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  1. I had a pair of One10s, sold them and bought Super Midgets. to mind, and ears, there is nothing better.
  2. Depends entirely on two things, the sound you want to hear, and what your amplification is. For example, when I had SWR I had to boost the lows and reduce the highs. With my current (and forever) rig of Quilter BassBlock and Barefaced cabs, I leave everything dead flat.
  3. My Super Midget has so much bass response I run the bass knob flat or even rolled back a bit.
  4. Seems to me all you people wanting Alex to include this whistle and that bell are forgetting the two most important items of all. There is not one single amp on the market that makes a good espresso, and there is not one single amp on the market that has a built-in beer-holder. C'mon guys... priorities!
  5. I had two Barefaced One10 cabs, but wasn't fully satisfied. Sold them and now have a Gen3 Barefaced Super Midget. This is a fabulous cabinet. I also have a Greenboy 12/6 cab (like the Tricky ones) but the Super Midget has more detail in the sound, and is smaller and lighter . The One 10s are coloured, the SM is transparent. What you put in is what you get out. If you power with GK you get a coloured sound. If you power with Acoustic Image you get transparent sound. It depends on what you want to hear.
  6. People don't seem to realise that buying an instrument is only part of the expense. Any instrument, but in particular a double bass, ALWAYS needs a setup to suit the purchaser's playing style/requirements. If it's a German flatback, then it's worth spending money on. Double bass is not an instrument for those faint of heart or light of pocket. Just finding the strings that suit best can do serious damage to the credit card. Go ahead, get the luthier to fit a new board, don't cheap out on it. You will regret it in the long haul. Be aware that not all ebony is equal, there is good and there is not so good.
  7. I just joined the Quilter BassBlock 800 club, by ordering one from Reverb.com. Waiting with anticipation.
  8. "gets big pretty quick"..... this is purely and simply a marketing gimmick. Manufacturers that do this use a non-linear master volume pot so that a customer trying the amp out in a shop turns the knob up a little way and thinks "wow, this thing is loud!" In fact you might get to full power by 1 or 2 o'clock. Quality makers like Acoustic Image use linear pots and you don't get full power until the knob is right up.
  9. I have a three crumbling vertebrae and herniated disc. A Barefaced Super Midget works for most gigs, and another one for big outdoor gigs. The choice of a GK MB500 or an AI Clarus Series 4 rounds it out.
  10. I tried out a MB Nano. Took it back, under powered.
  11. Greenboy cabs seldom come on the market.
  12. With all due respect to Mr Bill Fitzmaurice, I have just built a Greenboy Fearful 12/6 from scratch, not a kit. I have pumped 500 watts RMS of double bass signal (huge transients and organ re-arranging bass) and have no problem with the spine bracing. I will be stone deaf before I hear any rattles or vibration. Each to his own.
  13. I have played double bass since 1990, and bass guitar since 1963. In the last 13 or 14 years every gig I do I get told it's double bass wanted. I have not done one single bass guitar gig in that time. Genres include rockabilly, jazz, blues, country, rock n roll, funk/soul, alt. country, Irish and Latino. I guess double bass is cooler, these days anyway.
  14. People who struggle to hear themselves don't need vertical 4x10s, they need better quality cabs. Barefaced, Greenboy and BFM are an example of cabs (there are more) that are quality. Most cabs from your local music shop are not quality. They are built with cheap drivers and built to market requirements, not driver requirements. They are also built to maximise profit. An example of a quality cab is my Greenboy Fearful 12/6. One little light cab (32lbs) and it can take a thousand watt power amp. The dispersion, both near and far, is amazing. It will handle a low F# string no problem. Two of them is just ridiculous! Just my opinion.
  15. Hahahaha..... I always swim against the tide. I sold my GK MB800 when I got the HandBox R-400, and now I'm back to a GK MBF500. Why? Well, the HandBox is just the most awesome amp for bass guitar (the best I've ever played), but I made the conscious decision recently to concentrate on upright bass, and I prefer the GK for that. A bad back dictates the use of D class.
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