealed chamber. 15" speaker tuned, with bottom unobstructed slot, to 32Hz. Lightweight plywood construction. Original classy black 'pimple' covering, metal grill. Metal handles and protective corners. Additional rear handles and castors for easier manoeuvrability. Dimensions (HxWxD): 34'' (860mm) x 24.25'' (615mm) x 17'' (435mm) Weight: 93 lbs (42.3 kg)
  8. Stofferson

    Feedback for Stealth

    Bought An Ashdown ABM 600 Head Communication spot on, arrived in great time and no issues. like all the above, spot on and happy to recommend thanks
  9. Stofferson

    SOLD Asbdown ABM 600 Evo 4 £300 Shipped

    Interested in upgrading my rig, I'm currently using an old school Trace Elliot AH400SMX, Stage wise would this compete?
  10. Stofferson

    Barefaced Big Twin 2T SOLD

    Sweet, checked a lot out as I've been yearning for a while haha just considering it, probably have to ship it as I'm gigging a lot 🤔 what's the back panel look like ?
  11. Stofferson

    Barefaced Big Twin 2T SOLD

    Cool cool I'm very interested, been looking at them for nearly 3 years.
  12. Stofferson

    Barefaced Big Twin 2T SOLD

    Been looking at buying a brand new one if these . . Convince me!
  13. Stofferson

    Feedback for Stofferson

    Thanks dude, pleasure to deal with you too!
  14. Stofferson

    Genz Benz Issue

    Thanks guys, got it up and running again, tried the effects loop and got sound via that, so assumed it was a valve, cracked the amount open and switched the valves around, they don't look blown, maybe it came loose . .either way it's working again and will be ordering some new valves Thanks guys! So Andy said: Try bypassing the effects loop with a short 1/4" shielded cable. Also, it's possible that you have a bad tube (valve). Try substituting a known good 12AX7 into each of the 3 tube positions and see if the sound comes back. Otherwise, you will need to find a technician or service engineer that is experienced servicing class D amps. I can support the Fender service guys, as well as Sutherland Trading and any Mesa Boogie authorized service center if they are willing to work on it. Best regards, Andy