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  1. And heading north as we speak... 😎
  2. Seriously tempted to buy this back... 😋
  3. Another top deal involving Mark. The chorus pedal he sold me was exactly as described and posted out to me extremely quickly. No hassle at all. Recommended 😎
  4. Nope. I bought it (and then sold it again) 😁
  5. I was just about to say something very similar! Impressive, but something about him leaves me slightly cold. Give me Bobby Vega any day!
  6. Neil just bought my (well, his now I guess!) Bass Pod XT. Excellent communications and fast payment made for a seamless and pain-free deal. Highly recommended!
  7. Very interested, but won't have the cash for a couple of weeks. If this beauty is still here then, would you still be prepared to package it for a courier?
  8. Nice! Does this have three-band eq? What is the string spacing, and are you prepared to ship it within the UK?
  9. Outstanding basses these - not just at this price point, but at any price point! They just ooze class and quality
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