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  1. Video looks great! I'll watch all of these I'm sure! Top work ✌️
  2. That distortion sounds really nasty. I like it. Been considering an mbd2 as well. Have you played both?
  3. Oh also, I've no experience, but I've heard some users reference noise introduction with the Warwick patchbays, which has always led me away from those as a solution, even though they look really neat.
  4. I really like the Warwick boards. A bit heavier than the pt but I think the versatility of placing pedals anywhere is great. I haven't used any others, looked at temple boards, Schmidt array, alder and ash, and thinks like Morton pedal boards, but I keep coming back to Warwick and pedal train. I like the pitch and the simplicity and the cost effectiveness and hard wearing nature.
  5. Yeah I'm on that.... Must have missed the email though! I'll take a look now. Cheers
  6. Thanks all, given me some food for thought with my own set up home and live. Got my by at home at the mo but thinking about other options. .... Also thinking about the whole separate pre and power thing again, but it doesn't look like separate power amps have reduced as an option like full amps which surprises me a bit.
  7. Really interested in getting some damnation audio in my life but they are expensive by the time you add import.
  8. Interesting to see how this develops...at Namm apparently Same DSP though and the menu doesn't look any larger. https://youtu.be/xqQWs_5-9p4 https://www.gearnews.com/leak-is-line-6-about-to-drop-the-hx-stromp-xl/
  9. I was just curious as to how people with a preamp pedal choose to use it/ apply it in your rig, and how it influences your selection of other gear. How do you approach your amp set up with a preamp on your board - is your amp clean/ transparent/ baked on sound? Do you go direct? Do you use it to tone shape only...if so what does it offer over a comprehensive EQ pedal/ OD to get a drive sound? Is it just a more flexible drive? I have a preamp as part of my home recording set up. I've also tried a couple of preamp pedals in front of my amp preamp, but it didn't work for me and I never subsequently pursued it. I've always like to have my own backline of some description at gigs, and I've sometimes considered a separate pre/power set up to change out whatever wasnt working fo rme I'm really just curious to be honest as it seems a pretty fundamental part of the tone and I regularly look at preamp pedals.....as I'm sure we all do!
  10. Fair point.... If you have a compatible Strymon pedal, it offers specific extended functionality subject to the pedal.... Compatible pedals include volante, iridium, night sky, Riverside, sunset....others as well apparently... Bumpf here because it's not the easiest thing to describe. I used it to access more volante presets https://www.strymon.net/product/multiswitchplus/#section-14
  11. Could well be. I've had it since about 2014, bought from a chap in London. Great great pedal, but a small design flaw in the mechanical parts sourced which resulted in reencosing it.
  12. Yeah I might give one of their cab SIM dis a go - seems you can load your own IRs. Like you say, worth the gamble at some of those prices
  13. Just stumbled across these units randomly...China based and some 'familiar' engineering it seems. Anyone gambled on them? Are they the new Behringer? Some tech21 looking stuff in amongst the mix...amongst others https://www.sonicake.com/ PS happy new year ✌️
  14. Hi @sifi2112 - yeah exactly that....only I need the jack head to be smaller - as small as this in order to fit in the switcher: http://www.evidenceaudio.com/product/sis EBS/ Rockboard etc are all too large, and ideally for board space I'd like L shaped.
  15. Hello! I have a new pedal switcher incoming, and am looking to mess around with stereo as part of my set up in certain instances. I wondered if there were any recommendations for customer patch cable people.... I think OBBM ceased trading? I'm after a set of "Dual TS to TRS Y-cables" - catch is I need the jack ideally to be as low profile as the Evidence audio SIS cables in order to fit them in. I'm no good with a soldering iron so was interested as to whether anyone was using/ has used a patch cable custom shop of late? Thanks
  16. Edited above now.... thanks
  17. Ah bugger....may have messed it up on export.... I'll try and fix it in the morning. Woops!!
  18. Thanks al....it's a bit of a rambling demo with little direction or focus 😂 Appreciate the comment on the Spector. Love this bass ☺️
  19. EDIT: Updated! thanks for the edit notes all 😖 I chucked this together today.... not the most glamorous, and first time I've had a crack at any sort of demo, but hopefully kinda illustrates a few sounds in there (probably on the fuzzier/ dirtier side in the main)
  20. Musicman20 referenced these guys on another thread: Stone Deaf FX: https://www.stonedeaffx.com/ Rochdale based
  21. In my ever continuing effects journey, I often try and seek out UK based pedal builders - 'boutique' type or however else you want to classify it - but small businesses turning out great products - innovative, or standard. Whenever I've been looking at pedals recently, I end up in the U.S. with the likes of Damnation Audio, Black Arts Toneworks etc. with associated import costs, it just gets excessively expensive to buy. I haven't found a consolidated list anywhere of established/ good builders in the UK and wondered if it would be something that was useful to combine the 'hive mind' as companies come in and out of play. Other than Cog and DHA, both now non operational at present, I'd really struggle to name any but would like to browse the 'UK pedal market' in a bit of an easier manner than wading through search engines. Just a thought - not sure if anyone else would find it useful or even if there are that many out there?
  22. Wow - very nice! Particulalry envious over the Cali, and i really want to try the russian as well as had a hankering for one for a while.
  23. I don't know what it is about Barefaced either, but the brand does attract feedback from many where other threads don't (latest darkglass offer, skarbass one etc). I guess it's good that the brand has so much engagement as a result. Just to be clear though, just because you have an opinion, it doesn't make it a valid opinion. It remains merely opinion. Anyway, See my first post on this thread....I'm absolutely for product feedback, customer feedback for development etc and my initial reception to the pedal wasn't necessarily the warmest. Some of these thoughts remain, but I am excited about the product and venture, my opinion of the pedal is that the box point is moot, it's a well built piece of kit and has some good (quite possibly amazing) sounds in it. As a v1, first release I'm really looking forward to understanding it in more detail with my rig, and hopefully sharing some experiences about the sound. That's not what I said.
  24. I just think this point is completely moot, unless you're absolutely not buying this pedal as a result of it coming in a wooden box. It comes with a clear warning about small tacks, so isn't an issue. The upside is it saves cost, protects the pedal, reduces waste and as an owner, I like the touch. I've also had other pedals packaged similarly in a wooden box....so this isn't a first. I guess if you will absolutely buy it if they change the box and the symbols the feedback is warranted. If you're not, then it's not opinion the builder should worry about listening to imo as even if they change to your will there's not a sale there. I'd prefer it if this thread started to refocus on the pedal capability tbh......might start a setting thread shortly.✌️
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