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  1. Had this fuzz for years. Moved on since but it was a really wonderful pedal.
  2. Worked an amp swap with ben,. He's a top person to deal with. Excellent Comms, friendly and I'd more than happily enter into any trade or transaction with him again. Many thanks
  3. @claustra perfect!!! Enjoy dude. I'm missing that transformer a little already
  4. Just to reiterate I'm open to any types of discussion in this....appreciate it's a errors bundle
  5. No longer needed. Good condition. Black. Price includes postage. Thanks
  6. Great leather strap, pic to follow shortly. +£3 postage. Thanks Here's the manufacturer blurb: ROADIE BLACK This Vintage look padded leather guitar & bass strap is part of the Bohemian’s High-end line, handmade by Minotaur. Soft and genuine cow leather, developed by a special road worn technique, for the backpart , 6 mm foam soft pad for smooth feel, and iron coin logo, 8 cm width and length adjustment up to 150 cm
  7. This looks like such an ace little unit. Nearly bought one recently but it didn't quite work for my home set up. Amazing value imo.
  8. Sold a couple of pedals to si. Easy transaction, even with me messingg up some of the detail - took it in his stride. Would happily deal again. Top man. thanks
  9. I sold a pedal to the dude. The dude is a dude. Top transaction ✌️
  10. Salt on your Bass?


    Sold a pedal to Merton. Top transaction, as expected. Cheers ✌️
  11. Sold a bass to Mr cricket. Top man, smooth Comms and collection. Would happily deal again.
  12. Ive only had experience with the big twin 2 and ashdown ABM 500. Really nice paring I found playing heavier doomy type stuff. I ended up rolling the tweeter off though so arguably I probably could have used a super twin and added a touch more low extension if needed. Did you mean big twin 2? The big twin is the first gen and I think there's very few that come up. The big twins ultimately have more range lower to higher than the supers (ultra low and horn for the highs). But the supers are really really good cabs, with the range for most people's appetite.
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