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  1. For all those that couldn’t make it this year, you can still be the “King of Cool “ and order a T shirt from @scrumpymike while stock lasts. I was lucky enough not only to get a T shirt, but to come home with something Tele shaped as well, time to start saving for next year !!!
  2. I will second that, Mike and his merry band have pulled off another stellar event, with a special mention of the rhubarb crumble, looking forward to next year already.
  3. I would agree as well, having been double jabbed for some time I’ve always been cautious about taking risks, but if you had negative results beforehand I can’t see an issue. However, as always the decision has to be right for you and I would be respectful of your choice.
  4. Excellent, looks like it’s all calorie free as well !!!
  5. I’m on the list and will definitely be there, will miss not meeting up with Frank again tho’
  6. I’m a bit light on surplus gear so will bring something alcohol related. I’ve also started “fasting” now, in preparation for lunch !!!!
  7. If it’s not too far from the bash, perhaps we can organise a relay of deps for you !!!!!
  8. A man of impeccable taste !!!! Hopefuly we can meet up at the SW Bash and swap notes .
  9. Please can you amend the list of items I’m bringing, having a bit of restructuring with my bass set up, both the Gibson EB-0 and SWR have gone to new homes. Just bringing the Jaba fretless and a 112 cab with a lightweight head, there may be a new addition to the family soon.
  10. Brilliant, I am 29 aka Mike Barkworth, not as slim as I thought I was !!
  11. Hopefully be there, after all Frank will need something to play !!
  12. I would go with a three way tele type switch, with series, parallel and coil tap to earth through a .047 capacitor. Using a cap in the coil tap circuit keeps the pickup in humbucking mode and bleeds off treble/mids from one coil (how much depends on the value of the cap) the other advantage is less volume drop when in tapped mode. I’ve used this method for years, generally .020 on guitar and.047 on bass, although any value between.010-.050 on a non polarised cap will give good results. From memory a low value starts to take off the highs and as value increases the mids as well are taken off, hope this all makes sense. Good luck, Mike.
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