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  1. Fabulous gig bags - I've been using an F1 bass bag for years. Very comfortable handles, easily stowable straps, and surprisingly light for the level of protection on offer. I've just picked-up the guitar version for a couple of shorties and a headless Status SII. I'm very tempted by this but have no real use for it... though I can think of a way to manufacture one... Great price too IMO!
  2. A matter of standpoint and opinion really (and I tend to concur with Thomastik here), though an opportunity to lift an outrageously lovely bass to the top
  3. A lovely, easy deal with Russ for an excellent gig bag - perfectly packed and in superb condition - thanks very much - an outstanding member of the BC community!
  4. Very surprised indeed this is still around - stunning looking, excellently spec’d bass at a bargain price (IMO), and from one of BC’s absolute gentlemen. It wouldn’t be here if I could cope with long-scale.
  5. It seems like a few of us are heading in the same direction! Shorties and lightweight (though I've made more progress with the former)
  6. Thanks - I hadn't really thought of this and would prefer a sale, though it depends what's on offer! I have a few preamps, and only play short scale if that helps - I don't tend to use effects either (though I'm not sure if any of this helps!)
  7. That's incredibly kind but I'm rather smitten by yours - mine was one of the early Padauk facings rather than walnut - it's quite a deep purple red tone and has aged very nicely - it's probably become a little darker with time
  8. Wow! I really, really, really wanted one of these at the time of release, then was offered the chance to buy one a year or two later. It didn't work out and I've sort of kicked myself sometimes since. Such a lovely combination of features from across the arc of production, plus the most premium timbers!
  9. Wow, absolutely stunning! Is that a flamed Walnut top? The green wrap-around LEDs look fantastic too against the phenolic. Obviously, fretboard LED's weren't an option when I spec'd my SII!
  10. Inspired by Musicman666's beautiful Image and stunning bass above, I went and dragged my old Status out of storage last week. I hadn't seen it for around a year, though still in tune of course. Not exactly bookends, but an example from what now sadly appears to be the closing days of full-scale production, and one from the early days (well, around 1986). Some important evolution/innovation, of course, but clear consistency in the lineage. Whilst I'm a massive fan of pretty much everything Status (and I've had a good number of Status basses over the years), it's the SII that I think of when the brand is mentioned - sort of quintessential for me.
  11. Beautiful facings on a really very rare bass - the chrome hardware works very well against the cocobolo
  12. My favourite colour scheme/appointments and my favourite period for a J. Absolutely lovely!
  13. Lovely, I've always lusted after a Glockenklang but never owned one. The temptation is strong but I have absolutely no justification (lust apart). Off topic, of course, but is that a 5 Star Status case - 9th from the left in the row?
  14. That is very kind - thank you. I should add that I do not own a car, do not drive (better for everybody), and I've lived in a delapidated bus shelter for 35 years - these factors have facilitated the rig: one has to prioritise. I salute your selections sir! In my extensive sifting through pres (and according to personal taste), some of the finest of the valve and SS varieties
  15. Very sad news, though I look forward to hearing of future plans and offer my best wishes to Rob, Dawn and all the Status team for the future - all my interactions with the company have been excellent down the years. At least this has inspired me to go and get my Status out of storage, hopefully this afternoon (if it stops raining in the North). The only posh bass that I've ever spec'd and bought new - what a blast that was and the day I collected the SII remains a vivid memory - back in '86 I think.
  16. A recent, small but very nicely formed addition to the practice rig - the Monique performs beautifully with a passive Wilcock, though I still prefer the Hellborg with actives
  17. First, I'm really sorry to hear of the health issues that force the sale and hope that these are quickly resolved or eased - I've moved to much lighter basses myself in the past few years. Second, I've had the pleasure of owning a Cazpar fretless and it was a superb instrument in every respect - I've no doubt that this one is every bit as impressive!
