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  1. Hi, Couple of dates upconibg with Gévaudan pushing the release of our debut album a little: Friday 22 Nov - the unicorn London, free entry. With the dark horse, everest queen and season of the witch Sat 23 Nov - B2 venue Norwich, £5 on the door with consecration and tellus effluentia Fri 29 Nov - club 85, Hitchin, £5 on the door. Album link here in case you're interested and we're on normal Spotify/stream channels etc https://gevaudan.bandcamp.com/album/iter I'll be the one making a fist of the bass parts.... Thanks
  2. Played our album launch Thursday night at 229 in London. Put the night on ourselves and had a banger of a night. Went totally overkill on rig, but had a good crowd and played 4 tracks live we hadn't played before, 1 track we haven't done in about 4 years and 2 we were comfy with. Played reasonably and we're tight enough and importantly the crowd seemed to dig it. Took waaay too much rig with me though as there was foh. Band: Gévaudan https://gevaudan.bandcamp.com/album/iter
  3. Playing venue 229 to celebrate the launch of my bands debut album. Three band bill. Doomy line up. Here's the event and link to the album: https://gevaudan.bandcamp.com/album/iter Doors at 7, done by about 10.30 as its a school night. https://www.wegottickets.com/event/480156?fbclid=IwAR2qBGNf32nEEbcqkSRGxDKgAr0K0QRpF-UCTq5xRFi5pPehgWoGF3TF0Zc Thanks
  4. Hi Guys, Full album is up now if you want to listen: https://gevaudan.bandcamp.com/album/iter Spotify (I'm rubbish at these links): https://open.spotify.com/album/0BamYlaIBvAucknZNskxCp
  5. Top gear dickinson in my experience with them on their guitar amps. Does this come with a psu, and do you know what valves it's loaded with? Don't need this at the moment.... But I'm still tempted. Any demos lying around anywhere? Thanks
  6. @Cuzzie that is absolute gold XD
  7. New cabs to change to a modular 610. I absolutely love this gt200 mk2 though. Incredible amp, amazing tone straight in and out. I use a pdi09 with it though to get the ower section di'd. My favourite amp ever
  8. Moved from a single 610 to a modular 610. First outing this Thursday. Can't wait! Matamp were bloody amazing sorting the head for me ahead of recording in June. Such top guys. Head sounds amazing.
  9. Played a charity fest in Baldock - Balstock - Al Town venues open up and the whole town was heaving. Great gig in the town hall, venue at capacity and we played pretty well..... Only gripe was the side infill lighting didn't half blind me.... Just about managed to find the notes though!.... Just...
  10. Made a sale to paddy. What a lovely guy. Smooth transaction, straight forward and some nice gear chat to boot. Highly recommended.
  11. Hi, My band recorded our first album a few months ago and are releasing it 4th October. We've got one track on preview at the moment on bandcamp so thought I'd share. https://gevaudan.bandcamp.com/album/iter Produced by Mike Exeter who was absolutely amazing to work with, at Woodworm Studios which is a lovely place. If you listen to Maelstrom, I hope you enjoy it, we're all really pleased with how the songs have come together.
  12. Played a gig last night for the first time in a couple of months. The Unicorn in Camden. Really busy night, played pretty reasonably and outed a new song from our forthcoming album which seemed to go down really well. Great to be playing some new material. Sound was bang on on stage and seemed pretty good out front as well. Really pleased. Last time we played there we had a nightmare with sound, power failure, amp failure..... Etc... Top night and the other bands were great to boot.
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