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  1. It's definitely a beauty! I just can't justify keeping it around and it not getting any use. I'm not totally against shipping, I've shipped a few bass cabs before but I just like knowing the buyer has had the bass in their hands and is happy before they buy it that's all. Probably just overthinking!
  2. Selling on my Jack Casady bass, gorgeous bass and sounds great, just not really my thing so it spends most of its time sat in the case unfortunately. I bought it new last June from Andertons for around £700 including the hardcase. Currently strung with DR Fat Beams 45-105, will throw a set of La Bella 50-105 black tapewounds that I bought for this bass in with it too. They've been on and off a couple of times but just too low tension for me so no point me keeping them. Also comes with a mod bar included as seen in the photos, keeps string silks off of the bridge saddles to help with intonation. It's only been gigged twice and used for one recording session so it's in as new condition. Would prefer not to post this ideally. Any questions just pop me a message. Cheers!
  3. Had this bass from new about 3/4 years now. Awesome looking, plays well, currently set up with D'Addario Chromes flats. Has been gigged so it's not in brand new factory condition but that's to be expected. I've tried to get a picture of the worst mark, it's on the bottom of the bass so hardly visible. I've also swapped out the tuners for Gotoh GB640 vintage style lightweight tuners. I'll leave these on the bass but will supply the original tuners as well. The Gotoh tuners cost around £90 to buy separately. Only selling as I currently own two P basses, and this one doesn't get as much use. Seems a waste to have it sat around the house! Any questions feel free to ask! Collection only, or can meet within a reasonable distance. Sorry not willing to post. Cheers!
  4. Bought this bass new from what is now PMT Portsmouth (was Nevada Music at the time) about 3 years ago. Has rarely left the house, and only been gigged a handful of times. I tend to use my American Standard Jazz for gigs as I just end up being too precious about this getting damaged. It really is a beautiful bass, and by far the nicest Jazz bass ever I've played. The bass itself is totally original and unmodified, and comes with all the usual 'case candy', including the pickup covers, cable, allen keys etc. The bridge pickup cover has never been installed so there are no holes in the body, but I have the mounting template if you wanted to install it. I live near Portsmouth but would be willing to meet within a reasonable distance of course. If anyone who lives locally would like to try the bass out before buying that's more than welcome. Not looking for trades, just sale only I'm afraid. Any questions at all just shoot me a message! Cheers guys!
  5. No possibility of shipping the 115 cab at all?
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