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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Thanks dude that but makes sense, just how it would work from the amp with most being 4 or 8 ohms man
  3. Thanks man that's my custom babe. Ambler custom guitars. Based the feel on my 97 Warwick corvette complete with emg j set, but full rock n roll tbird looks haha
  4. Cool man, Will look into that, it all depends on if i sell this or get something for trades etc
  5. Thanks dude, I have the one10 which variations do you have sir ?
  6. Yeah man, it's amazing and will probably regret it, but I have the one10 that I practice on at home and I find that better suited to the tone I'm after so looking for something in that area
  7. Aye tis a beautiful cab, works wonders but I think something with tens in would be better suited to my set up
  8. For sale reluctantly. Barefaced big twin T. https://barefacedbass.com/product-range/big-one.htm DIMENSIONS 36" high x 21" wide x 16" deep 90cm x 53cm x 40cm WEIGHT 57 lbs (26kg) BROADBAND SENSITIVITY 98dB - similar to a conventional boutique 2x12" USABLE FREQUENCY RANGE 30Hz - 22kHz RECOMMENDED AMP POWER 300-1500W RMS MAXIMUM LF & BROADBAND OUTPUT 127dB -similar to a high quality 6x10" or 4x12" but with bigger lows NOMINAL IMPEDANCE 4 ohms Images coming shortly. Amazing cab, excellent condition. With protective cover and cardboard box for shipping at buyers expense. Location Mansfield, can deliver within a few junctions north or south of M1 j28. Interested in trades for other 4 ohm cabinets, 2x10, 4x10 etc hit me up. quick image below, fyi just the cab for sale!
  9. Thanks for all the responses. Yeah, after years of plugging a Jazz bass in an tweaking on the amps and pedals, to now have more sonic capabilities on the bass, it is a learning curve. this post probably sounded very amateur haha but there's basses and then there's Ric's. I do prefer to have everything set on the bass, I currently have both pup on full whack and tweak everything from there. Oh I totally get the Ric sound, play-ability wise it's one of the nicest basses to play too, so unless someone has a Thumb to trade 🤣 it's a keeper. @4000 thanks man, I've had many variations of sansamp over the years, settled finally on the Bddi V2 as it has the mid function amongst other things like footprint etc. @Lozz196 yeah man, The Ashdown it's very scooped or not, but had a play and did work better fiddling with those eq Pre-shape and has helped a lot. It's not that i wanted it to sound exactly like my Warwick, I think after having the same pick ups for years, it's a drastic change, anyway, I had a fiddle at my last gig. Pretty much a blend of what everyone has suggested here and was very pleased with it. It's just a wild beast to tame, so am I, pretty much unpleaseable when it comes to gear and tones haha, i'm getting there. thanks all
  10. 😍 man, my dream bass. wish i had the cash
  11. Hey guys, sorry if this is the wrong area, this is my first "help" post. So after years of playing my Warwick Corvette with EMG j set. I bought a Rickenbacker 4003s it plays amazing and ticks all the boxes but i just cannot get the sound i like. The pickups are loud and clear but I'm not sure if I'm just used to the nice mid fart of the jazz pickups but the Rick is just pure bass and treble, probably just me and i guess there is no way around this? (replacement pups etc). usually play via a sansamp BDDI v2 into either an Ashdown abm 600 or a power amp. Even with all the eq in the world i just cant get that mid range
  12. Thou art has inquired to ones item, that one hast for sale ?? OR I has't hath sent thee a message about the item f'r sale I dunno I can only remember Steinbeck at school
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