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  1. I read on talkbass about some basses having a maxed out trussrod from new....not good should you want fatter gauge strings!!
  2. Thems the posh ones....extra magic dust, attention to detail and vibration treatment.... think I'll book myself in 😀.... lovely bass by the way.
  3. both in lovely condition with both remotes......these were/are well regarded hifi seperates.....silver finish
  4. Anybody bought one yet?
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Stunner that is, can i ask the weight please?
  7. I had two hs210s.... amazing cabs...I often wish I hadn't sold them.
  8. Just for info....the CN and the HDN cabs were loaded with Faital-pro 12s.....the newest NXT cabs have Celestion 12s.....looking at the general specs of the Celestion drivers i would probs go with the CN/HDN cabs.....No expert, just an observation.
  9. Sean just bought my trace elliot dual compressor pedal.....top chap and credit to basschat.....very easy transaction.
  10. Lovely that is Andy!!....big step above the 55-02 you bought from me!..... don't do it I tell ya.
  11. Just sold Julian a seymour duncan pre-amp....l echo the above, smooth transaction and top chap, also a credit to basschat.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Just thought I would bump this.... anybody bought or tried one?
  14. Really wish I had kept mine, ah well !!
  15. Darren just bought my Cort A4 custom z.....prompt payment, great comms and a top chap also a credit to basschat
  16. Up for sale is my beautiful Cort A4 Custom Z. Bass is in lovely condition and was top of the A4 series...the bass benefits from a stunning zebrano top as well as back, neck is five piece maple and wenge, bartolini mk4 pickups along with hipshot hardware including the rubber "O" ring control knobs......bass weighs in at 9lbs......bass plays lovely and has a killer tone......Cort built guitars for many big name manufacturers so know what they are doing......happy to ship uk only at buyers cost.
  17. Up for sale is my Trace Elliot dual compression pedal in lovely condition complete with 18v power supply.....comes in original box complete with instructions....must be one of the best usable compression pedals, also it does not suck the life out of your sound .....uk shipping included.
  18. As per spyder.....car interior light bulb.... somehow, I don't think that is the problem....I would check solder joints/connections.
  19. weight on these varies quite a bit, my usa deluxe 5 weighs 4.2kgs. and my elite 4 weighs 4.2kgs, but i have seen them upto 4.8/5.0 kg and i'm sure the ultra will be no different
  20. Yes, it was on Moseley Street, then it became Sound Control.....just for info, i sold the bass because i found it hard to get grips with the filter preamp, also it was a boat anchor.
  21. In the late 80s i had the good fortune to buy said bass from Rock City Music, Newcastle.....Unfortunately i don't know the serial number, but anyway, my bass had a red/brown straight grained paduak top along with a fairly wide blond stripe down the middle (a little wider than the neck)......Can anyone remember buying this from me in a place called Spennymoor?.......A long shot i know, but some pics would be nice. A last thought!.....i remember paying £1400 for the bass and later selling for £800.....You live and learn don't you haha!
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