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  1. Loved the tone of the HD350 but found it lacking in volume, shame because i think the preamp is first class....maybe the 360 has more wallop?
  2. Bought some nordstrand big splits from Tony, great Comms, great packing and an altogether great chap... highly recommended.
  3. I have some nordstrand big splits winging their way to me and just wondered if they are a good match with the east uni-pre.?
  4. I use a genzbenz nx2....212 cab and have to say, very happy.
  5. Nice bass, can I ask the weight please.
  6. black looks the best to me
  7. Cheers for that....i will start with the pre first and see how i like it.
  8. Jeez, you must be good at wiring etc...glad it all worked out!...how would you describe the improvement in the tone?....i may well leave the mk1's in place and just update the pre just for ease. Cheers for posting this.
  9. I had the millennium 5 plus and it was a beautiful bass... build quality to rival anything...glwts
  10. might be an idea to try the delano circuit with the mk1 pickups just to see how good or bad they are.
  11. For sale is my trace elliot compressor.... lovely condition and very usable... still have the original box and instructions.... also includes a 18v power supply... sound wise, it doesn't suck the life out of the tone and having separate compression for both low and high frequencies makes for a very natural sound.
  12. When you get the delano pre and pickups installed i would very interested to hear your thoughts....i didn't think the sbc's sounded polite!!
  13. Had a pro 1 5 string broad neck in boire rosewood with Bart soapbars.... lovely bass but boy was it heavy.
  14. Bought some sadowsky knobs from Alain, great Comms and a pleasure to deal, thanks again Alain 👍
  15. ebenezer


    Love this, sheer quality and a definite nod towards fodera.
  16. The mesa subway 115 seems a lovely cab, top notch build quality, compact and light weight....but my oh my, have you seen the price...OUCH
  17. Yes, I listened to these as well!... they both sound good but to my ears, the driver has a tone more to my liking.
  18. I am in the same position as yourself, although my bass is a lakland 5501....same pickups and preamp as the cort. After doing some research, it would appear that the preamp is more of a weak link. One guy installed the mk5's along with the usa bart preamp and ended up putting the cheapo mk1 pickups back in(along with the usa preamp!!)...the mk1's are i think split/reverse P style so with that in mind, fed with a decent pre, could sound good. I myself are looking towards the john east uni-pre 5....i may change pickups at a later date...we will see! Anyway, good luck with the mods and let us all know what you think when done.
  19. Yes, apparently reverse split coil which should serve to give a tighter bottom end.... going to upgrade the pre first and if I feel the pickup's need replacing can do it at a later date.... thinking of the east uni-pre.
  20. thanks for the comments folks!.....looking on youtube, there is a guy who has fitted aguilar super splits along with an aguilar obp3 preamp to his 55-01.....listening to the bass firstly with the cheapo bartolinl mk1 and then with the super splits (both with the obp3) i have to conclude, i prefer the el-cheapo bart mk1s....sounds cleaner to me and i think the mk1s suit the preamp.....what do you think?
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