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  1. No idea. So far I've not felt the need to use any pedals. An amp I recently bought had built in compression, but after a few weeks experimenting I stopped using it. I preferred the natural sound of my basses.
  2. I don't listen to much music, but when I do it's a wide range from Rock and Roll to current. As long as it's well played, I like gigging all styles of music.
  3. No. You try one and tell us. If you've already got a nice bass, how much better does the US version have to be?
  4. No one touches my basses. I've seen what happened to other, more generous guys. I've been in a house band for a Jam night for the last 20 years and I provide the back line. Some people didn't treat my gear very well in the early days so I keep a tight rein on what they can do. Sadly some people can't be trusted, even friends!
  5. I'm waiting to see what they do to Aguilar.
  6. Hold on. . . . how did you get hold of my number????
  7. I'm not fond of a lot of stuff, but I have no negative opinions about any music, band or musician. If I don't like something I ignore it.
  8. Hi Clarky, your Ampeg is only putting out 250 watts into your BB2, so I'd say you were under powered. If you are fighting against 2 half stack guitarists, I'd vote for an 800 watt amp and suggest a Super Midget to go with the BB2. I use an Aguilar AG700 with a BB2 and SM with my loud bands and I can give a cranked Twin Reverb a run for its money.
  9. If I had a plan the P bass would be used at home, because it's passive and I'd save the batteries in my active Jazz for the gigs. What actually happens, I'll use which ever one comes out of the nearest gig bag.
  10. Western standard tuning was designed as a compromise. There is a lot about this on the net. Better accuracy of multi-scale tuning is one of the Dingwall selling points.
  11. Ah yes, the care home and day care circuit. That's where the gigs are these days.
  12. I've got cases for my basses, but only use gig bags for gigging them. The cases are to protect them from the likes of DHL when they've been sold.
  13. My TH500 is nearly 10 years old and the AG700 about 6 years old.
  14. In my experience, D class and SS amps are more reliable than valve amps. Since I started playing bass I've had 3 valve amps fail, one in the studio and 2 on stage. My SS amps (since the late 80's) and D class amps (since the early 2000's) have 100% reliability. I take 2 D class amps to every gig. While one is nominally a "backup" I check them both out on the sound check and use the one I prefer.
  15. Pino and David LaBruyere on the video.
  16. I know a guy using an LM800, because he wants a 500 watt amp into his Super Compact at 8 ohm.
  17. There's a guy who films all the bands at a club we play. He uses professional gear and turns out a pretty good video. He also give the bands approval, which is unique. Unfortunately he always sets up in front of the guitarist which means the bass is always in the background. I also know a band who had a "melt down" on stage and had to ask anyone filming not to put it on the internet! I barely get through a song without doing something I'd rather forget, let alone a whole night, so I'm ambivalent about these videos. On the other hand, they show you what the audience sees and hears, so they can be a useful learning tool.
  18. Spinal Tap. How many basses? Dumpstaphunk, 2 basses and funky as flip. . . .
  19. My LM2 was a great sounding amp, and then I bought my Thunderfunk, which sounded even better!! If you find a good one, buy it. It doesn't have to do many gigs before it's paid for itself.
  20. Like the Blues Brothers 2000, it won't be as good as the original, but it'll be fun.
  21. How about firing off an email to Barefaced?
  22. What's the best feeling in the world? Playing great gear, in a great band, with great players to a great audience. Oh, and getting paid for having so much fun.
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