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  1. Hopefully be there, after all Frank will need something to play !!
  2. I would go with a three way tele type switch, with series, parallel and coil tap to earth through a .047 capacitor. Using a cap in the coil tap circuit keeps the pickup in humbucking mode and bleeds off treble/mids from one coil (how much depends on the value of the cap) the other advantage is less volume drop when in tapped mode. I’ve used this method for years, generally .020 on guitar and.047 on bass, although any value between.010-.050 on a non polarised cap will give good results. From memory a low value starts to take off the highs and as value increases the mids as well are taken off, hope this all makes sense. Good luck, Mike.
  3. I can feel the excitement brewing, are you going for E-C or B-G, never played a low B less than 34” and often wondered if a shorter scale would work out.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Thanks for the replies, just measured mine which is 30” scale and it’s 42.5” over all, Mike.
  6. Hello, looking for a case for my old ‘73 EB-0, anybody on here have an Epiphone SG bass case, they look like good value for the money, but I can’t find any measurements to check for fit. If anyone has one, could they measure the internal length for me or better still have any EB-0 users any recommendations, thanks, Mike.
  7. Big thank you for the Dave Holland, Thieves in the Temple transcription, after listening to a couple of YouTube videos of what appears to be a little known Herbie number, we’ve just started to rehearse it in the trio I play with, keep up the good work, Mike B.
  8. Thanks for the info, 64mm might not be too bad, would love to get my hands on one of these at some point, I used to own a fanfret guitar, so I’m well aware of the advantage, in fact a friend of mine borrowed it to do some acoustic solo gigs, while I was in hospital, and begged me to sell it to him. Also, working with a Sax player we do a lot of stuff in F and Bflat, so it’s nice to play all around the 6th fret to save a bit of a stretch.
  9. Excellent review, do you mind me asking for the string spacing at the bridge and also the width of the neck at the twelfth fret. I do some times miss my old SEI headless 5, but as my hand deteriorated I struggled with the width of the bound neck.
  10. My fretless is 31.5” and is much easier on the hands than a 34”, my fretted bass is 30” and I hardly notice the difference those two. I do miss playing a 5, but for me the issue was the width of the neck. However with the state of my hands now, shortscale definitely rules.
  11. L’abella low tension stainless flats, every time, normally available from Bass Direct .
  12. Looking good, when you get around to wiring for the coil tap, don’t go directly to earth. Instead go through a capacitor, the value of the cap will control the amount of treble you bleed to earth on the tapped coil, this method will leave the pickup in humbucking mode and avoids the massive drop in volume that a straight to earth tap gives. As a general guide I normally use a 22 cap on guitars and a 47 on bass, when I use this method, mainly because these are the standard values in my parts drawer, anything between 010-050 caps will work with different effect depending on the humbucker that you have. Looking forward to what happens next, keep safe, Mike.
  13. Six pages here and nobody has mentioned “Rita” the infamous Basschat Bike, I owned her for quite some time, came to me with an odd switch fault that turned out to be a broken wire in the Nordstrand pickup, sadly had to be sold to help finance an Overwater fretless, went to someone else on the forum. Great bass and much better to play than a mates “Ray”, Warwickhunt might remember her, wonder where she is now.
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