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  1. That's actually a different band altogether, but I think the "manager" of this one wrote something similar....
  2. Terrible photos. Did it belong to the bassist from Blur?
  3. I thought of that one when I was photoshopping the graphics. It's a bit cheesy, but the singer actually really does do one of the better Plant impersonations.
  4. It's been up twice, £700 last time:
  5. Apparently it's Nobody's Fault But Mine.....
  6. Sorry I pressed sumbit before I had finished - read the rest too. He is wealthy and has a salesmans mouth, had other band members round to dinner and briefed against me etc. I moaned a LOT about everything, not because he was now "manager", but because I could see my project being driven into the ground, and I thought I could rescue it. In the end, he made me out to be a troublemaker, so when I got Covid he took his chances.
  7. I just got sacked and I feel great about it, what a relief! I started a Zep tribute band with a truly great singer and I recruited all of the members except keys. It was going the be a real pro outfit, and we were going to do proper justice to the material. The guitarist (a wealthy, early retired tory-boy salesman with an ego and a set of golf clubs and a limo as well as his rather expensive Les Paul) was pretty good too. I helped him out in getting all the different Page tones by lending him my Helix etc. Turned out that he had started "briefing against me" as he though he should be "manager". I had never thought of myself as manager, I had just recruited the musos, booked the gigs, named the band and photoshopped the logo and posters. I'm head of a science lab as a day job, so I'm pretty busy, and he convinced the band that he should take over as he could do more as he is retired. Also, I drive a 14-year Corsa, so obviously I'm not very seuccessful! He then recruited a keyboard player who was a 17 year old kid who had done gradings, but basically could just convert dots to finger movements and had an tin ear and no rhythm, had basic gear and no transport. Not content with the note bummery and weird rhythms eminating from the new keyboardist (who never bothered to practice), he started teaching him guitar lessons during rehearsals, which he dutifully scraped away at like any new teenage guitarist, but thought he was excellent. This did cause some friction between us, as most of our rehearsal time was now spent trying to get this keyboard player/rhythm guitarist up to a gigging standard. It also turned out that our new manager still expected me to do all of the design and marketing, he just got to tell me the obvious and take credit for it! In the end I refused, got covid and missed a couple of rehearsals and he sacked me. The moral for me is, if you are in an unhappy band, get out even if you have invested yourself a lot on it, it's not worth it!
  8. Looks heavily shimmed - it's got quite a strong backwards break angle on the neck/body joint, which should usually result in a lower action (or choking on the higher frets). This isn't the original bridge by the looks, you can see that it doesn't fit the routing where the original bridge would have been. If the saddles are too tall, this might explain the need for the backwards break angle. Or there's a problem with the neck? Looks like you can't do a factory setup on this bass without a bit of work. I'd pass.
  9. You'd need a giant Paul McCartney to play it though.
  10. http://www.vintagehofner.co.uk/factfiles/ovation/ovation.html On this page also. There's an original image of a 1969 Typhoon on there too, which looks like an earlier model going by what Happy Jack says, so perhaps the ebay one is actually a little later than 1969.
  11. 7 fly sandwitch? Sounds crunchy if a bit stingy on the flies. I saw High Fernly-Whittingstall make a woodlouse omlette on TV once, so I guess he'd go for it.
  12. I reckon these basses are Ali Express jobs with a knockoff logo. That bridge is certainly a design I have seen on Chinese sites.
  13. In this case, custom means attacking it with a blowtorch, sticking a beermat to the front of it and screwing a piece of sack over the routing. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/275244846578?hash=item4015df0df2:g:ZzkAAOSwaiZiReZ8
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