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  1. Has anyone directly compared a euro5lx and a dimension 5? Interested in any differences I own a euro and thinking about adding a dimension to the collection. Less likely if they're very very similar though. Thanks 😎 Also Happy new year!
  2. Man your tone was ace at balstock, surprised you changed it up. Hopefully hear your rig again come the new year ✌️
  3. How's the blooper? Are you running everything with a bit of clean blend now?
  4. That's a well stripped back set up! I've just started looking at 5 string acoustic basses - I have a gear for music 5er at the moment that I have lying around the house and bought for an impromptu acoustic gig. I'd be interested if you could get the brand as they seem a difficult thing to come by.
  5. How do you use the typer? Is it integrated with the switcher? I'm keen to perhaps use one but can't work out how to integrate it with my G3 atom.
  6. I keep messing around with reverb pedals and got to a point where, having cycled through a few high end (h9, big sky, blue sky, Ventris, walrus R1, etc) I'd decided to give up with it. That said, I really need it for a part I've written on my bands album and having delved back into the reverb world have ended up with a TC HOF 2. Took it straight to rehearsal last night and to my surprise i got a tone out of it, very quickly, nearly exactly what was in my head. So it's a keeper and I'm really really happy. It's a wonderful sounding and really straight forward pedal. So here's last night's board...I need to squeeze the mbd2 back in there once I've velcrod and cabled properly. I think it's finished again....
  7. Sold an amp to Emmett. Great transaction, top Comms and would happily transact again buying or selling. Deal with confidence. Best, Andy
  8. @pantherairsoft ... Not sure if you're in the market?
  9. Just added a matamp GT150 to my rig! Haven't valved it yet but will do later tonight. Switchable power on the back from 150w to 75w and custom face plate. Can't wait to get it cranked. As ever the guys at matamp have been ace. Top top people.
  10. Small changes to my board, but I dropped the reverb and just use the spring in the volante. I want to use complex reverb pedals but having been through a load, I'm not sure they ever quite work for me properly in my bands context. Not sure how many people use a treble booster here, but the war pig is brilliant. I used it through a cranked amp the other night and it really was wonderful. Anyway, this will be my board for a while now. I don't use the G3 to its fullest, but it opens the volante up for me and makes transitions really easy. I still kinda feel my boards a bit big in footprint....ah well. Stick for now 🙂
  11. Psu adaptor for the gigrig power solution. Supports high current pedals. I'm excellent condition. Happy to post, will take PayPal /bank transfer. Collection from Rushden, or I pass bedford and Stevenage a fair bit. Blurb: The GigRig TimeLord delivers the optimum current to your Strymon digital effects pedals, as well as your Whammy 5. Hear your premium stompboxes the way they were intended to sound. This follows the Distributor in the power supply chain, which provides up to 5 amps of current to all connected adaptors. The idea behind The GigRig power supply is to get the best out of your pedals in a way no other PSU could do. Specifications POWER - 9v in / 9v 550 mA Isolated out PLUG - 2.1mm Centre Neg WEIGHT - 0.05kg / 0.1lbs DIMENSIONS - 8cm x 2cm x 4cm / 3.15" x 0.79" x 1.57"
  12. Managed to have a loud rehearsal tonight as our singer couldn't get fuel...so we took advantage. So nice to open the amp up properly with a lot of speakers. Tonal nirvana for 2.5 hours.
  13. Been on and off of my board for years. In good condition, Velcro on the bottom. Great tool for home noodling, writing or drone/ambient. Looking for cleared funds and happy to post. Any questions drop me a line. Cheers
  14. Serious question, how do you use this set up? ..cabs..application...bi amping etc etc. What a rack!!
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