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  1. Not sure if this counts but... Was doing a pub gig years ago and where we were told to set up meant that people had to walk in front of the band on their way to the bogs. I used to share LV duties and had set up my mic stand with one of the legs angled directly away from me. While I was playing my bass and singing, some punter stood on this leg on his way to the bog and my mic stand drastically tilted away from me. It then returned like a medieval seige weapon and the mic smacked me squarly in the gob in front of the whole pub (with a loud mic-smacking-you-in-the gob noise through the PA). The band played on, so I had to continue singing, but (rather unprofessionaly) with Mutley like grumbling and swearing between each line, until the pain abated.
  2. That unusual grain patterning looks like macassar ebony (I had a Warmoth fretless neck made with the same), so ideal for a fretless.
  3. Perhaps partly, but he's trying to pass it off as an 80's bass, so.......
  4. Just been introduced to Betty Davis, a vintage funk artist and I can't understand why she's not a legend. Really powerful and musical stuff with great fat bass chops, and you can clearly hear the pioneering transition between 60's rock and funk in her work.
  5. Just upsets the cat really. He trots into the room all perky and cheerful, but if he clocks I'm holding a bass he flies back out again at a rate of knots with fighter plane ears and an outstretched tail.
  6. The 6-bolt neck with the "M" logo on the neckplate dates this from 1990-1998, so not an 80's bass and certainly not a "TRANSITIONAL" bass as in the title. Not a £1,500.00 bass IMO.
  7. Tastes and requirements change too. My career went Metal>party duo>original blues rock>complex classic rock>pro tribute act>party function band. The function band means I'm doing a lot of pop, funk and synthbass so a 5 was inevitable. If I ever go back to rock and bues I might revert to my 4s.
  8. I have also been playing 35 years and switched last year with no problems at all. Now I feel restricted on a 4 string. I remember trying to swtich to a 5 many years ago though and really struggling with it, so I wonder if it's got something to do with how individual bassists perceive the fretboard and strings? If you consider that people use both visual references and memory of hand and finger position, I wonder if different players use more of one type of perception than the other and this makes a difference to switching to different scales and ranges? I'm very visual and I can switch between short, long and extended range basses (and 6-string guitars) with no problem. I can play well enough, but I'm one of those people who is always looking at the fretboard unfortunately.
  9. You think Stingrays are over rated but ride a Harley. Hmmmn 😀 Srsly though, I play mine through an Ampeg which is a tonal paradox I know. The punch of the 'Ray combined with the fatness of the Ampeg gives a sweet but fattish tone that cuts through the mix nicely, I love it. It can sound a bit glassy through my Markbass tho.
  10. For me it depends on the musical style. For rock, blues and slap I generally use a 4 string (with a hipshot for drop D). For pop and funk a 5 string is essential as I am often replicating synthesiser basslines in a lower register than a 4-string. I also like a tight 16.5 mm string spacing on a 5 (a Warwick Streamer) for fast fills and licks, although it's a pig to slap. I actually find it much easier to play than a 4. Other benefits - double octave arpeggios across the neck, much easier to transpose songs and a nice handy thumb rest for when I'm not playing the low B! I was nervous at first when I switched, but I had no problems at all. I could play all my 4-string lines straight away, just took a few weeks to realise all the extra benefits.
  11. No case, just as is. I was using a 410HLF (ported) which sounded great, but this would work best with a sealed cab. I have used these with SVT810e cabs and the sound really is incredible.
  12. Yes possible, pm me with what you have in mind.
  13. I'm off on me hols tomorrow for a week so if anyone messages, i'll reply 10th August. Also dropping the price to £750.00. Ta.
  14. Unfortunately due to an ongoing injury from a motorcycle accident I have to sell my SVT Classic all-valve 300 watt amp. Works well and sounds amazing as you'd expect for this legendary amp and has had little use since the last re-valve. It's in pretty good condition, just a few minor scuffs on the tolex. Too heavy to post, so collection only or you can arrange a courier if you want, or I'd be happy to meet within a reasonable radius from Southampton in the South-Central area. I have feedback on here, feel free to check it out. Cheers!
  15. Bought a beautiful Warwick $$ from Rory. Really well set up, looked after and sorted bass and Rory is a proper gent. Buy with absolute confidence, cheers Rory!
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