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  1. Think about it! You are not going to get any original US Sadowsky parts on a bass that costs around £700.
  2. Wait until you've tried one before you say that. If anyone wants the sound, get one of their preamp pedals. Sound like a Sadowsky for a lot less than the cost of one of their basses.
  3. I thought all the Metro Express hardware and electronics were sourced separately, ie not existing Sadowsky products.
  4. My solution to this problem would be to have 2 phones. Then you can fit all the Beatles songs on and some of their better solo songs.
  5. There is a soundtrack to Sundays in our house. When this song starts being played (always on 11) the whole place shakes and you know 3 things: It's Sunday, the roast is in the oven, the wine has been poured. You can hear the wife joining in at the top of her lungs. It's the one song that can cheer me up, no matter what.
  6. So did James Jamerson. I do on simple lines. The notes tend to be more even and flow better with one finger plucking.
  7. I'd agree there are some very strong basslines in songs these days.
  8. Money hasn't been an issue for Macca since 1963. He plays his songs to audiences because he is a musician/song writer/performer, and that's what they do. While he can fill 90 stadiums on a tour, I guess he's right to continue. Good luck to him. I also heard that he's sticking to the written key, which does seem a little foolhardy at his age and apparently doesn't warm up before a show either. The only other singer I've heard of who is still singing in the original key is Stevie Wonder. I did read that SW has weekly singing lessons/workouts, to keep his voice in shape.
  9. I got told off on TB for this, but my view is still, it doesn't really matter. Maybe it wasn't true in the 70's, but EQ's on amps and active basses are so good these days that you can easily EQ out any difference that 1/4" makes.
  10. Great playing again. Notice how the strings hardly move when Lee plucks/strokes them. Also good advice. . . . . . . "We never did anything exactly like the record."
  11. Back in the day I toured with a hired SVT and 810. There's not going to be much that can beat that rig. Since then I rarely have a back line provided, but when I do it's usually a pile of junk and 2 times the amp sitting on the stage was broken so I had to make do with DI into the PA and very poor monitors. Usually I'll insist I use my amp.
  12. These basses will go down as a part history, like the No Casters.
  13. Great playing. Nice economical style.
  14. I've used Interparcel many times for basses and amps throughout Europe. So far I have not experienced any problems. I've recently sent an amp from London to Sweden. I checked Eurosender (they were £54!!), then DHL (they were £45!) then Interparcel (they were £20). So make up your own mind about the great Basschat deal!!
  15. I bought the most beautiful bass in the world in 1969. My Fender Precision. It doesn't look quite so pristine these days. It went through a period of modding in the 80's, with MEC and Seymour Duncan pickups and ended up with Bartolini and a Bart pre amp. Made it a much better bass, at the expense of its vintage credentials. If I ever go back to 4 string basses this has a killer sound. . . . . . . . . . . . .
  16. Bakithi Kumalo didn't play that break. They edited what he did play and the second bar is just the first bar backwards. He said he tried to play the break but couldn't do it. He approximates it on stage.
  17. Agree. No singer either. What's the point?
  18. 5 pages of fantastic instruments. My favourite finish. . . . . . . . Sadowsky Metro RV5 and . . . . . . . . Mike Lull PJ5 ps Plus my 68 much modded Precision.
  19. I'm using D'Addario NYXL's these days. A great full range sound with lots of everything. And they last a long time.
  20. I liked that. I wouldn't even attempt to play it. Tom Kennedy is truly a monster player.
  21. There 's an Audiofanzine review at the top of the Google search which comes to the conclusion, "Could have been better". I read into that that there are better choices out there.
  22. I had lessons with Ian. I'm a far better bassist now thanks to his suggestions and guidance. I can't recommend him too much.
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