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  1. We had this Saturday's gig cancelled by the pub. The landlord was going to carry on but the brewery told him he wasn't insured if he did!
  2. I only have one gig left in the book and I'm not holding out any hopes of it staying that way by the end of the week.
  3. Sell what you don't use. Don't buy more stuff you don't need. Spend your cash on lessons to make you a better player.
  4. Definitely. . . . . and don't forget the great Willie Dixon.
  5. It's a variable crossover not a volume control.
  6. I assume we've all made wills? And decided who gets the bast bass?
  7. Loved it. He was a unique musician.
  8. My Sadowsky Metro RV5 Jazz is 4.3kg, sadly, these days that's right on my upper limit. My Mike Lull PJ5 is a more gig friendly 3.8kg. 2 set gigs get the Metro. For 3 set gigs I have to use the Lull.
  9. Just got the call, my gig tomorrow is off. The Landlord is closing the pub.
  10. That's true. Many of the guys in the bands I play in are right in the cross-hairs. I have a 95 year old mother whose health is a cause for concern on a good day. But the carers, doctor and community nurses can bring the virus in on any of their visits, as well as me. My view is that if I catch it I'll be safe after, and if I catch it early I'll hopefully get treatment before the NHS melt down. I haven't been hoarding loo roll, but I have enough pain killers to see me through the worst.
  11. Most of us are going to catch this thing anyway, so we might as well do as many gigs as we can.
  12. I'm due to play tomorrow and if we're cancelled I'd like to know if the pub is going to be closed as well. If it remains open then why cancel the gig? I've got 3 gigs in the next week and 2 the week after. I'm up for all of them, but who knows how many I'll get to play. I'm also invigilating for the local University several times a week over the next couple of months. We are hearing that some other Universities are seriously thinking about postponing their exams. Just waiting for the email about that!!
  13. I agree, but you have to use a pickup worthy of an East preamp. Saves the bother of upgrading later.
  14. Bartolini pickups would pair very well with a J-Retro 01 pre amp.
  15. In 1976, for 2 days in a row, my brother blagged us into Earl's Court as part of the security company. Our job was checking tickets and showing fans to their seats. The gig was The Meters supporting the Rolling Stones. On the first gig we managed to keep the fans in their seats for the first number but after that everyone rushed the stage. I went with the flow and ended up about 5 rows from the front. I wasn't so lucky on the second night. I ended up about 10 rows from the stage. 'Twas a great couple of nights.
  16. I saw the Barron Knights at Bertram Mills Circus, but I'm not telling anyone about that!
  17. I saw Jimi Hendrix on a Tuesday night at a half full Hounslow Ricky Tick the week Hey Joe came out. Sadly, I don't remember much about the gig, but I must have liked them cos I bought the single. I was at one of the Jeff Beck Group's first gigs at the Starlight Ballroom in Sudbury Town. I saw them a lot before they stopped playing the clubs. I saw the Yardbirds at the Crawdaddy in Richmond when both Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page were in the band. There was a Precision bass malfunction (no backup!) and I offered them the use of my bass for the gig. They didn't bat an eye lid (actually there might have been an anguished groan!) when I fished my Framus Star bass out of the car!! Chris Dreja was very gracious after the gig. I was at the Marquee Club when Tony Williams Lifetime played. A stunning gig and one of the loudest. I was deaf for 2 days. In MM Chris Welch wrote that 90% of the thinking musicians in London would have died if they'd dropped a bomb on the gig that night. I like to think he was including me when he wrote that, but maybe not! I was sitting on Peter Green's sofa when he told me I hadn't got the FM gig! Gotta think big! I was still at school and had answered an MM ad for a bass player required for Pro Chicago Blues Band. A very nice guy. Even said hello when I went to the gigs.
  18. If you only buy legally sourced wood then your ethics have been sorted out for you. Bass players will only be interested in sound, weight, looks and cost.
  19. I have a PJ and never use the J because the P pickup sounds great on its own. If you own a bass that sounds as you want then it doesn't matter how you achieve the sound. A bad sounding rehearsal room is a completely different issue.
  20. Why are you pressing so hard? Stop doing that and your problem goes away.
  21. I've been sitting around for the last couple of weeks. Next week I start a run of 5 gigs in 2 weeks. We'll see if any of them happen.
  22. You want emotion? There's Otis. . . . . . . . and Leela. . . . . . . .
  23. A wise Dad. We should all buy the instruments that make us feel happy when we pick them up. If you start a practice session or lesson feeling happy you'll learn and achieve more, and that is what will get you the gigs. I've never joined a band because of my gear or sound. Only because they thought my playing would be a good fit. From my experience I know it's easier to play better when your confidence is pumped up because you bought the "right" gear.
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