  18. Having used both Schaller and Dunlop systems for years - both a bit fiddly to fit properly and to maintain (though not a massive deal!) - I moved away from using the strap-end part of the system. I noticed that with age, I was starting to feel more aches and pains, and some fairly unpleasant discomfort in my back when wearing a bass, even for a fairly short period of time. So began an extended period of experimentation with straps, positioning, bass ergonomics etc. As part of this, I realised that the strap locks (both S and D) imply that the bass sits slightly differently than it might if just connected strap to pin (without the lock). Indeed, I found that when wearing a bass fairly high, which is my preference, the upper bout of the instrument tends to swivel forward a little. This led to me removing the strap-end component and just fitting the strap to the pin in the conventional way, and then securing with the rubber/silicone grommets noted in several posts above. Whilst is wasn't a complete cure for the pain, it contributed positively to alleviation of the latter as it aided in holding the bass more more consistently and closely to my body, i.e., the swivel/tipping effect was eliminated. I went on to fit Dunlop pins to most of my basses as these are wider and taller than the Schallers and the basses feel more secure with the grommets in place. In short, I go for a hybrid form - Dunlop pins with silicone doughnuts. Picture attached for the avoidance of confusion re: pin style (I imagine Dunlop offer several).
  19. I have (which is weird as I'm more of a fan of SS pres) and find quite a difference. The main advantage of the Noble for me is the form factor. Easy fit on a board, smaller and readily portable. Without going into great detail, the Noble is simple and straightforward - it adds a sort of polished, produced sheen to Fender type/passive basses. I find the Monique (much) more versatile. A very powerful tone stack, though the real magic for me is in the sensitivity pot and the interaction between that and the line level. If you're a fan, the Monique seems to do the valve compression and sag effects brilliantly well. I don't find any fur or break-up with mine but that's not what I'm looking for. I find that the Monique can do what the Noble can, though not vice versa (though the latter is a real great valve pre and DI). I don't use effects much at all, so the effects power function of the Noble isn't much use. For context, I really only use valve pres for my one passive bass - I much prefer SS for the actives.
  20. Thanks, it's a lovely cab but I'd agree, 4 hours is a bit of a trek. Apologies, I can't really comment on the low B question, I only play fours, and that's enough of a struggle. I'll check around to see if I can find any comments from other users
  21. Superb bags and very protective - certainly amongst my favourites. I note this has the ProPac designation. I'm not sure what that means but probably some improvements from the original (brilliant) version
  22. Really easy and straightforward deal with daveybass - very rapid payment and great communications throughout - perfect and just how Basschat should be.
  23. Genuine, honest, responsive, communicative and flexible - a really straightforward transaction and a real pleasure - what Basschat should be like (and in most instances, certainly is)
  24. For sale, an EBS HD350 amp head. Toured by many high-end pros apparently, and preferred by some to the later (similar) models – so I’m told. I bought this as a relatively lightweight, well-spec’d AB head, then failed to use it much at all – no gigs or rehearsals in my ownership. The amp weighs about 20lbs but is an easy carry in the included 2u flightcase. I bought the head on here a couple of years ago for around £300 from a lovely seller in the South. Cosmetically, it’s in excellent condition with almost no marking or wear – please see the images. I touched-in the paint on the rack brackets – there was a little wear as one might expect. Overall, a very shiny, attractive and spotlessly clean amp head. Full disclosure. On receipt, I noticed that the amp had a tendency to crackle and fizz with the master volume set low. I took it to a local amp tech (very good, very well-qualified) and he gave it a full and clean bill of health – the seller very kindly offered to pay for the service (I declined, it was cheap). Still, on occasion, I’d hear the distorted crackle with the amp on very low master volume settings. Turning up made the buzz/distortion disappear and all would settle. I’ve rotated the volume (and other knobs) many times over the past few days and the issue seems to have disappeared – a dirty pot? I don’t have any switch cleaner unfortunately, and wouldn’t know what to do with it if I did. So, I think that all is resolved. The only other issue is that I’ve never seen the compressor light illuminate – though I play with a light touch and fairly low gain. The light may work, it’s just that I haven’t pushed it. Overall, an amp that has been pretty much unused and stored (apart from the service) – this may account for the initial fizz and then the disappearance of the latter as the amp has had a little more attention. On account of the caveats/disclosure, the price is £180 – I’d have thought a significant bargain for one of these in a case (albeit the case is a reasonably cheap if functional one). These seem to go for around £300-400 and much more in the US. I have a box and can ship. Shipping to the UK (at buyer’s cost and risk) should be around £20. Collection in East Manchester is an option, though this will be need to be socially distanced as I’ve just had surgery. Full spec and manual is available at: https://w8q2y4p3.stackpathcdn.com/content2/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/hd_350.pdf Any Questions please just ask.
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