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  1. Jeff is an utterly legendary buyer and Basschatter! He bought my G&L M2500 within an hour of my posting the advert, he paid in full within seconds of my requesting money, provided all relevant details quickly, and had the bass two days later (around Christmas time too!).😎👍 To say that this deal was quick and painless would be a huge understatement. Best deal I've ever experienced on here (and that's saying something).🎯 Enjoy the bass mate - people like you make Basschat the community it is! 🌹💜
  2. I so wanted to love that amp! I borrowed the one the WoT had, and although the tone I got from it at home was sweet, creamy and rich - when I tried it at full band rehearsals I couldn't get a single sound that I liked. It sounded thin and lacked volume and headroom. OK, it's "only" rated at 100 watts (IIRC), but I was playing it through two quality, sensitive 1x15" cabs (a Barefaced Compact and a TKS H115). Of course, some old schoolers will put that down to the Neo speakers... 😉 While my experiences with valve amps has been very limited, I have had lots of great, usable sounds using SS and hybrid amps - from Trace Elliot, through Ampeg, Aguilar, Hartke, TC Electronic and GK to Markbass. The one I stuck with is my Little Mark 2, which I believe is a class A/B power module. To my ears (and back) it is the perfect compromise. Having heard other bassists playing through it (including WoT), it sounded pretty rich and full to me 😎 On the other hand, if the itch needs scratching, go for it! Go for a used valve monster and you should be able to sell it on for what you paid for it (assuming you aren't blown away by it!) 💜
  3. @neilmurraybass I too would love to read some of your thoughts, stories and descriptions from your life in music. But I also get that writing a book is a hugely daunting task. One possible alternative would be to do the video version. Leland Sklar does exactly this. It started as a bit of a lockdown thing, but he has produced hundreds of videos now, detailing not just his basslines, but gear stories and much more. It helps that he is a natural storyteller, but if your posts on here are anything to go by - so are you!
  4. And now sold! Wow, less than an hour. After a month on Facebook.... Basschat is awesome!
  5. Sadly, with no gigs (or even rehearsals) on the immediate horizon, I just can't justify keeping a back-up 5 string. And I really can't bring myself to sell my ACG! Fantastic instrument, that punches well above it's modest price tag. All the MM sounds, but with the versatility of a jazz bass. 3-band Eq. Maple neck and board. Beautifully balanced, and not heavy for a fiver at 10lb (4.6kg). Immaculate condition. Not a mark on the body, but a tiny amount of corrosion on the edge of the bridge (which you've really got to look hard to see). A great player that I would happily gig with - but my need for cash is greater right now 😢 No hard case, but a nice padded Fender gigbag is included. Shipping within the UK mainland is included in the price, as is delivery anywhere in the North East of England. You can also collect it from North Tyneside 😎 No trades please. If I didn't need the cash I wouldn't be selling it!
  6. Lovely 😎 I have a similar one in a black painted finish. When GAS comes calling I think about selling or trading, but then I play it and realise that I will not get anything of similar quality for anywhere near that price. Excellent basses 💜
  7. It is! I used to rehearse once a week up there - bloody cold in the winter, boiling in the summer, but a fantastic-sounding room. In fact, it is big enough that it could easily accommodate a medium-to-large bass bash! 😎
  8. One of the best basses I ever owned or even played. Wish I never had to sell mine, but I'm mostly playing five strings now and can't afford another bass. Plus, Darlington is far too far away from me.... er, hang on 🤔
  9. One day I will own one of these... but it is not this day, sadly. Gorgeous 😍
  10. This thread baffles me. Does he want to sell this bass or not? 🙄
  11. Crazy low price for a great bass. If I didn't already have one, etc.... 😍
  12. On hold pending collection and payment this afternoon...
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