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  1. Holy S**t............!

    Wasn't a DaisyRock.......but did once see a heavy metal band who's bassist was using a Hofner Violin Bass!
  2. Ashdown Mini Stack Query

    Yeah, fair point......! Just exploring options! Cheers!
  3. Ashdown Mini Stack Query

    Cheers for the input Woodinblack Anyone else?
  4. Ashdown Mini Stack Query

    (My first post on the revamped site! WHOOP WHOOP!) Hi I know this is HIGHLY subjective, but would a Perfect 10 Mini Stack hold up in a pretty loud practice situation (I am playing in a 4 piece, competing with a fairly loud drummer, a Laney Linebacker 100 and Hughes and Kettner 40.....not too sure on crankage) I am interested in this for portability's sake......(2nd floor flat, and no lift) and will be a practice only rig......got a MAG250 210/115 rig for gigs! Cheers!
  5. Steam punk bass anyone?

    Coupled to the fact it is actually a leftie bass, flipped (hence the 'reversed' P pickup)......with a load of ironwork welded to the front in order to cover the control cavity. Also note the 'control canister' to avoid any routing......and 'ducting' from the controls to pickup for wiring.......!
  6. After a lengthy sabbatical it is time to dust off the gigging rig (Ashdown MAG250 210 Combo) and by extension, the Extension Cab......a MAG 115 Deep II (been using a GK Backline 112 for practice as it is slightly easier to hump up two flights of stairs to the flat....) Anyway, since I last used the full rig, I seem to have lost the speaker cable......(I know I can't just use an instrument cable....as my father suggested......!) I was given the lead by a friend as he had spares and didn't need it, it was a simple 1/4" Plug/Plug, cable (can't remember the make....), and a straight replacement would obviously work just fine...... However....the Extension Cab also has a Speakon port....so..... - Is it worth me getting a Jack/Speakon lead? - If so, do I want a 2 or a 4 Pole Connector....? - What brands should I look for/avoid, obvs I don't need a Besoke, Boutique, Unobtainium coated super lead......but would like to avoid something made of tin foil and string.....! Sorry if these are pretty silly questions, just want to get the right kit.....!
  7. Case and Stand for Epi Flying V

    Cheers! Another side note......this would be my first bass that isn't full scale.....so was wondering.....would I need special midget strings.....or would my usual Super Slinkys work.....? (sorry if that is a silly question.....!) Sam
  8. Hi People of Basschat This may all become irrelevant.....depending on whether I get it or not....But..... I am looking at getting an Epiphone Flying V bass, and was wondering if any of you knew of where to look for for a case for it, it doesn't need to be a hard case, just a bit of protection.....! Also what sort of stand is best for it.......obviously a small 'A' frame wouldn't hold it.......would a 'cradle and neck support' type work....or would I have to one of those extended Hercules type 'headstock hold and dangle' types? Cheers Sam
  9. Warped Pickguard

    Thank you People! All good suggestions.....I'll see what I can do......at least it doesn't seem fatal!
  10. Warped Pickguard

    Hi, I know this might be a non-starter/pointless question......but here goes......! I have an Ibanez JetKing Bass that I have had for a while.......trouble is that over time the two pickguards (one on the top portion of the body above the pickups and the other below, into which the pots are screwed) have warped (probably due to heat/cool/heat cool etc.....) and so between screws it is lifting from the body (quite considerably in places) Is there any way to remedy this....or is it a lost cause.....? Cheers Sam
  11. HH V-S Amp Query

    This might be a bit of a daft question, but I was curious..... I was at a party at the weekend, where there was a live band, the bass player was using a HH V-S BassAmp, along with a HH 2x10" and 1x15" (I think!) It sounded great! What I was wondering was that he had the V-S head, and also a HH Power Amp connected up.....is this a requirement for the head....having a power amp stage.....or did it boost power......or.......!?! Cheers
  12. I have a pretty sturdy Stagg one......was given it, so not sure of price.......but Stagg aren't a 'boutique' brand.....!
  13. Bass Family- show us your basses.

    [attachment=235612:thumbnail_IMG_20170109_174606252.jpg][attachment=235613:thumbnail_IMG_20170109_174836319.jpg] Right, here are my bunch of basses.....in purchase order Not a clue Jazz Bass copy 2008 Ibanez JTKB200 JetKing 2005 Epiphone Explorer 2003 Squier Affinity Precision The knobs from the Jazz are on the JetKing, knobs from JetKing on the P......! Explorer has a Hipshot D-tuner
  14. Annoying earth problem (that wasnt)

    We had this last night at practice, lead guitarist was getting quite a bit of hum from his guitar when standing in certain places and positions..... and was fiddling with everything on his board and amp and leads......until I pointed out he was stood directly under a strip light.......!
  15. Seems to love it..... He commented on how nice 'the clean clear 'Fender tones' are', also saying 'The Peavey (which he is keeping) can do a lot....but could never quite get that crisp'