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  1. Conan

    Good Grunge Bass

    Stone Temple Pilots. Some interesting bass lines courtesy of Rob Deleo
  2. Just bought on here from Beedster, with a view to replacing the stock bridge on my Sire V7 - but it doesn't fit! No idea who manufactured this, but it's a solid, well-made piece of kit. Measurements - baseplate is 92mm wide and 53mm long. Total string spacing (from saddle groove on B string to saddle groove on G string) is 68mm - making it 17mm from string to string (by my calculations). No Adjustment for string spacing. Six screw holes across rear of plate. Price includes postage to mainland UK address. Cheaper of collected, more if shipped wider afield. Could be delivered for fuel costs - PM me if interested. Apologies for poor-quality phone pics
  3. Conan

    Beedster's wall of shame

    My first deal with the legendary Beedster, and it went as smoothly as everyone else's has! Sadly, the bridge I bought from him (and he posted to me) doesn't quite fit my Sire, which is entirely MY fault, not his, as it was exactly as he described. Note to self - measure things properly next time!
  4. Conan

    SIRE Marcus Miller V7 5 String Alder 1st Gen

    I take it you had to get the body filled and re-drilled to attach the Gotoh? The Sire bridge has six screw holes along the rear edge of the base plate. I have managed to source a bridge with a similar (hopefully exactly the same) arrangement of holes!
  5. Conan

    Sire V7 5 String NBD

    Fair point, but I have no intention of stringing the bass through the body. I've never had a bass with this option before so wouldn't miss it. Having swapped the strings on my Sire from "through-body" to "through-bridge-only" (or whatever the term is!) I found no difference in tone, volume, sustain or anything else. Other people's experiences and opinions may not agree of course....
  6. Conan

    Sire V7 5 String NBD

    Having just purchased one of these second-hand, I just wanted to add my two penn'orth. As others have said, the sound from these basses is very good. The preamp is an incredibly powerful monster that needs careful and subtle handling, but can produce a vast range of tones. The neck (on mine anyway) is very nice - quite a shallow profile, and nice and wide to accommodate the 18mm spacing (which, again, I like). Weight is not bad at all. Mine comes in at bang on 10lb, which is not bad for a fiver. Nicely balanced too. Tuners are OK. One feels a little loose, but it holds tune well and has a smooth action (as they all do). It would be really nice if the truss-rod could be adjusted without removing the neck, or, at the very least, the scratchplate! It's a cheap bass, but that just seems daft! However, I am having problems with the bridge. When the bass arrived last week, I needed to do a bit of a set-up but just couldn't get the G string (and to a lesser extent the A) to intonate properly. The intonation screws reached the limit of their travel too soon and would not allow me to bring the saddle back far enough! What on earth is going on there?! I thought it might be because the bass had been strung through the body, but having changed that, it made no difference. To be fair, it is not the most attractive bridge on the market, but I don't care too much about that if it does the job. The problem is that it doesn't! So, I've just bought a replacement from Beedster of this parish, to see if that deals with the intonation issue. To be continued....
  7. Conan

    EMG Jazz pick up set

    Are they both the same length? I believe this is the case for some (but bizarrely not all) MIM J basses... Or is the bridge pickup slightly longer as per other Jazz sets? I'm interested, but could you post a photo please, or identify them as a specific age or EMG set? Thanks PM sent...
  8. Conan

    TKS Cabs

    Have people fallen out of love with these excellent cabs? 🙁
  9. Conan

    SIRE Marcus Miller V7 5 String Alder 1st Gen

    I've just got my hands on one of these too, and am very impressed with the general quality. Like the OP says, there are a few minor issues, but nothing you can't live with or easily sort out. One thing I have found though, is that the intonation is difficult to set. I bought mine second-hand, and it has been strung with Newtones and strung through the body (which is a new one on me). I have no idea whether the poor intonation (on the G in particular) is related to either of these factors, so will have to do a bit of trial and error investigation. The bass in lovely to play though, and surprisingly light for a fiver (bang on 10lb on my luggage scales) - especially as I had been led to believe that they were on the heavy side. Very good value!
  10. Conan

    Sire V7 active EQ question

    I've just got one of these basses, and I LOVE the mid controls! It just gives so much flexibility in terms of being able to make subtle (and not so subtle!) changes to the midrange of your tone. At the bottom end of the frequencies it is more of a bass boost/cut (far more usable than the actual bass control IMO, which is set too low and gives far too much cut and boost). You can boost nasal frequencies (should you want to) to get that odd Stanley Clarke tone, or (in conjunction with selecting the neck pickup only) boost the low mids to get pretty close to a P-bass sound (again, IMO). It's early days for me as I only got the bass this week and have only used it at one (low volume) rehearsal, but there is a huge amount of potential in that preamp. That said, the passive tone is pretty decent too The thing is with preamps (especially three-band versions) is that everyone uses them differently. Some use them for a very definite "in your face" tone, almost like an effects pedal; whereas others use them in a very subtle manner to tweak their tone rather than using the amp. All IMO/IME of course.
  11. Conan

    Sire V7 5 String - SOLD PENDING

    I'm really impressed with it! Very playable and great sounding. The preamp is fantastic (if a little bass heavy...). First five string I've owned that feels comfortable and makes we want to try to master five strings. Time will tell on that one!
  12. Conan

    Sire V7 5 String - SOLD PENDING

    And this bass is now mine!
  13. Conan

    Feedback for CalDeep

    Just bought Cal's Sire V7 five string. Lovely bass, exactly as described and beautifully packed for shipping (which he sorted out). Excellent comms throughout and a very pleasant deal all round. Recommended - deal with confidence!
  14. I always liked those bass parts, but never knew who played them!
  15. Conan

    TKS H115 (Neo) - £375

    Lots of enquiries but little concrete interest so far...