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  1. wrinkleygit

    NBD semi hollow F'less

    other bass is my trusty old Sei Origional, played a lot of notes together but sadly longterm issues with arthritis are causing me problems with wider necks, hence the reason for going to a shorter scale with one less string.
  2. wrinkleygit

    NBD semi hollow F'less

    Anyone at the recent SW or Midlands BBash's will be familiar with this, for those that haven't seen it there is link to the build thread as well as a couple of pics. Finally got my hands on a lightweight ( about 6lbs ) med scale ( 31.5" ) fretless, the workmanship is stunning, check out the pic that shows the neck flowing into the body pocket , the balance is superb, with the top horn strap button just over the 10th fret, this feels more like playing a guitar than a bass when hung on a strap & despite the low body mass there is no neck dive either playing seated.The neck is a joy to play with a slightly rolled feel to the edge of an ebony board it seems like I have had this for years rather than days. As for how it sounds, the combination of LaBella flats, Shadow undersaddle & John East simple vol/treble roll off circuit all work to give a well defined acoustic tone with excellent balance across the strings. If like me you are starting to show your age & not everything works as well as it used to one of these will keep you going for years to come, Jez is a top bloke to deal with & I can't thank him enough. Looking forward to see what he comes up with next, mike b. Semi Hollow Bass https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4kizwfi7j094u78/AAAAb1WxD-4Iv1BzP0Z2zTAza?dl=0
  3. wrinkleygit

    The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2018!! 08/04/2018

    Big thumbs up from me as well, all credit to Mike ,The Scrumpettes & everyone else involved in running this event, I'm still traumatised that I had to leave just before lunch, sincerely hope this becomes an annual event ( that way I might get a double portion at next years lunch ) . Spent a great couple of hours there & as for Jabba, I'm still left speechless by his wares, Mike B.
  4. excellent comparisons, wish I was that clever !!!
  5. wrinkleygit

    Steinberger 5 string

    I always used Bass Centre Elites from Strings Direct, only available as rounds but excellent value for the money, have just discovered that Bass Direct carry La Bella double balls , ordered a set of flats yesterday, (set of four plus a loose B string), arrived this morning & strung up my trusty old Sei, the windings are not as neat at the ball ends as some other makes I have used, but fitted without any issues, they feel great & initial impressions are they sound good, have a rehearsal on thurs so will get a better idea then. Status hot wires can be a bit marmite & they don't carry the range they used, good luck in your quest, mike b.
  6. wrinkleygit

    lightweight amp head

    after a period of illness getting back into playing again , don't need massive power, h'phone & aux input would be good, anything avail down in the south west, mike b.
  7. wrinkleygit

    Best small valve amp (Sub £350)

    look out for a late model Marshall Class 5, early models had design flaws, check the rear panel, valves should be seen hanging down, also h'phone socket & low power switch, ideal for home use plus almost enough volume for small gigs & jams, mike b.
  8. wrinkleygit

    Solid state amp suggestions?

    check out Roland cubes, I did some hotel gigs in a trio with a 30x, for larger gigs I just miked it up, a 60 or 80w version would be hard to beat unless your in a motorhead tribute band, amp simulations are pretty good on these & built in effects quite useable, mike b.
  9. almond oil for me, was recommended by a local ukulele maker, buy it from holland & barratts or health food shops, a little goes a long way, so good the wife uses it to bring up old/antique furniture, mike b.
  10. wrinkleygit

    Status Shark 2p/u passive

    looks like one of my old ones, from memory the origional owner sent the bass back for a warranty repair on the pick guard (original was a tortoise shell colour) & second pickup was added at that time,I would post this up on the status forum they might help dating this, I think a 2 p'up shark would have been a special order, mike b.
  11. what's the width of the neck at the 12th fret, mike b.
  12. wrinkleygit

    steinberger spirit fretless 5

    still looking for the holy grail fretless 5 & considering de fretting my spare bass which is described above, however the presence of a zero fret close to the headless string retainer may prevent getting a decent action/ set up, anyone ever come across a factory produced fretless version of one of these or anyone else gone down the same route, mike b.
  13. wrinkleygit

    fretless 5

    still looking for the holy grail, 34" scale narrow string spacing & small body, not fussed with or without lines but prefer ebony fretboard, needs to be within easy travelling distance to the south west, anything out there, mike b.
  14. wrinkleygit

    record deck/turntable

    just rekindled my love affair with vinyl ( the round variety with a hole in the middle ) & would like to replace my old jvc dir drive tt, looking for something like a rega but anything considered, preferably close to the south west for easy collection, anything out there, mike b.
  15. wrinkleygit

    fretless 5

    hello, miss not having a fretless around, so looking for something to fill an empty case, prefer small bodied basses, 34" scale & narrowish string spacing, not fussed about lined or unlined but prefer an ebony board, ideally not too far from westcountry, anything out there, mike b.