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  1. Cheers walshy. I never thought I'd let this go, but a number of reasons means it's probably best at the mo. Thanks for the tip
  2. Very Reluctantly nd hesitantly, I'm looking at selling my retro 610. Serial no. 013, it's in fantastic condition and is by far the best sounding cab I've ever owned. Best things about it are: - vintage tone and volume - big cab that I've always been able to move myself - fits in the small boot of a skoda fabia It's well looked after and a month or so ago was back at barefaced hq to have. Black grille. Whilst there they cemented down the tolex and gave it all a once over, so it really is in top condition. Comes with a silver grille cloth if you want to change it, and a cover which is a bit worn, but has plenty of miles in it. I won't post this, collect or meet only. Wellingborough, Bedford, stevenage areas of the country typically. Happy to try and answer any questions. Thanks
  3. £100 posted. Won't go any lower at this point but shifted a few bits around so happy to let this go at this price.... at the moment.....
  4. Hi All, Decided to move this on. I'll get pics up to clarify, but this is a Parachute wah that has been re-housed into a Crybaby enclosure. The enclosure is roadworn and is a touch creeky, but it is in full working condition. I used it in a studio project recently and worked nicely. The mod to rehouse includes an LED at the toe. It can be battery or pedal board powered (I'll include the battery converter attachment). It's a great sounding wah and absolutely screams through the mix. I have the blue enclosure still so if you wanted to rehouse in the original casing it is still possible - I'll check all the associated components are still bagged. I'll get pics up over the weekend, and feel free to ask questions as this is probably a pretty difficult ad to follow....:) Happily work a partial trade around a spectracomp. Cheers
  5. Now £100 posted. Hi, Selling this as surplus to requirements. It's been on my board for about 6 months from new. No marks, velcro on the underside. I'd be happy to work a trade deal for a wizard fuzz (125b enclosure). Pics to follow tonight hopefully Any questions, drop me a line. Thanks Description From Dunwich Amps: The Olde Dirty Bass is the overdrive sister pedal to the Volt Thrower distortion. Like the Volt Thrower it utilizes the same internal voltage conversion which will allow up to +-18V operation if an 18V supply is used. Increased supply voltage allows for larger output voltage swing and improved headroom. The circuit is derived from a OCD but like the Volt Thrower scraps most of the circuit after the clipping diodes and uses the same Bass and Treble EQ as in the Volt Thrower. However, an added Mid Boost control was included to increase the flexiblity of the EQ. Also like the Volt Thrower, the pedal was conceived to be a bass-friendly design. There are 2 top mounted toggle switches which can control the clipping diode arrangement (LED/MOSFET) and the input low shelf (controls the low end RC cutoff of the first gain stage). The input low shelf helps to tailor the amount of low end reduction early in the circuit. Clips:
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Hi Selling 2 pedals: Strymon bluesky. Amazing verb. But I don't use reverb.... So I'm losing it. Velcro under, traded on here a while ago and small superficial scratch under one of the switches. Pic to follow. SOLD Mantic density hulk. I keep buying subs but then not using them. Not sure why. Verrrry close to the meatbox, nice and small and not trs nonsense. Nice build as new and with box and sticker. Velcro under. Any questions drop me a line. Cheers
  8. Agreed a trade. Seamless, great comms, top man. Thanks
  9. Pic to follow but I'm looking to trade for a strymon bluesky with cash my way. Big sky is amazing but having played with it for a while, it's waasy more verb than I need. In good condition with box. I'll throw in 2 midi Patch cables. Velcro underneath. Can meet, or post. I'm in Brighton end of may and knock about bedford, hitchin stevenage areas. Cheers
  10. Is this the soft switch or hard switch? Thanks
  11. One change I think since last post Dropped the ventris in favour of the big sky. Probably more verb than I really need but the spots it does hit are perfect. Still considering a parallel blend or crossover on my dirt but I'm happy with it at the mo.
  12. Thanks guys much appreciated. Still perusing it personally and not holding out much hope sadly. Grateful for the shared experiences.
  13. Hi All, I'm currently in dispute with a courier company about damage to my flightcased amp whilst in transit for a service. I wondered if there were any recommendations about any legal firms that have been particularly good in the past in supporting anyone with this type of route? Bit of a long shot, but thought I'd ask the community before dialing a few local random numbers.....not overly hopeful of a positive outcome but thought I'd see. Thanks very much,
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