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  1. Looking forward to the next SW bash to see another fine example of craftsmanship 👍
  2. Anyone using one of the above for gigging, are 2x8’s a bit too “toppy”. My current SWR 2 x 10 setup gives me the tone I like but it’s getting a bit heavy in my advancing years .
  3. If I had a calendar it would be on it. Frank, check out Tiffins all you can eat curry house, only a couple of miles from the venue 🥵🥵🥵
  4. I think you had better make another thumb rest, that is a stroke of genius 👍👍👍
  5. Absolute stunner !!!! by the way I wouldn’t let the wife see these pics, you might have to do a refinish on that table 😂
  6. Hang on in there Frank it won’t be long now, played an outdoor wedding gig on Saturday & had nothing but positive comments on my bass sound, Mike.
  7. Looking for a lighter combo than my SWR workingman's 10 ( shade over 39lbs on my bathroom scales ) don't need massive power, just tried a Markbass 121H combo that's for sale in the classifieds but it was way too heavy. Anything considered as long as it's within reasonable driving distance, I'm located close to M5 junction 28, sunny Devon, other than that it needs to have an ext spkr socket in order to run my other SWR 1x10, 8ohm cab. Open to suggestions, mike b.
  8. Since migrating from guitar to bass many years ago I've been lucky enough to own a fair selection of basses, however I've never had a bass with Gibson on the headstock. Now later in life my preference is for shorter scales & for some inexplicable reason the EB-0 & EB-3 series has popped into my head. I know very little about these so are there some long term users on here who can offer some thoughts or advice on different model changes, I know they lost the edge chamfering in the early 70's for example. One of my all time favourite guitars is my '72 SG std which I have owned since 74 so I know the disadvantages of the body shape when hung on a strap, mike b.
  9. just seen this thread, I've been using a Working Mans 1x10 combo & matching 1x10 cab for some years now, not the lightest combo in the world by todays standards but it is manageable. Always worked well with my old Sei headless 5 & now makes the perfect partner for my Jabba fretless. Haven't seen one for sale for ages & would guess they won't fetch much these days , but I hold mine in high regard if that's any consolation, here's a link to a couple of sound clips that were taken on an iPhone, sound quality is poor unless you can play back thro a speaker system, mike b. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1309lt80ra1iiqk/AABd9pNdlaotYYJag67C0HW6a?dl=0
  10. Just got home so let me be the first to thank Mike & the Scrumpettes for a brilliant day once again, the food was to die for with a special mention to the rhubarb crumble & clotted cream. Oh & apparently there were some basses there as well.😉
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