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  1. I was just about to say something very similar! Impressive, but something about him leaves me slightly cold. Give me Bobby Vega any day!
  2. Neil just bought my (well, his now I guess!) Bass Pod XT. Excellent communications and fast payment made for a seamless and pain-free deal. Highly recommended!
  3. Very interested, but won't have the cash for a couple of weeks. If this beauty is still here then, would you still be prepared to package it for a courier?
  4. Nice! Does this have three-band eq? What is the string spacing, and are you prepared to ship it within the UK?
  5. Outstanding basses these - not just at this price point, but at any price point! They just ooze class and quality
  6. Can't believe it took till half way down the third page to mention them! Tight as a gnat's chuff, whether you like their music or not
  7. Thanks a lot for the quick response! One more annoying question (sorry!) - what is the fingerboard radius?
  8. Is it passive? What are the controls - looks like a stack pot nearest the bridge... And could you measure the string spacing for me please? Looks a little tight for my fat fingers...
  9. Having tried a few, I am coming to the conclusion that bass multi-effects units are great in theory, but just too complex for my limited brain! I only ever use the chorus and compression on them, and I have a decent tuner already.... So if anyone can make better use of this, it is priced to sell. It has a phenomenal range of features, but I just don't need them, or have the time (or interest) to explore them... Boxed, with user manual and all cables. Excellent condition. Recently bought from BC member hestan (whose photos I have shamelessly recycled!), and hardly used. Located in North Tyneside. Local delivery is possible for petrol money, and postage is available at buyer's expense and risk. Happy to look at trades for separate chorus and compressor pedals.
  10. What an odd bridge! What's the string spacing please?
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