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  1. I have removed the nylon tapewounds and installed an old well-worn in set of TI Jazz Flats off my Fender Jazz bass. Wow! They speak with more authority than the original Chromes and the tapes. Do they sound like an acoustic bass? No. Do I care? No. I have an acoustic bass for jazz and rockabilly gigs. The UB804 is just the beez kneez for my blues, americana and latin/gypsy gigs. Tinyd: I play a lot lighter on the Upswing than I do on the acoustic. It's a natural thing for me as the Upswing doesn't actually physically allow me to "dig in."
  2. I can make mine sound real close to my upright acoustic. LaBella black nylon tapewounds and a Nordy NinoMute do the trick. If I remove the mute I can get it to sound like a fretless BG. I don't much like the factory supplied strings (DÁddario Chromes). Too metallic and snarly.
  3. I recently picked up a new Ibanez UB804. I've played bass guitar since 1963 and double bass since 1990. The 34" scale of the UB804 is no problem, I can switch between the 34" and the 41" scales no problem. A set of LaBella black tapewounds and a Nordstrand Ninomute give a nice thump for salsa, blues, country etc, and removing the mute gives a nice jazz tone. I find the Chromes that this bass comes with are a bit too snarly for my liking. The stand is brilliant and the whole thing is so well made it makes a Stagg look clunky. I have previously had a Stagg (never again) and an Eminence (didn't like it much). I play through a Genzler Magellan head and two Barefaced One10 cabs. The UB804 is a definite keeper.
  4. These are probably closer to a Jazz bass than humbuckers, but they are dead quiet.
  5. My hot-rodded 2002 Yamaha BB605. Delano pickups, Aguilar preamp.
  6. My BB605, born 2002, to which I fitted Delano pickups, Aguilar OBP-3 preamp with active/passive and mid-shift, Dunlop flushmount straplocks and TI Jazz flats. I have been able to get the action incredibly low (3/64" on G string, 24th fret) and it plays and sounds incredible.
  7. A Genzler Magellan 350 is my choice. Fantastic tone and grunt to Africa.
  8. I found Velvet Garbo E and A worked well with both guts and Superior Dirty Guts.
  9. BTW: when I got it, it had the typical rotating, crackling barrel socket. I got a new barrel socket from a music shop and found a big star washer that fits over the barrel. The star washer keeps the nut from working loose and holds the barrel solid, even without a rubber ring under the flange. Perfect! This may help anyone that's still having problems.
  10. One point to consider which no-one seems to have mentioned. BF cabs throw the sound out, probably more than any cab I've ever come across, including the mighty Ampeg 8x10! I have zero experience with TF, but plenty with BF. The sound the audience hears from a BF cab is almost always louder than the bass player hears. I discovered this after watching videos of my band's live performances. I was horrified to hear how much the bass was too loud, throwing the band balance out. Next gig I used a wireless to go to the back of the venue and set the balance. Back on stage I was amazed how much quieter I could be. I have no idea whether TF have this same ability, but it's worth considering for a bass player trying to bring stage volume down. Sorry O/P, this has no relevance to your question.
  11. I have a TRB-II 4 amber burst built in 1998. I do not like the preamp much, so I removed it and converted it to standard Fender Jazz bass wiring, with 250K CTS pots and Sprague Orange Drop capacitor. Vast improvement (for my taste anyway). The Yamaha pickups are quite trebly so the passive tone roll-off works really well. The white wire from the dummy coils I ran to earth and the two empty holes in the body I put old dummy pots in. Works great, nice tone and no more battery. This may or may not be of use to anyone wanting to convert to passive.
  12. In the 90s I had a 4 string with no G problem at all. Then I had a 5 string and the G was weak. I tried different pickup heights, different strings and different pre. Made no difference. Sold it in disgust and bought another 5. Exactly the same problem. I gave up then and have never bothered with Stingrays since.
  13. It's not a terribly difficult repair. I had a similar incident happen, and cleaned up the joints, glued and clamped them, and it's been like that for 27 years now. The only thing you have to really watch is that you install the neck straight (centre line of neck lines up with centre line of body). I used aliphatic resin (pva) which is not really the proper thing to do, but the repair cost me nothing.
  14. Laura Lee of Khruangbin plays an SX Jazz. And, she has never changed strings, according to an interview with her recently. Sounds pretty darn good to me.
  15. I've had Elf, TC 250 and 550, Rumble 500, MiniMax, GK MB200, 500 and 800, but my Genzler Magellan 350 is THE ONE! Every venue I've ever played with it I have the eq set flat and only ever tweak the contour control. I have an Acoustic Image 650w for my double bass, and this is also the one. These two amps I will never sell. I keep the Elf in my gear bag as a backup but have never used it, in fact it has never been switched on.
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