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  1. SOLD FS only Barefaced Midget T

    Crikey - that was quick!
  2. Cheap Jazz type bass

    Balok!! Or did you mean my own face Tom?!
  3. Cheap Jazz type bass

    Full size bass... I'm six foot three and a bit "large-boned" mind... Moomintroll will (as always) provide a sense of scale
  4. What Should I Replace My Wal With

    A couple of years ago I sold my Status series II that I had bought new in 1986. Not quite in the same league (price-wise, at least) as your Wal, but still a pretty expensive bass. It was the usual story - the band I was in at the time didn't suit the Status's tone (and looks) and I wanted to free up some cash to try other brands... Now, I find myself in a 1980s covers band that cries out for a Status, but of course I can't afford to replace it with another. Buy a cheap(ish) P bass and keep the Wal!
  5. Cheap Jazz type bass

    I work in a school, and our music department has one of those Aria STBs. It looks pretty good but when I played it I was very impressed! I don't like it quite as much as my J&D but it is very close.
  6. Planet Rock..same old hat

    Aye. "Fish on Friday" was a top show. As was Rick Wakeman's Saturday morning slot Obviously a bit challenging for "White Van Man" who seems to be their target demographic these days...
  7. Barefaced Cab price hike

    Better than Barefaced CHEEK! I'll leave the images to your imagination for that one...
  8. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Yeah right
  9. Barefaced Cab price hike

    Maybe the increase is to pay for the new product line?
  10. Schecter Model T Session

    Yeah, that's not bad - although it's a bit bling up the bridge end for my taste...
  11. Precision bass

    Agreed! Not that easy to find now, but when they come up they tend to go for very decent prices. Excellent quality for very little cash
  12. Schecter Model T Session

    I'm not a five string player, and I usually find a lot of fivers to be quite ugly - but that is really quite attractive! There is something about its shape that is very appealing and just works...
  13. Jazz bass dilemma

    Not if you buy used. And I'd add Maruszczyk to the list too. My Elwood is excellent and I payed around £750 for it brand new (well, ex-exhibition so "nearly new"). https://public-peace.de/bass-guitars/maruszczyk/elwood/4-string
  14. Jazz bass dilemma

    Geddy Lee sig Jazzes are awesome for the money. You can usually pick up a used one for around £550 (sometimes less). There is little real difference between the CIJ/MIJ and the MIM versions (other than snobbery!). I have owned four of these, and all have been great basses.
  15. Top advert! This is how all gear should be sold!! If I didn't have one already I'd.... blah, blah, blah