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  1. D tuners are fine if you have a 4 string bass and want the occasional use of some extra notes, but a 5 string bass is an instrument in its own right, and gives the player so much more than just a few low notes.
  2. My 2 110's have slight peeling, but it's at the back, so no problem.
  3. I like hearing professional musicians talking about their craft, world and experiences.
  4. I was surprised at the massive tone upgrade when I put flats on my P bass, so I tried some on my Jazz. They took away all I liked about the Jazz, so the rounds went back on. IMO a P bass and flats just go together and rounds bring out the extended frequencies of the Jazz.
  5. Do what I did. . . buy a used one first then a second new one. 2 BF 210's sound great.
  6. The size of a driver bears no relation to the sound it makes. There are 10's that go lower than 15's, there are 12's that go higher than 10's. Then throw in the design of the cab to get an even wider range of frequencies. Barefaced make exceedingly good cabs. I see you've already been speaking to Alex. I'd believe him. He operates a 30 day return, so if he gives bad advice, just to sell a cab, he knows it'll be coming straight back. He was spot on when I spoke to them about my cabs.
  7. I own a couple of BF 110's (which I'm rather fond of) but if you want smaller the Greenboy fEARful Crazy 8 is about as small as I've seen with a decent sound. Any smaller and I'd be looking at headphone amps.
  8. Any or all of those. Depends on the music and the players.
  9. Roger Sadowsky licenced the design to Warwick. I believe he had input during the licence set-up and hand-over phase, but has no part in the manufacture, marketing or quality control of these basses. The hardware and electrics are not made by Sadowsky, but are licenced to, and made by, Warwick. I would guess also in China.
  10. I've played thousands of songs. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to play thousands more. I don't have any songs on my to do list, but the one thing I always wanted to do, and never had the opportunity, was to play in a band with 2 drummers.
  11. How can you be a musician and decide music has not had "a great impact on your life"? I had seen live music before, orchestras, the cheesy dance band playing at the holiday hotel, but the first "proper" gig I went to, John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, was an earth shattering moment, one of the greatest impacts on my life, as was the urge to buy a bass, learn how to play it and get into a band. Those two linked events were responsible for the path my whole life has taken.
  12. Sorry, I have no idea which. I would expect "services", though.
  13. They are Warwick basses made in China with no Sadowsky parts or input. When comparing with other Far East basses they might be considered a truffle expensive.
  14. One of my bands does a regular monthly gig. We did our first gig for 18 months last week and were told the pub wanted to pay us via PayPal!!!! I've not come across that one before! Apparently they don't want to be handing over cash. Anyone see any downsides to being paid this way?
  15. Hi Blue, hope you're good. All good advice.
  16. Bergantino have discontinued nearly as many products as Markbass!!! I wonder why they do that?
  17. Most of my favourite albums are live, Delbert McClinton, Little Feat, The Band, Edgar Winter, Talking Heads, Johnny Winter, SRV, Tina Turner, Keb Mo, Bonnie Raitt, Otis Redding, James Brown, Albert King, BB King, Clapton, Bob Marley, Derek and Clive, The Stones and Humble Pie.
  18. Sounds like you've got a Trigger's Broom there. I'd have sold this bass and bought one that has no problems.
  19. The first Precision was honey blond with a maple fretboard and a black pick guard.
  20. Sunburst? That's the perfect colour scheme for a bass, with Tort and Rosewood, of course. I have 3 burst basses and while it wasn't something I planned, I'm very happy with the look of them.
  21. My influences come in two phases. At the beginning it was Bill Wyman and Willie Dixon, followed by Duck Dunn and John McVie. The second phase consists mainly of Duck Dunn, Nathan East and Reggie McBride. Every good bass player and every great bass line has been an influence, but these are the guys who actually informed my playing style, tone, patterns and ideas.
  22. The difference in running an amp at 8 ohms and at 4 ohms is marginal. A better cab will get you more volume than worrying about ohms. As you are already a BF owner, if you are running a 210 and want to upgrade, I'd suggest a BF Super Compact. Since buggering up my back again I've been using 1 SC and my 700 watt amp. So that's 350 watts into a 112 and it's loud enough to match a very noisy covers band, 2 guitars, keys and drums.
  23. I'd love to have one of these. How much did it go for?
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