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  1. Yeah I was looking at the ms3 but I don't think it offers trails/spillover? I'd be putting a delay in one of the loops and need it to carry over when disengaging the loop. ✌️
  2. ..... Pulled the trigger on the freaker. Hopefully here in a few weeks. Thanks ✌️
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  4. Not meaning to hijck the thread, but are there any small channel switchers like the joyo that offer trails for delays at all that anyone's aware of? The boss es5 I think does but was after smaller and cheaper ideally...
  5. Ah sweet, didn't realise freaker did the smaller version. Only gripe really is vat and import rates....start to make it expensive. Still they're bloody good. I'll check out the AMT as well, thanks. Wasn't aware of them prior. ✌️
  6. Hi Guys, I have a Chicago Iron wah mounted in a crybaby enclosure. I run it through an LS2 to blend a bit more clean in and boost the signal a touch, and I then have the wah on all the time and just loop it in via the LS2 footswitch. Really it needs re-enclosing and I was also thinking about saving a little real estate. I was about to pull the trigger on a freaker wah but thought I'd see if anyone else had any recommendations currently. I have a geeezr wah that i dont really like tbh, and I've owned a 105q previously and a weeping demon that haven't stayed on the board. What I like about my current pedal is the low end boost/ gutteral type swell it delivers on the heel and the wide sweep to toe end. So I guess my question is, is there another parapedal clone out there thats as good.....ideally an instant on liek the geezer wah would be ace.....but probably a stretch
  7. Been looking at this as well a bit. Source audio are worth a look. Pricey, but as full functioned as you could ever need. Fender reflecting pool Belle Epoch deluxe (tape delay) Also strymon volante, capistan etc. Roland re20 subject to what you're after.
  8. Current home set up ✌️
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  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. Hi, Couple of dates upconibg with Gévaudan pushing the release of our debut album a little: Friday 22 Nov - the unicorn London, free entry. With the dark horse, everest queen and season of the witch Sat 23 Nov - B2 venue Norwich, £5 on the door with consecration and tellus effluentia Fri 29 Nov - club 85, Hitchin, £5 on the door. Album link here in case you're interested and we're on normal Spotify/stream channels etc https://gevaudan.bandcamp.com/album/iter I'll be the one making a fist of the bass parts.... Thanks
  12. Played our album launch Thursday night at 229 in London. Put the night on ourselves and had a banger of a night. Went totally overkill on rig, but had a good crowd and played 4 tracks live we hadn't played before, 1 track we haven't done in about 4 years and 2 we were comfy with. Played reasonably and we're tight enough and importantly the crowd seemed to dig it. Took waaay too much rig with me though as there was foh. Band: Gévaudan https://gevaudan.bandcamp.com/album/iter
  13. Playing venue 229 to celebrate the launch of my bands debut album. Three band bill. Doomy line up. Here's the event and link to the album: https://gevaudan.bandcamp.com/album/iter Doors at 7, done by about 10.30 as its a school night. https://www.wegottickets.com/event/480156?fbclid=IwAR2qBGNf32nEEbcqkSRGxDKgAr0K0QRpF-UCTq5xRFi5pPehgWoGF3TF0Zc Thanks
  14. Hi Guys, Full album is up now if you want to listen: https://gevaudan.bandcamp.com/album/iter Spotify (I'm rubbish at these links): https://open.spotify.com/album/0BamYlaIBvAucknZNskxCp
  15. Top gear dickinson in my experience with them on their guitar amps. Does this come with a psu, and do you know what valves it's loaded with? Don't need this at the moment.... But I'm still tempted. Any demos lying around anywhere? Thanks
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