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  1. Hang on in there Frank it won’t be long now, played an outdoor wedding gig on Saturday & had nothing but positive comments on my bass sound, Mike.
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  3. Since migrating from guitar to bass many years ago I've been lucky enough to own a fair selection of basses, however I've never had a bass with Gibson on the headstock. Now later in life my preference is for shorter scales & for some inexplicable reason the EB-0 & EB-3 series has popped into my head. I know very little about these so are there some long term users on here who can offer some thoughts or advice on different model changes, I know they lost the edge chamfering in the early 70's for example. One of my all time favourite guitars is my '72 SG std which I have owned since 74 so I know the disadvantages of the body shape when hung on a strap, mike b.
  4. just seen this thread, I've been using a Working Mans 1x10 combo & matching 1x10 cab for some years now, not the lightest combo in the world by todays standards but it is manageable. Always worked well with my old Sei headless 5 & now makes the perfect partner for my Jabba fretless. Haven't seen one for sale for ages & would guess they won't fetch much these days , but I hold mine in high regard if that's any consolation, here's a link to a couple of sound clips that were taken on an iPhone, sound quality is poor unless you can play back thro a speaker system, mike b. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1309lt80ra1iiqk/AABd9pNdlaotYYJag67C0HW6a?dl=0
  5. Just got home so let me be the first to thank Mike & the Scrumpettes for a brilliant day once again, the food was to die for with a special mention to the rhubarb crumble & clotted cream. Oh & apparently there were some basses there as well.😉
  6. First in the que for Jabba’s stand ? might have to arm wrestle you for the shortie, but then there’s apple pie & crumble on offer so it’s difficult to know where to head for first!!
  7. Anyone have a EUB they could bring, not sure if the wrinkly joints could cope but I’ve always fancied trying one
  8. Finally sorted myself out, this time I can spend the whole day there so at last I get to try the “scrumptiousness”. Will be bringing Jabba’s original semi hollow fretless so you can all see how it has faired over the past year, Mike B.
  9. good grief !!! haven't dared tell the wife my plans for April yet, she still hasn't forgot what happened last year.
  10. Hoping to make to SW bash this year, mainly to see what you are going to turn up with, will bring the semi hollow fretless so you can see how its holding up, all the best, mike.
  11. Amazed this hasn't sold, sadly I only have a modified MIM Jaguar that I could add cash to in a trade, have a pre Christmas bump on me, Mike
  12. I've used " Guitar toolkit" for years now,, loads of other useful stuff on it as well, easily worth the few quid it cost me
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