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  1. @0175westwood29 cheers Andy... Final pedal landed today .... Thanks for the recommendation and video ✌️
  2. Barefaced machinist. In A1 condition. Light use since I've owned from new. My wizard fuzz is still my preferred pedal but I keep buying and selling other dirt options....and just had a new baby. I really really like the control of the clean blend on this pedal and it has a great spectrum of individual and stacked tones from light drive to heavy fuzz. Price based on standard second class postage and assumed PayPal gift or bank transfer. Thanks
  3. Unused and boxed. Price based on standard first class postage and payment via PayPal gift or bank transfer. Info below, any questions drop me a line. Cheers ✌️ The MIDI Cinco Cinco is a very simple and very handy 5 in 5 out patch bay with the addition of a single MIDI patch. All of the connections are on the back of your G2 so the MIDI Cinco Cinco lets you extend those connections to anywhere on your board that's convenient to get to when you're setting up or packing down from the gig. Each insert is isolated and can be used as a standard mono audio connection. Perfect for connecting your guitar and amps to G2 and it can also be used with TRS cable for connection of G2's remote switches or even connecting your amps' pre-amp using a TRS cable for the send and return. The MIDI Cinco Cinco features an additional through connect for a standard 5 pin din MIDI cable. This is ideal if you are using G2 with a midi device that is off the pedalboard. This is a straight thru passive connection. It's a very handy thing. Technical 5 in - 5 Out mono/ trs 1 in -1 out MIDI DIMENSIONS - 12.5 x 7.7 x 4cm / 4.92" x 3.03" x 1.57" WEIGHT - 0.24kg / 0.5lbs
  4. Complete change for me in my latest iteration. Waiting for a damnation audio mbd2 to fill the last gap. Also got an expression to add off the board and need to install a patch panel. It's the first time I've programmed midi as well and really enjoying that side of things. Whilst my cabling is far from some of the masterpieces I've seen here, it's the neatest I've ever managed, so pretty pleased.
  5. Video looks great! I'll watch all of these I'm sure! Top work ✌️
  6. That distortion sounds really nasty. I like it. Been considering an mbd2 as well. Have you played both?
  7. Oh also, I've no experience, but I've heard some users reference noise introduction with the Warwick patchbays, which has always led me away from those as a solution, even though they look really neat.
  8. I really like the Warwick boards. A bit heavier than the pt but I think the versatility of placing pedals anywhere is great. I haven't used any others, looked at temple boards, Schmidt array, alder and ash, and thinks like Morton pedal boards, but I keep coming back to Warwick and pedal train. I like the pitch and the simplicity and the cost effectiveness and hard wearing nature.
  9. Yeah I'm on that.... Must have missed the email though! I'll take a look now. Cheers
  10. Thanks all, given me some food for thought with my own set up home and live. Got my by at home at the mo but thinking about other options. .... Also thinking about the whole separate pre and power thing again, but it doesn't look like separate power amps have reduced as an option like full amps which surprises me a bit.
  11. Really interested in getting some damnation audio in my life but they are expensive by the time you add import.
  12. Interesting to see how this develops...at Namm apparently Same DSP though and the menu doesn't look any larger. https://youtu.be/xqQWs_5-9p4 https://www.gearnews.com/leak-is-line-6-about-to-drop-the-hx-stromp-xl/
  13. I was just curious as to how people with a preamp pedal choose to use it/ apply it in your rig, and how it influences your selection of other gear. How do you approach your amp set up with a preamp on your board - is your amp clean/ transparent/ baked on sound? Do you go direct? Do you use it to tone shape only...if so what does it offer over a comprehensive EQ pedal/ OD to get a drive sound? Is it just a more flexible drive? I have a preamp as part of my home recording set up. I've also tried a couple of preamp pedals in front of my amp preamp, but it didn't work for me and I never subsequently pursued it. I've always like to have my own backline of some description at gigs, and I've sometimes considered a separate pre/power set up to change out whatever wasnt working fo rme I'm really just curious to be honest as it seems a pretty fundamental part of the tone and I regularly look at preamp pedals.....as I'm sure we all do!
  14. Fair point.... If you have a compatible Strymon pedal, it offers specific extended functionality subject to the pedal.... Compatible pedals include volante, iridium, night sky, Riverside, sunset....others as well apparently... Bumpf here because it's not the easiest thing to describe. I used it to access more volante presets https://www.strymon.net/product/multiswitchplus/#section-14
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