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  1. I just saw this today and since I have Rippley Fall I had to try and check if I had never noticed this. I went through an active bass, RF, amp. Fairly high volume and when pedal engaged no drop at all and no increase. I tried to put a TU3 in front just to see if the buffer would have any effect and it was the same. You must have been really unlucky to get two that did this. I know you have moved on but did you contact Jam Pedals just to see if this was normal?
  2. I have two Thumbs both are 89 and are 5 and 6. Neck is the thinner profile and to me has always been amazing. The 5 has EMGs and I have always really liked the sound from them. The 6 I got off here maybe 10 years ago possibly 12. It’s fretless but the guy I bought it off said it had been fretted but had the change done at the Gallery. Its with Barts. I think that bass has the best tone I have heard and the neck is perfection. Obviously just my opinion. I have never had any truss rod issues with either of them (or the other two Warwicks I have). As has been covered so many times the ergonomics are not for everyone but it suits me really well. Just a final thought you should try and find the thread on the Warwick forum by Jeroen Thesseling showing I think it was 6 NT fretless Thumbs from 89-91 or there abouts. I am not into that music at all but it is impressive to see that guy in action with Obscura. Might be worth a YouTube watch to see Thumbs in action. I remembered wrong, 5 basses and not all fretless Found the link https://forum.warwickforum.com/threads/thumb-nt-collection.2709/
  3. Is the Wampler Low Blow any good? I like few of Brian's guitar pedals but I have never tried that one. And what about the 3 Leaf Audio Doom? Is that any good for what you are looking for?
  4. That rig sounds epic. Out of curiosity what did you find lacking with the Bergs and do you know if the newer models have fixed that? Sorry for being a bit off topic but you have all the experience.
  5. I never thought string spacing would be a problem. You would read here about people discussing different specs on basses and I never understood it and thought it was just people moaning for the sake of it. I only had my Thumb 5 for years and just played that. Later I got a Stage 2 5 with the same string spacing and never got understood this problem. Then I got a Stage 1 5 broad neck and finally I got what people meant. I did notice the difference quite a bit and how much more comfortable I was with the smaller spacing. But I just looked at it as two different things and found a way to adjust and I like both now. I would say just keep playing and you will get used to it (hopefully).
  6. First glance it looks like I was roughly playing it correct but I see I have done few things differently. Really nice to see it how it was played, I was just too lazy to learn it properly. Thanks again its fantastic to see and play this.
  7. Thank you so much for this. I need to start and try transcribing myself.
  8. Hey man don’t worry about it. I just posted here on the off chance someone had transcribed something. You were kind and interested enough to say you might give it a go. If you have the time brilliant but don’t worry about this at all. If you don’t have time it’s totally cool. I just hope you enjoy the music.
  9. Wow thank you so much. I just posted here on the off chance someone had done it and had a copy. You are an absolute star kind sir 😃
  10. Has anyone done any transcriptions of their songs? I have always loved Brad Houser's playing (fretless). So I was just wondering if anyone had transcribed perhaps Circle or What I am?
  11. Thanks for a very comprehensive reply. My bad re the Unichorus. I dont know the pedals well enough and I just remember the old blue one (are there more versions??) and then there is this studio version and it looked like all the other revamped ones. So I was curious what the difference was between the old one and the studio version.
  12. Hope I am not hijacking the thread but I noticed that EBS have revamped all the pedals. I was thinking of the Unichorus and BassIQ and same as with the Octabass is there much difference between the older models and the newer? Sorry again for straying outside of the topic
  13. Is there a big difference between the old 2 control pedal and the new 3 control one. I am more thinking is it worth looking into the new one if there is not so much difference between the old and new pedal. Thanks
  14. I did notice and also the thickness of the neck
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