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  1. What's the consensus on weight? I know. . . . . . . . It's an even more tedious subject for me. These days, unfortunately, it's a very necessary question!
  2. I know nothing of pedals, but would expect that they'll work better if you're putting a bigger tone into them. I'd say get a fat set of strings and tune to Eb.
  3. Where's the good bit? IMO with SD it's all good bits. . . . . . . . if you are lucky enough to be a bass player. Never mind the songs, the bass playing is a masterclass of technique, tone, groove and locking with the drummer.
  4. Thanks. I hadn't noticed any posts about them in the past! Done a search now.
  5. Just noticed these basses at the Gallery. Anyone had any experience with these basses or know any thing about them?
  6. Xotic are rather special basses, especially the XB2
  7. If my two favourites, Jazz and P basses, are banned, my vote would go to Lakland and Wal. Great tone and playability. Unique and special instruments.
  8. Please don't! As well as Aja, I also bought Reeling In The Years as a single, Nightfly, Two Against Nature and the live come back tour album. IMO all good stuff. I must have played a dozen or so SD songs in bands over the years. Some very clever basslines and a feeling of satisfaction when you get them right.
  9. Don't worry. There are many bands constantly being lauded on here that I don't get either. I bought Aja on CD, mainly for Chuck Rainey's playing.
  10. I've owned many basses with Bart pickups and a bass with an OBP3 18v preamp and it was as loud as anything other bass. Are there 2 batteries in it? I'd take it for a health check. I can't believe there is nothing wrong.
  11. If it sounds that good, can you not just turn up the master volume on the amp?
  12. A George Clooney smile will get more of those groupies you talk about.
  13. Put the local osteopath on stand by.
  14. I bought the VHS when it came out. At the time I had my VHS player, hi-fi system and TV connected so I played this through my big screen and big speakers. Loved it.
  15. I would imagine doing it is the easy part. Knowing what to do and why and how gets a little more tricky. Making adjustments would be simple. But I'd be nervous of filing and shaving stuff off the bass. Are you going to learn on your gigging bass? I took my Sadowsky Jazz to the Gallery for a set up and fret work. It was pretty good going in and came back in excellent shape. The bill was £80. I'm happy to pay for someone else's expertise. I just want to play 'em. IMO that was money well spent.
  16. Milestones on my musical journey; The Beatles, John Mayall and discovering Chess and Stax records.
  17. IMO the gear, even the EQ, is secondary to what you play but the most important part is how you play it. I'd say an Ashdown or Markbass amp would sound pretty good, and match up with some of your cabs. IMO you can't go wrong with Aguilar. I'd go for a 500 watt amp so you can get a good, clean sound at any volume.
  18. This shouldn't even be a battle. It's all music. There is great music in all styles and genres. Whatever the other guy is doing is cool as long as he's playing it the best way he can.
  19. i think there is one mad man who has bought all of them!
  20. I'd rather play with best players. I can deal with idiots and Aholes but bad players, even nice ones, would kill me.
  21. I reckon there was a drop or two of JD involved there!
  22. The band leader in my last and longest cover band chose many of the songs and was up for suggestions from all of us. Any song that had been in the Top 20 at any point from the 1950's to today was eligible. We tried to steer away from the usual suspects. Any song that got a good reaction remained on the list and any song that didn't was "rested". Songs from the 80's seemed to be most popular with audiences.
  23. I did a gig last month with my practice rig, both my Barefaced One10's and the TH500 volume on about 3! That's the quietest gig I've done in decades. No help from a PA either. It would be nice to be in a band that had a proper FOH capability.
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