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  1. I thought I would just respond a little to this since I started this. I was just randomly listening to YouTube when that video came up on my feed. I thought it looked interesting mainly because I saw Tom Morello was in the title and Vai actually as well. Then Nuno started to play the bass and I thought someone else might find it interesting and posted here with, in hindsight, not the best title. This got me thinking about my influences and what inspires me. I have been listening and playing music since I was a kid. I realised I was mostly interested in the bass because I seemed to like to listen to John Deacon and John Taylor when I was a kid. I got my first bass at 16 or so and since I had no one to show me anything I just played along to records and Love by The Cult was the first record so we could say that Jamie Stewart was my first bass influence as a player. I then studied bass and jazz for few years and then you realise you are actually studying music and not bass. It just happens to be the instrument you are using to be involved. I had sax and piano players as teachers for improvisation so the influences have been varied. I had to play also a lot of classical music. The point is influences can come from any period and any type of music. I still get excited listening to new music of any genre, it does not matter if it is a virtuoso on any given instrument or just kids starting out. I can learn something new from most people even just how they approach their instrument and their view on music. I guess the point is you can get inspired by anyone or anything as long as you dont approach music (this applies to anything in life really) with preconceived ideas with what can or should be done. Open mind gives us innovation.
  2. Well my brand new HDN arrived today and I only had a chance to play through it for few minutes. I tried my Stage 2 and Thumb 6 fretless and as expected sounded great. Everything I like about my AE212. It would be handy to have two of these and not the big one but I am not going to do that. Trying to shift a big cab from Scotland to somewhere else I dont think I would have many interested. Anyway I think it looks and sounds fantastic. I cant wait to try this one in a band situation and see how it holds up. As I suspected I got a message about possible sale of AE112 this afternoon after I got the HDN delivered. I knew this would happen and now the classifieds are going to be filled with 1X12 cab of every description known to man since I just bought one.
  3. Hey thanks for the brilliant detailed report. I think I got my Berg back in 2013 if I remember correctly and at the time I was looking at Barefaced as well and I would have preferred 2 112 cabs but it was too much money for me back then and the Berg came up secondhand and it worked so brilliantly for me. I am looking at finding more and different musical projects so I thought having 112 would be so much easier to have at smaller gigs or jams than grabbing the big one. I actually gave up waiting and ordered another Berg HDN 112 on Friday. I guess I went with that because I have been so pleased with my experience of that brand for the last six years so I decided to go with that again. I think you are absolutely right when you get to a certain price point and all the components are top notch any cab would probably sound good and then it’s just down to a personal preference. I don’t want to start to buy and sell many cabs to find the right one so easier to stick with what you know.
  4. I totally agree with you and I only posted this for fun.
  5. I just thought it was cool that a guitar hero like Nuno would be happy to play the bass. I did see that Stu Hamm came on stage after but I didn’t watch the full video
  6. I did not know about the new ones thanks for the heads up. Yes I did see the ones in the classifieds. Problem is he said he doesn’t want to ship collection or meet up. I am in Perth area he is in London. That’s not going to happen.
  7. Just a little update. I have been keeping an eye for any of the above cabs and not seen them come up here. I put a WTB here but nothing. Do you guys think that either there are not many on the second hand market and people are quite happy with them or if people are just not up for shipping? I have been thinking maybe I should just buy new then since I am not having much luck. Should I then go with the Bergantino HDN or the Mesa? Difference in price seems to be around £120 with cover the Mesa more expensive. First world problems. With my luck the classifieds will be full of them the moment I have bought a new one.
  8. I have been gigging one of these for the past 6 years and they are superb.
  9. I am looking for a 1x12 bass cab. I only would consider Bergantino AE, CN, or HDN. I would also consider Mesa subway range. I am in Scotland so I think shipping would have to be a consideration but I might drive some distance for the right cab. Thanks
  10. That was also the reason I bought the OC2 I had seen it in Bass Player back in early 90s. Marcus Miller and Sting were also mentioned as users so I thought I would give it a spin. I barely touched it. I had thought about chorus, dirt pedals and envelope filters but I was just worried it would just be like that Boss pedal turned on once and then just back in the box. I have never felt the need when I have been gigging to add sounds. But I was just really curious if you guys used it a lot or just the odd song. I might look into drive pedals that seems to be the most likely pedal I would use.
  11. So I have been playing for almost 30 years and apart from owning Boss OC2 which I never used I have not really used effects. I was always curious about envelope filters but never really tried them. Do you guys use use effects a lot or do you just use something for the odd song or section in a song? If so what effects do you use most?
  12. I am looking for an advice or an opinion and hear about experience of 1x12 cabs. I have been gigging Bergantino AE212 for few years in a covers/function band. I am hoping to find few different musical projects in the new year but feel it’s a bit of an overkill to drag that cab around for either jams or small gigs. So I was hoping to find a light weight 1x12 to have around for these. I usually just stick to what I know so I would be looking at Bergantino again AE, CN or HDN. I have Mesa D800 and really like it so I was even thinking about the light weight cabs from them. So my question is, is there much difference between these three Berg cabs and if so should I be looking for any in particular? How do the Mesa cabs compare? And finally should I possibly get rid of the 212 and have two separate cabs so I can scale up or down as is needed? I see that Mesa has the 112 and 115 often paired up. Should that be a consideration instead?
  13. I played a borrowed Hartke HA3500 for a year few years back and it sounded good and was reliable. I think like everyone has said either amp would do a good job with what you need it for.
  14. I need to check this out. I became aware of her in the early 90s because she was regularly featured in Bass Player but never really followed it up. I was totally blown away by her voice on Rush Over a track on Tales by Marcus Miller. I need to give that a spin again when I get home from work. Thanks for posting
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