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  1. Pic to follow but I'm looking to trade for a strymon bluesky with cash my way. Big sky is amazing but having played with it for a while, it's waasy more verb than I need. In good condition with box. I'll throw in 2 midi Patch cables. Velcro underneath. Can meet, or post. I'm in Brighton end of may and knock about bedford, hitchin stevenage areas. Cheers
  2. Is this the soft switch or hard switch? Thanks
  3. One change I think since last post Dropped the ventris in favour of the big sky. Probably more verb than I really need but the spots it does hit are perfect. Still considering a parallel blend or crossover on my dirt but I'm happy with it at the mo.
  4. Thanks guys much appreciated. Still perusing it personally and not holding out much hope sadly. Grateful for the shared experiences.
  5. Hi All, I'm currently in dispute with a courier company about damage to my flightcased amp whilst in transit for a service. I wondered if there were any recommendations about any legal firms that have been particularly good in the past in supporting anyone with this type of route? Bit of a long shot, but thought I'd ask the community before dialing a few local random numbers.....not overly hopeful of a positive outcome but thought I'd see. Thanks very much,
  6. On inspections there's a touch of minor cosmetic bits so thought it prudent to post... More available if needed
  7. Psu plus 3 daisy chains. Can include 18v adaptor for £2.,on top. Good power supply hapy to field questions Cheers
  8. Selling as no longer needed as part of my set up. Lovely head, light for an all valver. Runs down to 2 ohms and very straight forward. I've got a cover for it with red piping as well. Not looking at posting I'm afraid, but based around rushden, Bedford, stevenage area. Any questions drop me a line. Happily discuss sensible offers. Cheers
  9. Price updated to include postage. For a meet I'll deduct the postage estimate (£25)..... as low as I'm prepared to go. It's one hell of an amp. Powerful, articulate, versatile, punchy, .....blah blah blah..... Not really looking at trades I'm afraid. Cheers
  10. Great commitment to effects! I've also considered this pedal numerous times but stopped before buying it. Hope you find out and it proves to be a great buy!!
  11. Dropping the price on this now. Courier looks about £25 so happy to discuss and I have a box to get it out safely in. Cheers
  12. Sold a pedal to Rorysmith - great comms, simple transaction. I'd happily deal with him again! Many thanks,
  13. Another sale to Gillento, as always, great comms and easy transaction. Many thanks,
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