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  1. Why would anyone expect these "super" bassists to NOT be gigging? Why would these guys find it difficult to play in a band with other musicians?
  2. No. When you are a kid you are a sponge. Your brain is in gear, you're in full learning mode and you acquire a lot of stuff with ease.These days I watch these guys to keep up. It's my homework. It always grabs my attention when I see a bass player do something I can't. If they are doing something which could be useful to me I'll get it down, otherwise I'm just interested. Fortunately, age and experience means we know what we need to know in order to get the job done. That's why I can watch Davie504 and others and recognise their ability and talent without thinking I need to do that. Any bass player who is making a living out of playing bass gets a thumbs up from me. Sometimes I wish I could play like Marcus Miller, Mark King or Victor Wooten, but I've never been in a band that required me to be anything other than a bassist with 70's Soul and R&B as a starting point.
  3. I can't remember ever hating an amp. I've not got on with a few, but that was my fault, not theirs. I had the bass version of a Fender Dual Showman and the sound didn't do anything for me. I swapped after a week with the keyboard players Hiwatt stack. I was much happier after that move.
  4. We imagine what we hear is heard by everyone else. Sadly it doesn't often work like that. I know there are differences in every musical instrument and the player is attuned to many of them, but as far as the band is concerned, they don't care what bass we're playing. While I'm absolutely convinced my Sadowsky is the best playing and sounding bass I've owned so far, in the bands I play in, sounding good is expected and I'm judged on what and how I play. The main benefit of my gear is I can just turn up and with no effort get a sound that I like. If I'm confident about my sound I'll be playing better.
  5. I spent about 20 years with maple fingerboards and I'm very happy now I'm back with Rosewood/Morado. That's what a fretboard is supposed to look like!
  6. I would recommend Aguilar amps. I use a TH500 (think Stax and Motown) and my main amp is the AG700, which excels across the whole frequency range. IMO Markbass is also worth a listen. Rugby isn't far from Bass Direct. I'd get over there and try some amps.
  7. Hi. Welcome to Basschat. My son's planning a trip to see the Titans and as many of the Nashville sights he can fit in. . . . . . . and I'm trying to wangle myself on to the trip.
  8. I cut mine, about 2" beyond the tuning post. Gives 2 or 3 turns. Maybe Martin's point was that the windings might undo a little if you cut the strings. I've seen that written, but it's never happened to me.
  9. One player on 20 basses will sound pretty much the same. 20 bass players on one instrument will sound totally different. The only conclusion I see is to focus on your playing, that's where your sound come from, and don't worry about the next guy.
  10. What's the consensus on weight? I know. . . . . . . . It's an even more tedious subject for me. These days, unfortunately, it's a very necessary question!
  11. I know nothing of pedals, but would expect that they'll work better if you're putting a bigger tone into them. I'd say get a fat set of strings and tune to Eb.
  12. Where's the good bit? IMO with SD it's all good bits. . . . . . . . if you are lucky enough to be a bass player. Never mind the songs, the bass playing is a masterclass of technique, tone, groove and locking with the drummer.
  13. Thanks. I hadn't noticed any posts about them in the past! Done a search now.
  14. Just noticed these basses at the Gallery. Anyone had any experience with these basses or know any thing about them?
  15. Xotic are rather special basses, especially the XB2
  16. If my two favourites, Jazz and P basses, are banned, my vote would go to Lakland and Wal. Great tone and playability. Unique and special instruments.
  17. Please don't! As well as Aja, I also bought Reeling In The Years as a single, Nightfly, Two Against Nature and the live come back tour album. IMO all good stuff. I must have played a dozen or so SD songs in bands over the years. Some very clever basslines and a feeling of satisfaction when you get them right.
  18. Don't worry. There are many bands constantly being lauded on here that I don't get either. I bought Aja on CD, mainly for Chuck Rainey's playing.
  19. I've owned many basses with Bart pickups and a bass with an OBP3 18v preamp and it was as loud as anything other bass. Are there 2 batteries in it? I'd take it for a health check. I can't believe there is nothing wrong.
  20. If it sounds that good, can you not just turn up the master volume on the amp?
  21. A George Clooney smile will get more of those groupies you talk about.
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