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  1. My First Bass/Rig is a completely different beast to what I made my live debut with (Live debut being on my 21st birthday, playing a song with the band I roadied for...) For that I used a red stained Warwick Streamer (apparently worth £1500) into a Peavey Nitrobass 410/115 stack However......MY first rig was a little more humble..... £150 No Name Jazz Bass Copy (black with a Matt Silver scratchplate (with a hard case....!)) £40 GDR made SoundCity SC50 combo Still have them both, but neither get much use.....but were gigged in their day....!
  2. I own 4 basses - 1) No Name Jazz Copy 2) Ibanez JTKB JetKing 3) Epiphone Explorer 4) Squier Affinity P I am not gigging at the moment, but over the years all have been gigged 1) as it was my only bass at the time, then as a back up to 2)..... 2) then became the back up to 3) 3) and 4) alternated as my 'main bass' (dependent on mood.....), with the other on back up duty 1) and 2) don't leave the flat very much, and mostly used for playing along to records/youtube etc, as it is in Concert Pitch (3 and 4 are tuned a semitone down for gigs) I used to use two basses at gigs, in different tunings (usually EADG and DADG, or DGDG....), now just use the Hipshot. I always take a back up, as, as has been said, swapping bass is quicker than restringing....! I have had to use it a few times, usually due to snapped strings, and once as the bass conked out (turned out to be a duff solder) I once had two gigs in a day (Summer Festival on the back of a truck, and pub gig) and snapped a string at both gigs (one on each bass, second break luckily on the last song of the night at the pub.....!)
  3. Not quite a ERB in covers, but I did see a bloke on a Hofner Violin in a Heavy Metal band.......!
  4. Interested in this Topic (due to a bit of a 'Pie in the Sky' idea) How 'Stupidly Small' do you mean?
  5. Fair enough..... I take it is one of those 'it will/won't work/sound pleasant' type lotteries...... Or would fireworks/catastrophic cone failure ensue? (like my former bandmate's Cornford turning into a 5 bar fire mid-gig........)
  6. Regarding mixing cabs, I can understand why mixing impedance is not the best of ideas, but are there any other reasons? Also, why is mixing directs with horn loaded a no go? (sorry if these qu's are dumb......just curious...)
  7. DISCLAIMER - I am posting this in multiple places, for maximum exposure/to get as many answers as possible, so sorry if you get fed up of reading it multiple times.....!) Anyway......I was watching a video reviewing and comparing small valve amps (albeit guitar.....15/20W) , with a variety of speakers (10" and 12") and valves (types and quantities...ECC83's and 81's, EL34's, 84's and 6L6's, and anywhere between 2 and 6 tubes) Now I know different valves give different sounds, and different arrangements of components used also influence characteristics.... So......during the review they described the amp with the most valves (6, 3 pre and 3 power) and least (2, 1/1), both same power, as 'lacking headroom' (which I get to mean that they were starting to distort with little provocation.....) So...what does the number of valves have to do with sound/character Also two amps had exactly the same valves in the same configuration, wattage and speaker sizes......but did not sound that similar.....(both best sounding imho) Is the difference down to the other parts of the amp being different from each other? And finally.....it is obvious that number of valves has little to do with wattage (most and least valves were both 15W, and 20W had 3 and 5 valves), so what determines power? I am sorry if these are just stupid questions, I was just curious.....
  8. I have a query ((valve) amplifier related), but to get maximum exposure/info/knowledge etc, due to curiosity.....I am tempted to post on BC (bass amp and guitar amp sections) and GC, (almost literally cut and paste), but do not want to fall foul of forum rules......is it allowed.....or where is best to post....? Cheers
  9. Apologies if this has been done to death......I did have a look but turned up nothing...... Anyway...... Obviously I know that the Precision Bass has evolved over time from the '51 Tele-esque original to the better known post '57 shape...... But sound wise, how do they compare.....? Always liked P's in general, but do kinda like '51 style looks (particularly something like a blonde and black...) So......is a '51 original and best, The Revamp where it is at, or something like a Dirnt best of both? (I am also aware that necks/radii/bridges/pickups and the like are all varied and subjective....) So....let the discussion begin.....
  10. Hello Fellow 'Chatters Seen a fair few Boss ME series pedalboards for sale.....trouble is, almost all are 'guitar' boards (Bass ones seem rare and rather dear.....), would the guitar boards be usable with a four stringer.....? I bought my father (a guitarist) an ME-70 (replaced an ME-6) which he is really impressed by, so though about getting in on the action.....so thoughts.....Pros/Cons.......? Cheers Sam
  11. SPHDS

    Magic Scratchplate

    Ahhhhh, fair point....didn't think of that......! Have you tried Warmoth......?
  12. SPHDS

    Magic Scratchplate

    Maybe a dumb question/suggestion......but would it be possible to convert an 8-Hole SSS to HSS (ie cut out a bigger hole for the bridge pick up.....)?
  13. Cheers for that! I knew about the 'less is more' situation when it comes to getting a good sound out of a valve amp.....so will try and quietly nudge him in that direction......and point out the ears/back situation........so ignoring the wattage....what would people suggest was a good place to start......brand wise....? Sam
  14. Hello Fellow 'Chatters Posting this for our guitarist, who is considering options for a new head...... Current rig is a Laney Linebacker 100 Solid State into a Marshall cab (4x12, not sure on the actual speakers.....) Whilst it is a reliable and good sounding amp, he has become a bit frustrated with it's lack of 'character' so is looking for something valve driven..... He is looking for 2-3 channels and around 100W, and is veering towards Marshall (if so, which ones?).....plus want to put a few other suggestions his way..... We currently play a mix of classic rock covers, with a smattering of punk and metal (Bad Co. ZZTop, Rainbow, Sabbath, Judas Priest, GreenDay, Lenny Kravitz to name a few) Cheers Sam
  15. No Worries! Hope you find something that fits......! Ah ok, thought it might be.....
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