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  1. I use a matamp gt200 every week at rehearsal and every gig (when we did them) I use a post power section DI from the head live. I've not owned anything that comes close (for me) in the band I'm in, either traditional hybrid or newer class d. Reliability has been fine and the tone is plug and play and is wonderful. That said, I drive everywhere and loads aren't too long. I've also gone modular on my cabs to increase load runs but reduce the weight. If the gt200 gets too heavy for me (I have arthritis) I'll probably switch to an ashdown ctm100 as I think the weight and handling on those is pretty good. Weirdly my home practice amp is a little genz Benz.... Kinda the wrong way round to logic I guess 🤣
  2. IMO, Definitely tweak as much as you can at rehearsal - try and get the band on board to do this as it's about the music as much as individuals. I've had a few sessions with my guitarist and drummer focusing on the right band sound for a section, and how my fuzz tone works with our guitarists lead/ fuzz/ driven tones so it all stacks together (often telling the guitarist to get out of my EQ space XD) At the moment, I dont use a clean blend, I've just found a pedal I like that works with my amp and my band, but gain structuring is definitely worth spending time thinking about as well. I keep getting drawn to the Tyler or the Ouroboros though.....
  3. Hey man, are you playing for or 5 string? How's the Cali? I have major gas for the large box, even though my board can't take it!
  4. Unopened, price includes postage. Thanks
  5. Free - ideally to the right home Hi, this was my first bass and amp that's been sat gathering dust that I'd like to donate to a new home, if someone is handy with a soldering iron and knows what they're doing. Not even sure if it's possible to collaborate and get it all set for a music charity donation or something. Ideally it'd be nice to give someone an opportunity with an instrument that may otherwise not have the opportunity if you catch my sentiment. As noted there's a few issues. There's no output from the jack. Not sure if it's pups or connection. I've popped it open and everything's connected. But thereafter my electrical knowledge also fails. Also two of the nuts are a little rattly. The Laney hardcore combo has very scratchy pots, but appears to be in working order. The wah has a point on the sweep where the wah drops out, but it seems to be a momentary thing. Pics below. Package includes bass, combo amp, wah and soft gig case. Any questions shoot me a line. I'm in Rushden and get around to Stevenage and Sheffield via Bedford. Thanks
  6. Only used a handful of times, great bag in great condition. Pocket at the front. Collection only please, I get to Stevenage for rehearsal and Shefford (nr Bedford) on alternate weeks. Thanks
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Any offers at all on this? The £100 doesn't mean anything.....probably should have stuck a tenner against it.....
  9. A really really nifty unit. Ive recently updated the firmware so it's the '+' version now. Features include: - preamp - Poweramp emulation - cab SIM - mic sim - IR loader - DI Plus some other enhance and reverb features. You can use it post power section on your amp (as long as your cabs connected to it - it's not a load box), direct off your board to the desk, silent home practice (aux in and headphones) and recording direct. The desktop app and mobile app are really intuitive and simple interface and you can save presets as you need. There's a suite of cabs available at two notes and this works great in guitar and bass, with specific models for each. You can also add and remove cabs as needed in and out of the box. Here's a link for the manufacturer deets: https://www.two-notes.com/torpedo-cab-m Condition is as new with screen stickers still in place. Comes boxed with gubbins and cables. Post or collection, and any questions drop me a line. Cheers
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. Cheers Al. EMG 40dcs. Yeah I've spent a hell of a lot of time gawping.... Plays amazingly well.... Even the wife's impressed by it, bit not sure I'll get another through the door in the next year... 😆
  12. Got my first Spector yesterday. Euro 5lx in Matt black and blue. Absolutely love it. So addictive and so beautifully finished.
  13. New bass day!! - Spector euro LX5 in Matt blue and black. Plays beautifully and looks amazing. Just need to throw it through the matamp at rehearsal next week but sounds great with the genz.
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