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  1. You think Stingrays are over rated but ride a Harley. Hmmmn 😀 Srsly though, I play mine through an Ampeg which is a tonal paradox I know. The punch of the 'Ray combined with the fatness of the Ampeg gives a sweet but fattish tone that cuts through the mix nicely, I love it. It can sound a bit glassy through my Markbass tho.
  2. For me it depends on the musical style. For rock, blues and slap I generally use a 4 string (with a hipshot for drop D). For pop and funk a 5 string is essential as I am often replicating synthesiser basslines in a lower register than a 4-string. I also like a tight 16.5 mm string spacing on a 5 (a Warwick Streamer) for fast fills and licks, although it's a pig to slap. I actually find it much easier to play than a 4. Other benefits - double octave arpeggios across the neck, much easier to transpose songs and a nice handy thumb rest for when I'm not playing the low B! I was nervous at first when I switched, but I had no problems at all. I could play all my 4-string lines straight away, just took a few weeks to realise all the extra benefits.
  3. No case, just as is. I was using a 410HLF (ported) which sounded great, but this would work best with a sealed cab. I have used these with SVT810e cabs and the sound really is incredible.
  4. Yes possible, pm me with what you have in mind.
  5. I'm off on me hols tomorrow for a week so if anyone messages, i'll reply 10th August. Also dropping the price to £750.00. Ta.
  6. Unfortunately due to an ongoing injury from a motorcycle accident I have to sell my SVT Classic all-valve 300 watt amp. Works well and sounds amazing as you'd expect for this legendary amp and has had little use since the last re-valve. It's in pretty good condition, just a few minor scuffs on the tolex. Too heavy to post, so collection only or you can arrange a courier if you want, or I'd be happy to meet within a reasonable radius from Southampton in the South-Central area. I have feedback on here, feel free to check it out. Cheers!
  7. Bought a beautiful Warwick $$ from Rory. Really well set up, looked after and sorted bass and Rory is a proper gent. Buy with absolute confidence, cheers Rory!
  8. USA 50th anniversary did not have a trussrod plug at the headstock end as far as I know. The MIJ ones did, and the serial would have been at the base of the neck so that checks out. However, the headstock logo looks wrong for a 1996 MIJ 50th anniversary, it should be a speghetti logo I think (and earlier MIJ ones were black and gold transition logo). Those logos with patent numbers only seem to appear on very early basses or fake decals. Not seen an MIM with this type of logo and no heastock serial either. So my take - it's an MIJ with a headstock refin or a faker or has had a replacement neck somewhere along the line.
  9. Rival sons. Have had two bass players and both are great.
  10. Blimey. that's very short scale, I bet the strings are like rubber bands. Wonder if it's a proper scale length and built as a bass or a conversion? E and G strings look too close to the ends of the pickups too.
  11. If done properly it totally works. Look at this little honey (pro built by Landing Basses):
  12. Maybe take the tape off and show the damage so that people can see what they are buying? It's a lot of money for a project when you don't know the extent of the damage and how to get it repaired. Maybe get it repaired and then sell it?
  13. I have a SLO special with the narrower nut and it's lovely, or you could always get a Sterling.
  14. Well if it has to be gender specific, I would say it's a boy's bass not a "Men's" one, I'm sure most women players would be more discerning. It's also priced 1p more expensive than a brand new one.
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