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  1. Conan

    Alembic Epic

    I never understood why Alembic only use two screws per pickup. The first time I played one I thought I had lost the other two! These play and sound great. GLWTS!
  2. Conan

    Ashdown Chorus Plus - SOLD

    No love for this unit? I'd be happy to keep it if I needed it, but as I now have a Boss GT6B, I don't!
  3. Conan

    Ashdown Chorus Plus - SOLD

    Bump. Will take £25 (not including postage, if required).
  4. Doesn't Dave Swift collect this type of thing? Not that I know him or anything, but I'm sure I read/saw that somewhere... Lovely bass by the way
  5. Surplus to requirements. A great-sounding unit, with very robust construction. Also doubles as a flanger! Good condition. Happy to post at buyer's risk and expense, but local collection (from Newcastle) preferred.
  6. Great basses these! I have a very similar one and it has killed any GAS for basses (at least for now!). GLWTS
  7. Fair point. Having tried them and liked them, I order ten sets at a time (not very often obviously). When Howard the Bass Doc was working on one of my basses he commented on how much he liked the strings, and asked where he could get some! Everyone else who has tried them either doesn't notice the difference of comments on the funky gold silks! If you PM me your address, I can pop a set in the post so you can try them...
  8. Me too! I actually like those strings, and would do if they cost five times as much. I came to them after D'Addario, Rotosound, DR, Newtone and LaBella - and like them just as much as any of the aforementioned "proper" strings. Shame they don't do a stainless set, but at that price I'm not about to quibble!
  9. Conan

    Fender '61 Flea Bass Woes

    Nowt wrong with that action. A proper "man's" bass right there.
  10. Conan

    Does anyone actually LIKE jazz?

    That's brilliant! Very perceptive
  11. Conan

    Maruszczyk Elwood 4a - TRADED

    Traded via Facebook
  12. Conan

    Favrite bass solo?

    The look on her face when she starts that solo makes me think she must have seen me naked... Lovely playing - especially with such tiny hands!
  13. Conan

    'Offensive' And 'Sexist' Guitar Pedal Effect

    No such thing as bad publicity?