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  1. I've taken to running a head, plus a head as a boost as my standard rehearsal rig lately. Just getting into stereo on my delay as well. Heavy but very, very enjoyable.... And it crushes
  2. Sold a twonotes cabm to PG - really smooth transaction. Would definitely transact again.
  3. I really should try a passive at some point....
  4. We're a one guitar band as well. More trad end with some more modern passages. I've always used a fuzz as a result to cover space, together with volume. I'm the same with pbasses but can't say I have a recommendation from your list I'm afraid. Lakeland sticks out to me with the Geezer connection. I've always just gone for whatever I personally liked the look of/ playability. If it doesn't 'fit' the genre but you make it sound ace and enjoy playing it then it'll become a genre popular off the back of you
  5. Pretty much as thodrik said tbh. It depends what type of doom you're playing as well. I'd be surprised if the orange didn't cut it in any sub genre (amp worship through to trad) - pretty sure Boris use one as a part of their set up somewhere. What sort of style are you going for? What's the band set up? If you're thinking of changing i always go for big iron (abm type amp, Peavy as you're looking, or full valve) just my preference as it feels like they hit harder and are a 'better' aesthetic. Pbass should be a good place to start if you like it. I now use a Spector in my band (active 5). Had a thunderbird prior (active). Maybe try a fuzz or wider type drive with the orange to get you into whatever territory you're aiming at. Muff is a good starter.... I've always used fuzzes in doom projects. Cab wise, I use a barefaced retro 210 (X3). Vintage vibe, lightweight, but not a cheap option. Used 6 or 810s go for silly money these days if you can handle the weight and load. A lot of bands we play with though still end up using house gear on heavy rotation gigs....so cab isn't necessarily a key factor/ consideration depending on what you're going for. If you have loads of power, you'll never get to crank it if you have too much cab. Bit of a balance these days on a standard stage....big cab, lower wattage head will do it, as will smaller cab with high wattage head in most circumstances. Hope there's a useful thought in there somewhere 😂
  6. Bought a pedal from Dean. Excellent condition, as described, great transaction and very helpful. Wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again. Cheers! ✌️
  7. Reactive loadbox with cab sim for silent or attenuated home practice for amps up to 100w. Barely used at home, I've changed my home setup so selling. Any questions let me know. Postage included. Can meet between Wellingborough and Stevenage. Cheers
  8. REDUCING TO £165 POSTAGE INCLUDED Preamp, power amp, enhancer, tuner, reverbs, noise gate and cab sim tool that is ace as a home, studio or live DI. Includes 32 Dyn IR cabs. Comes with box, PSU, usb. Feet on the base still. It can drop in at the end of your pedal board, or you can put it between your amp and your cab if you run a valve amp....plus loads of other options. Loads of presets, customisable as you need. It's a great bit of kit. Selling as I'm going a different route with my home set up. Happy to post for £5, I go between Wellingborough and Stevenage weekly. PayPal friends and family/ bank transfer preferred. Cheers
  9. @lownote @Linus27 barefaced built them with it, as per the 810 .... And I think the 610 options. I'm not sure of you can purchase a grill separately, Alex was always a bit worried about agro of postage. I ended up with a 610 in black as well, but took it to the factory for a refit.
  10. I run 3 modular - used to own a 610 but this gives me more flexibility. 1 head most of the time but recently been introducing a second. I much prefer them in black ✌️
  11. Hi, I replaced my 210 grill with a black version sometime ago. Had this kicking around still so figured I'd list it. Not sure if post is viable in terms of cost etc. I'm just north of Wellingborough and I rehearse in Stevenage so can meet/ drop between the two. Happy to provide more pics if needed. Any questions drop me a line. Cheers
  12. This has rapidly become bass of preference in my collection of 2. Euro5LX - My first Spector, but what an instrument. Looking forward to recording with it in a few months time. Been writing our latest album for over two years with it. Shot from Fridays gig
  13. Did a guest appearance at our local metal to the masses final last night. Not gigged since desertfest and whilst it was only a 30min set, nice to blow the cobwebs off. Matamp and barefaced combo with the Spector sounded great and got to crank stage volume a bit. Gigs on hold for a while now until we've finished the next album ✌️
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