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  1. Just sold Andy a sadowsky a preamp, deal went very smoothly and he is a total gent, highly recommended....thanks again 👍
  2. Come on folks.... John East uni-pre maybe?
  3. You are best with at least 500 Watts into 8 ohms....the barefaced driver is loosely based around the eminence kappalite 3012lf.... fantastic driver, but really needs to be driven.
  4. Going to have my Ray painted in this colour.....I can get the proper paint, but it is expensive, so with that, is there an equivalent colour available, if so, what is the paint code? Cheers
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. I had a sr 2405w with the low gloss finish....didn't have it long, not really my cup of tea, it also struck me that in time there would be shiny patches in the finish where your arm/fingers rest when playing.....Also, regarding the setup, i had to have it fret dressed as it had some uneven frets, even after that it wouldn't take low set-up.....sorry for the rant, mine may have been a friday night bass lol
  7. I regret parting with my wal mk2 5 string, not because it was particularly good ! .....it was heavy as hell, and never did quite bond with it.....sold it for £800.....now look at the price DOH I also regret selling my warwick streamer stage 1 5 string....that was a nice bass!
  8. Traded my yamaha trb4 for Trev's spector 5 .....great comms and a really nice chap absolute pleasure.....Thanks again Trev.
  9. I love this....alas, bought too much of late....glwts
  10. I think fender went backwards with the ultra....gone is the adjustable through body bridge...also, no carbon rods in the neck....seems a cost cutting exercise to me!!!...go with Sandberg...far better build quality.
  11. Looking on the talkbass site it would seem the preamp is more of a weak link....one guy changed his pickup's a few times then went back to the mk1's
  12. Up for sale is a pair of ACG 5 string jazz pickups....got these as a spare pair of pickups with my ACG jazz which i sold some time ago these are made by Aaron Armstrong to ACG specs.......i believe these to be humbuckers as the bass i sold had single coils......these would be great for a project bass or to replace existing pickups. measurements are L-11CM.....W2.5CM
  13. Up for sale is a sadowsky on- board preamp...........lovely usable pre with a great tone, plus the vintage tone control works in both passive and active.....price includes shipping (uk).....NOTE.....can be removed from bell plate and arranged in diamond pattern as per M5
  14. I had an ibanez with the Aguilar super double pickup's and they didn't do it for me...I quite like a jazz like tone but with the ability to get nasty when you dig in!....not keen on too much bottom, prefer good definition.... does that make any sense.
  15. Well, I have just bagged myself a lovely used 5501 at a very reasonable price.... anyways, I plan to upgrade the preamp and pickup's... nothing much wrong with the current setup but the bass strikes as a perfect platform for some tasty upgrades.....just to say, I had a 5502 but I could never quite achieve the tone I was after...I would be grateful for some ideas?
  16. Cheers for the comment, yes, not many around and a cracking bass 👍
  17. Some interesting offers but nothing concrete.... cheers for the comment brother Jones, yes it's a great bass.
  18. Lovely looking bass that.... Karl is a top geezer as well...deal with confidence.
  19. Up for sale is my yamaha trb4, lovely bass in great condition....at 8.3 lbs, light weight, with a lively resonant tone 3 piece maple neck (centre section quarter sawn) and a lovely dark rosewood fingerboard...high quality, well made bass in original condition, plays beautifully!....happy to consider trade of equal value or more, maybe a nice 5 string
  20. Agree with you Nik..... such a good bass, love mine!!.... some great vids on YouTube where you can hear the tone, also the build quality is up there with the best.
  21. cheers guys, i think i will just keep the old pots safe, i will never sell the bass anyway!
  22. I have had all three pots replaced on my 79 stingray because they were so worn and noisy.....Now, is it possible to get the old pots rebuilt ?
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