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  1. Pink Floyd - Pigs (Three different ones)
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Electric-Bass-Guitar-hand-carved-Chinese-dragon/353228984773?hash=item523e1691c5:g:dKwAAOSwVFpffb6e
  3. BC is one of my Brexit-free sanctuaries. Can we refrain from discussing it on here please?
  4. I paid £50.00 for mine s/h from a shop I think, but that was in the late 80's/early 90's, they were so untrendy at the time they were cheap, but they weren't really an expensive new bass anyway. Nice to see them carrying some value now I guess.
  5. I had one of these many years ago, It was the neck diviest bass I have every played. You had to hold the neck up the whole time and there was little to be done about it. Played and sounded nice though.
  6. This is definitely a "Chineberger". I have this headpiece and bridge in my parts drawer. They are Chinese copies, skillfully crafted out of cheddar. edit: Not sure Ned integrated sightly wonky pickups in his designs either.....
  7. You'd have to hang a bass next to it in case your mates got the impression you actually like beer that smells like gorilla farts.
  8. Bit difficult when you only have some dodgy photos and a suspect description. I must admit I have bought some junk from ebay in the past. The Lexicon effect processor "in perfect working order" where the selection knob didn't work and it had a loud hum was the best. Best stick to BC and be safe
  9. 1lb is 7000 grains of wheat, which is why our 'murican friends weigh their gunpowder in grains. I'm lucky in that my stingray only weighs 0.15 bushels and is 0.0000651073 Wales units in size.
  10. I agree, and I wonder if it's a bitza, but the 1 1/2" "A" nut width may actually add creedence to it's authenticity, as it seems that these were offered as an option in the '70's.
  11. Are those cheap Wilkinson pickups any good? Surprised anyone would put them on a vintage P-bass. The lack of original vintage pickups seems like a big problem to me tone wise.
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