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  1. this could possibly have been mine, fabulous basses!!.....glwts
  2. Always loved Sweep!...had a bit of attitude...oh, and nice bass 😀
  3. I tried the larger 1518 and the 210 along with the ah12 smx 250....sounded great on stage but terrible further away in the hall so went back to using a fender rumble 410 which has better projection.
  4. That good!!!.....think i will give that one a swerve
  5. Lovely bass, can I ask the weight?
  6. Thinking of pulling the trigger on the above....i like the idea of the graphite reinforced neck, 34 inch scale, 9.5 radius are they really as good as folk say??
  7. Very nice!....is this one of the later basses with graphite reinforced necks?.... also, what weight is it?.... cheers
  8. Up for sale is my Ibanez SR2405W. Bought new from Guitar Guitar. Never left the house apart from a pro set up and new strings. Stunning bass! Weight 4.1 kg. Happy to ship UK only in slightly tatty but serviceable hard case, can also post the supplied ibanez gig bag along with handbook and multi-tool... shipping included in price. Link to review on Youtube: here Specs of bass listed below: · neck type: Atlas-5 5pc Panga Panga/Purpleheart neck w/KTS™ TITANIUM rods · top/back/body: Figured Maple/Panga Panga topAfrican Mahogany body · fretboard: Bound Panga Panga fretboardAbalone oval inlay · fret: Medium fretsPremium fret edge treatment · number of frets: 24 · bridge: MR5S bridge · string space: 18mm · neck pickup: Aguilar® Super Double neck pickupPassive · bridge pickup: Aguilar® Super Double bridge pickupPassive · equaliser: Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ w/ EQ bypass switch (passive tone control on treble pot) & 3-way Mid frequency switch
  9. Just bought a john east preamp and wondered if anybody other than musicman make a control plate that is a perfect fit ?
  10. ebenezer

    Dov65 feedback

    Just bought a john east preamp from Dave....great comms ,very well packaged and just as described.....top chap to boot! thanks Dave
  11. Busy northeast band THE WHOLE HOG are looking for a proficient bass player, must have own transport, good gear and be a team player age not important.....look us up on youtube pm me if interested.
  12. I have the genz benz neox 212 cab, tolex version with the faital-pro drivers....odd looking cab, but only 47lbs in weight, very well built(had a driver out as had to replace tweeter fuse) all plywood and well braced....and the cab sounds really good.
  13. I use the trace elliot smx dual band compressor....18 volt high headroom and sounds the dogs danglies...eg, doesn't squash the life out of the tone......unfortunately not made anymore so you would have to find a used example.
  14. Does any kind person have the bass part for this?? Cheers
  15. this is one of my pet hates...unacceptable on a modern bass with cnc this and lazer alignment that....some of the lakland basses suffered from this, and that includes the usa models.
  16. anyone else want to chime in....ps, don't want a dfa switch (haha)
  17. I owned this at one time, one of a pair and have to say, fabulous cab!!!
  18. ebenezer

    Modulus sold

    think some had a lane poor pickup fitted
  19. Well, i have now got the bass playing well!...after a re-cut nut, fret dress and truss-rod adjustment but i have to say, i am not keen on the tone of the pre. with the bass having aguilar super doubles, the obvious route would be the OBP 3 but i would be up for other suggestions....keeping in mind, 5 pots and 2 mini switches.
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