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  1. Indeed, and the one in the Ebay listing is in Germany, so same applies
  2. Pink Floyd - Pigs (Three different ones)
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Electric-Bass-Guitar-hand-carved-Chinese-dragon/353228984773?hash=item523e1691c5:g:dKwAAOSwVFpffb6e
  4. BC is one of my Brexit-free sanctuaries. Can we refrain from discussing it on here please?
  5. I paid £50.00 for mine s/h from a shop I think, but that was in the late 80's/early 90's, they were so untrendy at the time they were cheap, but they weren't really an expensive new bass anyway. Nice to see them carrying some value now I guess.
  6. I had one of these many years ago, It was the neck diviest bass I have every played. You had to hold the neck up the whole time and there was little to be done about it. Played and sounded nice though.
  7. This is definitely a "Chineberger". I have this headpiece and bridge in my parts drawer. They are Chinese copies, skillfully crafted out of cheddar. edit: Not sure Ned integrated sightly wonky pickups in his designs either.....
  8. You'd have to hang a bass next to it in case your mates got the impression you actually like beer that smells like gorilla farts.
  9. Bit difficult when you only have some dodgy photos and a suspect description. I must admit I have bought some junk from ebay in the past. The Lexicon effect processor "in perfect working order" where the selection knob didn't work and it had a loud hum was the best. Best stick to BC and be safe
  10. 1lb is 7000 grains of wheat, which is why our 'murican friends weigh their gunpowder in grains. I'm lucky in that my stingray only weighs 0.15 bushels and is 0.0000651073 Wales units in size.
  11. I agree, and I wonder if it's a bitza, but the 1 1/2" "A" nut width may actually add creedence to it's authenticity, as it seems that these were offered as an option in the '70's.
  12. Are those cheap Wilkinson pickups any good? Surprised anyone would put them on a vintage P-bass. The lack of original vintage pickups seems like a big problem to me tone wise.
  13. Just sold a bass to Pat, comes over as a really nice guy, great comms and instant payment. Deal with confidence!
  14. This is an original run G&L L2500 Tribute from their first year of manufacture, 2003, so it has the large Tribute logo. These basses were manufactured in Korea rather then the more recent Indonesian ones, and many think that these have superior build quality to the newer ones. Not sure about the modern variety, but these also have the same pickups as the USA version. The fit, finish and playbility are excellent and the bass is constructed from very lightweight ash. It's amazingly lightweight for a fiver, and definately lighter than my Stingray 4. String spacing is 18mm. The bass has been upgraded with a John East Uni-pre which has a 3 band EQ with pickup blend, mid sweep and pull slap switch, so everything from thunderous rock to a modern tone is easily achievable. Currently set up with a nice low action and D'Adderio EXL 165 Nickels. The neck profile is a modern flat oval. Some people think these are chunky, but it's not thick, just wide shouldered. I find it very comfortable to play and cramp-free. A great bass to get into five string playing, and eminently giggable with a range of tones and playability that exceeds some much more expensive instruments. Condition As you can see from the photos, it is in good condition for its age and the cherryburst really shines when polished. It has a couple of minor scuffs as you'd expect. It has a shallow ding in the back of the neck lacquer that has not gone through. This would easily sand out (I usually have oiled necks) but I have left it lacquered for originality. A battery LED has been installed in place of the centre switch when the new preamp was installed. I have disconnected this to save battery life, but the wire is still there and it could easily been reconnected. During installation of the LED, a small crack has appeared in the lacquer (not the wood) next to the LED. This is in line with the wood grain so not really noticeable. Sorry no trades. Please feel free to check out my feedback.
  15. It's a Squier Classic Vibe by the looks. Probably Indonesian. You can see where the decal has been rubbed off the back of the headstock, and it has the same tuners and skunk stripe.
  16. Serial would suggest 1989-90, but I thought 80's MIJ Fenders had the serial number on the heel, not the neckplate and a vintage style trussrod adjuster. Also, usually have FENDER in caps on the neckplate.
  17. A bit of info on this TB thread: https://www.talkbass.com/threads/profile-brand-bass-guitars-any-info.614302/ Oops just saw you are on that thread, sorry 😁
  18. I always personally do lots of research when buying a bass, but buying one, particularly a Fender, can be a minefield to novices because of the number of fakes and chancers charging too much. Whatever you think the purpose of this forum is, being on Basschat and having access to other people's expertise surely helps members navigate the minefield!
  19. Neck looks like pine, at least it's self-kindling.
  20. Not sure if this counts but... Was doing a pub gig years ago and where we were told to set up meant that people had to walk in front of the band on their way to the bogs. I used to share LV duties and had set up my mic stand with one of the legs angled directly away from me. While I was playing my bass and singing, some punter stood on this leg on his way to the bog and my mic stand drastically tilted away from me. It then returned like a medieval seige weapon and the mic smacked me squarly in the gob in front of the whole pub (with a loud mic-smacking-you-in-the gob noise through the PA). The band played on, so I had to continue singing, but (rather unprofessionaly) with Mutley like grumbling and swearing between each line, until the pain abated.
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