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  1. D’addario nickels, not keen personally, best sound I had with the bass was with DRs multi coloured silks not sure of the specific type. It sings with Roto Swings too
  2. Yes a bit fussy about my action had shims in all my pbass, it’s fine with it taken out
  3. I have no idea of age it came to me second hand, is there a way to determine age on these ?
  4. It’s got the Badass bridge unit 🙂👍
  5. Sold thanks to everyone who viewed and enquired Regards Stu
  6. The Nut width is 40mm, the weight according to bathroom scales guesstimate is around 4 kg cannot be more accurate at present but it is a light bass. I got it so that I did not have to bear the weight of my 78 pbass on 2 hr shows.I will get hold of some suitcase scales to take a more accurate measurement of weight
  7. Perfect Condition, great sounding cab, with perfect fitting custom padded cover. Some slight lifting of the covering on the back of cab, typical of this cab. Light portable and surprisingly loud sufficient for gigging in most applications. Not being used so had to go
  8. American built MB200 great sounding amp, gigged with some superficial surface marks, but overall great condition, works great totally reliable, light portable bargain.
  9. Lovely Nate Mendel signature p bass, roadworn finish, pro set up, with Fender gig back. As original no mods. Great sounding bass
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